Bishop Amat, Charter Oak a day away ….

If you haven’t purchased tickets at Bishop Amat or Charter Oak, you should right away. It is expected to be the largest crowd in Charter Oak’s history. Because it’s an open area, Charter Oak can sell as many tickets as they want, but seating is limited. If you do not arrive early, you may not get a seat and will have to stand along a roped area. Also, tailgating is permitted, however alcohol (careful what you put in those red cups) and smoking obviously is not. The gates open at 6 p.m., enjoy it, I know we will.

Amat’s Koa Haynes and Charter Oak’s Donavin Washington on twitter

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Fred there is other teams to talk about that also play this week Like WC,CH and Monrovia San Dimas. Come on Fred enough of the pump up of Amat, CO look out for other teams to every week its been Amat against someone else dude give recognition to other key matchups as well. (JS)

  • Fred Robledo

    There are two-minute drills on both those games you mentioned, but I can’t force people to talk about them, that’s your job. I go with the flow, on threads this week this is the game talked about the most, so I’ll continue playing it up the most.

  • Mean Green Pastures….on Big games

    Greenies Games of the Week

    Bishop Amat vs Charter Oak- This is just one of the “big ones”.
    Favorite: Bishop Amat
    Pick: Bishop Amat
    Betting Odds: Charter Oak +7

    Chino HIlls vs West Covina
    Favorite: Chino Hills
    Pick: Chino Hills
    Betting Odds: West Covina +14

    St Francis vs La Mirada
    Favorite: La Mirada
    Pick: St Francis
    Betting Odds: St Francis +3

    El Monte vs Gladstone
    Favorite: El Monte
    Pick: El Monte
    Betting Odds: Gladstone +7

    Azusa vs Don Lugo
    Favorite: Don Lugo
    Pick: Don Lugo
    Betting Odds: Don Lugo -10

    Ayala vs Glendora
    Favorite: Ayala
    Pick: Ayala
    Betting Odds Glendora + 8

    Monrovia vs San Dimas
    Favorite: San Dimas
    Pick: The Green Pride
    Betting Odds: Monrovia +3

  • Webmaster

    Will any of these games be online anywhere?

  • Greenie

    WEEK 3
    9/14 Redlands East Valley @ Vista Murietta 8:30 PM DELAY FOX SPORTS WEST (TV)
    9/14 Tustin vs Beckman @ Tustin HS 7 PM PREP ZONE (WEB)
    9/14 Oaks Christian @ Chaminade 7 PM PREP ZONE (WEB)
    9/14 St. Francis @ La Mirada 7 PM PREP ZONE (WEB)
    9/14 Carson (Los Angeles) @ Santa Margarita 7 PM PREP ZONE (WEB)

    East #3 La Mirada vs West #1 St Francis

  • GoAMAT


  • AMAT 73

    What’s going on with the Whittier blog ???? .Went over there to rile up some slimeheads and not one post on any thread . I posted something last week and got the “held for whatever ” reply and it never posted . Is anyone monitoring that blog or is it dead for now ?????

  • Fred Robledo

    Amat 73, thanks for bringing it to my attention, didn’t realize the comments were disabled. They’re back on again.

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks Fred .

  • jcaz

    Actually Fred,

    Charter Oak and Amat begins this afternoon. One of the games (either freshman or JV) is at 4pm at Kiefer, and the other game is probably at around the same time at Charter Oak.

    BTW, It never ceases to amaze me just how many people show up for these lower level games on Thursdays every week.

    In fact, there have been times when I have gone to a local schools varsity football games on friday night where the attendance (especially on the visitors side), was virtually the same as those who come out to Kiefer on Thursdays.

    Just amazing…..See you at Kiefer in a few hours folks !

  • one game at a time


    I usually don’t attend Frosh football games, but I have to admit the Amat’s Frosh games can be just exciting as some local Varsity football games. Maybe because I had two sons that played for Amat, so I may be a little bit biased. But I do remember a few years back when we played St. Paul Slime and their fans and parents sat on the same side (home side)with the Amat fans and Parents. Let’s say it got a little bit crazy, the fans are on both sides are rabid fans and I was a little bit surprised it didn’t result in a fist to cuffs situation.

  • Amat Grad & Dad

    JV plays at Amat at 3:15pm today. Freshman game at Charter Oak.

  • Amat Grad & Dad

    JV plays at Amat at 3:15pm today. Freshman game at Charter Oak.

  • CO Bro

    I think ESPN is showing the Lakewood vs Narbonne game Friday night too.

  • AMAT 73

    one game,
    They usually sit on the home side because at that time of the day the sun on the visitors side is blazing and especially in the early part of the season. I was at the last Alemany JV home game and it was a bit crazy in the stands at that one .

  • jcaz

    I’ve been going to thursday afternoon games for quite some time, and yes, I do indeed remember that particular game.
    It was so funny because it almost seemed as if the two sides were RESLLY going to go after each other. Ut was that intense. Btw, 73is correct. The sun really beats down on the visitors side but I’ve noticed over the years that the visitors now bring their own portable shade with them.
    In a side note, at Kiefer and amats slready scored !!!

  • Colt74
  • one game at a time

    Amat Frosh 28 CO Frosh 0.

    It was a hellish 104 degrees. But the real boys in blue gelled and put on a great show.

    It was all Amat, the score would have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for some dropped passes by Amat’s receivers. Amat’s offensive line are huge, but could use a little better QB protection, the QB has a nice arm and found it’s targets for 3 TD passes, solid running back #5 and great receiver #11. Also TE #81 is big and can block and catch. This team will be the team to watch in the near future if it stays healthy and together.

    BTW….where are all the CO bloggers, kind of quiet in here?

    CO offense looked weak and non existent, QB could not hit the side of a barn, running game was shut down by Amat’s D. I know in 3 years, these guys will not want to face Amat again.

  • JMO

    one guy at a time or “maybe two”,

    Freshman game really, jeez Wally how did the jv do? I don’t know beaver but they sure had tight fitin uni’s on. Game on!

  • one game at a time

    JAMO (Just another Moron),

    JV won yesterday as will the Varsity you get the picture mental midget?

  • SGV has some good players! You guys should share some of those, so are viewers can see them. Take a look:


  • alumni

    Why didnt we play last year!!?? OOOOHHHH Yeah!! SANTIAGO was here!!

  • realityczech

    alumni – do you really want to know why we didn’t play LAST year? It’s because after Amat kicked your a$$ two years straight your athletic director begged out of the contract. So Amat replaced you with Diamond Ranch and kicked their a$$ twice. CO still wasn’t ready so they beat up on West Covina for two years. Now you’re back and nothing has changed . Face the facts : Amat is something like 30 wins and 1 loss vs the SGv going back in time