PrepXtra Rewind: Is there any more doubt who’s No . 1, Aram and I discuss it along with thoughts on Monrovia, La Mirada, Gladstone and more

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Reginald Miller’s highlights and interviews from Bishop Amat’s 30-14 win over Charter Oak.

Opening: Aram and Tyler Drohan discuss Monrovia’s big win over San Dimas:
14:01 mark: Aram and I talk about Bishop Amat’s 30-14 win over Charter Oak and what it means to our No. 1 argument.
32:10 mark – Steve Ramirez joins us to talk about La Mirada’s 28-21 win over St. Francis
40:15 mark — John “Nut and Honey” Honell talks about Gladstone’s wild 68-66 triple overtime vicotry over El Monte.

Highlights and Interviews of Chino Hills’ blowout win over Charter Oak with the Inland Insider Tom Kiss and Courtney Ponce.

Highlights and interviews from Monrovia’s chest-thumping win over San Dimas with Tyler Drohan

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  • viewing it from way up in the bleachers

    For those of you at THE GAME last night I commend you for you patience and perserverence. Although i was unable to attend I certainly did not miss being treated to a sea of yellow flags and I must that if it was anything like the Chino Hills Amat game a few weeks back you really have to ask yourself the question, What is the responsibility of the officials…is it to maintain a fair and sportsmanlike environment or is it to control the tempo of the game and take if away from the teams, coaches and more so the Players?

    On another note, Aram I read your article this morning and commend you fo a well rounded fair assessment of the “state of the valley”. This game much like chino hills and any other time Bishop Amat schedules a Valley team is not only to defend it position by to and you said it well “but where would you rather play if you were a 13 year old kid in the eighth grade waking up this morning reading about this game”.

  • Lance R

    In regards to Amats rankings after league play including a entry into the playoffs or not vs playing and beating the SGV teams in the same season. Well you have to post a Tribune champion #1 over Amat.. why? to make the readers feel all warm and fuzzy for their D6 or D7 champion but it does not make them better than Amat head to head. The #1 list of the Tribune should read: number one ranking after Amat, if Amat beat them in that same year. In other words #1A… A D1 program should not be even on this Tribune list because it comes across as a farce or paper champion when West Covina or any other SGV team wins a Championship knowing this D7 champion cannot play with the D1 Amat. Maybe in some years ok but lately come on Amat is in a class by themselfs and should not be on this list. As far as winning the pac 5 and beating the OC and not being a Santa Margarita type team true Amat is not but they would be if some of these homegrown players were to not play public school football and came to Amat… then Amat would have the core of all stars of the SGV and at that point you would see them become CIF D1 pac 5 champions once again. Without that we will continue to improve and get better but it is very difficult to win the D1 pac 5 ask a lot of those teams that do not have not even one banner yet that play in the Pac 5. Amat is getting some of those 13 yr. olds to come play there but not all of them or even most of them. When it is all said and done Amat still gets some very good players and rules the SGV but until the recruiting gets stronger for Amat within the SGV talent pool those Pac 5 D1 banners are on hold.

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    Fred & Aram, I heard you debate about ranking. Figure this one out, Max Prep has Servite #11 and BA #21. They know the final results! Doesn’t seem to make any difference. I don’t know why Andrews was ejected. The Charter Oak players were just frustrated and began swinging. At one point, CH had 12 players on the field and no penality was called. I got tired of the play calling by the refs,I left before the game ended.The weather must have affected the refs, they were just to in love with throwing their yellow flags.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Now lets not jump the gun just yet, Is Amat the number team right now., AHHHH Yes, however dont get too happy just yet. Now this is a big if but If Ayala beats Chino Hills and Charter Oak and goes undefeated and Bishop loses a few games, Amat is not the # 1 team so dont crown themm just yet. Lets see a few more games before we start handing out SGV Hardware

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ Kennedy,

    ROFLMAO… Ayala beating CH and CO…. I think I just pissed my pants. We’re so far from that it’s not even funny. The lack of discipline alone makes me question what/how we’ll do overall. The personal fouls and unsportsmalike stuff is a real concern to me. We can’t even think about contending for a league title acting like that. Our D gives up LARGE tracts of land which is concerning.

    I’m happy we soundly beat a very large and very physical Glendora team. Glendora’s biggest problem is they are so one dimensional. No passing game/threat whatsoever which shocked me to be honest. I saw a couple games at the Bonita Passing Tournament, Glendora was one. They were not very good at all, but they looked like a team looks when it does not have it’s physically imposing line to open things up so I just figured that when we played them during the season that they would be much tougher with that beef they always have.


  • @ayalabulldogfan
    Why are you even our fan if ur gonna talk shit on us . We played a good game. Yes we had mistakes but we deserve to be 4-0 right . We’ve worked hard. My qb rb’s and wr’s all had a great game lastnight.

  • blog reader

    Dan oh Dan where are you???

  • Are you forgetting something

    Does anybody remember that CH and Amat tied, because everyone is sounding as if a tie = an Amat victory. CH has 1 lost but it was to a Tesoro team that is better then anyone Amat has played, including Servite. That’s the same Servite team that a young Tesoro team handled at the end of last season. So, in answering your question Fred, Yes, there is some questions. I say CH and Amat should be tied for the #1 spot in the SGV.

  • bishopboy

    Amat is still King of the Valley. Charter Choke is all hype and talk. They have yet to beat Amat. Chino Hills are still the “New Kids on the Block” and in a lower division. Amat has always been in the highest division for high school football in the area. Until you sorry 8-man teams, Div 11, Div 7 and Div 4 play week in and week out a tough schedule an compete. You’ll never wear the Amat’s “Crown” All area high schools and haters bow down to the “Kings of the Valley” hahahaha suckaaaas!!!!!

  • Fred Robledo

    Are you forgetting, no they should’t be tied for the No. 1 spot. Amat also beat Servite while Chino Hills lost to Tesoro. Chino Hills has a loss, Amat doesn’t. Plus, Chino Hills was able to tie at home, a huge advantage. At a neutral site or Kiefer, I give Amat the edge.

  • Colt74

    Dear CIF,
    PLEASE do something about your Refs this season. The games played should be about the two teams and the kids that are on the field those nights. It should not be about the refs. Too many games this season are being determined by not the play of the field but by the refs and how many times they are throwing flags.
    All games are on video. Review them yourselves and see what I mean. Too many excessive celebration flags are being thrown for things as simple as two players giving each other high fives. Too many pass interference calls for plays that are not pass interference but good defensive coverage. Too many games are having momentum slowed or stopped because for what ever reason the men sent to officiate a game need some ME time. Watch the videos. They are out there.
    This is not NASCAR where a flag gets thrown 3 laps from the end of the race to give the fans closer racing at the end. Let the kids play.
    The refs should be there to protect the integrity of the game, NOT to control it or steer it.
    Watch the videos.

  • Answer Man

    Charter Oak win >>>West Covina Win
    La Mirada win>>>Arlington win
    Servite win >Tesoro loss
    and a tie

    Where is the question?

  • White Fang

    Garcia from CO should have benn ejected; not Andrews.You can see Garcia actions of film. CO was constantly giving Amat players cheep shots. If Koa is hurt, this does not surprise me. CO players knew what to do if they could not win the score board. To Joe, unless you were sitting next to the players and had a better vantage point of the Amat player touching the ball, you guessed wrong. I was on the 50 yard line as were others around me and we all saw the same action. The Amat player did NOT touch the ball.
    To Huskie,I think you are really a Charger! If BA beat your CO, why are you taking your anger out on poor Fred? Please, lay off of him.
    To Frank, You guessed correct, the game should have read Amat 50, CO 7. Thanks to refs, they made sure this would not happened.
    To Frank,Amat does not seek out basketball players from South Central LA, Like Mater Dei.
    To Sgt. Shot Caller, I think you had to many shots of whiskey!
    One last thing to say, why make fun of Arams arms!

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Fred and Are you forgetting something.
    I disagree with Are you forgeting something. I do not think that CH and AMAT should be tied for first, AMAT is undefeated while CH has one loss. I would say however, where ever COHS is placed it needs to be below CHHS for the simple fact that based on the results from playing a common opponent, CHHS did not lose that that opponent and COHS did.

  • New York

    Thanks for the Monrovia shout out Frank. I like knowing that we’re on your mind.

    That type of comment is probably what Mission Viejo and Santa Margarita say about the Moore and Serra League teams.

    It’s like my dad always told me: Be humble. There is always someone bigger and badder.

  • Real talk

    Charter joke had no chance with Amat. Like I said Charter joke you want it you got it. Lol….. Now on to the slime the team i heard sooo much about before the season. That they are going to be this and that now I hear nothing…. Crickets….. Lol. Who is still undefeated???? Amat. Who is number 1??? Amat.. I’m out…

  • Kennedy Bryant


    Finally someone is seeing what im seeing this years officiating is horrible

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @Ayalabulldog, winning has a strange way of building confidence… Im not in the minority about CH and CO. Im pulling for AYALA because it helps Monrovia. But I do think Ayala will be there in the end. We will see who is correct by week 8

  • Real Talk
  • Sierra League Fan

    Do you guys even proof read your headings, or is that your prediction?

    “Highlights and Interviews of Chino Hills’ blowout win over CHARTER OAK with the Inland Insider Tom Kiss and Courtney Ponce.”

    This is the heading above Tom Kiss’ recap of the CH vs WC game. You guys should pay attention to details!

  • Time for Lou Farrar and Crew to Go

    Lou and the C.O. Coaching Staff,

    Being a CO Fan for a long time, I never thought I would say this. But it’s time for all of you to go. After seeing all the cheap shots, punches, friendly officiating, intentional play to get #7 out of the game, twisting of face masks after plays are over, and much more disgusting play on and off the field, I WILL NEVER AGAIN CALL MY SELF A CO FAN!

    That stuff just didn’t happen, that is the culture you have created and fostered. You guys should be ashamed of yourself and have disgraced Charter Oak HS. It’s time for all of you to go and time to get a head coach with integrity and who teaches and requires integrity in their players!