TWO MINUTE DRILLS: Gladstone at La Puente; St. Paul at Bishop Amat; Charter Oak vs. Glendora; Monrovia vs. South Hills

Aram and I are trying two-minute drills on google plus, a way to do this from our home, office, coffe shop, wherever. Eventually this will allow us to to have conversations with coaches, players and other sportswriters without anyone having to leave their office, house or comfort zone. We’re still working on the technical aspects, but we like it so far.





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  • Real talk

    There is NO doubt that Amats freshman’s team would beat SP I don’t care if #7 or #2 is there they are still going to beat the breaks off of SP. I wouldn’t even play #7 and #2 it is going to be a easy win for Amat. These non league teams are starting to get boring I need some league games some PAC-5 football already

  • Weak Analysis

    Wow…that was a weak 2 min drill analysis of Glendora. You mention no players from this year’s team and give us no information on the Tartans. Did you do any homework on them? If I was a high school teacher your grade would be INCOMPLETE at best. Weak effort guys…just saying!

  • SGVfan98

    St. Paul is going to bring everything they have to win the game against Amat.. Although they have a subpar record despite having all those great transfers and the former Carson coach.. Winning this game will create momentum for the Swordsmen going into their league.. Point being “all is forgotten, we beat Amat.. they beat Servite, La Mirada, and Charter Oak.. we are now a team” kind of propaganda.. So should Amat be worried?? I still believe fundamentally sound usually out shine a team with lower fundamentals despite the athleticism or size. What makes the PAC 5 difficult is that most of the teams are fundamentally sound.. so the difference is size and athleticism… St. Paul needs to win this game.. but in my opinion they lack the fundamentals.. Amat wins this game by 10 because they are more disciplined.. look for Amat to put the young stud #5 in place of #7 Andrews at the slot. If they have #7.. Amat wins by 21..

  • Reality talk

    Real Talk
    I can see you saying that the non league games are boring if you guys were to dominate all the teams that you played, but just barely getting by a D7 Team and tying a D2 Team is nothing for a Pac-5 team to brag about. Lucky for you guys the Serra is SOFT this year, with Loyola getting spanked by a REAL Trinity Team (SJB), with the best team from your league (Alemany) getting beat by another D2 Team (CC), and your preseason favorite (ND) getting beat once again by a D4 Team (Serra – 2nd time in 3 years). Maybe you guys can win the coin toss this year again, only this year it will be a 4 way coin toss.

  • scmc

    Historically, pro and college football teams DO NOT do well after a bye week. There is a reason Hags does not like bye weeks.

    If anything, the Amat/St. Paul game might be close simply because it’s a rivalry and Amat will be short one or more key players.

  • Real talk

    @reality…. Do you think that Amat is using all there play book or even to their full capability? If you think Amat is taking these games as serious as Co,CH,LM you are not living in reality. Amat only took one game serious and that was the Servite game. We will not see Amat at its best till league or be really callenged till then. Also Amat has NEVER been a team to run up scores on other teams too much class. It is just getting boring seeing them come out score so easily against EVERY team that they had played in the first qtr then shut it down and save it till league. Let’s see if I get a answer…. You guys can’t be this naive can you? Amat gots bigger fish too fry. I’m out…..

  • Sierra League Fan

    Real Talk,
    What are you smokin’ dude? You are telling me that Amat didn’t care about the CH or Charter Oak games??? Really??? You are an idiot! Amat had lots to prove to the SGV and to themselves that they are the kings of the SGV and they want to be successful going into their league. If a team EVER walks out on to the football field not caring about the game, they are a discredit to the game.

  • Real talk

    @sierra fan. I guess you guys are that nave on here daaamm. Lol… What did Amat have to gain by beating weak a$$ Charter choke? That game was over in one half. Amat is suppose to beat those teams and they did. Just like they will beat SP boring… I’m not saying they don’t care about the win in those games. They simply don’t care enough or had to play to there full capability. Where does it help Amat to beat Co, Lm, SP, Culver City? They wanted pay back on Servite and it showed but the rest of the school haven’t even beat Amat. They are a waste of time like Fred said I had. NO doubt that Amat was going to beat Co,LM,Servite,ch isn’t that good to me Amat stopped twice on 4th downs was up 14 TWICE they just got caught playing with their food in that game. For all the doubters that Aram was referring to about Amat they are big games. I have I doubt Amat was going to beat these teams . Amat will always be better than the fishbowl teams period. Why play them they just play by the if you can’t beat them hurt them rule. Amat has real teams to focus on in league. You know that league that no one else can compete on in the SGV. I’m out

  • Sierra League Fan

    Real Talk,
    What about the Chino Hills game??? Amat didn’t care enough to win that game?? Yeah…right .

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    To Real Talk, If you thought the La Mirada game was boring, then why do you continue to attend the games? La Mirada was no push over. they came to play! Have yo ever heard the pharse,’Never let your guard down?’ Ask any boxer what this means! It’s all relative. You should always be prepared. I kow first hand, I served in ‘Nam.’

  • OldMan in Chino

    Real Talk. I admire your strong support for AMAT and it is justified. I do believe however your adoration of them has clouded your judgment, AMAT is not invincible. They are beatable and they have yet to meet the team that can beat them. It was not Chino Hills; however you failed to admit that Chino Hills caught them twice and both teams tied based upon unsuccessful PATs. Being down by 14 points to a power house team like AMAT and catching them twice must say something about the desire to win that Chino Hills has this season as well as the will to win that AMAT has to pull away twice by 14 points. The manner in which you describe the AMAT/Chino Hills game implies that AMAT was playing not to lose as compared to playing to win. Did they underestimate Chino Hills, did they think that they could jump out to a big lead and put the game on cruise control. I do not think so; both teams left it out on the field and played to win and despite their best efforts they tied. The debate on who would have won if the game went to OT will never be known since OT was not played. The beauty of the what-if argument is that there is not resolution to it. Lets live in reality, lets talk about what happened as compare to what might have happened if this that and the other thing occurred. Your argument that AMAT did not do their best in the Chino Hills game is a negative comment on their coach and his leadership and discipline of the team. I truly believe that AMAT knows on any given Friday, the “perfect storm” can occur and what was expected to be a win turns out to be a loss. To AMAT, good luck against St. Paul and heres hoping that you run the table once league starts.

  • Peter Griffin

    @Real Talk – Dude quit with the charade, you are not an Amat Family member. You sound more like a guy trying to motivate your team (st. SLIME) than a true Amat fan.
    1)No one in the Family would come on the Blog and talk as much “Blatant” CRAP about a future opponent as you are.
    2)Amat family members may be confident but they do not Blog as “Braggarts” i.e. we are going to win by….Why would Amat Fans want to provide fuel for Haters?
    3)Amat Fans and Amat Family members have CLASS. We respect our opponents in victory and defeat. And lastly….
    Any “Amat Fan” that does these things is surely NOT an Amat Fan or Amat Family Member AT ALL but more likely a member of that scourge class of fan known as the “amat nation”. No self respecting Amat Fan would ever align themselves with the connotation associated with that phrase. True Amat fans would rather eradicate the phrase “amat nation” than perpetuate it!!!!
    So get off the Band Wagon Poser because you are not needed here!
    The Family Guy

  • Real talk

    @ old man from Chino I ask myself when I go to the CH, LM, CO games is Amat playing with the same urgency as they did against Servite? I have to say no. Why do you think that Fred and Aram stated that the CH game could be a trap game for Amat after a big win when they beat Servite? Is it that they where trying to say that they may not be talking CH as serious as Servite? When they got up by 14 you could see Amat come out like ok we got this and for the record I do believe that falls on coaching. Ok then I ask my self you got number 7 number 2 cramping up on the CH game not being able to be out there the full game and number 7 came out cramping up against LM to start the game and was unable to finish the game and Amat still won with no doubt. My question is do you think that Amat is holding back on what they are really capable of? They asked coach how did you beat LM the said we gave them some looks that the haven’t seen yet. There are bloggers that hate Amat saying Amat has shown there hand already meaning that the seen what plays Amat uses. That tells me that there are teams looking for the wrinkles that Amat uses SP coach was at the CO game scouting Amat to see what they run. Why would they give their league film on their plays when they know everyone watching? You haven’t seen what # 7 #5 #4 #2 could do yet. Do you think that CH played all the best played they could against Amat? I do…… Who is going to Challenge CH or even LM I think they are favored in there league so they could do that. Come PAC 5 league it is no joke.

  • Real talk

    @Peter you are what’s wrong with Amat…people like you are why Amat is Soft come league. With your we respect everyone blah blah where has that gotten Amat? I don’t see any banners in the gym for a long time. I finally see Amat players having swag on the football field like when number #7 scores or blue scores you see them with the “you can’t see me” gesture to the other team you wouldn’t see that before. If it was up to the Amat wack family you would say we dont do that at Amat.Thats why Amat was caught off guard when CO was coming hard on them because of your “we don’t do that we are classy” come on dude this is football not soccer. You can have your Amat family don’t no one what to be apart of those dinosaurs. It’s a new age if you haven’t figured it out yet. You see I remember the stuff that long beach poly,Lakewood ,Santa Margita,Alemany was and is saying about Amat and to me after they beat Amat while you guy are like well at lest we lost with class. Come on get out of here with that bullshtt. That some real talk for you

  • Peter Griffin

    You want real talk? YOU and your kind are what’s wrong with Amat! You and your….play for the name on the back of my jersey mentality. Football is a team sport and you don’t have to act like a Thug or a Jack Ass to play good football. I would argue that that is exactly what sets Amat football (and many other programs for that matter) apart from the undisciplined, me mentality football teams that fill the lower levels of the standings within their perspective leagues. Amat has never been a showboaters play ground and you know what? That’s when and why AMAT was hanging banners in the gym! Hey,if you want nothing to do with the Amat Family, that’s perfectly fine with me, because if blogging like a moron is considered “supportive, up to date and cool” then you continue to be all that you can be. I’ll stay classy and archaic and support TEAM oriented football. Just be sure to wear your Amat Nation shirt so I’ll know where NOT to sit.

  • Real talk

    @peter first of don’t try to change my words. I never said that supported a ME player. I do believe you do have to play as a team. That is why I say let the kids play for each other and have fun but yet have that dog in them. You talk about respect for the other team, but yet you refer to St. Paul as the slime? You just want the team to be a bunch of choir boys. That stuff don’t work these days. You are what Aram was referring to as the fans that live in the past. Come on long beach, Alemany, lakewood all have thugs your right they do separate them selves from Amat by beating us. would you say how Santa margrita ran the score up on us last year to make it look good in the paper class? Like they say show someone that is ok With losing and I’ll show you a loser. By the way I put my son through Amat and have always laughed at the Amat parents that took them selfs so serious. Amat nation Amat family Amat students it’s all Amat. You can’t say oh we have to much class for you. Lol….. I’m telling you right now Amat is going to need that SWAG (if you even know what that is) or should I say spunk.. Lol come league games…swag= confidence= playing loose we all know Amat has played tight and lack conference in the past…

  • 12th man

    Real talk,
    Amat has played every game to win~ They can’t afford to lose this year even if it’s a non-league game..Only 2 playoff spots in the Serra League this year..That means 4 teams will be battling it out to join Alemany

    I do see where you’re coming from..I totally agree that Amat will need some “swag” heading into the pac5 playoffs if they should make it…Other than that..Seems like your pissing off a lot of old timers lol..

  • The Truth!

    Amat’s freshmen and JV will beat St. Paul counter part by 50 and 40 respectively. Amat varsity will win this game 35-7, St. Paul scores seven after Amat put in their JV to close out the game. ST. PAUL IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A POOR MAN’S AMAT!

  • Peter Griffin

    @real talk, what does confidence have to do with acting like an idiot? Are you saying that we got beat by those teams you mentioned because they had MORE SWAG than we did? Ha,Ha,Ha! Yeah right, I guess if we spat up our shoes, wear a blue and a gold glove on each hand, hang four towels from our belts and put tinted face shields on everyone while thumping our chests and point at the opposing teams stands every time we make a tackle….we’ll beat those teams? Playing well and playing with confidence is not accomplished by something you wear or pat yourself on the back for; at least it never had to be. I guess with parents who perpetuate that sort of thing it does matter to junior. Let me guess you and junior probably dress alike and listen to the same music, right? Anyway, I guess we both want the same thing its how we go about getting it. And FYI amat nation is a derogatory term people use to refer to amat fans that show their ass in public. Just thought you should know.

  • Real talk

    @peter yes your right I am not into smooth jazz yet. Lol as far as the glove and towels remark I and a lot of players encluding the great jerry rice believe you look good you play good. Ask Koa if the towels shoes and gloves matter. They will tell you yes. And that is our leader whether you like it or not. You see I don’t judge like you do. To each his own…. Why when somebody is different they are a idiot? You may not love me, but I love you…. šŸ™‚ I am not a Amat nation I am just a Amat fan that has a different opinion then you, but like you said we both want Amat to win it all in the end. I have never said I repersent Amat I am just pointing out my point of view. Swag does not = a idiot.. I have always respected Amat class to a point, but come on man at some point you have to get a little ticked off no? @12 man ya I get your point. I am not saying Amat is not playing to win what I’m saying are they exposing everything to win? Maybe it’s just me hoping that Amat is holding back till league ( I have a feeling that’s the case) like Fred said in the second half Amat starting playing conservative ball. I like how Amat is spreading the ball around this year. I must just getting too pumped up for league I guess , but I sooo want to beat Alemany, crespi, I truly think this team can beat SM this year we will see I guess come the Alemany game if Amat bring out new plays.

  • Peter Griffin

    @real talk- okay, I hear where you are coming from and maybe it is a sign of the generational gap. And BTW, I do not equate difference or “swag” with “idiot”. I equate idiotic actions with idiot. Also, showing emotion is not idiotic either but there is a way to play the game within the taem concept and with the towels and gloves, etc, etc without showing your behind. Hey, look good, feel good, play good but BUT don’t act like its all about you. Football is not a ME sport! I have yet to see or meet a player who can go out and win a game by himself, one against eleven. When that mentality creeps into a team, bad things happen. I guess I’m just a less is more, do your job on the field and everything else will take care of itself kinda fan. Good luck to the Lancers and good luck to your team the rest of the season real talk. In re-reading our exchange, I must apologize if I offended with the name calling, I got a little excited for a minute there, not very becoming a Family Guy, I’m gonna go take my psych meds now…..Peace!

  • 1st and Goal

    @ 12th man,

    That means 4 teams will be battling it out to join Alemany

    Why are you giving Alemany so much credit. League hasnt even started yet and your already plugging them in as a play-off team. Let the league play out. Anything can happen in the 4 games coming each teams way. Any team is beatable in the Serra, including us. How about you phrase it with:

    “That means 4 teams will be battling it out to join Bishop Amat”.
    That sounds better dont you think? I do. But for now, lets see how the season progresses

  • Real talk

    @peter I respect that ……. Wait a minute what do you mean your team? Don’t you mean our team? You had to throw that last jab ha.. Lol
    @12 man yea why do you put Alemany in there already? Come league we will see what happens that is the game that I want the Lancers to come out firing on all cylinders. Let’s just hope the lancers don’t have to play against Alemany and the other 12 man the refs… I’m out

  • AMAT 73

    Are you guys being hoodwinked again ???? Tell tale line 10:11 am @Peter you are what’s wrong with AMAT ,people like you are why AMAT is soft come league .Where have you heard that from one of ours before ?????? Then the tirad goes on from there. Well Peter , it’s my turn now .

  • Real talk

    @peter I respect that ……. Wait a minute what do you mean your team? Don’t you mean our team? You had to throw that last jab ha.. Lol
    @12 man yea why do you put Alemany in there already? Come league we will see what happens that is the game that I want the Lancers to come out firing on all cylinders. Let’s just hope the lancers don’t have to play against Alemany and the other 12 man the refs… I’m out