Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Diamond Ranch joins the rankings just in time to face West Covina

Will Diamond Ranch finally take down West Covina?


1. Bishop Amat (3-0-1) — Not Since 2002. That’s the last time Amat lost to an area team. St. Paul next.
2. Chino Hills (2-1-1) — Beat West Covina the way you would expect an Inland power to do it.
3. Ayala (4-0) – Are you impressed? Bulldogs knocking them down like bowling pins.
4. Charter Oak (2-1) — No time for a Bishop Amat hangover with Glendora next on Thursday. Andrew Houser cleared to go.
5. Damien (1-1) — The word I’m hearing is the boosters are giving coach Greg Gano a hard time. The boosters need to shhhh.
6. West Covina (1-3*) — In reality, they’ve beaten Covina and South Hills. How could you rank them lower than this?
7. San Dimas (3-1) — You know the history. Because they lost to MTown in the regular season, they’ll beat them in the playoffs.
8. Diamond Ranch (3-1) — We welcome the Panthers to the top ten poll just in time to face two-time Southeast champ West Covina in the Hacienda opener.
9. Glendora (2-1) — Fared well against Ayala before losing. Charter Oak an even tougher task Thursday.
10. South Hills (2-1) — Following a bye week they should give Monrovia all it can handle Thursday at the District.

The Rest: 11. Los Altos (3-1); 12. Gladstone (3-0); 13. Rowland (3-1), 14. Covina (3-1); 15. El Monte (2-2), 16. La Puente (2-1); 17. Mountain View (3-1); 18. Bonita (1-3); 19. Claremont (1-3); 20. Walnut (1-3); 21. Diamond Bar (1-3); 22. Arroyo (2-2); 23. Azusa (1-2), 24. Northview (2-2), 25. Sierra Vista (2-1); 26. South El Monte (1-2); 27. Rosemead (1-2), 28. Duarte (1-2); 29. Wilson (1-3); 30. Baldwin Park (0-4), 31. Pomona (1-3), 32. Workman (1-2), 33. Nogales (0-4), 34. Bassett (1-2), 35. Ganesha (0-3).

*Covina forfeit win; West Covina forfeit loss

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  • jack

    you guys rank claremont right after bonita when bonita just put 61 points on them!! insanity

  • Anonymous

    Not Since 2002. That’s the last time Amat lost to an area team. St. Paul next.

    Why the shots at the area? we all know the stats of amat we hear it all the time from the amat faithfuls. Well i hope you mention the scare and four leaf clover amat had on their side against CH.

    Other then the same mentioned stat your list is dead on unlike your boy Aram.

  • Fred Robledo

    Jack, where should they go, ahead of Bonita?

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Not a fan, but Monrovia is not in the Top 35???

    That’s a headscratcher for sure.

  • AMAT 73

    Ayala fan,
    Fred’s list is only for teams in his coverage area , east SGV. Monrovia is on Steve’s Star news area , west SGV . All teams are included in Aram’s all encompassing which is for schools from the Trib’s 3 main area of publication where you will find Monrovia ranked above many of these teams , Whittier area ,all of the SGV , and some Inland teams via the Sierra league.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ AMAT 73,

    Thanks. Did not take geography into account.


  • AHS

    Nuts to your rankings.

    Charter Oak lost to your #1 team, so they drop below Ayala? Damien lost to traditional powerhouse Orange Lutheran, so they drop below Ayala? I’m an Ayala fan, but who have they played really? Monrovia is a lower division team, Diamond Bar is not so hot, Cheyenne Nv. was not that good, and Glendora has not been good since Pasquarella left. Respect Ayala and enjoy watching their athletes compete yes, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they end up 5-5 or worse.

  • The Libero

    Freddie, you’re undisputed top team is Amat, as it should be and they are nowhere to be found in the CIF SS poll…what does this say about the quality of football in the fishbowl? as always viva the libero!

  • Resurgent Roddy

    Layton has made a concentrated effort to get better on the line, and this is the special ingredient which works well against teams like West Covina. Getting the dogs at a time when they’re banged-up presents the talkative one with a golden opportunity to seize control of the Hacienda. This game and the La Serna-Norco tilt are the ones to watch.