Hacienda League opens with favorites West Covina and Diamond Ranch meeting at Ganesha on Friday

I’ve got West Covina winning the Hacienda League title with Diamond Ranch second and Los Altos third. Aram’s got West Covina and Bonita finishing in a tie for first with Diamond Ranch finishing third. What’s your prediction?

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  • DRanch Man

    I am really looking forward to west covina v DRanch Hoping for a good tough game this year. Good luck to both.

  • Dan

    DRanch Man,
    Your Panthers are looking like they are up to the challenge, thanks for the well wishes, Good luck to both teams, hope there are no injuries, and may both teams be at their best and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Panther Fan

    Should be one of the best Hacienda games of the year. Looking forward to a replay of the 2008 Semi-final. Realistically Panthers by 3.

  • man I’ve changed my LA and D.Bar pick 3 times. I think I’m staying w/ LA.

  • patrick

    Bummer!! lol