Valle Vista League predictions

Aram and I both took San Dimas, what a surprise … The rest of the order is tough to figure out ..

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  • Jefe

    Quality on the video/audio isn’t what it was before.

    Is this Google+ thing permanent?

  • Observantcat

    Quick question to you Fred, Who was the last team to be Paraclete in the Desert from the Mid Valley Div.?
    IF you guessed Monrovia you have won the grand prize of a little respect.
    If you claim No one then we’re back to square one with your Alzheimer’s condition. Last time you mentioned Paraclete you claimed how dominated they were over teams like Monrovia which you always compare to teams that you think are better than the Wildcats, but in reality Paraclete barely hung on to win that quarter-final game back in I believe was 2008 or 2007 and Monrovia shut them out in 2009 so who’s really dominate over who? Just thought I would clear you the mis-information coming from the ANTI-CAT Fred R. Robledo, and by the way thanks Aram for giving props where props are due. If it were up to Fred Monrovia would have to Beat De La Salle in a blow out to gain his respect.

  • Fred Robledo

    I don’t claim some teams are better, I watched it last year with San Dimas, South Hills and Arcadia, and again this year with Ayala. I don’t think Monrovia will beat St. Francis next week either, but I do think they’ll get South Hills on Thursday. In step-up games against upper division opponents, Monrovia has been so-so and doesn’t have a huge sexy win on its resume during their dominant run the past three years. Does that make me anti-Monrovia for pointing that out, I don’t know. You don’t have to dominate De La Salle, but if Monrovia is who you think it is, they should have gone undefeated last year and beat Ayala this year, wouldn’t you agree? We just witnessed a team like La Serna play a huge step-up against Westlake and win. Now, that’s convincing.

  • Fred Robledo

    Jefe, Google plus is something to use when needed and hopefully our audio will improve. But I agree, quality of two-minute drills are better in our office, so we’ll probably switch back to doing them there.

  • Reality

    Observantcat – not DeLaSalle, just Ayala

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    I think the first win over South Hills two years ago was a big win for monrovia…However That was then. Now Monrovia is certainly capable of playing with quality upper division teams. We are around .500. This St Francis win would be the biggest win since Diamond bar in ’99. Thats two decades. Freds right so far we have pooped away 3 upper division wins in the last two season. Games which were winnable. However, don’t let fred get your mind of South Hills. Upper division teams don’t like to let games like slip through their hands going into league. They want Momentum. Tomorrow, will be playoff atmosphere. Sorry my fellow Observant cat, Fred is painfully right at the moment. Once we get that mental break through, Beat St Francis by more than 7 points, they Cats then can go ahead and schedule BA, CO, CH etc.

  • Reality

    MGP – South Hills was 3-7 that year. THAT was a “big win”?

  • Observantcat

    It’s funny how we just evaded my question all together, I asked Fred who was the last Mid Valley Team to beat Paraclete and I am still waiting for his answer, because the last time he spoke of Paraclete in a sentence with the Mid Valley he said that they were dominate over all teams and look to be dominate again. So the Question still is Who Was The Last Team To Beat Them and send them on their way to another Division? By the way that game was at their house in 20 Degree weather. I just thought I would correct your error from a couple of weeks ago on prep Extra live.

  • Fred Robledo

    I think it’s laughable that you continue to credit Aram for “keeping it real” with Monrovia when that’s exactly what I’m doing. The last thing I read was the ANTI-CAT Fred Robledo, so I thought I would respond to that.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ Mean Green,

    No need to beat ’em by a TD when beating a team by 1 will do. It all looks the same in the win-loss column. It may not appease the FANatic base, or pollsters but really, you’re just trying to compile WINS so you can get into the playoffs right?

  • SaintsR4real

    Just thought I would make a plug,

    Great post Freddy and Aram, way to go into detail down the stretch,

    The boys of San Dimas have already bounced back from their Monrovia defeat and are ready to focus on their ultimate goal. I’m sure they will not take any Valle Vista team lightly. Unfortunately, Fred, you’re right, odds are we will not meet up with Mtown, unless we defeat either Paraclete or Sierra Canyon, which means the FINALS…….. just my thoughts.


  • bbin91741

    Nobody gives a sh** about Paraclete! That’s why Fred doesn’t answer your stupid question. This is the SGV Tribune, not the Palmdale Polesmoker.

  • Observantcat

    Apparently Fed gave a shyt, otherwise he wouldn’t always use the excuse that they are the team to beat, I know the Wildcats team doesn’t’ really give a shyt but for Fred to keep eluding to them as the New Mid Valley Champs he must think that Monrovia is inferior to them in some way. Now answer the question!!!!!! Remember this is what these blogs are for.

  • Colt74

    I know no one wants to hear it but I think that Pomona is the sleeper in the VVL. Just have a feeling that I can’t explain. Lets see if I am right.
    Another “feeling” I have is if the Colts don’t do something about shoring up our D on pass coverages it is gonna be one of those nights tomorrow night. Lets see if I am right.
    And the last “feeling ” I thought I had was that San Dimas may not be as good as I thought this year. Turns out it was just from the Alpha Omega breakfast burrito and they really ARE that good. They had a bad game against the Cats and will sort it out. Lets see if I am right.

    And finally…remember coach, #21 and #26 in at the same time. Be not afraid, only believe.