PrepXtra Rewind and Video HIghlights of Amat-St. Paul and West Covina-Diamond Ranch

Bishop Amat ends its area tour with wins over La Mirada, Charter Oak, St. Paul and a tie to Chino Hills to remain unbeaten against the area since 2002.

The Inland Insider reports on Bishop Amat’s victory over St. Paul ..

Tyler Drohan’s video and interview of West Covina’s win over Diamond Ranch


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  • DR DAD

    Good job West Covina….there’s no replacement for good TEAM FOOTBALL………A one person offense will never beat good real football teams!!!

  • Bulldoggy

    Hats off to D Ranch. That was the toughest game we’ve had in league so far. It was a true test for a West Covina to see where we are with all of our injuries and the tough preseason we’ve had. We’ll see you again in the playoffs.

  • bobbradstreet

    Go Bulldogs. hooray.

  • I’m just saying

    Good game Bulldogs way to go. Coach M made a
    statement in his video highlight regarding his boys passing the ball.
    OMG maybe u all learned a lesson stop running the ball so much and pass the damn ball, think about how any yards and how many first downs was received if u just pass the ball.. U might want to review Loyola’s and Chino Hills tapes again they passed the BALL.
    WC is a damn good team but u would be a better team if u just PASS THE BALL,

  • Chill Out

    @ I’m just sayin’. You parents that want to coach. Go find a team to coach so you can pass the ball. If you don’t have anything nice to say keep it to yourself. You’re embarrassing yourself, the people you’re around and whoever you’re cheering for down on the field. Not to mention you’re annoying in the stands to the people sitting around you, to the players and coaches down on the field that can here you screaming pass the ball. The coaches know what they’re doing. You don’t see what the coaches see during practice and what’s going on down on the field. So you can not assume you know what you are talking about. Players sometimes need to be nurtured slowly and given confidence so they succeed. You are not out there on the practice field countless hours and away from your families to know how tough it is to win and to have a successful program. So please stay positive, be a class act parent and supportive.

  • DR DAD

    I wish Dranch would learn that lesson and pass the ball you can’t beat good teams running 40+ times …..West Covina played hard till the whistle and deserve that win they played great team ball and got everyone involved in the game……great game plan

  • TheLance

    Great job Lancers! Way to beat the Slime. St Pauline’s still got a long ways. I kinda figured w/ all the big time transfers that they would be a hit or miss. Well they’ve tanked, lol. Awesome to see the ’92 Champs out there and the thousands of fans in attendance. Go AMAT!!!

  • Chill Out

    DR DAD~ I feel your pain. Watching DR play and seeing all the talent go to waste is just heart breaking. DR should be running a spread offense with a single back. Get all that speed out in the open, showcase your talent, let your players do there thing, let them get involved and when it’s time to give a RB the ball on a run play or draw it’s wide open. This is a team sport and requires a team effort. DR in my opinion is the most talented team in the league and the biggest disappointment. Your running backs don’t even run off tackle or stretch plays to get outside and use there speed. He runs right up the middle where everyone’s at. I would be frustrated to.


    Salesian 55 Whitter Christian 26

    Salesian ends it’s Fish Bowl tour with a 3-1 record beating Siera Vista, Workman and Pasadena and losing a weird game to a tough Los Altos team.

    I always said it would be a good thing to schedule Salesian, Cathedral and Roosevelt/Garfield but people said I was crazy.

    Who knew it would happen.

  • DR DAD

    It is man fustrating…..I just wish it was a even playing field for all the kids but itne back get the ball 90% of the game an the rest of the players gotta take the 10% of scraps left over…..can’t beat a real team that way and that game proved that you highlight 1 kid at the stake of your whole team….maybe if Dranch passed the ball more u wouldn’t put u team n a bind when by running 24/7 cuz if the running game was that good we would be 5-0


    Way to pass the ball WC. Got to see my nephew score a touchdown! Yay! Good job Bulldogs!

  • Chill Out

    DR DAD Good luck the rest of the season and I hope your coaches make some adjustments to benefit your team. Go Panthers!!!

  • Chill Out

    @STANFORD DAD You meant Toilet Bowl Tour buddy. Beating up on weak teams like Workman and Sierra Vista are nothing to brag about. Both those teams are garbage. Your only loss was to Los Altos and they just got blown out by Diamond Bar. Cathedral and Garfield would beat Salesian. At least both those teams step up to the plate and played Bishop Amat a real team. What ranked team have you guys beat in the last 20 years? What? What? What? That’s right NO ONE!!! LOL Get outta here!!!

  • DR MOM

    DR DAD,
    Yes it is a TEAM sport and when one person carries the ball there are 10 other people blocking for him. The player carrying the ball is a great football player with excellent grades. Every yard he earns is because of the other players. I am proud of the boys and how they played last night. They played a really good game. If you consider our coach was in the hospital all week and West Covina was a CIF Champion last year, we played a really close game.
    It is funny that you are the one saying TEAM. I have never seen you at any of the DR Family events. I did not see you at Bunco Night. I have never seen you volunteer to help with pregame meals. I have never seen you after the game for the postgame meals. I have never seen you work the parking lot. I have never seen you sell the programs or 50/50. I only see you on Friday nights cussing at your son, our quarterback, the coaches and the referee. Yes it is a TEAM sport. Maybe you should try being a team player.
    Also, I am sure Layton was short handed with one of his wide receivers injured and the other one quit on his TEAM during the game. Hmmm I wonder whose son refused to go in? Probably the same one that didn’t join the team after the game. Probably the same one who had a dad force the boys to wait for the bus. Probably the one with a dad that brought police to the campus.
    Maybe you shouldn’t call yourself “DR DAD” and talk about TEAM until you ready are to act and play like one.

  • DR DAD

    First of all demon he didn’t quit he just wanted 2 play defense period that’s on the coach he wanted to just play defense.. and I curse at the coaches n refs not my son …..ain’t nobody knocking nobody but not everyone wanna be an offensive lineman when u a reciever and for the most part all these kids got good grades and they all want a chance 2 show what they can do ……and y the hell would I go 2 bunco? They lied to me and my son about what his role is because he told coaches in Feb That blocking all game was not what he wanted…..and for Yall info I’m saying what the other players say 2….so when you call a kid a quitter know what you talking about…..ain’t my son or noone else fault people look him in his face and lie…& trust you don’t know what me n the coaches talked about b4 my son got there …so u should speak on what u know the coaches knew he was gone..& if u a team why your coach blame a player after the game? See you getting worked up & I don’t care I’m not on here blaming or hating on the kids at all the coach call the plays like I told my son its other people play just defense & its not a problem so why is my son singled out ….yeah they really a team… son ain’t the only player with a problem with the offense he just tired of the lies he a wr not a lineman like he tell me ..why lie all week tell him you need him n never send the ball his way …plz

  • one game at a time

    PAC5 news flash: Johnny Stanton, Santa Margarita all everything QB out for the season with ACL knee injury. Title up for grabs without Stanton.

  • Truth is…

    Dads like DR DAD make coaching not fun. Not fun at all. Not saying coaches are perfect, and I’m no privy to any conversations had between the staff and family. But those types of dads are just maddening. And now they have blogs too, for a wider audience? Smh. DR Dad…chill out bro. Or take your kid to another school to create a new bullseye for your ignorance. And I mean that figuratively AND literally.

  • DR DAD

    I’m grown and if you not privy to info maybe you need 2 mind your own biz… why speak on stuff you don’t know anything about … Everyone has opinions just like they got assholes….

  • Truth is…

    Well if YOU believed these “liars” who are STILL “lying” to your son, and your son is STILL at the school, then wants does that make YOU?

  • DR DAD

    Stuck cuz he transferred there…long way from stupid dude…but if you lie to me I just want you to be a man and look me in the eyes and tell me why….see people can say a lot about me but I don’t lie…..I dislike liars and wanted to know why the constantly do it and the scene got blown up because I want a straight answer…if I was wrong why the other coaches all say I would do the same thing as you… the end truth it don’t cost a cents to be a man of u word and how can I call myself a parent if I don’t address stuff bothering my child that’s stupid to me because he a kid & emotional and I hate seeing it …..


    Chill Out,

    What’s your point?

    Pasadena was ranked #10 on their side of the 605 when the game was played. Yes they played without their Arizona bound QB but at least the game was scheduled and the Mustangs played them heads up and won most of the battles. Pasadena was huge and has monster players, especially Bauer who’s a freakin specimen. As far as Whittier Christian goes, Salesian has played them for several years and weren’t they in the Championship game against Monrovia a few years back and in the playoffs annually? As far as Sierra Vista and Workman go I guess we should have scheduled Monrovia but we scheduled Whittier Christian, right? And in step up games maybe both teams saw Salesian as a step up game, right? BTW Los Altos was in the Semis last year and were ranked #11 in Fred’s poll before DB got them good this week but they are on the right path to having another solid season.

    As far as Cathedral and Garfield beating Salesian maybe you’re right but that’s why they play the game. Finally if the Mustangs are playing the Toilet Bowl then it’s your toilet isn’t it, LMAO

    Salesian graduates less than 100 seniors, probably 60, so I guess I see your point and so we should schedule BA, opps…we already did and lost to them 12-6 back in the day from what BA alumni tell me.

    Damien and Gano get thsi concept of playiong outside your area code with games against J Serra, Los Alamitos and Temescal Canyon. See what’s out there was my point.

    Should Salesian be in the Sierra League? No one is saying that but if SH calls I’m sure we’ll play, lol.

  • keep 27

    @ just saying:
    Did you notice in the second half we were I think 1 for 5 for 2 yards passing. So using your logic we could end up 3 for 15 for 6 yards? I’m just saying. Nobody complained last year when we threw the ball 4 times per game because we averaged rushing for 3 bills a game. Why don’t you go ask Coach M why we didn’t throw more. Did you notice that an option was not called, not once? What’s that tell you? Think about it. My conclusion is maybe Hull is not 100%. Hull ran and threw very little. I’m just saying what I saw. Were you at the claremont scrimmage? Najera threw 10 passes in a quarter. They got the best shot DR had. DR played their best game I had seen and played very hard. Been hearing that some of the injured coming back soon. You will see a much better team soon.

  • reality

    DR Dad: Are you any relation to KH?

  • DR DAD

    No I’m not

  • PantherPride

    I agree with the DR DAD. He’s not the only one upset with the coaches and there play calling and substituon of players. It’s not fair to the other players on the team that are good and don’t get any love. Many of those parents help donate time and money to this program. So don’t think you’re the only ones helping out the school. No one tells you guys to live there and persuade the coaches to run your kid all game so he can get a scholarship. All these other parents are afraid to speak up. You’re the crazy ones trying to live your dreams through your son. We’re not the ones playing Daddy Ball like yourselves coaching your kids so they can play all the way up.

  • Bulldoggy

    @Chill Out

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say keep it to yourself. You’re embarrassing yourself, the people you’re around and whoever you’re cheering for down on the field.”

    Are these not the same words you used when some frustrated parent from your own team put down the coaches for not passing against us?? What kind of an A$$ comes on here defending his team crying about hard work and dedication and not a day later you’re on here TRASHING a guy who’s noticeably proud and supportive of his Salesian team. You DRANCH people make me sick. Say one damn thing about your team and it lights up the message board about dedication, hard work, and loyalty to the coaching staff. No wonder Roddy looks so sick, he’s got to handle trash like that every day I’d be sick too. On here talking about only wins against WEAK teams. Like El Rancho, Schurr, and Chino were powerhouses! You play a division up (Elsinore) and get handed a L. Then you actually play us at our worst and still walk away with a L. Why don’t YOU come back when your team actually does something. Like win a CIF championship or at least a LEAGUE title. How many banners are hanging in that gym anyways? Oh yeah, you have that crappy little MAYORS trophy. Bad team, bad city, BAD FOOTBALL!!

  • PantherPride

    @Bullpuppy ya I’m gonna talk smack on here. Salesian is a program on the rise. I’m gonna pick on them since we have a Catholic powerhouse right here in our own backyard. STANFORD DAD made his point and I respect that. He’s a good guy and laughed about it, lol. Hey Pupster before you try and blast me on here. I’m a WC fan and annoyed by people screaming to Magiorre and his staff about passing the ball. Pay attention! The person “I’m Just Saying” is a Bulldog parent screaming in the stands that I directed my comment to. As far as Roddy Layton looking sick bro. I played football at Mt Sac and at the D2 Level after that. He looks sick let’s just say cause of substance abuse. The heavy price you pay for cheating to play at the next level. So pay attention and know what you’re talking about before you run your mouth you little puppy! Hahahaha


  • sgv baby


  • DR DAD

    @pantherpride ….thanx and it ain’t fair at all he make the other kids feel like they ain’t good enough….my son top 5 every camp and got a lot of promises that turned out 2b lies…..Drmom was mad cuz my son didn’t wanna block for her son he wanted 2 focus on defense like I told him…..all I know is he sat the whole 2nd half cuz he was tired of blocking and banging his body up and never seeing no kind of love …never thought wanting to just play defense was considered quitting but that’s why some of Yall should keep your mouths closed till you know facts…..

  • Football Fan

    ATTN. DR’s parents. Sir Roddy has been doing this for years and there will be no change. Promising the world and nothing or just flat out ignoring ball players because He don’t like your Mom or Dad. Regardless of all the time and money you give Him this kind of stuff will never change at DR. Sad to see the elite program of the Hacienda league falling apart. I’m wondering if DR DAD, DR MOM, Panther pride and the others ghetto tricks got permission from Roddy and the DR’s Booster to get onto these BLOGS. Some good a$$ kissing does go on at DR and it shows. PASS THE BALL hahaha YALL is misspelled it’s YOU ALL

  • Proud DR Parent For Life

    I thought i had seen it all but when a student athlete is advised by his parent to play one side of the ball because that parent thinks he is not getting his touches is crazy to me and when you game plan and the time comes for that athlete to go in and he says no ,then what is a coach to do,oh i know go ask the dad from the stands that had talking crap all game to come down and call the plays.Really we all know this is a game of high emotions and is teaching every athlete to persevere through things that will only make them stronger mentally.So please parents be aware that if your child does make it to that next level you will have no say in what position they play or how much they play…….. be an adult and stop acting like a child in the stands.

  • DR DAD

    If you ain’t never heard a parent to tell his kid to focus on one side of the ball you ain’t been around sports long….plus I don’t care how you other parents feel its other kids on the team and its no problem because they wanna play one side of the ball so that should be good for everyone…. And if you lie to someone long enough sooner or later they get tired of your bs

  • Sam

    Is hilarious how DR parents are and the history of coach Layton!!!! Is so trifling, full of drama they should have a reality show called the Beverly Hills parents of Pomona.

    The sad thing is that they have a great group of kids with BS parents

  • DR Pop

    You da man DR Dad: My kids a receiver so where do you think that leaves him? Roddy said they would throw this year so what happened? Where do you sit so we can put our voices together and yell at Roddy and support our sons. I need someone to sit with as my wife refuses to go with me anymore the fat, well thats my problem.I know my son loves to hear my voice and your son loves to hear you scream to. We should make a good team.I will look you up at the Diamond Bar game in two weeks, see ya then.

  • Real Housewives of Pomona Ranch

    Hey guys it sure looks like we have a lot in common I want my kid to be a receiver to maybe we can have a club or just sit together a yell at the coachs at the same time. My son doesn’t really care but I want him to be a star. He is kind of short and fat but he sure does like to play catch with his sister and is almost as fast as her. He actually wanted to play water polo and the pool time does help his complexion but anyway we all should stick together and show those dumb coachs that we can’t be pushed around. Anyway it would be nice to have someone to sit with. You can find me hanging on the front rail I’ll be wearing the Lyle Alzado jersey.

  • 12th man

    Football: The Pac-5 Division just became wide open!!

    Suddenly, there is no clear-cut favorite to win the Pac-5 Division. That’s what a season-ending knee injury to Santa Margarita quarterback Johnny Stanton means to the Eagles and the rest of the contenders.

    Coach Harry Welch said on Saturday that Stanton likely would undergo surgery this coming week. Welch said he did not expect Stanton to play the rest of the season. Without Stanton, Santa Margarita’s high-powered offense won’t be the same. His versatility made him unique among quarterbacks in Southern California.

    Santa Margarita is off this coming week and will use the extra time to prepare junior Josh Canty to take over when they resume play in their Trinity League opener. But Santa Margarita’s role as favorite is gone. The Pac-5 can be considered wide open.

    Many teams, from St. John Bosco to Mater Dei to Mission Viejo to St. Bonaventure to Tesoro to Alemany, have to be considered a contender.

    Santa Margarita still has plenty of talent and weapons, but Stanton was the leader and trigger man. Welch is one heck of a coach, but how he and the team deals with the loss of Stanton is going to be quite a challenge.

  • 12th man

    Crenshaw makes its first appearance in The Times’ top 25 rankings at No. 22.

    1. SANTA MARGARITA (5-0)
    2. VISTA MURRIETA (4-0)
    3. NARBONNE (4-0)
    4. TESORO (5-0)
    5. ST. BONAVENTURE (4-1)
    6. MISSION VIEJO (5-0)
    7. UPLAND (5-0)
    9. MATER DEI (4-0)
    10. ST. JOHN BOSCO (4-0)
    11. ALEMANY (4-1)
    12. CRESPI (6-0)
    13. GARDENA SERRA (4-1)
    14. LOMPOC (5-0)
    15. BISHOP AMAT (4-0-1)
    16. OAKS CHRISTIAN (4-1)
    17. RANCHO CUCAMONGA (4-1)
    18. HART (3-1)
    19. EL TORO (5-0)
    20. ORANGE LUTHERAN (5-0)
    21. EDISON (3-1)
    22. CRENSHAW (4-1)
    23. CHAMINADE (3-1)
    24. TUSTIN (4-0)

  • Anonymous

    12th man

    Hey why didnt you name Bishop Amat as being a CONTENDER with the rest of them huh?

  • DR Pop

    Housewife of Pomona Ranch: You da man or woman too. As you know every kid loves to look into the stands and see his folks screaming his name out and backing him up by telling the coach whats what!!! Then the kid proudly tells his teammates “Thats my Dad” and then the next day at school all his classmates will say how lucky he is to have family that cares so much. Me and DR Dad will certainly welcome you to our new group. I’am sure the team will be so proud of us as we really know our football and that we should pass. After all anybody can run, right??

  • 12th man

    Eric Sondheimer from the La Times wrote the article… “Not Me”!!


    Sad commentary when a man as gifted and giving as Roddy has to deal with this kind of nonsense after years of outrageously loyal and committed booster help is ruined by a douche bag parent who has a me first mentality.

    Whatever you were promised or felt you had coming to you, you’ve misread Roddy and his character. I don’t vouch for many people in the world but I’m front and center with Roddy and the DR community who are as hard working and positive as it gets.

    Roddy has a unique style. Maybe it rubs some people the wrong way but he comes from a good place and wants nothing but success for every single kid that he meets, on whatever team the player is on.

    I’ve talked to former players and they absolutely love Roddy. I work with a former DR parent and when I told her I knew Roddy she said he was so influential in her life she thanks him at every opportunity.

    Whatever your issue with Roddy is be man enough to take it off line and talk to the man directly. You’re an embarrassment to everything DR has built and Roddy has worked so hard to reinforce.

    i’ve been hard on coaches and staff at Damien but when Morrison took Workman to Salesian we shook hands and I wished him luck. I will tell you this if I coached your son and he refused an assignment he would be off the team but Roddy isn’t about “right now” or Dad’s in the stands..he’s about making boys into men.

    Do yourself a favor and hand your son over to one of the finest men I’ve ever known and watch him blossom. I saw it with Viramontes, Bonilla and other strong willed kids who learned the value of honor, character and commitment.

    I haven’t been on the DR sidelines in a year but I sure will be there next game just to se for myself what I already know. Besides it’s always a pleasure spending time with a true winner.


    On a lighter note Salesian’s Head Coach Roddy Layton was featured on ABC Channel 7 News as the Head Coach of the Week for his big win against Whittier Christian, 55-26.

    Not only has got the Mustangs on a roll he’s also been instrumental in helping donate over $500,000 to his favorite charity.

    Great story…check it out.

  • Hello! Pot calling Kettle, come in

    Yea that’s you want, a hypocrite like Stanford Dad vouching for you. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, whatever side Stanford Dad is on is wrong side. It’s OK for him to sh*t talk on the blog about whoever it is that doesn’t see eye to eye with him, but god forbid anyone should sh*t talk about one of his buddies. FYI, Morrison was just being polite to you because unlike you he’s not interested in causing a seen. The truth is he dislikes you because he know what a complete Ahole you are.

  • DR DAD

    @Drpop anytime let’s put those voices together I’m always in the stands where you first walk in….@Stanford dad the reason I said anything because I can see it affecting my son….and just like I said all these Diamond Ranch kids are in the same level it just ain’t a fair or level playing field for everyone…..I’m not tripping over touches but quit selling dreams to these kids all week and summer and not keeping your word…..there’s a name for that……its callled a liar!!!!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to all the teams in the SGV win or lose . Glad to hear the young man from La Puente HS will be ok , thank God .
    Great win by the LANCERS Friday night . Scoby is the real deal as he tried to beat AMAT all on his own . Great effort but if the slime doesn’t get a passing game he will be worn out by mid season . Defense played great given they had to defend a short field much of the night . Solid game and a many stepped up to fill the void left by Andrew’s suspension . Daniels and a cast of others on D. Big shout out to Cook on a great night . TD pass on a great trick play and a super crushing block on Blue’s TD run and many clutch catches. Blue showed great patience to wait on the block and Cook delivered like first class mail . Cook has turned out to be a fine ball player and to see his improvement from last season to this is great.Good solid win and now on to Culver City for a final tune up before league .
    Sometimes parents need to let the coaches do what they do best , coach.The coaches being hammered on here are damn good coaches . Granted if the program is going south and no improvement seen by players then by all means bark all you want , but if it’s on a personal level of the why aren’t you playing my kid , you should really have a one on one with the coach to find out why instead of bashing on the blog and looking like a fool . Much has been said about AMAT’s ways of coaching and how players are used by our coaches in what they feel is the ideal position for the player in regards to what the TEAM needs and not what a player or parents think (ie Hauser who found what he wanted at CO which ia great ) . Seems to be working as every year someone who was not on the all “everything radar screen” appears and contributes greatly to the team . That is what coaching up entails and at AMAT that’s how it’s done . In reading all these slams I have some questions for DR DAD , you say you son is stuck because he transfered in . Why did he leave his other school in the first place ( lack of playing time ) ??? What caused you to pick DR ( coaching or winning program ) , because something made you pick them ???? You owe me no explaination what so ever but since you are putting it all out there in public I think you the owe the public a reply .

  • DRanchhhh

    Yep…I’m back and I am calling out names!!

    @DR Dad (Mr. Wimberly) Maybe you should have done your research before you transferred your son to DR. Coach Layton has NEVER been a pass first coach. Neither was Al Brown. Between the two, they have always had a 90/10 Run vs Pass Offensive scheme. It ‘s been that way since I can remember and I have been around DR for 8 years now. Nothing has changed. The funny thing about this is, RODDY LAYTON still manages to SELL Children to major D1 and D2 schools without them getting the ball 20 times a game. Here is a list of kids who got major scholarships out of DR as WR’s or DB’s in the last 8 years, without being the star:

    – Andrew FischerWR/DB- Harvard
    – Thomas Clarkson/WR/DB- Nevada, now at Trinity
    – Shelton Miles/DB/WR/RB- Idaho now at Lower Minnesota State
    – Lamar Hughes/WR/DB- North Carolina @ Mars Hill
    – Aaron Almond/WR/RB/DB had 6 offers from D1 schools including a preferred walk-on offer directly from Orgeron by USC b4 his “disgruntled mother” (bc he wasnt getting enough time) transferred him to Dorsey in the middle of his SENIOR campaign. This was all done bc him and his mother had a complaining, whining spirit instead of a thankful one. (Oh…he lost all of those Scholarships btw)
    – Xavier Molina Williams/TE- Colgate (Ivy League)
    – Charles Brown/TE- USC, now playing for the NO Saints
    – Brandon Sermons/WR/DB- UCLA

    (All listed above are listed with their PRIMARY position listed first)

    This is just a few that I can personally remember. The ones listed were ALL WR or TE’s in their PRIMARY position in a RUN FIRST based offense. You need to learn that just as much as Roddy sells a dream about your son playing a VITAL role in the offense, He sells that VERY thing to Colleges and Universities. If you feel like your son is the Star and should be thrown the ball by a “lackluster” QB, then DR may not be the school for you. You see as well as we all do that the QB is not that good. SO do we risk throwing a pick everytime his arm goes up? Or do we find your son another position (bc thats what TEAM PLAYERS do) such as RB or DB and have him perform instead of walking away from the team like a kid that plays an individual sport?

    Roddy SALES Character to universities. Talent isn’t the first thing on his list. In case YOU DIDN’T KNOW, Colleges will deal with character before they will pure talent. It’s funny how all of these SGV people talk about how we dont have banners and CIF championships, but how many kids does RODDY LAYTON send to D1/D1AA or D2 schools EVERY year consistently. The only other schools in the valley that manage to do that is Bishop Amat and Charter Oak. Roddy sends at LEAST 5 kids every year to school on FULL RIDES even some that dont deserve it. Roddy is not perfect in his play calling and he may not show up “offensively” to every game, but he focuses more on the big picture. I bark about his play calling all of the time, bc it sucks most games. However he gets the job done where it counts.

    Everyone at DR knows MW (your son) is incredibly talented. Everyone knows that his hands are comparable to that of Thomas Clarkson. In time, in season, he will be depended upon. You as an adult should know this. He will be called. Just kick back, be patient and stop casting your grievances on a damn blog. You want to teach your son how to be a MAN, it starts with you. Instead of throwing temper tantrums in the stands, schedule a 1 on 1 with Layton. Be a Man! Don’t come complaining on blogs. Either DR Blue is running through your veins or it’s not. Every player will NOT be treated fairly bc this is not Pop Warner and JAA where everyone gets a chance. It has to be earned and that’s where CHARACTER will have to COUNT. FYI, Roddy will take a kid with a lack of talent and great attitude over a kid with a great talent and a horrible attitude anyday of the week. Just ask the Brandon Taylors’ (who was probably the most TALENTED receiver to touch foot on the DR Campus) I’m not saying kiss Roddy’s ass, I’m saying get to know the MAN that you have called yourself entrusting with your son’s future in the class and on the gridiron. Trust me, Layton has MW’s back, you just have to buy in! When you buy in, your son will buy in.

  • AMAT 73

    My friend Sparta ,
    When did Roddy become the coach of Salesian ????????? Or was that a Freudian slip of your upmost desire!!! Take care and those Mustangs are on fire.

  • Observer

    @ Anonymous,

    I know this is not the answer you want to hear, but here it goes anyway: the reason Amat is not on the list of teams that will battle for the Pac5 title is that they are not at the level of the teams listed by the LA Times. I saw them play Friday, and I’ve recently seen most of the teams that did make the list, and Amat does not stack up. For one thing they lack size, big time (no pun intended). They also lack speed in a big way compared to the other teams.

    SP was very one dimensional, and by the mid-way point of the 3rd quarter their one dimension had slowed by two steps. SP needed to open the play book but continued to go with the one guy and Amat won by a meager 11 points? That type of performance will not get it done in the Pac5. Amat should have closed them out big time but could not. That’s my observation. I wish them well, but Amat will need a miracle to win the Pac5.

  • AMAT 73

    Well according to everyone who observed AMAT before the season we were to go anywhere from 0-5 on up to 2-3 at best . Well all that was proven wrong leaving no doubt. I am not trying to say we faced PAC-5 equivalent teams but never the less we did what we had to do and up to the slime game were still adding to the offense and fine tuning the defense.Of which you saw without some injured palyers and without Andrews. Let’s just wait until we begin league and see how we fare and then we can talk playoffs . It seems the only ones correct about AMAT this season are the AMAT faithful as we do know our team and what they are capable of doing . A lot can happen and I am quite sure you had SM penciled in as repeat champs but due to an unfortunate injury to their QB that has changed . I am sure this is not an opinion you would like to see . By the way on Friday didn’t those onside kicks look like we were working something for the season ??????? You tell me since you were there . They contributed heavily to keeping the slime in the game , did they not ????? Of all your points , the AMAT lacking speed is just plain ridiculus to say the least . Plus how in 5 weeks of ball have you seen most of the PAC 5 teams on the list under game conditions ????? And one of those was the game at AMAT .That leaves 4 Fridays to see 9 teams that did not play each other . Is it that you can be in 3 or 4 places at one time ???? Or just hating as probably is the case.

  • socalfootball fan

    DRaaaanch, Colgate is not an ivy league school. Not impressed with the list of schools you mentioned for prior DR players as most are D1 subdivision schools and not BCS type schools.

  • Observer

    @ Amat 73,

    Good points. As far as the onside kicks Im not sure they were on purpose. I thought the first one was off the side of the kids foot, but maybe I’m wrong. As far as how I’ve seen most of those teams after four weeks of play I’m also considering what I saw during last year’s playoffs (and Tevo brother). I know you don’t agree with me but the lack of size and yes speed will be Amat’s undoing. There are teams in the Pac5 that cover sideline to sideline way faster than Amat. Amat has the heart, the support, the coaching, and to some level the talent, just not Pac5 championship talent for this season. If they prove me wrong then so be it. Ill be the first to offer congratulations.

    The Stanton injury is horrible, but football is a fickle game. And no, I didn’t think they were a slam dunk for a repeat. There are some good teams out there that would have challenged SM even with Stanton. Good luck to all and let’s pray we dont have anymore devastating injuries this season.

  • AMAT 73

    Ok fair enough but going by last years teams does not sit well for high school ball .As you saw this years AMAT team is different than last years team and in my opinion better , maybe because of the offense or solidarity or whatever . I say after we take on Alemany you will have a different view of just how good this team is and what they are capable of this season . Keep your thoughts and we will revisit this conversation as we need to take of Culver City first .

  • DRanchhhh

    @socalfootball fan,

    Ok, I stand corrected on the fact that it’s not an IVY League, but does it matter? They are free educational opportunities for kids that are not hardly being used on Friday nights in Roddy’s offensive scheme. I hope your not as much a “simpleton” as you sound by not “being impressed” with FREE EDUCATION. I mean Roddy could always not give a damn and send kids to SAC, Citrus or Fullerton like most of these other schools do, right? Who cares about BCS (BS) caliber schools? You? Why? I can tell you one thing, I’d take a scholarship to Sterling University in Kansas over BCS school anyday. Sounds like your an attention whore or degree snob!! If you look at the majority of these draft picks (in the NFL) they are being picked up from SMALLER, LESS populated schools. Most of the schools in the BCS are there simply because of population and ticket sales, nothing more.

    Neither here nor there, Roddy gets them to where they have to go. ALSO in case you didn’t read thoroughly, those kids listed were only WR’s, TE’s and some of the DB’s. FYI, That is not even half of the student athletes that Layton has sent out in the past 8 years, literally! Let’s not incorporate the students who come to him from “NEIGHBORING” SGV high schools after they graduate. I wish that some of these schools that win CIF championships EVERY YEAR cared enough..IJS!!

  • Sam

    You mentioned the word sells several times on your comment, so what youre saying is that Roddy selling athletes to Universities???? Is there some kind of kickback??? Btw all those student athletes you decided to talk about at least 80% of them would have been recipients of a scholarship at any other high school too, Fischer academically easy!!!! You are also putting down MT. Sac, Citrus, and Fullerton, so according to you DR does not have any students at any of these accredited JCs. Higher education is crucial no matter what college is achieved at.
    And is so funny that you are so well informed of all the confidentiality of the students, parents, and coach scenarios. In other words be careful on how you try to relay information, get approval of Coach Layton in the future, you might be DRs future PR!!!!!

  • DRanchhhh


    You want my attention dont you?? Got it!

    Now it’s gone!!

  • socalfootball fan

    To Draaaaanch, You would take a scholarship offer from Sterling vs UCLA,Cal,Stanford,Northwestern,Norte Dame ect,to play football or to get an education. I have never heard of Sterling and I know a lot about colleges as my son is a Princeton graduate and we visited some fine institutions