CIF Rankings: No. 3 West Covina still looks like the area team with the best shot at a title

Inland Division
1. Vista Murrieta (4-0), 2. Corona Centennial (3-1), 3. Rancho Cucamonga (4-1), 4. Upland (5-0), 5. Chino Hills (3-1-1), 6. Redlands East Valley (1-2), 7. Charter Oak (3-1), 8. Chaparral (3-1), 9. Norco (3-1), 10. Murrieta Valley (5-0)

Mid-Valley Division
1. Sierra Canyon (4-0), 2. Paraclete (4-1), 3. Monrovia (2-2), 4. San Dimas (4-1), 5. San Marino (5-0), 6. Brentwood (4-0), 7. Bell Gardens (3-1), 8. El Monte (2-2), 9. Windward (3-1), 10. Arroyo (2-2).

Southeast Division
1. La Mirada (4-1), 2. La Serna (4-1), 3. West Covina (2-3), 4. Norwalk (4-1), 5. Paramount (3-1), 6. California (4-0), 7. Diamond Ranch (3-2), 8. Muir (1-3), 9. Downey (3-2), 10. Bonita (2-3).

Northwest Division
1. Nordoff (5-0), 2. Bishop Diego (4-0), 3. La Salle (5-0), 4. North Torrance (3-1), 5. Gladstone (4-0), 6. Oak Park (3-2), 7. Heritage Christian (3-2), 8. El Segundo (2-2), 9. South Torrance (2-2), 10. Bishop Montgomery (4-1).

Pac-5 Division
1. Santa Margarita (5-0), 2. Tesoro (5-0), 3. Mater Dei (4-0), 5. St. Bonaventure (4-1), 6. St. John Bosco (4-0), 6. Mission Viejo (5-0), 7. Alemany (4-1), 8. Oaks Christian (4-1), 9. Crespi (6-0), 10. El Toro (5-0)

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  • BraveDad

    @ Fred,

    As far as the Pac5 is concernd Bonnie is actually #4 and Bosco #5. What are you using new math?LOL! Alright, good day Sir.

  • Rice who?

    As if anyone would care is Rice still head coach at Ganesha?

  • yup

    Rice is still the coach.

  • GoBulldogs

    One game at a time West Covina. Great job by the boosters, parents, faculty, coaching staff and players. Keep the hard work and creativity. Good luck Bulldogs! You make us proud!

  • TheLance

    Pretty sad when the #1 team in the Valley isn’t even ranked in the Top 10 for the Pac 5. LOL

  • Ex Warrior

    Just where are the La Puente Sodomites ranked?

  • 12th man

    Goes to show just how tough the Pac5 is…Amat couldn’t even crack the top 10!!!That means no team in the SGV would crack the top 40 in the Pac5!!!

  • Let Things Play Out

    The nice thing for Amat is that both Alemany and Crespi are in the Serra league and both are in the top ten. You need to let things play out, as these polls are just guesses based on so-called strength of schedules mixed with records. Once Amat beats Crespi and Alemany, what do you think the rankings will be? The only rankings that matter are the ones that pair us for playoffs.

  • reality

    West Covina has yet to wow anyone. They seem to have some trouble putting points on the board relying in their defense. After watching Diamond Ranch pound the ball and come up just short you can bet the other Hacienda teams will be slinging the ball and if one of them gets hot West Co. might have trouble playing catchup. Diamond Bar, Walnut, Bonita and yes even Rowland have competent receivers and QB’s and LA will probably play the 3 yards and a cloud of dust game and won’t stand a chance. I think the Hacienda might be the wild wild west as far as the League title and unless West Co. can find a passing game they have no chance to win the Southeast this year. This may well be Maggiore’s best year as far as his coaching abilities and he is tough to bet against but West Co will lose at least one in league.

  • LOL

    The SCUM will win another coin flip.

  • Joe Amat

    Brave Dad,

    This news of forfeiting the 4 SJB wins makes finishing in the money in the Trinity League even more important. This blemish on the record seriously hurts any at-large bid that may have been coming SJBs way (which would have been helped by there win over Loyola)
    Playing the transfer game is a scary road to travel.

  • 12th man

    Pac5 is wide open!!..With Johnny Stanton QB(Santa Margarita)Out for the Season!! Oaks Christian loosing & SJB having to forfeit 4 games…Amat will have to win it’s next game & at least 2 in league to even have a chance..Keep in mind there’s currently 3 teams in the Serra who have not lost a game..& the other two only have one loss~

  • Bulldogs have bite


    The low scores against DR and South Hills can be misleading. When both teams are ground and pound offenses and both go on 6-10 minute drives, there are just limited amounts of scoring oppurtunities. A touchdown lead is almost like a two touchdown lead when you play keep away on offense. Not really wanting to point out injuries as an excuse but when we have to convert our offensive guard to running back, you know we are hurting. But not so much as he rushed for almost a hundred yards and caught a couple passes for forty yards! We’re getting healthy, and all those teams in the Hacienda league who want to “air it out” against us will still have to face our pass rush. Not to mention Muleck Henderson and Sydney Jones are doing a great job in the secondary.

  • WestCo is number uno!

    I remembered West Covina getting spanked by Amat a few years back and last year they said they could beat Amat? Isn’t that hilarious? Every time a fishbowl team wins CIF they automatically think they can handle a PAC5 team. If WestCo played Amat this year the score would have been 50-7, and they would score on the third string team. Hahahaha!

  • Dan

    WC is getting healthier by the day, a couple players came back today and looked like they haven’t missed a beat. WC also got a key lineman back who saw some time in the Diamond Ranch game. WC will be getting another bigboy back in the next week or two, this kid hasn’t played yet this season but is very good, Both these boys coming back should give us the size and muscle we’ve been missing on the Oline this season.

  • Anonymous

    LOL i guess C.I.F has no respect for Amat when it comes to rankings. Is that a sign for things to come such as Amat getting dropped out of the pac5.

  • SGVfan98


    Well someone has to represent the SGV within the PAC 5.. If the area teams can’t be Amat consistently.. don’t think they can beat the division 1 schools of the PAC 5.. especially those within the top 10.. Haven’t seen anyone within the area beat Mater Dei, Alemany, St. Bonnies, Orange Lutheran, Crespi, Loyola, and Servite within the last 5 years except for Amat. Have to give credit where credit is due..

  • reality

    My point was not to denigrate West Covina but to point out the obvious. The last several years the bulldogs scored quickly from the running attack and in bunches now their attack is more plodding as if they are trying to control the ball and shorten the game. The ability to amount a comeback against a competent defense from say ten points seems to be a big challenge for this team. Injuries have befallen all teams. Bonita lost their two all CIF performers before the season began and have lost two starters to broken legs the past two games. DB DR LA have all lost their main guys. I do think you guys are the champs of the Hacienda until someone knocks you off but unlike the last two years another team may have a chance in 2012

  • Damn It…

    Damn it…why is Amat getting so disrespected by CFi?

    Maybe they know something we don’t?

    Do they expect Amat to lose the Sierra?

    Does CIF expect Amat to miss the playoffs?

    Why is Amat so hated by CIF?

  • reality

    Dammit & annonymous – seems to me Amat gets respect in the Pac 5. According to the link on the CIF website Amat is one of the 13 teams mentioned. Even if things play out exactly as they do in teh polls, Amat is in play for the playoffs

  • Check the Facts

    The Bosco issue has nothing to do with a tranfer kid. If you aer not privy to what happened then mind your business cuz you know we’ll mind ours. Bosco kids are hungrier than ever for Trinity and PAC5 titles.

  • Joe Amat

    Fact Checker,

    When it’s in the paper it becomes everyone’s business. Cross your T’s and dot your I’s. if what the article says is true – that’s even worse if the kid was at Bosco for all four years. Is that what you’re saying?

  • Fred Robledo

    If you look at the Pac-5, Amat probably doesn’t deserve to be ranked. Aram has mentioned a few times that Amat is playing a non-league schedule that’s getting them prepared for the Serra. While beating Charter Oak, La Mirada, St. Paul and tying Chino Hills looks good around here, it’s not impressing the section folks. Even the Servite win is downgraded with the year Servite is having. Amat’s going to have to prove themselves in the Serra, beating area teams is not going to do it.

  • Dan

    I agree with your post, especially the last sentence, with the emergence of La Mirada and Norwalk, plus the addition of the SGVL league, particularly Paramount for this year, this division is wide open. That’s also not taking into account that I believe a possible sleeper team in Bonita seems to be on the rise and will be a major factor in both the Hacienda league and playoffs, also Diamond Ranch was big and physical, if they can get a small passing game going to open up the run game they should be a legit contender come playoff time.
    This year I don’t think any team has a lock on the Hacienda nor the Southeast division. I will say, barring any more injuries, WC should be getting a lot better real soon as key players who have been out for the season, or most of the season will be returning in the next couple of weeks, and other players who have been playing injured are starting to heal up. If we can stay healthy from here on out, WC will be in the mix and the Southeast will be a war.

  • AMAT 73

    I think you have it wrong on this years schedule helping AMAT prepare for the Serra.Are the teams we faced as tough as Serra teams , probably not but facing their style of ball and the fact that they are top tier teams of the SGV means they are no slouches in how they play. CH with the way they sling the ball will certainly pay off when facing the Serra teams , ND for sure, Crespi to some extent . CO , brutal defense , balanced attack with a solid run game . They have run the ball very efficiently against everyone but AMAT . LM very balanced attack . Those games will be helpful during our season .Even the slime will help as Loyola runs and runs as did the slime .Servite was tough and also a run , run , team . So maybe by rankings in polls it doesn’t look all that good on paper , but on the field those games will be a greeat help. And with those games even though we won, you are right they do not help for ranking purposes other then in the SGV . But you can’t tell me beating or tying the teams we did does not look better then Alemany’s at this point in time . Really , Muir,Pasadena ,JW North as compared to LM,CO , CH , you tell me .Shiat they lost to CC so just as some say your rankings have no rhyme or reason , justify them at 7 ??????? In no way am I saying we belong in there ( I’ll wait until we prove we belong ) but I don’t think they do either based on this season so far .

  • Fred and everyone,

    Each time I’ve talked about Amat’s nonleague schedule helping it get ready for the Serra League, I have always included “when compared to the past two years.”

    It is CONSIDERABLY tougher this than the past two years. And don’t come at me with some crap about Cathedral. Look at the calpreps team ratings for each of the teams and then compare those to the past two years. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

    Trust me, CO and Chino Hills would give a decent showing in the Serra League. They may not win it, but they would compete.

  • Valley athletics

    @aram . Chino hills would give a decent showing but charter oak would lose every game. every team is pretty much even in the Serra this year and you saw what amat did against C.O . Charter has not beaten a team the caliber of any of the Serra league teams .