• AzusaAztec

    heeeeeell yeaaaa!!! montview league title #5 here we come! gladstone is nothing! all of you doubters just watch.

  • The Libero

    very concise,brief, not a wasted word.lmfao why?who?what?where?when? your first day in the online journalism school you dropped out of, why was it moved?what were the circumstances?who moved the game?

  • shhhhh aztecs

    Azusa aztec, you guys have no body this year you are going to get dominated by gstone I promise… Ask #4 on your team aka sleepy head!lol

  • 9 years over asstecs

    secondly AzusaAsstec you guys suck ass barely beating maranatha we would have rolled them, anywho polish my trophy, because werefirst off libero stfu!!!.
    taking it back baby!!!, see you on the field you jack***s.


    @AzusaAztec, well I hope AZUSA can do what you just printed! Sometimes you just got to play it out, be patient and keep shhhh for the BIG GAME! AZUSA, are the Montview League Champions FOUR YEARS running with a League record that Coach Scherf has turned to a incredible run! I was their when it all started and will continue to go until they turn over the TROPHY!

    You got shhh saying they’re going to Dominate, well i’ll say this, AZUSA has dominated the Last 4 YEARS! shhh also stating AZUSA has nobody, well I watched AZUSA vs. Don Lugo and what I observed it looks like AZUSA did lose some good key players and especially losing Desmond Reed and Jake Martinez at key positions. I also noticed AZUSA lacked the high intensity and seemed very flat!

    Well the only thing i’m going to say to that is, this might be a down year but with Scherf playing that HARD preseason schedule, he just might squeak by and win League! Last year AZUSA plays the same preseason and they lose all three games, well this year they win 1 OUT OF 3 and now 2-2, not to bad going into League! IF… Gladstone would have played San Dimas and Don Lugo, well they would be 2-2 just like AZUSA.

    I see Gladstone is playing a little harder pre- season this year then the previous years and yes that might help them when it comes to the big game but my opinion, if AZUSAS offense can turn it around and the QB can’t be throwing INT like he did against Don Lugo and the DEFENSE comes out HARD and with DESIRE well they just might be in this game! BUT DOMINATE??? HAHA… now that’s funny so shhhh there’s still a lot of FOOTBALL left to be played, and I would use better words then DOMINATED!




    wow i havent seen you on these blogs in a while…maybe because azusa isnt doing well this year…getting smashed by the good teams not even competing…and barely beating the weak..maranantha wasnt much neither is bassett…so theres not much credit there. like you said yes azusa dominated for 4 yrs. but doesnt even come close to gstones 9 year domination, do you recall?or you just remember what you want…yes yes as i said earlier today GLASTONE WILL DOMINATE AZUSA THIS YEAR!!!!DOMINATE DOMINATE DOMINATE!!if i were u i would keep quite till oct 19th, you dont wanna add fuel to the fire and piss off gstones boys remember they all live in the same city..ask your d-end #4 he mouthed off and found himself getting knocked out..all that talk and couldnt back it up.even your alum that just graduated last year will tell you gstones the big dog this year…go ahead ask them “asstec pride’ lol ;);););)

  • AzusaAztec

    I play for azusa right now mr. shh so I know what im saying. and if u remember correctly, cuz I was there, #4 knocked the shit out of Aaron Sanchez! (x and no one even touched our guy. funny how those coaches came running to the rescue and our sideline stayed calm. you HAD 9 years we are currently on 4 years going on 5. yes our QB is horrible but we’ll get better. I have the outmost confidence in my tribe. we might not win CIF this year but we mos def gonna take league. and we’re azusa. we ready to fight. best believe. g-stone is a bunch of classless jerks. come find us. we know we’re from the same city. we’re here any day, any time. come October 19 the league will remain ours. remember last year LP was 9-0 and look what happened. just wait and see.