Replacement Ref Lance Easley, a 1978 graduate of South Hills, helped save the NFL with Monday’s Night’s call, helping end the lockout

Easley Does It

1978 South Hills grad Lance Easley (26) ruled the controversial Fail Mary a touchdown on Monday that allowed Seattle to beat Green Bay, 14-12. That ruling and the buzz it created helped end the referee lockout on Wednesday. That’s right, you can thank the SGV for bringing the refs back to work.

USA TODAY: Small wonder why NFL replacement official Lance Easley is considered public enemy No. 1 this week — and maybe for the entire season in Green Bay, Wis.

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  • Game Time

    Thanks Lance for helping end the lockout, now go back to footlocker or keep your other full time day job flipping burgers! You guys were Gawdawful!

  • socalfootball fan

    Lance I am glad you live in Santa Maria and will not be back doing high school games in the SGV and IE. You did not pass your ref school last summer in Utah to do D1 college football. How the NFL used him is beyond me. His other PI call was just as bad earlier in the drive. You will enter the Hall of Shame at South Hills.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Hey guys, lets try to show a little class. The replacement officials (the actual title) were doing the best of their ability, which the late, great John Wooden said is all you can ask of anyone. If there is blame, give it to where it belongs, the National Football League.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @ Steve Ramirez,

    I’m going to have to disagree with you. Just because the job is available, does not mean you should take the job if you are OVERWHELMINGLY UNDERQUALIFIED for the posistion. There was a labor dispute, and these bafoons posing as NFL Officials took advantage of the situation and received paychecks for being the scabs that they are! They in a sense deserve a little abuse here!It’s not like this guy was starving either, he works for a Bank!

    Would you settle for a 1st year Dental student sitting in for your real Dentist if the student professes that he will do the best of his ability on your root canal? People have the responsibility of doing the right thing when they know they are in way over their heads! These guys got quick cash for doing a crummy job! If there was less people like him, maybe the NFL would have been forced to settle the dispute faster!

  • one game at a time

    Good assessment Bulldog! Vegas lost big time and the NFL lost fanship. If my Heart Surgeon ever went on strike and a 2nd year med student… get the picture?

    Shame on the Greedy NFL and double shame on the scabs!

  • Steve Ramirez

    Bulldogs, with your example, some people would do that while trying to get a job done cheaply. I think the blame is with the NFL, because they were trying a cheap approach and got burned,
    My big complaint is how some people complain with the venom of a Black Mamba. They are forgetting that God teaches us that when we are wronged, you should seek revenge, but turn the other cheek and move on. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    All three parties are motivated by greed here. The regular officials, the replacements and the NFL. If you have seen what an official makes for working a few hours on Sunday for half a year, you would feel less sorry for them. Lead officials make well into the six digits!

    It’s always just the chic thing to do in blaming the multi-billion dollar corporation! I don’t want revenge, but I don’t want to see scabs like this to get offf with out their fair share of the blame either!

  • coach

    “Hey guys, lets try to show a little class.”…. Hey steve I’m all for showing class but it starts with your paper… why the hell did your boy freddy even make this stupid fuckingdam article…. thats on you, him and your paper….