The Streak is Over: Duarte ends Azusa’s 27-game league winning streak, beats Azusa, 40-14; Gladstone hangs on for 19-13 win behind another big second half from Amezquita

Azusa coach Joe Scherf has won four straight Montview League titles and was a perfect 27-0 in league since taking over in 2008, but Duarte ended that tonight with a 40-14 win over the Aztecs while Gladstone hung on for a 19-13 win over Sierra Vista.

DTOWN is Back: Azusa High School’s 27-game Montview League winning streak came to an end Thursday night. Duarte broke open a close game late in the first half and went on to score a 40-14 win over the Aztecs at Bonita High School. “All good things must come to an end,” first-year Falcons coach Jason Martin said. “We knocked ’em off, but that team won’t be down for long. They’ve got one of the best coaching staffs around. We’re 2-0, but the league, from top to bottom, is real competitive.”

Gladstone-Duarte photo gallery

By Fred J. Robledo, SGVN

Nothing has come easy for the Gladstone High School football team during its undefeated run, surviving a triple-overtime thriller against El Monte a couple weeks back, and coming from behind for the fourth time in five games on Thursday against Sierra Vista, sneaking away with a 19-13 victory at Citrus College.

The Dons tried to rally in the final minute, but with the seconds ticking away after a third-down sack on the Gladiators 41, they spiked the ball thinking they had a play left and the Gladiators took over and ran out the clock to improve to 5-0 and 2-0 in the Montview League.

“We made a lot of mental mistakes and did things that made the game a lot more difficult that it needed to be,” Gladstone coach Albert Sanchez said. “But Sierra Vista deserves a lot of credit. They have some good scrappy players. They gave us everything they had and kept coming after us. It was hard fought on both sides.”

The Gladiators looked like they would run away it on the opening drive, quarterback Kevin Amezquita completing his first six passes and scoring on a three-yard touchdown run to go up 8-0.

But the Dons came back in the second quarter, quarterback Jonathan Mora completing a five-yard TD pass to Sergio Gonzales to cut it to 8-6 after the missed conversion.

After the Gladiators extended it to an 11-6 halftime lead on Eduardo Cortez’s 34-yard field goal as time expired, the Dons chewed up clock in the third quarter and went ahead on Gonzales’ eight-yard TD run to go up 13-11 with 3:55 left in the third.

“I just told myself, we have to get that back,” Amezquita said.

That’s exactly what the senior did, rushing for 31 yards and later scoring on a 10-yard TD run to go back in front less than two minutes later, giving the Gladiators a 19-13 lead that it wouldn’t surrender.

Amezquita completed 12 of 16 passes for 153 yards and rushed for 92 yards and two touchdowns in another complete effort.

“We don’t want to get down in games, but when we do we fight right back,” Amezquita said. “Winning feels great.”

Sanchez leaned on Amezquita in the fourth quarter, going to him time and time again on options to use up the clock.

“We’ll go as far as he takes us,” Sanchez said. “He ran it with his legs late in the game, I couldn’t be more proud of him and the guys. They (Sierra Vista) punched us in the mouth and we came back and took the lead for good. It’s one of those things where we’re starting to get that character and it’s carrying us when we need it.”

The Dons’ Lee Jones, the San Gabriel Valley’s leading rusher, was a workhorse finishing with 116 yards on 31 carries before leaving the game for good in the third quarter with cramps.

Jose Carillo took over and rushed for 52 yards, but he couldn’t finish either, leaving late in the fourth with an ankle sprain.

The Gladiators had their chances, but coach Don LeGro said the mistakes and injuries piled on as they dropped to 3-2 and 1-1.

“We’re a small school and we don’t have a lot of depth,” LeGro said. “When you lose two tailbacks and a lineman it’s tough to replace. But those things happen.”

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  • Don

    The Big Three + One

    Los Altos at West Covina: Do I hear the sound of a healthier WesCo crew? Bulldoggies by 21

    Charter Oak at Los Osos: I’m taking this one C O Dee, Chargers by 10

    Culver City at Bishop Amat: Serra is 22-3-1 so far in 2012, Amat by 14

    South Hills vs. Glendora: I hope these coaches agree to overtime a tie, Huskies by 6

  • AzusaAztec

    no one in the montview is gonna beat us this year or next. ’nuff said. 5x here we come!


    Hey Don stay on your article! hahhaha…. Just Kidding Don! ILLIE PLAYING FOR FRESNO STATE!! That’s pretty good Don!

    Alright Scherf…AZUSA get tough and ready to play! Come on now! According to Cal PREPS, THE PROJECTION MATCHUPS ARE NOT LOOKING GOOD!

    Alright somebody go hire the AZTEC DANCERS! Bring back all THAT AZTEC POWER!

    AZTECS GOOD LUCK TONIGHT! Bonita high??? What did they overbook CITRUS COLLEGE? (OUR HOUSE)!


  • Warrior fan

    I got Duarte with a close win over Azusa.

    CO is going to go Vaughn on Los osos

    And of course WC is going to handle LA with ease (no im not a WC fan)

  • Jefe

    Let’s go Duarte!!!


    @WARRIOR, you know what’s funny Cal Preps has Duarte winning by one point also!


  • primetime

    Aztec homer I went to the Mt. Sac vs Citrus game and was disapointed in what I saw. Citrus is just not in Mt.Sac league. Didn’t see 1 kid from Azusa on the field.


    @PRIMTIME, sorry to hear you didn’t think CITRUS COLLEGE was up to par for your FOOTBALL LIKING. I mean with the name with PRIMETIME, you could had two Dallas heeerleaders sitting side by side you and probably still be bored! Come on for 6 bucks that’s A deal to watch football on a Saturday afternoon. Lot better then doing your dirty laundry on a Saturday.

  • Azusa

    Can we get the AZUSA, DUARTE SCORE ….

  • Topiary

    Dang straight! Impressive victory by the Falcons. Sadly, Montview teams will not go very far in the playoffs. I think the Montview is in the wrong division. But, for this night, one has to hand it to the DHS Falcons. Some impressive athletes are back in Duarte. Area football will be much better because of this fact.

  • Colt74

    1. Steve Sarkisian’s a happy camper tonight.
    2. Duarte is dancing in the streets.
    3. Happy Rock keeps rolling.
    4. Wilson is at Covina tomorrow night. Not the other way around as listed on the scoreboard.

  • Truth is…


    I think it’s high time Denzel Talifero start getting a little Montview love. Last week he had 4 TD’s (fumble return, rushing, 2 passing) and over 10 tackles, and tonight he had 5 TD’s (3 passes, one rushing, one interception return) and over 10 tackles. He has easily been the biggest impact transfer in the area.

    Congrats Falcons!

  • Domo Wucwolato

    You mean the Duarte Muir Mustangs. Duroc chonkwagon here i come.

  • SGV Athlete

    GStone with the fight to the finish win! 5-0! Its awesome to see this group accomplish so much! After the Duarte BEAT DOWN against A-sucia tonight, I do believe there is a bigger game in the near future, 10/12 vs Duarte (But GStone vs. A-sucia on 10/19 will definitely be great). Great to see a group of neighborhood kids have a solid season!!

  • are you serious

    Is this the same Duarte team who got crushed by a very average Montclair team a few weeks ago? Is the MonteView that bad this year?!?!

  • DuRoc

    CRUSH? No I don’t think crushed. The falcons came out prepared and they seem to have opened there eyes and are ready to play some football…
    DuRoc is back!
    Nice sound to it.
    wish we can have the Montclair and valley Christian game back.
    I give both teams much respect they beat us they certainly did and I’m not hiding it but the thing is the falcons needed those losses in my view because it made our eyes open. I’m not saying we’re the best or gonna win a to g or even league all I’m saying is its good to see DuRoc being competitive again and I’m glad to say we beat Azusa they are a really good team. But duarte came up on top last night.!

  • 12th man

    In the picture of the Duarte player thats carrying the ball going down.. you have a caption that says “Duroc is back”..are you referring that the Duarte players are gang members?..In case you didn’t know Duarte has a notorious black street gang called “Duroc Crips”..So for you to even associate football with this name is bad business..Just Say”N”..

  • http://duarte saul acosta

    In the picture, yes the Duarte player is going down.. but he is going down in the endzone for a touchdown.. now to me if he was on his feet or on the ground in the endzone it is a touchdown…
    can’t wait for Duarte vs g-stone..

  • bbin91741

    @ Azusa Aztec: “no one is the Montview is going to beat us this year or next.” Love seeing big mouth people who give no one else a chance have their words shoved down their fat throat. Apparently, Duarte is going to beat you. I’d guess Gladstone will beat you. If lowly Don Lugo puts the wood to you, YOU SUCK. You sound like the Dodgers fans who were ordering their World Series tickets in May when the Dodgers got off to a great start. But as it always goes, their nuts shrivel up when the time counts most…you know, kind of like Azusa in the playoffs.

  • F

    @ 12 man,
    just so you know Duroc is the nickname of Duarte. This name precedes the gang known as Duroc-crips. Many people who grew up in Duarte use this name to refer to the city especially when talking with other former or current Duarteans. It is a name that brings back many fond memories to people who grew up there. Duarte is a special place with a small town feel. All or most cities have gangs so don’t think that that’s what Duarte/Duroc is all about.
    Also Congrats to the Falcons for putting a whopping on the aztecs!

  • primetime

    Aztec Homer $6 hahaha that wasnt my point wanted to see the local talent and that was great. Citrus needs many more years in order to compete against Mt. Sac

  • Colt74

    Agree with F. Duroc has been around long before these gangs. Ask Ainsworths dad.
    So if the gangs called themselves the Falcon-crips would Duarte need to change their mascot?

    Duroc is a state of mind not some gang. Duroc is proud of that name. Let them keep it.

  • falcon fan

    Yes, that is right! The DUARTE FALCONS beat the Azusa Aztecs. Awesome game! Awesome athletes on both sides of the field. I am proud to say the DUARTE FALCONS (NOT DUROC) is back. Fman and DuRoc your fond memories of Duarte (Duroc as you say) is great. Though this is the year 2012 and Falcons today DO NOT refer to Duarte as DuRoc any longer. Please get with the times and know the history of gang violence and how the city of Duarte as well as the Duarte Falcons today do not and will not be referred to as such. We all appreciate your spirit and your support though please call us the DUARTE FALCONS!


    @bbinBo91741, Ignoranc e at it’s BEST! You JACKALS couldn’t wait for this Year, and not day! Okay will see how far you get in the NEW CIF REALIGNMENT. Hopefully you can pull off what AZUSA has done in the last FOUR YEARS and what they’ve ACCOMPLISHED. Will talk after the playoffs…Its unfortunate this program has taken a U turn when they were getting so close. Oh well that’s what happens to all teams in here and name one team that hasn’t in the SGV. To SGV Athlete, of woman’s field hockey, that’s AZUSA to you. Nothing dirty about AZUSA, and that’s a First CLass program and the only thing dirty is your Fruit of looms. Coach SCHERF and the AZTECS will regroup. AZTEC PRIDE, WILL ALWAYS BE PROUD OF THEIR 27 GAME WIN STREAK and the Montview League Championships. that YES fans Do Care who wins it!

  • DuRoc

    @Aztec Pride.
    Ummmm what have you guys accomplished in the playoffs??
    Ohh yea I forgot you guys won a CIF ring I totally forgot!
    Haha you guys try to find anything to talk about well good luck with the rest of your teams season and I hope none of your players suffer injuries. I am not trying to be funny injuries suck I hope every team can prevent any serious ones good luck and hopefully everyone in the montvuew has a great competitive season!


    Oh wow,look who came out to blog after FOUR YEARS after beating the MONTVIEW CHAMPS! DUROCK take your DU-ROCKS and toss them in the IRWINDALE ROCK QUARRY!

    AZUSA FOOTBALL,will be back!


  • DuRoc

    @Aztec Pride
    Okay man I can’t wait till you guys REGROUP and Come BACK?
    No hard feelings!
    Can’t wait till we play next year though…. It should be a good one!!
    Good luck with the rest of the season..

  • SGV Athlete

    Aztec Pride,

    First and foremost, women’s field hockey is not a sport to be bashing, those women make most of the guys at A-sucia HS look bad. Secondly, I would be more focused on cheering for Duarte than actually beating GStone, because honestly, you’d have a better chance there. 10/19 will open ALOT of eyes in the proud City of Azusa, mostly at the demise of A-sucia HS.

    As far as Duroc goes, I respect what you’ve done on the field, but you better be ready come 10/12, because the boys at Happy Rock will be waiting for you.

  • DuRoc

    @sgv athlete.
    The kids at Duroc will be ready that d line will not get blocked and Duroc can HIT. This kids can lay wood I’m not sure gladstone has been hit hard yet Samuel Edwards has taken out 4 kids single handedly Alberto Pina is man handling kids on the opposing teams o line every game he’s big Parnel Bernes is too strong and fast and Denzel Talifero Can hunt, HUNT!
    And if the line can block Denzel tilik mason and Marcus Lewis should run on night too fast and way to strong!
    10/12 should be a good game I can’t wait till that game comes and I can’t wait till amezquita(sorry if misspelled) plays us op most respect for the kid!