Aram’s taking Charter Oak and I’ve got Chino Hills in Friday’s epic Sierra League opener

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  • Spartan 03

    Just dont see it happening. I might give them a slight chance if Charter Oak’s QB has grown leaps and bounds since the Amat game. After he was sacked once and knocked on his tail he got happy feet in the pocket and was to scared to make decisions. And when down to Amat he only locked in on Brice Bobo. He throws it up to Bobo hoping he can make the play. If Chino Hills pulls out to a quick two touchdown lead its going to be a long night.

    Chino Hills – 34
    Charter Oak – 16

    Charter Oak is a lock for 2nd in the Sierra League.

  • Valley athletics

    Very hard pick, but I would have to go with Chino hills and it’s offense . CO defense did not look good against amat the only good team they have played. A good defense would not allow amat that many points and it could have been worse . Chino hills just has to many weapons for CO . Going to be a 35 -21 game .

  • Neither D looked great

    valley guy – a good defense wouldn’t give up that many points? didn’t Chino Hills give up even more points?

  • JMO

    2011 CH killed CO with best team ever 29-21, next year CO wins 37-7. Very scared.

  • Charger Fan

    Chino Hills is much better this year than last, I’ll give them that. Our offense has struggled to find an identity. But our defense is legit, and will not allow more than 24 points to CH. The question is whether we can muster up more than 24 points. I think the game ends with the Chargers winning by a field goal.

  • JMO

    Spartan like to bend over,

    I love how you already know that your team is a none factor.

  • Valley athletics

    @neither defense looked great . Both defenses looked not good against amat but my point is that they are saying charter oaks defense is great and I did not see it. I would say amats defense is better because they held CO and Vaughn to only 14 points . Chino hills was able to score on amat and charter oak couldn’t do anything .

  • Aram

    Valley Athletics,

    I think you may have amnesia. Amat didn’t score in the second half vs. CO. Amat got a TD off a kickoff return. Amat got another TD off a Donavin Washington fumble inside his own 20. CO and the refs stalled three Amat drives that resulted in Money Mancilla FGs. I think CO’s defense was just fine vs. Amat and now that they have Hauser, even better.

  • Valley athletics

    @aram .i was at the game and saw the game again online .amat had 3 drives moved back do to penalties which prevented them from scoring tds . Second half they where playing safe and controlling clock . One series in second have they made it to redzone and penalties moved them back again . Amats defense was superior and you know it .

  • Valley athletics

    Changing topic here . Has anyone seen footage diamond bar on city baller site . That Kenya bell looks very explosive . Kinda like an Darren Andrews . Makes big plays out of short passes . They have footage against Norwalk on that site . Fred and aram should get the Cordell and Kenya on the show before the walnut branding iron game or d ranch game.

  • JMO


    Blue had 43 yds rushing against CO!

  • Aram

    Amat’s defense vs. CO’s offense was better. Yes, I agree. Amat’s offense vs. CO’s defense, not the rout you’re describing.

    CO used its defense like a bailout mechanism that night rather than an entity that could win the game for them. That cost them the game, but it may help in the long run.

    Was Amat the better team? Yes. Why? Two words: QUARTERBACK PLAY.

    I really wonder what people are gonna say if CO does what Amat could not and beats Chino Hills.

  • JMO

    Valley skrid cheese,

    Only time will tell doche boy!

    Spartan 03 That would be CO vs Lamien score at the end of the year. 34-16.

  • The Libero

    gotta love Arams bias,fronting the Monrovia team(his flag football favorite) going 1-2 in “signature” games….. Aram, get a clue, you should be the food critic not in the sports section!

  • The Sierra

    @ Aram .anything can happen . Charter could beat chino hills and lose to Damien . That can happen on any Friday .

  • Sierra Fan

    The Sierra….

    just like damien, charter oak, or chino hills can go 0-5 in league play. obviously anything can happen…whats your point?!

  • The Sierra

    @sierra fan . ThAts my point . Anything can happen . Are you that stupid . Do I have to go more into detail .

  • sgvgold_27

    Chino Hills has the most proficient QB Ive seen in Huskies history with Matt Simko. Smart kid and can make the big throw, and makes smart decisions in the Huskies aerial spread attack. Chino Hills only loss is to Tesoro, whos without a doubt an unstoppable force to be reckoned with this year. They have a date with Mission Viejo come October! Chino Hills can really light up the scoreboard, so well see what Lou Farrars defense can mount up to. Word is that Hauser is back in town.
    I consider this a step-up game for Charter Oak. Vaughns better have a breakout game, or Matt Simko and Huskies will pull away from CO. CH is averaging around 40+ points game.

    Oh, and lets not forget that Charter Oaks defense gave up 30 points to Amat.

  • 12th man

    La Mirada (5-1) has joined The Times’ top 25, making its first appearance at No. 25.

  • sgvbaseball

    Aram picked Charter Oak, so put all your money on Chino Hills. You never know though, even a broken clock is right two times a day.

  • Real talk

    Just by looking at the amount of comments before I clicked on it I knew Amat had to do something with it and yup the first comment is about Amat and you got Aram saying his two cents about Amat. Look Charter choke had its chance to beat Amat and came up small. They lost a lot of respect from several CO fans that I have spoke to with their “if you can’t beat them hurt them play” no class. They aren’t on The Lancers level why do they keep coming up in the same sentience with Amat? They have NEVER beat the Lancers how do you people feel Like they are even worth talking about when it comes to Amat? I’m rolling with CH in this one, but you will have CO trying to hurt there players that will be their whole focus because that’s how they are coached. All these weak teams trying to piggy back on Amats fame. Lol

  • D-Mo

    Real Talk, that’s pretty weak. CO coaches coach to win football games. It’s a contact sport. Injuries occasionally do happen. Stay home with your cat.

  • anonymous

    hey everyone that is saying Charter Oak’s defense couldn’t stop amat is obviously drunk. The only two touchdowns that CO’s defense gave up, the amat offense started inside the Charter oak 30 yard line (they only had to go 30 yards to score). Other then that, when amat started on the other side of the 50 they couldn’t move the ball essentially. I give Credit to Amat but by no means did they dominate the game. the three field goals in the 2nd quarter were pretty much giftwrapped when they got the ball inside the 50 3X. Special teams let up a kickoff return for a touchdown. Amat was able to contain CO’s offense because Coach Dom went one dimensional the whole last 3 quarters and just passed all game. Aaren Vaughns ended the night with 6 carries for 104 yards. Therefore Amat didn’t shut down vaughns one bit, the playcalling for CO just became ridiculous. And to the guy who said Amat was trying to play smart in the 2nd half with ball control is obviously terribly misinformed because I don’t know anyone in football who doesn’t try to score in the second half of a game. CO simply shut them down. Blue is overrated, Andrews is by far their most valuable player with Haynes being right there. But I’m getting really tired of people acting and talking like Amat was the utmost superior team because they clearly were not.

  • Don

    Epic game on an epic night followed by an epic webcast and now an epic opener to look forward to. Wow, I’m almost overwhelmed. Almost.

    In honor of the confluence of all this epicness I think we should prepare for, TriBsPOrtsblOg, the MovIE. Now I gave this some thought, pretty much all it deserved, in the time between resetting the sprinklers this morning and the start of the 49er Jets game. About as long as it took the Mr. Coffee to cycle. Here’s what I came up with:


    Erik Estrada as Fred Robledo, (that perfect combination of Latin good looks and credibility.)

    Daniel Radcliffe as Steve Ramirez, (sensitive and deep baby, deep. Plus he’s worked with Jackson.)

    Vince Vaughn as Aram Tolegian, (I liked Steven Seagal for this part but he’s in Rehab.)

    Guest Starring:

    Andy Garcia as Cousin Mike, (slick, sophisticated, smooth, suave; just screams Chino Hills) with Special Guest Star Charlie Sheen as Reginald Miller, (both known for nice wardrobes.)

    Also starring:

    Gary Busey as nosensenohow, understated and credible

    Michael McKean as Dan, a sincere actor for a sincere guy

    Kermit as Greenpastures, it ain’t easy being green

    Edward James Olmos as Joe Amat, duh

    Christopher Walken as SGV FOOTBALL, beep beep

    Miguel Sandoval as Aztec Pride, we’re talking heart on your sleeve here

    Philip Seymour Hoffman as Mike the Clone, just a smidgen off center

    Kelsey Grammer as Amat 73, (see Dan)

    Director: Peter Jackson, dude, were talking fantasy. Woulda gone with Sir David Lean but he’s dead.

    Producer: James Cameron, OK, so we’ll put Aram in the ocean somewhere.

    Gonna be huge, tremendous, colossal, freakin’ enormous. EPIC!

  • Real talk

    You guys are funny! Lol… Koa Haynes twitted “man we have to do 300 hundred up downs Tomorrow! Donnie from Co ” for what whooping our ass” lol… I think the players on the field that night know what’s up you should try to Convince them they did not get beat down. Blue is overrated?? tell that to the kid that got his ankles broke on blues touchdown. You want to talk about overrated what happened to bobo that night??? He was missing in action. Lol…Co is not on this level right here. Amat all day!!! What???

  • Colt74

    EPIC POST! Almost to the point of SCARY!


    You guys are talking up the CH offense(Rightfully so) and putting downs CO’s defense. Dont forget CO is the only team to hold BA to its lowest point total this year.

    CH gave up almost 50 points!!! 50 points.

    I love what the CO coaches have done after the BA loss. These kids have done the complete opposite if what Fred said they would do. They took that loss and have become a totally different animal in two weeks.


    How can you consider the CH game a step up if they are in the same league (We play every year).

    Like JMO said, CH best team was with Ifo, and they beat us only by a TD in the first year we joined the league.

    CO joining the Sierra will become the worst thing to happen to CH!


  • Dan

    LOL, Don, still coming up with those classics,
    funny stuff man.

    CO’s defense will be a little better than CH’s offense, CO by 3.


    @DON, who’s Miguel Sandoval? Probably some B – movie actor, figures it would, be since i’m a fan supporter of the Montview League!hahahah….

    Thanks for the props…

    CRUSADERS PRIDE! EVANGEL FOOTBALL won over Bennedict University and was the 6th ranked school in the NAIA! 54-44, Hey it’s Sunday…

    ST. LOUIS RAMS WIN!!! All I needed was my AZUSA AZTECS to win and this program hasn’t taken a step backwards! TOO BAD…



    @DON, okay i goggle Michael Sandoval, come on Don… The guy is fat and bald!HAHAHAH…J/K.


    Thanks for the Laugh Don!

  • Football follower

    Typical CO, won’t admit they can’t hang with Amat. You watch this series won’t go past next year. Big Lou doesn’t have the ba–s to keep it going just like Gano canceling it. They key saying they at the best but won step up year after year. They schools will never pull in those gate receipts without Amat

  • Booring

    Why dont you guys get a room.??


    @DON… why don’t you throw in a bone for “BORING” and give him a small a part, because he’s sulking like CAM NEWTON again! hahahaha… GOOD STUFF!

  • stop it

    CO is not that good there pass defense needs a lil work. yes they can stop the run but thats not what CH is good at. dont get me wrong napoles is a great back but CH has a passing attack that cannot be stopped. CH recievers are more athletic than amats with the exception of darren andrews and those other wr at amat were catching balls on CO left and right. CO pass coverage is suspect and you keep talking about the 2nd hald amat didnt score , so what charter oak only scored once in the second half. you can say they scored twice but one was called back but amat was on there 3 yard line and didnt get any points out of it and they were inside CO 20 yard line all game . im tired of you non football players coming on stating stats and no facts. you guys are in left field thinking CO is just this mega football team this year. brown/barrera is not the qb from last year and vaughnes is good but face it he is no kust scoby! thats the difference and oh yeah simko is better than the qb they had last year. now please stop it with this CO is king of sgv gabage and lets wait to see what happens in the game. i just cant wait to get me alemany warrior meat in 2 weeks. AMAT will be serra leauge champs this year trust.

  • jcaz


    Score should have been 37 to 7 at the half, and if it were’nt for a missed takle, it could have very well been 37 to nothing, so….


    Aram, man, seems like youve made some poor choices this year begining with Monrovia being the all around number one in the Valley, now your saying that Charter Oak is going to beat CH ??


    Obvioulsy your not going to slow down here are you ? Fact is, Chino Hills is gonna smoke CO this Friday, and if you keep making these kinds of predictions, then your going to have to start enjoying the post season cousine that al lthe faithfull have been enjoying over the past few post seasons.

    Yes, im speaking of a good ol serving of humble pie.

    Looks do yourself a big favor and start making choices basied on facts not feelings.

    Actually and in all fairness here, I did enjoy the fact that you pinned Fred against the wall in that post game show following the Amat win.

    No one really caught it, but when you pointed out all those inconsitances regrding Freds top ten over the years, it was Classic dude !

    Love your work, but sometimes….yikes dude

  • stop it

    @ anonymous Blue overrated but he leads amat with 80 carries for 460 yards and 8td and 2nd on the team in pass reception yards with about 200 pass reception yards and 2 td. that equals 10 td to lead the amat team. on defense he leads the team with 3 int. so hows he overated? you guys need to stop playing video games in your head first koa haynes want gonna do well and he is one of the best in sgv if not the best qb. lol

  • Not much of a Rush

    If you take away Aaron Vaughn’s 96 yard TD run, as a team, Charter Oak rushed for 25 yards on 17 carries the entire game. That’s an average of 1.47 yards per carry. CO’s Donavin Washington carried the ball 4 times for -16 yards.

  • Aram


    There’s plenty I’ve been right about, too. But really, for me, the fun part of this job is being surprised and being wrong. The arguments and jousts are what I enjoy most.

    Fred ranks Amat No. 1 until he absolutely can’t do it anymore. So what. That’s his way. I’ve got a different way. He’s been wrong about a lot of things also. This is high school football. It’s unpredictable. Crazy things happen. That’s the fun of it.

    I could care less if all of my predictions end up being wrong or right. Wouldn’t be any fun if everything went according to plan.

    Would you have liked it if I started Monrovia No. 7 and then let them swim up the rankings from October thru November and wind up No. 2 or No. 1 because they were winning easy games while Amat was playing Alemany, Chino Hills was playing CO and later their divisions? I don’t think so. There’s a method to the madness at the end of the day. And at the end of the day, no matter where we may have started, I think Fred and I get it right.

    Bottom line: Every team (even Amat) is going to have highs and lows.

  • Lancer Blues


    You’re right! The fact is that Amat just won their last game of the season! Amat will not make their own league’s playoff. Not even by a coin-flip!

  • Joe Amat


    Edward James Olmos? He hasn’t been in anything big since, what… 1995?

    What are you trying to say?

    I kid. I’ll take his passion, leadership, activism, philanthropy, etc any day of the week. Stand up dude. And he delivers. (get it?)

    Great list. That goes into the All Time Top Ten immediately.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Chino Hills vs Charter Oak should be a good game. CH firepower and toughness against CO athletes.

    The question of who wins comes down to who plays better defense. Both are suspect.

  • Buddy Lightyear

    Saw the Amat/CO game first hand. Amat dominated in the first half and CO dominated in the second half. It was a much closer game than the score indicated. I like Amat’s team and they have played very well. Let’s face it, they should be good every season with the kids they can pick from. I’m surprised and impressed with CO this season. After losing Santiago, thought they might go deep into the tank. Santiago was not only a great QB, he was a great leader! It seems they probably miss his leadership more than anything. I like the fact that CO still feels they can hang with Amat. I’m hoping Amat does better come playoff time. It’s the time their players and coaches truly nut up. CO will have a very difficult time in the Inland playoffs. Although they scheduled to toughen up and I think it will help – there is more work to be done. By the time they are returned to a lower division – they will truly be a monster. Although Amat has some tough league opponents coming, they have some outstanding skills players who will continue to make the difference.

  • AMAT 73

    Funny how all these new views of the AMAT vs CO are coming out now . Where were all of you on Friday or Saturday after the game ???????? Anonymous , DF started passing because CO could not run . You might have forgotten 96 of Vaughns yards came on the TD run so 5 of the 6 carries went for 8 yds . The only defense that stopped AMAT were the ones wearing stripes .
    Aram ,
    Are you , if CO wins , trying to give some credibility to CO on getting beat by AMAT ???? It’s not like we lost to CH , we tied . I would say good win for them ( CO ) but it has nothing to do with our tie or the fact that we beat CO . What are you going to say ???? I think CO takes this game if they can stop either the run or the pass. They need to stop one and force CH to be one dimensional. They used a well balanced attack against AMAT . If CO can score 52 points over LO that shows something . CH gave up 49 to AMAT so they can be scored on . I like CO in a close one, but if CH gets rolling it could get ugly. It’s really up to CO’s Hauser lead defense to win this game.
    Don ,
    Nice cast and I’ll take the Kelsey Grammer as Frazier Crane at the end of the bar at Cheers with a cold one in hand . For notsince I see more of a Yoda looking character or the evel troll from under the bridge .
    Hey PRIDE,

  • Buddy Lightyear

    You are annoying. You want everyone to bow down to Amat and say they are amazing. They are not amazing. They are having a fine year and have some great pieces but will get dusted in the playoffs. Yea, I saw the game and just because you think you’re king of the hill coming on this blog, you’re not….just another Amat blowhard.
    I don’t have a dog in the fight but fans like you make me root again Amat. How about being a little modest and stop acting like you have the greatest team in the State? Being No.1 in this little Valley means very little unless you’re from LaPuente. I am not sick of Amat’s team – I’m sick and tired of their classless fans.

  • Warrior fan

    I understand Amat is very excited about how well their non-league went, congrats. But now its down to business and up first is the 2 time defending champs who is looking more better than the last two teams (close comparison when Vernon Adams was there)But say goodbye to all the gloating and blogging about how well you did those days are over now your first league game will come with an excuse on why you lost like always. Good luck though you will need it LOL……..To the rest of the Valley lets bring home respectful championships in your divisions GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE SGV….Believe me you guys might not need it but Amat will definitely need it.

  • Aram


    Not sure I understood your question. If CO beats Chino Hills, then that means they beat Chino Hills. Doesn’t mean they’re better than Amat because Amat only tied Chino Hills. CO and Amat played and Amat was the better team. End of that story.

    I just don’t think many people are giving this team credit for being as dangerous as it is. The Los Al team they beat 22-14 just beat Damien 42-7 to finish nonleague 4-1. They’ve looked unstoppable since the game against Amat. I know the competition wasn’t great, and that’s a legit excuse.

    Chino Hills is very good and has its strengths too. If the Huskies won the game, I wouldn’t be shocked at all.

    We’ll see what happens. This is a biggie and I expect to see you Amat fans there!

  • 4TwentyLancer

    Does anybody know what happend with Jalen Moore of Bishop Amat? Was that the first time? Is he getting help? What a shame! Catholic education ain’t what it use to be. But then again, Amat ain’t what it use to be either!

  • Not foolin’ anyone

    PhonyLancer – sounds to me like you’re the one who knows something and is trying to stir something up. Nice try.


    Good point Aram!

    Amat fans, are you guys planning to head over to CO or you guys heading to Mission Hills to watch Alemany play?

  • 12th man

    The true diehard fans will go up to Mission Hills!! They have nothing to gain by watching CO & CH~

  • Real talk

    This Amat fan is only going to mission hills once and that’s to get that W aaaand that CHECK. Co vs CH pssshhhh. They would have to pay me to watch CO again they are straight drinking off that overrated,made up good,defense this and that sauce.

  • Warrior fan

    Real talk

    You talk a good one for a two time LOSER against us. And the only check youll be getting is a reality one when WE put this air show on display against yall. what i love most about this is you cant run from this whooping thats coming and if i was you and the rest of the Amat family ill be at Alemany friday with a note pad and hagerty number so you can call him and give him your out take on what you might be able to do to slow down this offense. And come on dude dont knock CO they did lock amat up 2nd half but sorry CO fans its 2 halves in football you guys are beginning to sound like the amat family after they lose games.

  • trenches


    If you are going to refer to the Los Al game, please update everyone that CO won by a close score of 22-14. Also, Los Al was missing 6 starters on defense and a 2nd string ,first year, sophomore Qb. I don’t think that is a good comparison to what Damien faced. As you stated, CO’s victories were to some not so very good teams and some of those teams missed vital players such as starting qb’s and rb’s. It is very hard to say how good or bad CO is based on their defense not competing against full powered teams. In further note BA was also missing a vital player in the second half which everyone seems to think CO stopped. When a defense does not have to worry about highly noted weapons or difference makers it does not tell what the defense can really do.

  • Aram


    I think you can make “they didn’t have this guy” excuse for ANY team at just about any point in the season. You don’t see any CO people sitting around talking about how if they had Hauser for the Amat game things woulda been different.

    Whether Los Osos or Glendora had their QB and RB doesn’t answer for what Vaughns and CO did to their defenses.

    And the fact is, I believe CO has held every team its played this season to their season low in points.

    As a team, they’re allowing just 10.8 for the season. There can’t be an excuse for EVERY game, can there?

    I really think the difference between CO and Amat and quite possibly Chino Hills is QB.

    Again, I will say it again. What are the major difference in CO and Chino Hills this season?

    Travis Santiago OUT
    Matt Simko IN

  • Real talk

    Aram I don’t know if the difference ibetween CO and Amat are the QB. I feel number 6 number 2 and number 7 and number 60 are far better then CO defensive players. Yes our Qb is far better but ghat is not the inly difference. How do you explain CO number 2 I think it was or number 5 low stats in that game. Speaking of Amats QB isn’t it funny how before the season that was Supposedly Amats Weakness with the whole Rio Ruiz is gone now what? Lol..,, now the haters say “well rio was over rated.” The difference is a Amat team that has a swag about them. I didn’t like the last game Amat played at all, but if we could learn from it so be it. I get why you guys keep feeding that Co is a good team thing but to tell you the truth they are the weakest team Amat played so far. No Threat to Amat that night at all.

  • AMAT 73

    Well I guess we both missunderstood each others questions . Mine was in regards to your line ” I really wonder what people are gonna say if CO does what AMAT couldn’t , beat CH ” but you answered it in your reply. To me this game has no reflection on our games with CO or CH other than a comparative team to watch film on to see what worked or didn’t work for AMAT against each team on both sides of the ball . Most AMAT fans will probably make the drive to Mission Hills to see what all this yelping warrior fan is doing is all about . Should be a good battle and we do face Alemany next week so all the bleacher coaches will be out in force . If they don’t , CO vs CH is the game to be at in the SGV as this game probably will determine the winner of the Sierra .CO’s D has a huge job in front of them but I am going with them in a close game .