PrepXtra Postgame Rewind: Aram, Fred and Steve discuss an epic night in the SGV, and Ayala-Kaiser highlights

Courtney Ponce and the Inland Insiders highlights and interviews from Kaiser’s win over Ayala in the battle of unbeatens.

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  • Kennedy Bryant

    Well Im not here to pump my chest out but I am here to congratulate the cats. Surprisingly I agree in some ways with what is being said by Fred and Aram I call it like I see it and is Monrovia as good as BA or CO right now. NO!!!!!!! they just arent but this notion that playing in Div 11 means anything is really irrelevant, if you want to hate on the cats that cool, but from this day forward miss me and everyone else with the DIV 11 crap its a stupid argument. This year and for the past few years Monrovia have had good football teams with a few DIV 1 College prospects. Yeah I know there are some clueless clowns that try and because they are jealous and envious over reach and hate on Monrovias Div 1 prospects as overrated. Well to that point those clowns should stick to being NAMELESS bloggers as they have no clue on how to evaluate high school football talent. Stop it with Colorado and Northwestern being weak, and here is why, WHERE IN THE HELL DID YOU PLAY after high school and playing in here on the blog doesnt count.
    Secondly, If you have been observing the Wildcats during the Maddox era you come away the notion that historically the cats begin playing their best football @ game 5 and this year is no different the last two seasons with wins over Paramount and this season The Golden Knights in game 5. Football is a very strange animal and the ball bounces in a lot of different directions and sometimes you get lucky and have breaks go your way I honestly expected the cats to be 5-0 at this point in the season but in hind sight that was probably a bit too much to ask. Why, well 4 of your toughest opponents of your preseason were each on the road and everyone knows in high school there is a great deal of home cooking. How many teams have 1 preseason game at home?
    On the Road against Ayala
    On the Road against San Dimas
    On the Road against South Hills on a Thursday night
    On the Road against St Francis
    Lastly someone came up to me last night and asked me what am I going to blog about once Mason is gone and off to college next year. I just smiled and said continue to blog about Monrovia High school football and Miles Bryant who will be a MHS Wildcat next season.
    GO Monrovia Wildcats and @ Amat73 and Joe Amat Im glad for you and the Amat program one could argue that Amat is RELEVANT again.

  • Valley athletics

    Everyone needs to stop calling games step up games just because divisions are higher . With all the talent Monrovia has playing weaker Sierra league teams and a st Francis team that probably won’t make the playoffs in there league ,I would not call this a step up game. They should be winning all these games .same goes to calling charter game a step up game against a weak Los osos .

  • Truth is…

    Mr. Bryant, Monrovia does have a few D-1 athletes this year. That is a wonderful thing. However, can you name 5 D-1 athletes from Monrovia in the last 10 years? That would only make 1 every 2 years. And if you can name 5, can you name 8? I can’t. WIth so much talk about all the D-1 athletes that have poured out of Monrovia “the past few years” I find it odd that they are nowhere to be found on Signing Day. The Northwestern/Colorado argument from the haters is ridiculous. D-1 is D-1 and if a kid gets a chance to play anywhere after high school it should be celebrated, whether at USC or Pomona Pitzer. But the myth of the all D-1 athletes strolling the through the hallways at Monrovia the last few years (with the wonderful exception of this year) is just that. A myth. And yes, props to you for not being anonymous

  • Oh boy

    Is LP 50 pts better than Ganesha or is Rice up to his old ways? Losing by 50

  • Dog Town


    Correct me if i am wrong Najera Played on WC freshman team, went to LA for his Softhmore season, came back to WC for his junior and senior year if this is true, how did LA lose this player.

  • greenie p

    Monrovia is going to enjoy this win…and ignore the hating. Yes we have some d1 players, but so do other schools…It’s all about program! That is what we are working on. That is what will produce d1 players year after year. The last ten years Monrovia’s program was not where it is now. We like to the think we are among the best… not “The” best BA is still holding that down…but now that we beat St Francis, the next step would be to schedule a BA, or CO. I am not saying we are going to win, but that would be the next step in a year or two. After 3 mid valley titles, we should go for bigger games and build the program. Big win, which has pushed the program to a new level. If you are not from Mtown you would not understad, but Fred and Aram and steve know how big that win was for our program…We are living it up today!

  • reality

    There was one comment earlier in the week by a Monrovia fanatic that I agree with, “If Monrovia brings it’s a game its going to be ugly” Well he was right, it was an ugly game lost by St. Francis with a gift to Monrovia. Was that your A game?

  • LA Conq


    LA lost Najera because rats jump ship when things go bad! Najera was here for the 0-10 Arrellanes season. He saw the future and didn’t want to be a part of a losing program. Glad he left. From what I saw yesterday the kid wasn’t gonna help us much anyway.

    Rumor is his old LA JV teammates went up to him after the game and he refused to shake hands with them on the field. How Sad.

  • Fair Weather Fan

    LA Conq, what gives?

    Aren’t you the clown who said a week ago, “it doesn’t matter who plays for West Co, that they’ll beat LA 56-3 anyways”

    And calling for coaches’ heads?

    Now you’re their biggest fan?

    What happens when they lose again? They suck and fire the coach?

    How about being a true fan and conqueror, support no matter what!

    “once a conqueror, always a conqueror”

    “conqueror born, conqueror bred, and when I die, I’ll be conqueror dead”

    SUPPORT!!! Time to practice it, not just preach it, pal!

  • Hahahahaha!!!

    Typical Monrovia fans, come out in droves when you win and no where to be found when you lose. CLASSIC bandwagoners! Please don’t give us the “…we will stick by the team win or lose” because that’s a bunch of BS. No one has mention this but not sure if anyone know Lebowitz wasn’t 100%, he was a game time decision. BTW, with five D1 athletes scoring only 17 points on a defense without any D1 athletes and consisting of a bunch of slow caucasians, I wouldn’t pound on my chest.

  • Dan

    LA Conq.,
    First off, I didn’t ask the question, that was Dog Ttown.
    Another thing, why spread a rumor if you don’t know it’s fact? Especially with a highschool kid. The Najera I see at WC has a good work ethic and a great attitude, I doubt it’s true he would refuse to shake hands with his old teammates, sounds more like it really is kids starting rumors. Another thing, unless your his Mom or Dad or John himself, how would you know the reason he left LA? Thats right you don’t know, so better not to assume on here that you know.
    Seems your bitter that he left LA, I’m dissapointed in you, thought you had more class then that.

  • Colt74

    I posted this back in Feb. when it was announced here that Billy Livingston had committed to Cal Lutheran:

    “And I’ll be doing my best to get into the stands to watch it all happen.”

    Sat night I did my best with an invite from the Livingston clan and took the drive out to Thousand Oaks. Due to the 405 closure and construction on the 101 they could have renamed the city “Thousand Brake Lights” but still got there in time.
    “The Kid”( now 6’2” and 220 lbs ) did not get in till almost the end of the 4th but finally got his first college game snap under his belt. First play a pass good for 13 yards. 2nd play a QB keeper good for 37 yards. A couple of hand-offs for more yards and finally taking a knee at he 4 yard line and running out the clock for the W.
    Marched them right down the problem!

    Stayed for a few for the after game team/family/fan tailgate and shot the breeze and then grabbed a monster energy drink ( mega ) for the drive home. Now contemplating re-shingling the roof while waiting for the 6 pounds of caffeine to wear off at 2:30 in the morning…

    It was an honor to be able to watch his first college QB series, and got a few pics that after he becomes famous will surely be on eBay.


  • Green Pastures

    Hahahaha….I don’t think Santa Margarita has any brotha’s on their team, I think Vista Murrieta has 1 or 2 and Sui Cravens is 1/2. YOu are idiot and Racist. Stop throwing anonymous shots…if you are from BA, CO, or anywhere else…there is a ton of season to be played. So Chillll…let the cards fall where they may. Mtowners are happy whenever we win. Once again…Don’t play the race card so much. It’s sports, slow white teams win titles too. It’s not track its football….Dorsey, LB poly, Carson, Crenshaw, always have the fastest teams in CA, but do they always win ? Not always. dummy .