Coaches call or email your results to share game stories with your local newspaper

We have phone clerks taking calls and reading emails nightly to get your game stories in the newspaper. To phone in results, call 626-962-8811, ext. 2233, 2242 or 2161. To email in results, email to If you email, leave as much information as possible, including first and last names and a contact number for us to call back in case we have questions. Remember, we need information on both teams, including records. so have your information ready. Thanks for all your help.

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CIF Football Polls: San Dimas No. 2 in Mid-Valley; West Covina No. 3 in Southeast; Charter Oak No. 6 in Inland; Amat off the board in Pac-5


Mid-Valley Division
1. Sierra Canyon (2-0), 2. San Dimas (2-0), 3. Paraclete (1-1), 4. Monrovia (0-1), 5. Covina (2-0)*, 6. South El Monte (1-0), 7. San Marino (1-0), 8. Mountain View (2-0), 9. Arroyo (1-1), 10. South Pasadena (1-0).

Southeast Division
1. La Mirada (1-0), 2. La Serna (2-0), 3. West Covina (0-2)*, 4. Diamond Ranch (2-0), 5. Los Altos (2-0), 6. Santa Fe (1-1), 7. Bonita (0-2), 8. Arcadia (0-2), 9. Muir (0-2), 10. Downey (1-1).

Inland Division
1. Vista Murrieta (1-0), 2. Upland (2-0), 3. Corona Centennial (0-1), 4. Rancho Cucamonga (1-1), 5. Redlands East Valley (1-0), 6. Charter Oak (1-0), 7. Chino Hills (1-0-1), 8. Murrieta Valley (2-0), 9. Chaparral (2-0), 10. Redlands (1-1).

Pac-5 Division
1. Santa Margarita (2-0), 2. Oaks Christian (2-0), 3. Westlake (2-0), 4. Tesoro (2-0), 5. Alemany (2-0), 6. San Clemente (2-0), 7. Mission Viejo (2-0), 8. Notre Dame (1-1), 9. Mater Dei (1-0), 10. St. Bonaventure (2-0).

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Los Altos’ Estuardo Marcos named athlete of the week and your Tribune football leaderboard

Athlete of the Week: Los Altos junior Estuardo Marcos was all over the place in Los Altos’ 48-34 win over Salesian, scoring four touchdowns a variety of ways. He returned two kickoffs for touchdowns and three kickoffs for 213 yards total. He also had 16 carries for 84 yards and a TD and returned a fumble 27 yards for a TD.


1. Brandon Martinez, El Monte, 41-72, 660 yards, 330 avg, 7 TD, 1 Int
2. Matthew Simko, Chino HIlls, 41-61, 632 yards, 316 avg, 6 TD, 2 Int
3. Tyler Peterson, Diamond Bar, 25-58, 4-5 yards, 202 avg, 3 TD, 2 Int
4. Tanner Diebold, Bonita, 31-54, 378 yards, 189 avg., 3 TD, 3 Int
5. Nathan Coto, Arroyo, 26-48, 319 yards, 159 avg, 2 TD, 0 Int
6. Josh Avila, San Dimas, 13-21 278 yards, 139 avg, 2 TD, 1 Int
7. Michael Moran, Baldwin Park, 22-48, 246, 123 avg, 2 TD, 2 Int
8. Cristian Hacegaba, Los Altos, 16-32, 235 yards, 117 avg, 2 TD, 3 Int
9. Victor Garcia, Northview, 17-42, 232 yards, 116 avg, 3 TD, 1 Int
10. Alejandro Salgado, Workman, 8-21, 188 yards, 94 avg., 1 TD, 2 Int

1. Jake Payton, San dimas, 331 yards, 165 avg, 4 TD
2. Robert Gonzalez, Walnut, 310 yards, 155 avg., 4 TD
3. Bryan Luevano, El Monte, 269 yards, 134 avg, 2 TD
4. Louis Naploes, Chino Hills, 236 yards, 118 avg., 5 TD
5. Christian Cervantes, MView, 220 yards, 110 avg, 1 TD
6. Tyler Brown, Diamond Bar, 196 yards, 98 avg., 1 TD
7. Matt Hayashi, Los Altos, 196 yards, 1 TD
8. Jordan Robinson, Ayala, 179 yards, 179 avg., 3 TD
9. Javon Taylor, Northview, 179 yards, 89 avg, 2 TD
10. Estuardo Marcos, Los altos, 175 yards, 87 avg, 3 TD

1. Abel Barrajas, El Monte, 11 rec, 260 yards, 3 TD
2. Joseph Lara, Chino Hills, 13 rec, 260 yards, 2 TD
3. Victor Magallanes, Bonita, 12 rec, 245 yards, 2 TD
4. Kanya Bell, Diamond Bar, 10 rec, 197 yards, 3 TD
5. Adolfo Sanchez, El Monte, 12 rec, 186 yards, 2 TD
6. Cody McNeal, San Dimas, 7 rec, 169 yards, 0 TD
7. Chazz Eldridge, Chino Hills, 9 rec, 130 yards, 0 TD
8. Justin Snedden, Workman, 3 rec, 121 yards, 1 TD
9. Josh Morales, El Monte, 13 rec, 112 yards, 1 TD
10. Andre Long, Workman, 5 rec, 110 yards, 1 TD

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The terrible calls of high school football: This was ruled pass interference AND a catch, you be the judge

On Bishop Amat’s game-tying drive in the final minute of its 48-48 tie against Chino Hills, this play was ruled pass interference and a CATCH. The catch call was key because it gave Amat at first down at the 5. Clearly, it was not a catch.

Tom Kiss has every play recorded of Amat and Chino Hills’ 48-48 tie. This is the first half, we’ll post the second half later. It was such a great game, we want to share it all.

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SUPER 35 RANKINGS: It’s still Amat by a nose


1. Bishop Amat (1-0-1) — The Lancers avoided their first loss to an area team since 2002 by rallying in the final minute to tie No. 2 Chino Hills (48-48) in a game they could have won if they finished the Huskies off with an extra point or lost if not for some big pass interference calls. If you would have told Amat they would be undefeated after the first two weeks against Servite and Chino Hills they would’ve gladly taken it. I looks like the concern isn’t the offense, it’s Amat’s pass defense.

2. Chino Hills (1-0-1) — To win big football games or to be competitive in big football games you need a big weapon and the Huskies have it in quarterback Matt Simko. He is this years Travis Santiago only he’s more of a prototypical Division 1 recruit because of his size. The Huskies’ outlook looks super and they traditionally take on the best with Tesoro visiting town this week.

3. Charter Oak (1-0) — The Chargers’ defense lived up to its billing in a 35-0 shutout over Roosevelt, although it struggled offensively before finally putting the game away. They will get a much bigger test against Los Alamitos (1-0) at Veterans Stadium on Friday. Los Alamitos opened with a slim 29-16 win over Paramount so I’m already liking the Chargers’ chances.

4. South Hills (2-0) — If you could give coach of the year awards after two weeks, Huskies first-year coach Albert Rodriguez probably takes it. He’s already a win away from matching last year’s win total, and he’s improved the Huskies’ most glaring weakness from 2011, defense, getting a 14-0 shutout over Bonita.

5. Ayala (2-0) – The biggest leap in the rankings goes to Ayala after a huge 16-15 non-league win over back-to-back Mid-Valley Division champ Monrovia. With Ayala and South Hills off to great starts, imagine what the Sierra League is going to be like week-to-week.

6. West Covina (0-2*) — There’s trouble for the Kings of Cameron Ave. The Bulldogs did not look like themselves in a lopsided home loss to Loyola and may not have QB Jon Najera back for several weeks after an MRI revealed his knee injury is worse than coaches thought. But you know what cures all that? A win over their bitter rival South Hills at the District on Friday.

7. Damien (0-1) – The Spartans were not what we expected in a 31-14 loss to Orange Lutheran, but they have a chance to right the ship with Palm Desert, Temescal Canyon and Los Alamitos up next before starting the Sierra. If they lose any of those games, it should be a bigger concern than a loss to OLU.

8. San Dimas (2-0) — For a team that generally has started slow the past few years the Saints look like world beaters and serious Mid-Valley Division contenders. Their offense is piling up the points and their defense got much better in a 50-7 rout of Azusa. Can’t wait for the annual Monrovia game in a couple weeks.

9. Diamond Ranch (2-0) – After years of starting 0-and-whatever scheduling Southland giants they weren’t ready for, the Panthers are piling up wins the old fashioned way, scheduling more beatable teams and soaking in the confidence. I like this formula much better than the last.

10. Los Altos (2-0) – There should be no doubt now that coach Dale Ziola is a pretty good coach and a great find for Los Altos. After everything they lost from last years 8-3 team, many thought they would go back to 5-5 or 4-6. It sure doesn’t look like.

The Rest: 11. Glendora (1-0), 12. Rowland (2-0), 13. Gladstone (1-0), 14. Mountain View (2-0), 15. El Monte (1-1), 16. Covina (2-0)* 17. Walnut (1-1), 18. Bonita (0-2), 19. Azusa (0-1), 20. Arroyo (1-1), 21. South El Monte (1-0), 22. Rosemead (0-1), 23. Claremont (0-2), 24. Baldwin Park (0-2), 25. La Puente (0-1), 26, Northview (1-1), 27. Diamond Bar (0-2), 28. (Duarte 1-1), 29. Workman (1-1), 30. Wilson (1-1), 31. Sierra Vista (0-1), 32. Bassett (1-1), 33. Nogales (0-1), 34. Pomona (0-2), 35. Ganesha (0-2)
*Covina forfeit win; West Covina forfeit loss

Check out our Maxpreps Made Easy Widget for Tribune Football Fans. If coaches are posting rosters, updating stats and standings, this is the most useful SGV widget there is. Check it out, makes following your teams and area leaders simple.

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San Dimas’ Jake Payton isn’t having just an incredible year, he has an incredible story

Brian Reed-Baiotto, Correspondent

One might think the road to becoming a high-profile running back at San Dimas High School might include a charmed path.

But for Saints junior Jake Payton, that road has seen more drama and heartache than many endure in a lifetime.

At the age of three, Payton was rescued from a substance-abused household by his grandmother, Martha Ferra.

Without the help of Jake’s biological mother or father, she raised Payton and three of his siblings for the next 12 years. Along the way, Payton gave into temptation and participated in the lifestyle his grandmother tried to shield him from.

While attending Lone Hill Middle School, Payton met counselor Shara Lyons and, with her support, decided he was going to lead a different life.

Lyons and her husband Peter took an interest in Payton’s life. When Payton’s grandmother moved to Hesperia following the death of her son in an auto accident, the Lyons provided a home and structure for the now 16-year-old Payton.

Payton is drug-free, has his grade-point average above 3.3 and is the focal point of coach Bill Zernickow’s football program. Most importantly, he is enjoying a productive and happy life.

“I made really bad decisions early on because of the environment I was in and my life was headed nowhere. But thanks to my grandma and the Lyons, I am now focused on all the things that matter,” Payton said. “I know my grandma feels guilty she couldn’t do it all by herself, but I want her to know she did more than enough and I’d never be in this position today without her love and guidance.”

Payton has become a member of the family and has fit in with the Lyons’ 15-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son.

“We’ve tried to provide Jake structure, and in return he’s made my children happy and is a great role model for them,” Shara Lyons said. “He’s given us a new appreciation of life and how good we had things. He also showed us what a difference you can make in someone’s life.”

With an ideal home life, Payton is able to focus on his studies and being the best football player he can be.

The 5-foot-9, 175-pound junior rushed for 893 yards last season and had 14 touchdowns, while averaging just under 10 yards per carry. Not only will the team captain be the offensive focus, he also will spend time in the defensive backfield.

Payton’s already been a key force for the 2-0 Saints, rushing for 166 yards and three touchdowns in a 37-36 win over Bonita, and rushing for 165 yards in an easy 50-7 win over Azusa.

“Jake has been through the worst in life and now has hopes and goals,” Zernickow said. “He’s tough, has a great feel for the game and is a complete back. He’s also a great leader and his flash ability as a runner and vision separates him from a lot of running backs.”

Payton and Zernickow like the Saints’ chances of contending for another Valle Vista League championship and a deep run in the playoffs, thanks to the return of 14 starters and a solid team chemistry, which has been evident so far

“We’re a much closer team this year, and I think each of us wants to make sure we don’t let any of our teammates down so everyone works really hard every day,” Payton said. “I would love to score 20 touchdowns and break the rushing record, but I really just care about helping our team win as many games as possible.”

Payton has excelled in the first two weeks of the football season, but it’s the direction of his life that has him most content.

“I, with the help of my grandma and the Lyons, enjoy life for the first time and spend my waking hours doing everything I can to make sure I don’t let them down,” Payton said. “I’m so lucky to have amazing people in my life who care about me, and I hope my story can serve as inspiration to other kids who might be on the wrong path, and that they, too, can change their lives for the better.”

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Servite’s 24-23 win over Rancho Cucamonga gives Chino Hills and Bishop Amat a credibility bump

Bishop Amat’s 40-23 season-opening win over Servite looks better on paper after Servite came-from-behind to beat Rancho Cucamonga, 24-23, Maxpreps’ sixth-ranked team in the state. With Chino Hills stepping up and tying Bishop Amat 48-48 in a game it very well could have won, this bodes well for their Inland confidence and feeling they can play with anyone. They proved it.

Chino Hills and Bishop Amat are playing tough schedules that continue this week with Chino Hills hosting Pac-5s Tesoro (2-0) and Bishop Amat heading to La Mirada (2-0), which already has hammered St. Paul and La Habra. On paper Tesoro’s an even bigger test than Amat, ranked fourth in the L.A. Times’ Southern California rankings. I don’t know what to make of La Mirada, I thought ranking them No. 1 over West Covina to open the Southeast Division rankings was a joke, but the joke’s been on me so far. They’re playing great ball and deserve No. 1 in the Southeast. You can check out Aram’s All-Encompassing SGVN rankings out this morning, he’s got La Mirada at No. 3.

The Tribune rankings come Monday and there will certainly be some turnover. It’s quite clear the top three teams should be Bishop Amat, Chino Hills and Charter Oak, and though I’ll probably leave Amat on top, you can make an argument Chino Hills deserves it too, or at least a 1 and 1A top two.

The next seven will be tough. How far do you drop West Covina and Damien after thorough beatdowns to upper division teams? How far do you move South Hills, San Dimas, Los Altos and Diamond Ranch up after an impressive two weeks? All things for you to consider on your lazy Sunday afternoon holiday weekend.

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Saturday Morning Rewind: Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty, Chino Hills coach Derek Bub react after 48-48 slugfest

4:00 mark: Tom Kiss’ thoughts on Bishop Amat, Chino Hills 48-48 tie
26:00 mark: Chino Hills coach Derek Bub’s reaction
52:40 mark: Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty’s reaction

You don’t want to miss this: Inland Insider Tom Kiss video highlights of the game of the night, Amat-Chino HIlls

Tyler Drohan’s highlights and interviews from Charter Oak’s 35-0 whipping over Roosevelt.

Video highlights and interviews of Ayala’s 16-15 win over Monrovia with Reginald Miller

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