Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Los Altos, Bonita back in Top Ten; West Covina drops to No. 11

Back in top ten: Los Altos jumped eight spots to No. 9 after Friday’s 17-14 thriller over West Covina.


1. Bishop Amat (5-0-1) — Koa Haynes, Dionza Blue, Darren Andrews, Sal Velasquez and Joseph Cook have been better-than-expected to the this point — but now it’s time for Big Boy football in the Serra.

2. Chino Hills (4-1-1) — Only blemishes are a tie to Bishop Amat and loss to Tesoro with a visit to defending Sierra League champ Charter Oak next. They arguably have the best offense in the Valley, and want to show it on Friday.

3. Charter Oak (4-1) — After their poor showing against Bishop Amat, the Chargers rebounded with back-to-back blowout victories and now face their second-toughest game of the season vs. Chino Hills. Could be tough, the advantage Charter Oak had last year with Travis Santiago is now Chino Hills’ advantage with Matt Simko.

4. South Hills (4-1) — Surprising is not a good enough word to describe how the Huskies have won more games than a year ago when a year ago they had more impact players. That’s what happens when you play defense and they have a chance to keep it going on Friday against Claremont.

5. Ayala (4-1) – The Bulldogs drop a call spots after losing their first game of the season, but keep in mind they didn’t have Jordan Robinson in the loss to Kaiser.

6. Damien (2-2) — Both wins have been great and both losses ugly but it has a chance to reinvent itself on Friday at Ayala in the Sierra League opener. The Spartans don’t face Chino Hills or Charter Oak until the final two weeks of the season, so this is their chance to get off to a good start.

7. San Dimas (5-1) — The Saints should continue to roll in the Valle Vista and when you consider its only loss was to Monrovia, it’s been a great season so far.

8. Bonita (3-3) –– This is the “what have you done lately ranking” because the Bearcats are as hot as anyone and probably the favorites to win the Hacienda after back-to-back blowout wins with Reggie Turner leading the way.

9. Los Altos (4-2) — You want to know how you jump eight spots in the rankings? You beat West Covina, the back-to-back Southeast champs and give them their first loss in the Hacienda — Ever.

10. Gladstone (5-0) — Just win baby! They’ve trailed in four of five games but rallied in all of them to stay unbeaten.

The Rest: 11. *West Covina (2-4), 12. Diamond Ranch (3-2), 13. Glendora (2-3), 14. Rowland (4-2), 15. Northview (4-2), 16. Claremont (2-3), 17. El Monte (3-2), *18. Covina (4-2), 19. Arroyo (3-2), 20. Diamond Bar (2-4), 21. La Puente (3-2), 22. Sierra Vista (3-2), 23. Rosemead (2-3), 24. Mountain View (3-2); 25. Duarte (3-2), 26. Azusa (2-3), 27. South El Monte (2-3), 28. Bassett (2-3), 29. Walnut (1-4), 30. Wilson (1-5); 31. Nogales (1-4), 32. Baldwin Park (0-2), 33. Pomona (1-4), 34. Workman (1-4), 35. Ganesha (0-5).
*Covina forfeit win; West Covina forfeit loss

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  • Amat 75 lol

    Come on Fred why every time you write something about CO you mention the Amat lost who cares that was 3 weeks ago then you throw amat in the writing with CH why not say Amat only blemish was to CH? you just love your lancers and when league start your lancers will be terrible as usual. I cant wait until they play Alemany they’re going to throw all over them. And i bet as usual the Amat family will come with an excuse on why they lost or Fred will say well Amat beat themselves or Amat was in the game for the kickoff and some of the first quarter or my favorite THE REFS excuse. Come on fred respect CO let that game go and respect CH that tie is not a blemish unless its a blemish for Amat to.

  • Fred Robledo

    I wanted to point out how Charter Oak rebounded after its only loss, and hey, I don’t think Amat will beat Alemany either, but what does it matter to you, it won’t change the fact Charter Oak lost to Amat. But if Amat losing in the Serra makes you feel better, that’s great for you. Good luck on Friday.

  • Amat 75 lol

    Fred i respect the honesty out of you that makes me change my judgement about you. But im no CO fan neither Alemany i just wanted to point that out. But you know you will receive some heat from your lancer family for you being honest.

  • reality

    Just to nit pick a little it’s been back to back to back running clock blowouts for Bonita. They may not win the Hacienda but I see them giving a good accounting of themselves in every game left.

  • The Libero

    Damien at #6 ? “both their wins have been great,both their losses have been ugly” they beat 2 weak teams and got beat soundly by “step-up teams and this after Gano dropped Amat(which we all predicted would happen from day 1) what more will it take you fred to be convinced he is not the right coach at Damien? What has he accomplished there that would be considered equal of all the hoopla and $$$ being thrown his way? At the end of the year, they might,slim,slim chance they could be worthy of the 6 spot in your rankings, but now? C’MON MAN

  • Sierra League Fan

    Wow! This list sure gets week after #3. I mean, come on South Hills at #4??? Really? They only beat 1 team with a winning record…D.11 Monrovia by 3. Come on, D.11 Monrovia, D.7 Bonita and West Co, D.5 Colony and Non playoff team Glendora from D.2. Is that what you’d expect a top 5 team’s schedule to look like? They will get SMOKED by CH , CO, Ayala, & Damien in the Sierra. I guess SGV football isn’t that strong this year.

  • Fred Robledo

    Libero, probably all area teams, Amat and Chino Hills included, would have lost to Orange Lutheran just like Damien and probably only Amat, Chino Hills and Charter Oak are capable of beating Los Alamitos. Damien isn’t where it should be, but I wouldn’t count them out of the Sierra just yet.

  • Fred Robledo

    Sierra Fan, Charter Oak only has beaten one team with a winning record too, and I’ve got them at No. 3. Chino Hills has beaten two teams with a winning record and they’re No. 3. So, what’s your question?

  • Sierra League Fan

    “Libero, probably all area teams, Amat and Chino Hills included, would have lost to Orange Lutheran just like Damien”

    Do you even know what you are talking about??? How would O Lu be favored against Amat, CH or CO? Do your research dude. O Lu has played a weak a$$ schedule. They are 5-0 and ranked #50 in Ca….. Amat is #11, CH is #25 and CO is #26. O lu had not played a team with a winning record yet. Here is their schedule:
    Beat 0-5 LB Wilson #313 in state
    Beat 2-4 El Modena D.6 2-4 #299
    Beat 2-2 Damien #179
    Beat 2-3 La Habra D.6 #182
    Beat 2-3 Redondo union D.3 #235 matchups has O Lu losing to all 3 teams.

    Do you even know what you are talking about, or think about what you say? It is comments like this that really makes people doubt your football knowledge.

  • Fred Robledo

    Sierra Fan, depends on what rankings you look at, Orange Lutheran is No. 20 in the Times with Amat at No. 15 with Chino Hills and Charter Oak not ranked. They also have an incredible offensive line with UCLA’s John Lopez and Colorado commit Colin Sutton. Lutheran is legit

  • The Libero

    There you go Fred, Orange Lutherans list of stiffs just posted combined W-L record of 8-17, they are a 1 dimensional run only team, with a new coaching staff, I doubt that you’ve seen them play in person, so, I’ll go out on a limb and say Amat would beat them.Their “signature,step=up win” to use your words is over a Damien squad ranked 179th ouch!! that must hurt the Michelin man right in the gut. What’s with this “favored” stuff, is there an oddsmaker on staff at the Trib, or are you using your finite knowledge of O Lu to make a forecast?

  • Amat Dad


    I have to agree with Sierra fan that sometimes your reasoning is off. I usually support you for the realness of your comments, but I think you have been smoking something to make these last comments. I know OLU is good, but Amat would beat them, as I believe Ch and CO would also. I think all three games would be good, with no blowouts, but OLU would lose. The numbers and the strength of schedules just play that way Fred. Take another look.

  • Fred Robledo

    Maybe Orange Lutheran lined up some stiffs because they’re in the freaking Trinity League. They’re traditionally a very good Pac-5 team and the bottom line is they’re 5-0. And never said they would beat our top three teams, I said they probably would. Ask Aram how big and awesome Orange Lutheran looked. Yes, Amat would have a better chance than the others, and you can even argue that Amat would be favored in a game against Orange Lutheran. But the whole point to all of this is that Damien has lost to two teams that only Charter Oak, Chino Hills and Amat could compete with from our area. Is that a better way to put it? AND, I still think Damien has a shot at the Sierra. That might sound crazy, but we’ll see.

  • Sierra League Fan

    “They’re traditionally a very good Pac-5 team and the bottom line is they’re 5-0. ”

    Have you even followed them the last 2 years?
    2011 – 6-4/1-4 in league….No Playoffs
    2010 – 5-5/2-3 in league….No Playoffs
    2012 – 5-0 vs a weak schedule …. #50 in the state ( Below CO, Amat & CH)

    Bottom line is Amat, CO & CH would be 5-0 if they played crappy teams too.

  • Fred Robledo

    C’mon Sierra, how many wins would Chino Hills or Charter Oak have in the Trinity league? Love how you compare Pac-5 overall records in one of the best leagues and division’s in the country to what? The Sierra League? And are you saying they have no tradition. They’ve been to four finals since 2001 and won twice, winning the D-1 Pac-5 title in 2006. If they were an SGV team it would seem pretty impressive going from a D-11 finalist in 2001 to winning a Pac-5 title five years later. Wouldn’t that be great if one of our locals could accomplish something like that? And since you’ve essentially called Damien a crappy team, what would you say if Sparta beat Chino Hills or Charter Oak? Are you saying it’s automatic? Are you saying the league title will be decided on Friday?

  • The Libero

    Fred J, my whole point is that Damien is an underacheiver …again. Gano,just plain is out of his league, he dropped Amat after getting whupped 3 times, now in his 4th year,where is his”step-up win,his signature win” to use the Tribs pet phrases. Your fish wrap fawned all over him when he got the job….maybe he’s not the recruiter he thought he was. There is an unique culture at an all boys Cathiloc HS,just ask Stanford dad. The coaches at Loyola get it, Gano doesn’t. For the Spartans to be ranked 6th is either an endictment on fishbowl football or your mancrush on Gano and his past accomplishments! BTW, when you quote Aram(flag football is awesome)as being so imprseed with O Lu’s size….just remember his all area number 1 team was Monrovia,then Charter Oak, he falls in love with the flag football stuff, then HIS chosen teams go poof when the real game starts.

  • lucas

    I’m loving gstone at #10… Can’t wait till duarte then it would be time for some serious hunting!:)

  • Aaron

    Can we get the Amat stats? Since Haggerty wants to be cloak and dagger.

  • Fred Robledo

    Libero, there’s probably more to it than just coaching, you also have to have an administration that plays ball. And that’s everything from paying good money for top assistants (see Amat) to being a school that’s creative financially to get players in, such as Alemany, St. Paul, Santa Margarita, etc, etc….

  • The Libero

    Fred J, are you telling me that BOTH principals and the lone AD at Damien are not supportive? the basketball and baseball teams accomplish way more under the same guidelines! Didn’t Gano bring in “his” coaches, now his guys Fair and Merrill are gone, why? Gano makes as much as or more than any HS coach in the fish bowl, where are the results, 4 years in, they are underacheivers,still, even with the dummying down of the schedule, St Bernards in place of Amat( ironic how Bernards dropped football)how much longer before you open your eyes and be real about his lack of success, he’s the top guy, he’s the one making the money there, he came in cocky,arrogant and had a lack of respect and interest in the unique structure of Damien HS…..the Michelin man experiment is a failure!

  • Fred Robledo

    You can’t compare other sports with football, and though Damien is good in basketball, they underachieve in the playoffs and are hardly a La Verne Lutheran, a school that gets players in and wins consistently on the highest levels. It’s actually easier to do in basketball because you only need two or three superstars. BTW, how many CIF titles has Damien won in basketball? Zero. When’s the last time they won a baseball title? Couldn’t tell you. For an all boys private school that competes in a public school league, they should be much better. The school has done a wonderful job creating facilities with one of the best baseball fields and basketball gyms anywhere, so why aren’t top athletes, especially with the Inland Empire so close, flocking their way to Damien? Because unlike other private schools, they’re not as competitive when it comes to making it easier on top athletes financially.

  • The Libero

    the basketball team won at least 2 playoff games last season, the baseball team seems to come alive in the playoffs,(coached by Bill Sheridan they won CIF d 2 at Anaheim in 01) my point was that the administration doesn’t hinder their performance and include water polo,track and field and soccer too.Gano either didn’t do his homework, and or his cockiness and arrogance is from wins years ago at the traditional fish bowl level,which is not the competitive Inland division, those are all facts, get over the man-crush, the experiment is over, and it’s not a success #6 Trib rating or not! Be objective,honest ,fair…quit writing with your heart,he hasn’t accomplished shiate there, mostly through his own failings

  • Fred Robledo

    Libero, Gano won four titles and beat teams like Orange Lutheran in the finals. His teams at Los Altos could compete with just about anyone.

    When I look at Damien, yes, Gano could be doing a better job, but also Damien hasn’t changed its ways at all. You don’t bring a coach like Gano in and then run business as usual. Did St. Paul bring a coach like Asante in and run business as usual? St. Paul’s not there yet, but it’s obvious they’re going all in backing him, and my guess is St. Paul will be great before Damien is.

    Not saying I’m a fan of assembling teams that way, but private schools winning today are winning with that formula.

    That’s how private’s go from mediocre to good to great — a combination of coach and administration doing what it takes to assemble a staff and get players in that can compete for titles.

  • Really now

    Damien and its parents base, along with the administration will never change their ways. EVER! I would almost bet this is it for Gano. His last year. I also believe Damien will go out and pay another older established coach, the likes of Salter from Upland, rather than go after a young offensive mind, the likes of Bechtel, to run the program. Damien’s fan base and administration will never give athletic motivated financial help until the folks at the top change and set a new precedence.

  • saladays


    Your biting off more than you can chew here. All these schools are not the same Alemany under the Hartigans are recruiting like crazy. But welch at Santa Margarita has been busting his tale with the kids on campus he is actually losing guys who won’t put in the work. Look at their roster the year before he arrived and then look again the next year. The have the south OC size but that staff works everyday on developing athleticism. Which is why they can compete so well in his scheme.

    Orange Lutheran is an average pac 5 team this year.

    Gano never learned the game he has always taken short cuts that’s why he can’t win at Damien. He has good committed kids and parents there but he doesn’t know how to instruct them.

    He is a good recruiter but you can’t win with just talent in D1 and D2 look what has happened to Poly an Lakewood those teams are loaded but they won’t be winning anything anytime soon.

    And neither will Gano

  • Serious Ax to Grind

    If Fred has a “man crush” on Gano, what exactly is it that you have for him, Libero? Geezus man, lay off the dude. I can guarantee two things for an absolute certainty:

    1) there is NO way that you would say any of this stuff to his face. Even in his current physical shape, I have no doubt the lefty could still drop you like a bad habit!

    2) Gano is not the problem! Damien does NOT have the talent, period end of story. They are not unlike any of the other schools, public or private, that just can’t compete to the level that douchers like you think they should. There are only a small handful of dominant legacy type teams that just win year after year after year. Schools have their ups and downs and while no matter stives for mediocrity, the bottom line is there are a lot more teams that are just okay or out of their element than there are perrenial power houses. Look at Amat for crying out loud. Great loyal fan base, but they haven’t won anything in a long time.

    I will make a deal with you, how about you stop bashing Gano on this blog until after you say some of this stuff to his face?

  • Fred Robledo

    Saladays, you can’t recruit without having something to offer. That’s the difference between Damien and the school’s you’re talking about. The Bogan’s, Gano’s, Farrar’s and Maggiore’s are all great coaches with multiple titles — but none of them have coached at a school with the talent pool or school size to compete at the D-2 or D-1 level. At some point better football players and athletes just win out. In Damien’s case, there’s a chance to succeed at that level, but you have to be willing to play the game to get players in, otherwise, your ceiling is your ceiling, sort of like St. Francis — a good private Catholic school, but nothing more than that. Why is it that Muir and Pasadena football players are bypassing St. Francis and going straight to Alemany? I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty, it’ s not because Jim Bonds can’t coach. Some schools have the financial incentive, some don’t. You think all those Pasadena students are paying full tuition?

  • AMAT 73

    Finally some proof for the whole valley to see you are really not that much of an AMAT honk as you come across as on the blog . You’ve been saying it , now they can read the proof. No real honk of any team would go against their team in any game but you are an unbiased reporter and you have to go with who you feel will win . That’s your job so maybe those who jump on you will lay off .Like ????75 said he respects your honesty and so do I ,but we will beat Alemany and if and I say if we lose I will be one of the first to come on here and say we got beat by the better team , ????75 .

    Now speaking of honesty, really Fred ,Damien at 6 ???? And saying CH , CO , AMAT would lose to O Lu because Damien did ???? Basing Damien at 6 by their wins ???? How do rank them above Gladstone , who has not lost and in their COTW they are kicking azz . San Dimas , only loss to Monrovia ( previous #1 all encompassing ) , Los Altos , big win over WC of who SH #4 lost to , Bonita ,just blowing out teams . All their records better and their wins just as big or bigger than Damien’s . I’m not going to veer off into the politics of privates as you guys are this is just strickly rankings. And what do wins in the Trinity have to do with rankings in the SGV ?????? O Lu is not even in the conversations of the top Trinity teams at this moment in time and your giving points to Damien for losing to them . Now by your last post of Gano having 4 titles and beating O Lu when at LA and they could compete with anyone , let me ask you this . Is the # 6 ranking for Damien or for Gano because I’m confused ????? And how do you rank them above Gladstone 5-0 , all things being equal IN THEIR OWN CORNER OF THE WORLD ???????

  • ganos Gone

    4yrs no results
    Demoraized kids
    Pissed parents
    Pissed admin
    Pissed AD

    Smashing left hand,lol

    Bye Gano

  • Fred Robledo

    Amat 73 when I rank there is some pound-for-pound element, but not to the extent that Aram uses for rankings. Damien has lost to two great teams, teams that anyone ranked below them would have lost to also. I dropped West Covina because they lost to a Los Altos team that lost by 40 points the week before. At that point, Gladstone deserved to be ranked ahead of West Covina (where the pound-for-pound element means something). Again, never an exact science, but that’s kind of how I look at it.

  • Fred Robledo

    The question you should be asking is if Amat loses to Alemany, do they get dropped from No. 1 in favor of the Chino Hills-Charter Oak winner. I’ll let you answer that before I do.

  • JMO


    Is Jimmy Bonds the coach at Alemany?

  • Amat93

    Let me answer the question you posted at 2:00 pm for us: NONE! I still cant understand how some of my SGV neighbors compare our local leagues to the Serra and/or the Trinity from the Pac5 (Division 1).
    I dislike OLU, but I respect them for the same reasons you mentioned in your post. You cant mess with them or take them lightly regardless of their current schedule. They (OLU) had to learn that about Amat when we beat them at home, in the mud, and shocked the hell out of them, which I still believe they havent recovered from.
    Keep up the GREAT work Fred, my fellow SGV neighbors will someday learn that if you want your kid to be the best they need to play against the BEST! And in this VALLEY, if you want to play in the Pac5, then you play Football for BISHOP AMAT!!
    Rankings are accurate for the SGV Amat will beat alemany on the 12th, and hopefully we meet up with OLU in the playoffs.

  • steve bogan will be the next coach @ damien. as soon as they fire gano and his staff at the end of this year.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred ,
    In your rankings of course they get dropped but where do you put them. If CH wins do you put AMAT at 2 ? If CO wins do you put AMAT at 3 because of the blemish with CH ? Or do you drop them further . Every Sierra team of which 5 are in the top 6 will have another loss or win so where do those teams go depending on the outcome . You would have to give AMAT huge points IF they lose to top ranked alemany , wouldn’t you , after all you gave it for the O Lu loss. So how far down do you move them. I say no lower than 2 , what do you say ??????? But by then the rankings will have big changes but either way going into next Friday the top 3 teams will be the same as AMAT has a bye this week , just 2 and 3 will change but how far will you drop the losing team. But on this ranking the winner of CO vs CH just might be #1 by then .

  • The Libero

    Fred, I doubt that you or I or anyone else knows exactly how much money Damien, or any private HS offers to its’ students in the form of a$$istance. I believe you’re getting information from a disgruntled coach somewhere.My contention from day 1 has been that Gano was not a good fit at Cathiloc all boys school, it’s a different vibe,culture, he needed to embrace it and I don’t believe he has done that. He’s not especially liked on or off field and his past accomplishments have not translated to success here. I’m an Azusa guy, I’ll buy you dinner/lunch at La Tolteca if Damien wins a playoff game or even the league crown. Either one of those would leave me eating crow, of course another happy 3 rd place and a winless post season means I’m right in my theory. Ax to grind, do you have a vested interest in Damien or just Gano?

  • All due respect

    I was at the OLu game. They threw the ball once the entire game. All they did was run the ball behind a strong O line. Their starting QB was hurt and didn’t play. Pucci got hammered. Damien’s O line gave him zero time. OLu isn’t expected to make the playoffs in the Trinity. You can call them what you want. They weren’t a “great team” that night against Damien. CH, CO and Amat would all beat the one dimensional OLu that night. Seriously, OLu handed the ball off every play except one pass. That night they had zero skill players. It was just smash mouth football which D couldn’t handle. And D has a chance to win the Sierra? Please. Just because they play the game? Yeah, and the Raiders have a shot at the AFC West too!! And Damien has players that get financial assistance. They just aren’t that good. Stop making excuses for them.

  • Warrior fan

    Amat 73

    Are you kidding me are you really asking for huge points when you lose to Alemany? i could of sworn were in the same league, same division etc…..why are you asking for points when you lose? I dont understand that at all so does CO get points if they lose to CH? what exactly are you asking for is it pity or respect for losing. Maybe im off reading what you wrote but i think if CH wins in a dominating fashion or a much better fashion then Amat then CH deserves the number 1 ranking.

  • Warrior fan

    By all means CH only lost came to a team thats ranked much higher than Amat.


    Wow..all this talk about Damien from people who don’t know squat or are wearing rose or hateration lenses.

    Here’s the deal.

    In ’06-07 Damien had the largest line in the valley and arguably the most talented WR corps to go with a very gifted Qb. The line averaged 6″3″ 290. You with me so far..and who did they entrust 6’6″ 336# Schmitty. 6’3″ 290 Luiten, 6’6″ 245 Walsh and 6’4″ 295# Rabe and others to? Pop Warner coaches and an alumni who was there to gerrymander success for his another Dad who was doing the same thing at the lower level.

    I complained and every one said I was nuts. Now Morrison is at Workman getting blown out by Bassett, and just about every one else, 41-14 after how many years? Scott made a deal with the devil to feature his kid above every one else for a scholly and the football gods have not been kind since.

    Matter of fact, and truth be told, his kid should have transferred instead of being the cancer he was his senior season yet still won Spartan of the year, just like dear ole Dad.

    As far as Gano goes here’s the skinny and whoever’s feelings get hurt, oh well my kids got theirs ( USC & Stanford and Spartan Awards) the old fashion way “they earned it” so I have nothing to fear.

    Let’s review…Gage Pucci comes in as a Soph transfer to save Damein and he’s about the 15th best QB in the Valley. No hate, just look at other Top Ten QBs and tell me which QB he sits..NONE.

    Same goes for our RBs, OL, DL, LBs and DBs. Our best player Savage, once touted as the “best in the valey” doesn’t start at BA, CH or CO…iosn’t that true.

    This isn’t to say I’m bagging on any kid, on the contrary, I think Gano and Co have coached these kids up so much they actually believe they are that good when in reality they’re coached up. Give Gano credit for that, even though the parents believe otherwise.

    One year Gano had 5’4’125 Phillip Saenz as the Sierra League Most Valuable Offensive Player yet at Citrus he was rudely awaken. I like the kid, and his Dad so no hate again, just the truth. Gano made that kid a star when previously he’d avg.43 yds a “game” under Scott as a two year starter. What Valey three year starter at RB averages 43 yards a game? Answer NO ONE !

    The next point will get me banish from practices but it’s the millstone around Gano’s neck. AD Carroll takes up about 45 minutes of every practice whispering in Gano’s ear and distracting Gano, the coaches, the flow and the players….every day. Who the heck does that and maintains leadership? Respectfully Mr. Carroll get your cart off the field. For as much as a hardbutt as you were as a young man … you wouldn’t tolerate any AD doing that to you. Your time has passed sir, please step aside! Respectfully.

    Finally to the parents, who either make a team a community , ala Diamond Ranch, CO and BA, or break a team, and a community, ala Glendora. Learn the “All Boys Catholic School Parent Way”…only biatch when things aren’t don’t the “right way”…not “your way” There’s a huge difference, ask any one who knows. That’s why Amat 73,. Joe Amat and a few others know the deal….”all oars in the same direction”.

    At Salesian, and almost every other All Boys Catholic School, we let the players determine playing time…and the coaches the starters. At Damien the gerrymandering that goes on is so thick and sick NO PLAYER AT DAMIEN EVER BELIEVES HE’S LOST HIS STARTING POSITION FROM DAY ONE…some since Day One Freshmen year !!!. How ill is that? Competition breeds excellence….every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stringer should practice with that goal in mind…moving up and “earning playing time”…why not?

    Fred said it best..why don’t the athletes come? Simple. Just look at any Freshmen sport and see the talent that sits and the $$$ that plays…who needs that? Politics dominate Damien. Wasn’t always that way. Basketball is the worst!! “nuff said there…and you can take that to the “Bank”, lol.

    I hear rumors of Gano being fired and the short list of hires and I’ll tell any coach interested in coming to Damien…watch a simple 40 yd sprint at the end of practice or a series of touchies at a basketball practice and after you barf you’ll do what Layton did and stay home. Kids want…and NEED to be pushed…no one cries blood and it builds mental toughnes, almost none existent in Sparta these days.

    Yes a 40 yard sprint tells any coach that much about their team. Thought you knew.

    Sorry it’s all over the place …so much to I’d hate to lose the few DHS friends I still have at Sparta, lol

    If I was a Damien player and read this I wouldn’t b*tch and moan or go tell Poppa or spread rumors on the team or boo me at a game or practice…instead I’d say one thing to myself and my team mates…”Oh yeah…watch this !!” …and win league outright. That’s what players do…we meet the challenge we don’t pretend our feelings are hurt.

    I love Coach Gano and watching players run 10, 20 and 30 yard sprints like old men makes me want to puke! Coach Gano risked everything to be your leader…and this is how you repay him? There are exceptions but …wow….not many.

    I’ve seen my last Damien practice…at Salesian we play with heart…ask Los Altos, Pasadena and any one else who wants some. We may lose…but we don’t quit.

  • The Libero

    Stanford dad, why in the heck did your boy GG take the Damien job? was he blind? did he have to take it(for financial reasons) was he naive? the atmosphere and culture and power structure has not changed one iota since his arrival, nor should it. I still think he was arrogant,over-confident and to a degree,overmatched.Maybe he ruffled everyones feathers, coming in, expecting things to be done His way, His terms. Add in the fact that he cancelled the Amat series because he couldn’t come close to beating them and added St Bernards, ahhh karma, his biggest cupcake quit playing football. I think he won at Los Altos because he had the best talent, he was adept, very much so at recruiting kids to play at a public HS, he’s a failure at doing the same for an All Boys Cathiloc HS , now, you’re kids are gone, off to college, but….you’re watching Sparty practice, and on top of that you’re on Amats bandwagon, what gives?

  • Anonymous

    Damn somebody need to block him.

  • Anonymous

    why would anyone read all of that



    Have you actually seen a Damien practice or Freshmen game in Basketball or Football? Have you ever sat in at a Damien practice and heard the self serving BS dads serve each other up daily? “Your kid is great”…”No, your kid is great”

    How about the Dads who glad hand Gano and then bust him up every chance they get, ever seen that?

    How about asking a parent how the game went and it goes like this:

    Offensive Starter Parent…”The defense did nothing…they let us down. bad scheme!”

    Defensive Starter Parent…”The defense can only do so much when the offense sucks…poor play calling”.

    Special Teams Parent: “Gano takes my son out because he made one mistake…does he do that to every player …or just his non-favorites” ?

    Damien Non-starter Parent:”This is what happens when you stick with the same players”.

    Damien Booster: “I ain’t giving money for no public school coach….heck Larson wasn’t paid that much and he won championships!!!”

    Damien Alumni: “Did I ever tell you the time we won a Championship? back in….”

    Damien Lower Level HC and former almuni: “All I need is my shot…I’ll deliver…I know I can”.

    Gano has had an up hill fight all along in the inner circles at Damien, but then that’s what Scott faced behind closed doors as well.

    Damien graduates the top 25 students to the best universities in the world, every single year.The next 25 go to the best universities in the state. The next 50 go to the UC’s and the next 50 go to the Cal Sate of their choice. That’s Damien in a nutshell, teh majority living, and benefiting from the labor of the few….and the Damien reputation. It ain’t no Loyola or Bishop Amat, in any way, shape or form…and that used to be enough.

    Oh well that’s for the next Damien Dads to figure out and learn to cope with an Alumni that doesn’t want to share power with “current” parents..what a joke that is!

    I’m a STANFORD DAD for now and a Mustang for life..everything else was just a bad dream, lol.


    Libero all I can say with certainty is you’re wrong on so many fronts about Gano. He doesn’t need any one to vouch for him so I’m not. Just putting that out there. He was never arrogant and maybe he should have been given his success with Championships and players, but he wasn’t at all. As far as misreading the culture, that’s a tough one because appearances are deceiving at Damien and every good person/coach thinks they can be the missing piece. Gates, Williams, Castillo prove that every day with their teams who win, don’t tolerate foolishness and are TOUGH on their players.

    As far as everything else you’ve said, again…flat out wrong…bt then you’re on the outside and BSing on a blog about a school you’re not vested in or have alumni as a son….go figure. By your wife a stripper pole and get your jollies some other way. Back in the day we used to call guys like yo, affectionately…”a turd”.

    Anoymous…to your question…you did…that’s who read my War and Peace manuscript…lol

    Anonymous 2…gee still anonymous. Love the consistency.

    Anonymous…don’t hate brother. Argue that I’m wrong or misspoke but calling me out personally & anonymously makes you less than credible.

    BTW the last son was a valedictorian, did I mention that before? LMAO ! He’s at Stanford….did I mention that? On a full ride…now that I know I mentioned !

    Tag you’re it!

    PS…WHATUP AMAT73!!!!! Once Family…always Family!

  • The Libero

    stanford dad, just deal in facts, GGs record speaks for itself, he quit playing Amat because he couldn’t beat them, he’s making big bucks and turds remind me of you

  • BIGDOG54

    You folks sure love to be verbose. short comments keep everyone reading.

  • The Libero

    gotta love standford daddys lack of class”by your wife a stipper pole”(sic) then the turd comment… you can take the boy out of the barrio, but,you can’t take the barrio out of the boy!and of course, by virtue of his supposed higher intellect he’s always right, with regards to all things SGV fish bowl, talk about blow hards, always a front runner! an apologist for failed coaching experiments, jerry jones, pete carroll and standford daddy, the 3 biggest,most mis-directed egos in the football world, gotta love petey getting whupped last Sunday, and of course the snake oil salesman/GM getting totally embarrassed on Monday night, with half the stadium rooting for the bears, and standford daddy fronting GG …still

  • WORD ECONOMY FAN…and all the rest, lol

    Word economy…dang!!!!

  • Sierra League Fan

    “C’mon Sierra, how many wins would Chino Hills or Charter Oak have in the Trinity league? ”

    At least as many as O Lu has had in the last 2 years. I agree, O Lu USED to be a force in the Pac 5….But EL Rancho USED to be Dominant in the 70’s and Diamond Bar USED to be dominant in the 90’s….. We are talking about present day O Lu, not the O Lu of old.
    As far as them going from winning D.11 to being a pac 5 finalist, isn’t that what those good ‘ol private schools like Oaks Christian, Santa Margarita, Mater Dei, & Servite do? Recruit, recruit, recruit!

  • Fred Robledo

    Sierra League Fan, to continue on, Charter Oak and South Hills use to be dominant in the Miramonte and Southeast too .. and as far as recruit, recruit, recruit, none of our local schools would have accomplished what they accomplished in terms of CIF titles without the benefit of transfers, from Los Altos, to South Hills, to Charter Oak to West Covina and Monrovia today, they all won with the help of transfers that strengthen what already is a good program.

  • Sierra League Fan

    You are correct. SH & CO USED top be dominant in their divisions…just like O lU. My point is, you need to talk about the current O Lu, not the dominant O Lu of the past. In the past 2 years, they have been a VERY average pac 5 team….not even playoff calibre. This year, they have not played one game even close to a “step up” game- That’s why they are 5-0 . My point is that CO, Amat & CH would be favored and more than likely beat O Lu, while Damien was spanked by them.

  • Damien Parent

    All you Parents of the Damien Premaddona kids just give it a break. The other boys especially Alumni’s kids deserve to play just a much as yours, maybe more. We are alumni of the school and have contributed for many years to building Damien. Most of you are not and haven’t contributed to the school or it’s tradition.

    This school is not just all about winning sports. Its about teaching kids to be successful and have a positive experience.

    Most of your kids will never play football after high school and neither will ours, so why not give them all a chance to play?

    In the end, it’s part of the high school experience at Damien that matters, not how many games we win because we try to recruit “Superstar” athletes who are not even winning.

    Let the boys play and stop whining!

  • bi-polar

    Stanfor Dad,
    You have to be the nuttiest guy on this blog. Are you blogging from some mental institute or did you just forget to take your meds? Last week you were on this blog stating that you and Morrison have barried the ax and now you are on here again taking shots at both him and his kid.

  • Joe Amat

    Damien Parent,

    Respect you as an alum who is committed to sending your son to DHS too, but do you really believe that what you say is true?

    “The other boys especially Alumni’s kids deserve to play just a much as yours, maybe more.”

    Maybe more? I used to tell my kids you have to be convincingly BETTER than the other player – just to avoid the thought from others you may have been given an advantage.

    “We are alumni of the school and have contributed for many years to building Damien. Most of you are not and haven’t contributed to the school or it’s tradition”

    It has to start somewhere, doesn’t it? At some point your family had a “1st Generation Spartan”, didn’t they? Who is to say these transfers will not become proud alums who, like yourself, may send their kids to DHS?

    “This school is not just all about winning sports. Its about teaching kids to be successful and have a positive experience.”

    Is your modus operandi the solution? Is that REALLY teaching kids how to be successful? That you don’t really have to EARN it, but have some advantage somewhere? It’s not what you know, but who you know? You hit a homerun if you were born on third base?

    The cake tastes better when you cook it yourself. When kids know they have their spot because of the effort they put in – rather than some handout – they’ll appreciate it that much more…and learn WAY more about life.

  • AMAT 73

    Waiting on your reply as I gave you mine . How do you figure a loss to Los Al who you say is a great team is worth points ??? Shiat the’re D 4 and Damien should beat them no doubt if they are as good as you think by making them number 6. No way should you applaud them nor give them points for losing that game !!!!!

    warrior fan ,
    Let me break it down for you in simple English . First it is not when , it is IF and as you can see that is a big IF we lose to alemany will we get the same amount or greater points since alemany is a top ranked PAC 5 team that Fred is giving Damien for losing to Los Al (who now are a D- 4 team that Damien should beat ) and O Lu . No pity points or respect needed on my part because they won’t be neccessary . Fred not me gives points for losing to good teams who he thinks no one else in the SGV could beat in his ranking formula . Also by you wrting that if CH beats CO in greater way then AMAT did you would make them #1 , so in essence you proved the point of my last sentence in that particular post . Now do you understand my post ????? Next time if you want to add your 1/2 cent in have someone read the post to you so you can understand it before you stick that moccasin in your mouth again . Now go worry about ND because they just might rear up and slap the hell out of your warriors for the fact of them looking ahead to AMAT !!!!!

  • Lets stop all the yappin

    Guys, We are wasting our breath and our
    magnificant writing skills here. Lets see what happens Friday at Ayala.

    After the beating by Los Alamitos, This weeks practices at Damien have consisted of yelling, screaming, running push-ups. All things that will make Damien a better team right??

    Oh yeah, no changes to the Glendora offense that is being run there, one change to the O-line for the worse.

    Good luck Damien.

    I predict Ayala 21-14 over Damien. Damien should
    get past Claremont, then the tough games in Sierra League really begin. No more marshmallows after Claremont. Lets see if the Pack can make it a game for Damien homecoming.

    Damien finishes 5-5 at best.

  • Dead On

    Stanford Dad,

    As much crap as you get on this blog, I have to say you nailed the conversation in the stands! Nicely done…

    To Joe Amat, you are absolutely correct. Kids have to earn it. The problem at Damien, and this was already mentioned below, is that there are so many politics there right now, kids don’t get the opportunity. There is no true competition there, thats why the program fails.

  • Stanford Dad (yeah right), Damien Dad, FC,

    You’re an embarrassment to modern medicine, specifically the psychotropic class of drugs.

    The grudges you hold border on love sickness. It’s just pathetic. I’m glad that most people are hip to your worn-out act. And I’m especially hopeful I played a major in exposing you.


  • The Teh

    Shut up Dickface!

  • Where’s the other?

    All you need to know about Frank is this: he always mentions USC and Stanford, but he has a third son (who he doesn’t mention) that got punched in the face by team mates because of his father’s loud mouth.

    Come on Frank, toss that kid a bone. Use “Stanislaus Dad” every now and then. You owe him.

  • Aaron

    ANY BISHOP AMAT ELEMENTS, I SAY AGAIN, ANY BISHOP AMAT ELEMENTS do you have this year’s stats, because your coach is hiding it like the 90s, how copy? Over.

    I’m in GA, no way in hell will I be able to go to a game and get a program.

  • only stat that matters


  • Damien Breakdown

    With all blogs, some writers get it right, some blow smoke and others are just in left field.

    Spartan parents/athletes/Boosters/Alum should expect coaching at practice and games for each player. Not just the first string. Players get hurt/don’t perform and then what? Players aren’t ready. Some starters get complacent. The coaches don’t challenge them. If players aren’t challenged to be the best, they never will be. @stop the yappin: Stop trying to pass the kool aid. The practices haven’t changed.

    @Amat: Agreed. Football isn’t entitlement. Alum kids, transfers, checks to program should not equal entitlement. They all wear the same uniform.

    Are there politics there? Yes. Is there politics at every school? Yes.

    The transfers and starters: Amazing and skilled players (most). There are transfers/starters that play for the school that do us proud. Proud to watch them and know them. Then other transfers who have zero loyalty, talk of transferring to players/coaches. Thats the breakdown. NO LOYALTY/LEADERSHIP. If the coaches don’t react, how are the players suppose to act? Where does the leadership come from?

    This isn’t whining. This is a call for everyone to get their act together, grow a pair and be leaders on and off the field. Respect is earned. Football should be treated no differently then the military God/Family/Football. Stop the talks of transfers and firing and be a unit.

  • 238

    I understand that many people are unhappy about the Damien situation, and there are many rumors coming out of that school in regards to the football coach and the athletic program. I to have heard that Gano is out barring an impressive league/playoff run. The name of his rumored replacement is interesting to say the least. Damien would be getting a very good recruiter if they got this guy (Public school HC, over 4,000 kids, Inland Division, Daily Bulletin area, Main color Green). I have also heard that there is a lot of support for Damien to leave the Sierra after this season no matter what their result is and move them to that Baseline because their doubled population (boys only school) puts them around 4,000 kids.

  • football fan


    I agree with most of your points, however DHS current enrollment is approx. 950 students (all boys). That puts their school pop. at less than 2000 even when doubled. For that reason, I believe DHS stays out of the Baseline or gets slaughtered if they are moved into it.