With Bishop Amat off, here are my Friday night Serra League predictions and order of finish

Defending league champ Alemany is only a six-point favorite at home against Notre Dame, and they’ve done well enough in a close loss to Centennial and blowout win over Norco to let me know they will handle the Sherman Oak Irish. Crespi is a 14-point favorite at home over Loyola, a game that will be much closer. Crespi’s hard to get a handle on, the only two teams they beat with winning records are from Arizona and Nevada. In fact, the only Southern Section team they faced was Westlake, wining easy last week, but Westlake isn’t Westlake. I’m still going with Crespi, particularly because Loyola’s lopsided loss to St. John Bosco just shouldn’t happen, but it did. But it’s much closer than 14 points. And for the record, here is my Serra League prediction

Prediction: 1. Alemany, 2. Bishop Amat, 3. Crespi, 4. Loyola, 5. Notre Dame.

Friday’s games
Notre Dame (4-2) at Alemany (5-1), 7 p.m.
Loyola (6-0)* at Crespi (6-0), 7 p.m.

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  • 12th man

    I thought you said..The Serra league would be done next week?..I guess you couldn’t wait! lol..

    Did you know Amat was a 3 point favorite vs Alemany over at Mission Hills? You really can’t go on any predictions or projected matchups in the Serra..It’s pretty much whoever is on that night will win…All the teams from the Serra have a chance to win league with the exception of Loyola who is a one dimensional offense..SJB is legit this year & the whooping they gave Loyola is consistent with the team they have this year..SJB would have been my pick to take down Stanton & the Santa Margarita boys..It still is..It just won’t be the same game without the SM QB playing..Let’s get back to the Serra League…

    Amat will have to contain the Alemany QB & keep him in the pocket..Takeaway the sidelines & force him up the middle where the help is at..Although the Warrior QB is very athletic..Let’s make no mistake..He’s “NO” Vernon Adams..Looking for a close game unless Amat plays like it did vs Servite..It could be over quick…& this goes for both sides…

  • 12th man

    For the Record! Crespi is also a 3 point favorite vs Alemany…& Notre Dame is also favorite over Loyola…Let’s see what happens? I wouldn’t be surprised if Crespi actually won..

  • Fred Robledo

    We’re still talking about the Serra next week, but thought it was better to get out my predictions today with the games on Friday. Predictions would be a lot easier if I already knew who won the opening games…

  • Lance R

    Serra is wide open as it always is. These five teams match up on any given night. The key in the Serra is the team that make the least turnovers as the game between any match up here swings the game. Our Amat Lancers must come to play each game with a playoff intensity as all teams in the Serra bring their A game. I remember last years game at ND as they had their announcers as students, they were calling out Rio “big river” etc even tho he did not play.. being rude our crowd was upset and it kind of got ugly with the refs and our crowd. This is what the Serra is about, no one likes to lose, from players to coaches to fans and especially parents and family of players. Amat has just as great of chance as the rest to take the league title as Hagerty scheduled some very good non league games against some very good football programs. Crespi and Notre Dame as home games will be great to be part of as a spectator. It starts with Alemany, a win there next week for the Lancers and this could be a great start to a season that looks good for the taking. I really like our chances this year. Stay healthy Lancers come and play hard and the rest will take care of itself. Mighty Are The Men That Wear The Blue And Gold

  • Haynes threw for 247 yards and three touchdowns.

  • SgvVv

    This has nothing to do with the sgv. Just bishop amat…favorites like usual

  • Jefe

    I’m going with…

    1. Alemany
    2. Crespi
    3. Amat
    4. ND
    5. Loyola

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Crespi win the league though. They looked pretty strong in non league action. I think Amat is clearly better than ND & Loyola but I’d have them as dawgs against Crespi or Alemany.

  • Danny Sheridan

    where do you come up with these asinine numbers? quoting teams as favorites or underdogs, unless you’re taking wagers,they’re completely unfounded and have no method to your madness. Insanity,pure and simple. Remember this neophytes,the opening line is set by a BOOKMAKER(not a newspaper hack) the subsequent wagers made on the line increase or decrease the number accordingly,so,in effect,the betting public makes the final betting line.

  • Amat93

    I have:
    1. Amat
    2. Loyola
    3. Crespi
    4. Alemany
    5. ND
    We will see… anything can happen on Any Given Friday, especially in the Serra.

    Hey SgvvVv, the Serra has everything to do with the SGV, as much as the SGV has everything to do with Bishop Amat. I’m not gonna waste my time with your ignorance, just do a little research on USC AD Pat Haden.

  • really?

    Serra has as much to do with the SGV as the Baseline does and about as much as the Sierra. Do the math

  • Warrior fan

    LMAO at Amat 93 stop joking dude i know your a so called die hard Amat fan but so is Fred and even he knows Alemany is going to finish number 1.


    Like jefe i being an Alemany fan is very concerned about Crespi but they play into our strength so i think we win in a close one. Now im not saying were going to blow Amat out but it wont be close either the game will be completely controlled by Alemany thats what i mean by it wont be close.

  • 12th man

    One last thing..Alemany did not “BLOWOUT” Norco as Fred mentioned..The score was 27-13 hardly a blowout!! lol..Even if the score would have been 27-0 it’s called a “convincing win” or pitching a shutout..A Blowout constitutes a team winning by 30 or more points..Besides there was no way a team who only passes between 10-15 times a game was going to beat Alemany…How easy is it to defend the run? Just stack the box…Alemany already knew Norco was going to run..They’re averaging close to 344 yds per game rushing..You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what you’re going to do on defense to stop the run…

    If you want to upset Alemany you need to mix it up..Catch them off balance in regards to play calling & have a Dual-threat QB..Hmmmm~ I know a couple of teams who fit that description (Crespi,Bishop Amat)

  • 12th man

    For high school transfers, the waiting is over go out and play..(LA TIMES ARTICLE)

    Now that the one-month waiting period under the new CIF transfer rules has passed, more than 100 athletes are eligible in the Southern Section.
    Monday was freedom day for more than 100 high school athletes who play for Southern Section teams. They became eligible to compete in football, cross-country, girls’ tennis, girls’ golf and girls’ volleyball after sitting out the first month of the season under new CIF transfer rules.

    They either didn’t change their residence, didn’t move with an entire family unit or got caught up in one of the many transfer rules that can restrict eligibility. Under new CIF transfer rules, instead of having to sit out a year, they’re eligible after a monthlong sit-out period.

    In football, several teams will receive an immediate boost. Pasadena La Salle, which is 5-0, will have two transfers from L.A. Cathedral to put into the starting lineup, junior defensive end Brandon Mulligan and junior receiver Jared Akins. Also eligible is Sean Cowell, a linebacker from Arcadia Rio Hondo Prep.
    Corona Santiago has been waiting patiently to unveil 6-foot-4 junior receiver Jordan Huffman, a transfer from Corona Roosevelt. Also eligible for Santiago is Devin Hill, a junior cornerback from Roosevelt.

    There has been much debate about whether coaches should immediately put players into the starting lineup once they become eligible. The players have been practicing since they arrived.

    “Our philosophy is the best players are going to play,” Santiago Coach Jeff Steinberg said. He’s [Huffman] put in the work.”

    Pasadena Maranatha will receive help from Jack Basalari, a kicker who transferred from San Marino, and lineman Logan McClain, a transfer from Pasadena Blair. Both will be helpful for a team that’s still dealing with the loss of quarterback Andrew Elffers for the season because of a knee injury.

    Westlake Village Westlake, which has lost three consecutive games, will be strengthened by the addition of Tongione Fahamokioa, a linebacker who transferred from Lancaster Eastside.

    Santa Ana Mater Dei will unveil defensive back Shaquwan Carson, a transfer from Cathedral Prep in Erie, Pa.

    Joe Cantu, a junior defensive lineman from La Mirada, becomes eligible at La Habra. Chris Bayle, a junior linebacker at La Caada St. Francis, will join his sophomore brother, Matt, on the Golden Knights’ team. Matt was eligible immediately after transferring from San Marino under the one-time free transfer rule for sophomores, but Chris had to wait until Oct. 1.

    It remains to be seen how well the new CIF transfer rules are working. There were 184 athletes whose names were submitted to the Southern Section in August who fall under the new sit-out period rule. Another 179 names were submitted in September.

    As Thom Simmons, the spokesman for the Southern Section, said, “I think it’s way too early to tell whether it’s a success, failure or what it is. We need a year’s worth of data to see if schools are happy or not.”

    What’s clear is that Monday was a happy day for those athletes who’ve waited more than a month to be cleared to put on a school uniform.

  • jcaz


    Man, you’ve been running your mouth off for way to long. I just cant wait for the 12th when Amat puts the beat down on Alemany.

    BTW, when that happens, don’t be like our boy Norco and go into hiding, because after the Lancers spank your boys that night, your gonna be awfully quiet.

    BTW, haven’t seen hide nor hair of that fool Norco in a long time. Wheres he been anyway ?

    Funny how a helping of humble pie helps you in that way.

  • balki bartakamos

    @ warrior fan , man you need to quit it Alemany defense is not all that good and on offense they have 3 studs just like amat they have decent qb in dunn but haynes is better, they have mitchell but andrews can hang with him they have ross who was a unknown last year but blue can hang with him also. as far as others amat has the edge with sal velasquez , joseph cook, and we also have nice tight ends that can catch the rock. we also have carrillo a shifty back up to rb that can play also and last but not least we have transfer from servite that can play he showed that vs st paul when andrews was out. our o line play is exceptional this year and from what im hearing alemany d-line starts shopmores that are not ready for this caliber of play. now lets get to defense , mitchell will get his but we need to minimize him and if norco held him to only 4 catches then for sure we will be fine! we dont need to worry about anyone else of offense cause they arent that good. the rb is average he is not a kurt scoby so no need to worry about him running. amat does real well on the run. Amat will shock everyone with a win over alemany but guess what ? we still wont get our props. but warrior it would be something if amat wins the senior year since you guys won last one right? alemany is overrrated and you guys havent beat anybody this year that considered quality and when you guys played quality you lost! if amat beats alemany your whole season is considered a bust and not worth finishing. mighty funny you guys always are worried about lil ole bishop amat a school that doesnt pay kids to go there cause they can play like alemany. alemany lets all the pasadena athletes go there for free so they can compete and amat doesnt but we still manage a way to compete and be on the radar when no athlete goes there for free. hmmmmm i wonder why?

  • Warrior fan

    LOL…to all the wishful thinking people in here have you forgotten we OWN Amat the last two years who won? And lets not forget we have arguably the top offense in the Serra (Amat is not in that argument) But again when we do POP Amat please dont be like you fake fans have been the last COUPLE of years and make excuses on why you lost, that record is getting old.

    And 12th man

    You obviously dont know what your talking about CC the team that beat us ran the ball 54 times on us threw it 6 times only completed 3 and was successful because they got the win but barely. So whatever you throw at Alemany we’re ready dont forget we’ve played D1 qb’s such as Reginald bell as well as great running teams such as Norco and CC so we’re prepared for everything thats coming our way from last week forward. Our running defense is no longer weak as shown in the norco game our passing defense has never been weak as shown all year so basically Amat is coming into this game with a prayer and hopefully the Virgin Mary on their side because if she isnt its good night Amat and thats a promise.

    To the rest of you obnoxious amat fans check your local ranking Pac5, La times oh and fred and see who’s by far the favorite to win. Get real we OWN you little Lancers.

  • Margarita bill

    One more thing

    balki bartakamos

    You said Norco held mitchell to only 4 catches right well how many yards did he get off those 4 catches ill wait…………………………………..P.S dont forget about colorado Devon Dunn or the super sophmore Desean Holmes LOL this is going tobe fun to watch Amat has yet to face a team with so much Ammo.

    But like always to the rest of SGV good luck baby keep the wins rolling in. LETS GOOOOOOO

  • Warrior fan


    WHO ARE YOU A FAN OF????????

  • GoAmat

    No matter what anyone says AMAT boys, you guys are ARESOME! GO AMAT!!!! WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!!

  • SillyWarrior

    Hey Warrior!!! Alemany has how many Division 1 Championships? It doesn’t matter who won what.. and what won where… at the end of the day it’s about winning the whole thing.. Alemany hasn’t done that.. So Alemany has won a league title or two.. Amat has done that many times.. Just keep hanging those league championship banners Alemany.. Amat doesn’t hang any of those banners.. only Division 1 championships. At least Amat is within that prestigious group of Division 1 champions.. They haven’t won a State Title within the current format.. but Alemany hasn’t either.. lol

  • GoAmat

    No matter what anyone says AMAT boys, you guys are ARESOME! GO AMAT!!!! WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!!

  • Warrior fan


    Lets keep the conversation in the 21st century ok Thanks.

    I am so tired of hearing about a championship that Amat won in 1995 WOW are you serious is that the best you got. Well here’s what i got the last time Alemany faced Amat we beat Alemany and guess what that happen in the 21st century and it was the last time we played Amat. Stop it with the history lesson i know what Amat has done in the past the very far past thats over with if you ask who won the most recent or last meeting between the two teams what would the answer be??????? Give me a break or how about this go tell Wagner to come back and beat Alemany maybe that will work!!!!!!!NOT!!!!!!! please end this relentless history attack the kids dont even know who was on that team, well maybe they do now after reading the blogs. You Amat fans reminds me of Al Bundy and his Polk high story of scoring 4 touchdowns in 1 game. GIVE IT A BREAK LET THE 2OTH CENTURY REMAIN HISTORY STOP DIGGING IT UP.

  • Warrior fan

    Correction: We beat Amat not Alemany.

  • Warrior fan


    You know why you dont hang those banners. Because you havent won one lately LOL. No one hangs 4th place banners, oh wait you can hang champion of the coin toss though you guys was on point with that call man that was the first time i had ever witnessed a team defeat another team after playing a different team all in one night. NOW THATS LEGENDARY

    12th man

    Who cares about the Pasadena kids yeah their good go get you a few oh wait you do have some.

  • 12th man

    Warrior Fan,
    You must be delusional dude!! I never mentioned anything about any Pasadena kids..You’re so wound up you don’t know weather your coming or going..Relax~…It’s ok..The line for the Golden Corral moves quickly..The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.lol..Should I keep Going?
    War doesn’t determine who’s right. War determines who’s left.lol..

  • Warrior fan

    12th joke

    Your right it wanst you that said that it was Lance R. Oh but dont make it as if you havent said that before to me. All that matters is we OWN BA and come next friday we will OWN them again. And i dont care about your lame insults, keep them coming i find them amusing like your Lancers and the fans of your Lancers.

  • balki bartakamos

    @ warrior fan and margarita bill tell me who has alemany beat this year worht talking about? dorsey lost to paraclete and pasadena muir and jw north are all below 500 teams. alemany isnt battle tested oops i forgot you guys will beat a 3-2 norte dame team that lost to chaminade. lmao and warrior you act like alemany owns amat. last i remeber amat used to wipe alemany a** every time we played you guys were division 3 until two years ago. you only beat amat twice as far as i remember. the sun shines on a dawgs a** once in a blue moon. everyone knows in highschool football rankings mean nothing just ask crenshaw who beat a highly ranked oakd christian team thats still ranked higher than them despite the lost. oh yeah dont tell me anout a shopmore in the pac 5. he will get abused and exspoed against us . 10th graders are not ready for the pac5. you guys are hiding him and another 10th grader on the dline just to fill in holes you have on d and hoping they make a play. dont worry mr sh** talker we got your crow sooner than later. margarita bill yoy guys better go find a qb and a drink!

  • Warrior fan

    balki bartakamos

    Number 1. The key sentence in your whole non-sense paragraph was

    “amat used to wipe alemany a** every time we played you guys”

    Listen can you please stay in the 21st century because since the 21st century started Alemany has beaten Amat more time then Amat has beaten Alemany. You guys just cant stay out of the 20th century when your arguing about Amat.

    Then you say “who has Alemany beaten” did you forget we just beat Norco an inland power house or do they not count. Now i ask you who have Amat beaten, 2-3 under .500 Servite is having one of the worst seasons ever, CH is good but Norco is respected more in their division, CO again Norco is the more respected team, under .500 St. Paul LOL i wont even go there, La Mirada i like them but their in d7 and we all know they wouldnt stand a chance against the pac5 so who’s left? And get your facts right Jw north is 3-3 not under .500. But the facts still remain that you guys have to face us next week and after the game all this comparison junk your doing is only going to make you look like as a$$ when we win. Ok Amat played a tougher schedule they won that game now the real game is played on the field next week lets just hope for your sake that the schedule victory helps them on the field.

  • Warrior fan

    1. Santa Margarita 50
    2. Tesoro 50
    3. St. Bonaventure 51
    4. Mission Viejo 60
    5. Mater Dei 41
    6. Alemany 51
    7. St. John Bosco 14***
    8. Oaks Christian 51
    9. Crespi 60
    10. El Toro 60
    Others: Orange Lutheran (50); Bishop
    Amat (501); Loyola (60*); JSerra (50).

    this is how the CIF think about your Lancers even with an impressive 5-0-1 record. your even below Olu who played a VERY SOFT SCHEDULE.

  • Serra 2012

    Tried putting together predictions for this year’s Serra and can’t do it. I think Loyola is going to be better than anyone is expecting because that’s what they do. Notre Dame- well, they may be able to pull off an upset against anyone and make league standings interesting. Alemany is probably overrated, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a dangerous team. Crespi is probably the most underrated and can do some damage. Amat, well, their pre-season games are likely going to do them a huge favor but they’re just not dominant enough to win out the gauntlet that is the Serra League.

    On another note, Amat will be in the finals within 3 years. What they did to local teams this year will help ensure that. The base is there and has been building for the past 4 years now. The program has been put in place. Excitement among the fan base is reaching 90’s levels and attendance reflects that. Things are primed for a dominant run for Amat. The coach’s only have a few pieces left to put in place.

  • Serra 2012

    Also, what many don’t realize about Amat’s non-league (not pre-season) schedule is that each of the games were much bigger than what paper reflects. Charter Oak had been talked about for years, St. Paul is no normal rivalry, Servite had some very emotional history from the previous year, Chino Hills gets very personal. Each of these games were tantamount to a big Pac-5 game and were definitely on par with a single win against Norco (I mean, who is Norco really). If Amat does well in league, it will be in no small part due to the games they’ve already played.

  • AMAT 73

    warrior fan ,
    Your post at 9:30 last night says it all ” stop with the history lesson , I know what AMAT has done in the past ” toooooo bad you can’t say the same about alemany, because that haven’t done shiat . Face it fool , your greateat claim , which by the way is all you have and lean on heavily , is that you have beaten AMAT the past 2 years , after that you got NOTHING !!!! Slowly but surely your are showing your true hand as in the post to 93 “now I’m not saying we are going to blow out AMAT but ” . For all the crap and high and mighty bullshiat your flinging on here that is one hell of a puzzy azz statement !!! What’s the matter , feeling some pressure ????? I see by your posts you go to bed with AMAT 11:40 pm and you wake up with AMAT 9:05 am on your mind and you think we aren’t in your head. You have worse than notsince ever did. You better think about ND as you know what they say about the Serra , any one team can knock off another on any given Friday night . Have a great day and enjoy the game .By the way here’s a hint on billy boy , margarita as in Santa Margarita , you have heard of them haven’t you ????????

    hey billy boy,
    Shouldn’t you be worried about not having your best weapon the rest of the way instead of being in here worrying about AMAT ????? Word on the streets is the Trinity is wide open now . is that true ????????????????

  • Balki bartakomos

    @warrior now we all kno that in 2009 Amat beat the day lights out of Alemany score was 36 to 14 now in 2010 Alemany won by 8 points in 2011 Alemany won by 5 points. So u act like Amat won 10 years ago. But I guess you haven’t been Alemany fan that long so you wouldn’t kno there history.alemany is not in beatable like you want this whole blog to believe cause a semi good centennial team beat them. Everyone knows they are not centennial of the past and niether is norco. Norco hasn’t been good past 2 years you say respectable norco but I think chino hills and la mirada especially Servite are all more respectable than Norco . You do the math ! You keep talking about this century you sound like a kid ! So you mean to tell me if you had a million dollars but you don’t have it right now today and you re broke you will still be relevant ? Come on ! That’s the past and we looking foward and in the future I see Amat 21 Alemany 17

  • sgvgold_27

    Its an Any Given Sunday type atmosphere when youre playing BIG Boy football in the Pac-5 Division. Whoever wants the League title this year is going to have to prove themselves and work for it! Anyway here are my, let me make it clear to everyone, rough expectations out of the Serra.

    2012 Serra League predictions:

    1. Crespi (6-0)
    2. Alemany (5-1)
    3. Bishop Amat (5-0-1)
    4. Loyola (6-0*)
    5. Notre Dame S.O. (4-2)

  • Joe Amat

    Since our bandwagoning Warrior Fan wants to only talk about the 21st Century, looks to me like CalPreps believes that since 2001 Amat is the 24th best program in California and Alemany is…131st

    You can’t take a 2 yr sample and claim “superiority”. Talk after a couple graduation cycles and check the ability to sustain excellence

  • Yo

    Warrior Fan:

    You must be forgetting that Amat used to whoop Alemany in the early 2000’s when they were in the Del rey league!

    It’s ok we forgive you. We all remember when we had out 1st beers too…

  • Warrior fan

    AMAT 73

    LOL….if you’ve noticed my post notice the other ones also as they are Amat fans posting before me in the morning and after me at night so i guess Alemany is on their mind to according to your logic. And stop it with this any given night can you tell me the last time Alemany lost in the Serra League, NO you can not why because they havent lost one league game, get it together i thought you had much more knowledge then that. Oh and lets not forget Aleman also made it to the Semis thats something Amat has yet to do in oh lets say 10+ years.

    Balki bartakomos

    Are you really going back to 2009 ok then how about 2007 27-9 score get serious dude in the new century Alemany OWNS Amat thats the bottom line, you LOSERS have no win in this argument all you guys keep bringing up is your 1995 championship get over it that was in the 20th Century what do you have to show for in the 21st Century?

  • 12th man

    warrior fan is notsince1995 in disguise..Don’t be fooled~

  • Warrior fan

    12th man joke

    LOL believe me or not but im not notsince1995 even though i do understand why he didnt like Amat or their fans much. But like i said previously Alemany hasnt lost a league game since they have been in the league and the reason why is 1. they’re better than every team in the Serra 2. they dont believe they can lose on any given friday in league 3. They are the Warriors and no warrior ever doubts themselves in the field of battle.

  • Selective Attention

    Warrior dude – you seem to ignore Joe Amats we link to CalPreps that shows that “in the 21st century” Alemany is way behind Bishop Amat

  • Don

    To one Ale too Many (aka Warrior Fun):

    I’ll give you points for persistence but then those same points could be given to the guy who follows the circus parade with a broom and a shovel. Your multi day anti Amat tirade leads me to believe that you are either, (1) a closet Lancer working up some bulletin board fodder; (2) a worrier rather than a warrior; or (3) someone who forgot you guys still have a game to play tonight, (and it ain’t against Bishop Amat).

    Whatever the case may be, you are barking way too much and doing the Alemany cause little good. I mean, maybe, like a guy whistling as he walks down a dark street, it makes you feel better, but in the long run you come across like those guys on the TV rasslin’ shows that used to scream across the arena at each other on the PA to rev up the crowd.

    By the way, have you approached Coach Herrington to update him on your antics? I’m sure that he would be thrilled to no end to know that you have been so active on a SGV blog. He’d probably be so happy with you that he would want you to address a pep rally or something. Or something. Anyhow, get your bad own self back to the Scout board and honk yourself even sillier.

  • Warrior fan

    Selective Attention

    Pay attention to the blog do you see Joe Amat post anywhere on here, NO and who cares about what Amat has done what about the head ups what about the league titles what about who does more in the pac5 thats all that matter not some B.S computer thoughts what about the facts?

    On that note im done you Amat fans can try to rip me a new one if you like, but until you show me the last time Alemany lost in Serra league play or the last time Amat has made it past the 2nd round and last but not least the last time Amat has beaten Alemany in league then ill respond but until then LOL at yourselves Alemany OWNS YOU.

  • 1st and Goal

    @Warrior Fan

    We have as much to show for the 21st century as you have. We have more consecutive appearances in the play-offs regardless of how that was acquired. You have been in the Serra for 2 years and have as much clout as the other teams. You have no Championships to speak of in those few years. Undefeated in those 2 years means what? Not a KOTDAYM thing. Your like the Azusa Aztecs of the Serra League. All this chest thumping and for what? League titles? Im sure that looks pretty on the Lettermans and all but when it comes down to it, your accomplishments dont mean a danm thing. Its what you do with it. Show some consistancy in league and the play-offs then lets talk.
    good luck to you and the little papooses tonight and the rest of the season. You have the target on your back. You placed that there. The pressure is on you this time chump.

  • Warrior fan


    I apologize for my rampage on your blog. you no longer have to worry about me taking over your blog with my dislike.

  • Colt74

    I have to give credit to Bishop Amat for getting under Alemanys skin so much.

    Rumor has it that because of you guys they are thinking of choosing one of these songs as their new school song….



  • 12th man

    Anyone who apologizes for no reason is “No Warrior”..Grow a pair dude!…Wait! Let me also apologize to fred lmao..None of the sportswriters on this blog care what you write about..Just don’t directly target any kids..Show racism Or use profanity in a vulgar manner & you should be good…AS a matter of fact Fred would probably encourage you to keep going..Hey! Why Not? It’s generating hits..So perhaps displaying your thoughts or opinions on a Social Media stage that’s based out of the SGV wasn’t the brightest idea you had..I’ll give you props for being the Jerry Sandusky of prep sports world…Knowledge is realizing that the street is one-way, wisdom is looking both directions anyway..So keep posting(Giving himself rope,Putting his foot in his mouth) & I’ll keep filling up my tank because Gas prices are reasonable..Oh! & don’t forget books have knowledge, knowledge is power, power corrupts, corruption is a crime, and crime doesn’t pay..so if you keep reading, you’ll go broke

  • STFU

    Fred is completely underestimating Crespi! His blue glasses are again clouded by Hagerty’s pile of BS!

    Final Serra league standings will be:
    1. Alemany, 2. Crespi, 3.Loyola, 4. AMAT, 5. ND

    There is no scinario possible under which Amat beats the 1st three teams. Amat is the Dodgers of 2012. Almost there, but not quite in the playoffs!

  • 1st and Goal

    @ STFU

    STFU, let the games play themselves out Son. You come in here blasting on the Moderator and attacking AMAT. Is AMAT the only team that makes your nalgas itch? if so, you should buy some Tucks medicated pads. Your gonna need them. You have 3 other teams that are all shooting for the same goal. To become PAC-5 Div 1 CIF Champions. One team will make it, many will not. Hard to imagine that AMAT is your only obstacle. Good luck handling the Cubs tonight. We’ll get a better picture of how this league will pan out after tonight. but until then


  • AMAT 73

    warrior fan ,
    As I am reading your last post , by coincidence , ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST , is playing on the radio . You should have just taken my advise to you last week that you should just wait until the week of our game . You see the faithful blog just like our team plays defense . Swarming from all angles so you don’t know where the next hit is coming from and always 5 or 6 tacklers in on the play . Your so fricken dizzy from all these hits you can’t see JA’s post at 11:59 today ?????? No wonder you are apologizing to Fred but in truth you should apologize to the good fans of Alemany for coming on here as a warrior when you haven’t got what it takes to be called that .

  • Neophyte

    Warrior Fan is just a rookie if he doesn’t recognize that Joe Amat is maybe THE most legendary blogger on here, possibly from any school. Post may be less often, but still well placed bombs

  • 12th man





  • BraveDad

    Fred, what did you mean when you wrote, “Loyola’s lopsided loss to St. John Bosco just shouldn’t happen?” Do you think it was a fluke? Because if so maybe actually being at the game or watching film of the game will tell you it was no fluke. Bosco is a legit powerhouse this season and for the foreseeable future. Anyone who thinks otherwise should pay close attention. We would destroy any of your precious SGV teams and I guarantee you Loyola does not want another shot at us in the playoffs. Any team that says they want to play Bosco in the playoffs is a little wacko and simply not tuned in.