Damien principal Sam Pearsall resigns after 21 years and former Amat principal Merritt Hemenway takes over on interim basis

Why would we post this? Because athletics and administration go hand in hand. The future of Damien athletics is tied to its next choice to lead the school.

Press Release: I accepted the resignation of Mr. Sam Pearsall as Principal of Damien High School in LaVerne located in the San Gabriel Pastoral Region. I am grateful for his 21 years of service at Damien as a math teacher, administrator, vice principal and principal.

The positions of Principal and Vice Principal of Damien will be posted for applicants after December by the Department of Catholic Schools. Father Peadar Cronin, SS.CC. continues as President. Meanwhile I have appointed Dr. Merritt Hemenway as Interim Principal.

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  • and it begins

    Looks like the Salter to Damien dominos have begun to fall.

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    Did we do that???? šŸ˜Æ

    The Damien faithful were not happy campers leaving Bulldog Stadium.

  • and it begins

    I am sure that “it” didnt help matters.

  • This is far from over.

    Think about this for a second.

    Who leaves a $80,000 a year job in this economy without having another $80,000 a year job ready unless it was forced upon him?

    Who leaves their post as the head of the school he loves and attended in the first two months of the school year without there being a major fiasco in the making?

    What school would allow a Principal to resign when the Football program is under siege and the Boosters have major concerns?

    What Principal walks away from a school that his father in law holds the Athletic Director’s job and his brother in law also works at?

    If Pearsall was ill, he’d get a leave of absence. If he was looking at another opportunity he’d announce that as well and we’d all wish him well.

    This smells of a major scandal in the making on the scale that requires swift and deliberate action, legal eagles line up.

    Damien is a mess right now and they will have no one to blame but themselves. Letting Father Travers go without a fight, after some dads set him up is called karma.

    What a freakin mess.

  • The Libero

    Standford dad wasn’t anointed the head of Damien? lol

  • Frustrated…..

    Principle Pearsall’s resignation was announced on the school website immediately after school had ended on Friday. So as much as you all would like to believe it was related to the a$$ whiping Ayala put on the them, well that’s just nonsense. If his resignation was health related, then why not say it? Why leave everyone guessing and jumping to conclusions about scandal? Does the school or Mr. Pearsall owe us an explation for his resignation? No, but unless they do, then you have to assume it was something pretty serious. I just hope it wasn’t a debacle like the whole Father Travers incident. If it was, then shame on you Damien for letting go two outstanding individuals who cared for and loved the school. On a side note, I hope Gano is next in line to get the boot. He’s done nothing but get everyone’s expectations up only to be let down year after year. What a fraud! I’d take Salter, heck I’d be happy if Paredes took the job and came back to the SGV. Whoever they get, I hope it’s someone who’s legit, a proven winner, and can turn Damien into a winning program once again.

  • Damien Breakdown

    @ The Libero-That’s a good one…lol

    @ Frustrated: Couldn’t agree more. Sam Pearsall loved and lived Damien. Never saw another principal more proud of his students.

    Take Gano.

  • former dhs student

    That place has been in shambles for more than 10 years. When bad happened Travers turned his back to it. never tried to fix it and just let it go. Its about time they keep trying to fix that place. Ever fr. Cronin was showing up to class drunk! If he even showed up at all!

  • AMAT 73

    Seems there are many troubles at Damien aside from just on the football field . The good Doctor is a damn good choice to oversee the school as he is top notch . Wish him all the luck in his job be it interim or on a full time basis . Either way it’s a plus for Damien to have Dr. Hemenway for whatever time they do have him .

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ Frustrated;

    “Principle Pearsall’s resignation was announced on the school website immediately after school had ended on Friday. So as much as you all would like to believe it was related to the a$$ whiping Ayala put on the them, well that’s just nonsense.”

    It’s good to know that a Football GAME did not force/compel an administrator to leave. Coaches, fine, it’s part of the job (perform or get canned), but admins (unless they are complicit in some sort of shenanigans) sould not be shown the door for on field performance or lack thereof.

    Hope things work out for the best over there. Lots of kids that live in Chino Hills attend Damien. They pay good money I’m sure to attend a top notch academic school like Damien. Athletics… that’s another can of worms that I’m sure will be opened here very shortly. 2 months into the school and the Principal resigns. That’s never a good situation for all parties involved. Guessing that the Principal will not be the last domino to fall.

  • Sad

    Those parents, LOL. Just because they have a little money and throw it around, they feel Junior will get a starting spot. Money does not transform talent. I am sure the same happens in the classroom. Parents that are reliving their high school years through their kids. Do the kids a favor, just write the check and stay home, let your kids fend for themselves. Show up to the games 15 minutes before, cheer the team on, and leave after the game. What is this tailgating thing 4 hours before the game? Think back when you were in high school, no way would you allow or want your parents to do that. Rather embarrassing don’t you think?

  • Spartan 03

    Something serious must have happened for this to happen only two months into the school year. Sam was appointed Principal a few years back as Fr. Travers became President. This was Fathers plan from many years ago as he urged Sam to continue his schooling and get the needed credentials to succeed him. My initial thought was the archdiocese forced him out as they wanted a new Administration that had no ties to Fr. Travers. Dont see this being the case as this would have happened before the school year started. Im not going to speculate on what actually did happen, but embrace the changes that will be coming. The resignation of Sam may come with a hefty price as he had great ties with an alumni, one who donated a great portion to make sure their new gym was built. Looking forward now, Damien lost a great candidate in former alumni, Casey Yeazel, who accepted the Principal position at St. John Bosco this year.

    As for the football/sports program, look for changes in Administration here as well. Damien has a Co-Athletic Director this year, so by the looks of it they are trying to push out Mr. Carroll too. Gano better hope for an Administration that is willing to work with him and let him do what he has to do to turn the football program around, or he too will be shown the door, err I mean want to resign. Families and Alumni are not pleased with the progress Gano has made so far, so I am guessing this will be his last year. Talking new coaches, Bogan, Salters, Parades, whoever it may be, if they are not given free reigns to the football program the results will be the same. As Fred has pointed out, the Administration has to work hand in hand with the athletic coaches for athletic programs to succeed. This is especially so at private schools where they can bring in student-athletes from anywhere.

  • Damien academics and athletics are a joke. I was smart enough to pull my son and place him in public school after one horrible year at that school. Everyone from the teachers, to the poor coaching to the rude lady in the office who handles scholarships–pmts–etc is a joke. Most of those parents expect their kids to play if they DONATE. My kid earned his spot legitimately and realized that football team and that school were going NO WHERE! They expelled a kid for tattooing others ON CAMPUS and took him back? Damien is desperate if they take kids like that!

  • To good riddance

    In other words, you would like coach Gano and I staff to play your $hitty son as a “real Spartan” and “4yr dedicated player” just because even though he can’t earn the spot?

    Your motives are obvious. If your kid could help the team win and was good enough to beat out one of the “pay to play daddy’s boys”, dont you think he would play?

    Gano is one of the most competitive and fair people I have met and there is NO WAY in hell that he would sit a kid that could help him win, especially with the heat he is getting from the blogs and cry baby parents.

    Damien isn’t very successful because it doesn’t have the horse to win in the Sierra league and the inland division, period! You can only do so much with that team and the caliber of player they have in the league and division in which they find themselves.

    Stop being “that parent” and try supporting the team and program even if your kid sucks and can’t get any meaningful playing time despite the fact that YOU think he is a real spartan and the fact he has been taking up space in the program for 4 years!

  • Look in the mirror

    Is it the coach’s fault that the DHS players are whimpy and undersized? You also need talent to win, it is not there, I do not see it. He can only do so much with what he has.

  • The Libero

    nice to see delusional Stanford dad weighing in, still deflecting any blame,responsibility away from GG.What has GG done at this level in 4 years? nada..he was a success at the far lower levels, not at all in D2……the FACTS don’t lie. Time for someone who has won, Salter, Paredes….someone who identifies and understands the culture of a Cathiloc HS

  • Is it possible

    than perhaps the archdiocese knew this move was coming down the road, hence the retirement of Dr. Hemenway last June from Bishop Amat? Was this already in the works? Dr. Hemenway is a wonderful man and administrator, but I don’t see him open the flood gates to free tuition, a la St. Paul’s, Cathedral, etc.

    Damien needs some serious work done. The “Days of Our Life’s” syndrome needs to end. It’s embarrassing.

  • Not Stanford dad

    Libero, sorry my man, but “too good riddance” is me, a Gano fan and former player going back 33 years and not Stanford Dad. I am a Gano fan and supporter.

    I have no special insight into the program and I don’t talk to coach much and never much more than superficially about the program. What perspective I bring to the table is many years of playing for coach in many sports (football, basketball and baseball) and having known him as a plYer, coach and friend.

    Not great qualifications, but he is working with limited resources and inadequate players to compete on the level that you and the others want. Damien hasn’t been able to compete on that level in a long time. It takes horses to win in this race and Damien just does t have them. Vince Lombardi couldn’t win with the talent there, sorry.

  • Joe Amat

    Is it possible?,

    No. Not related or planned in any way. If MSGr was not at Amat they woulda buried MHphd on campus. Unfortunately he left first. Honestly wish we could have cleaned house of former Slime instead.

  • Excuses, excuses, excuses!!!!

    It’s GG’s fault for having the talent he has. That’s on him. These are his guys that he is playing with. His coaching staff and his players. This was supposed to be his year with his guys with all these “skill position” players. He is the head coach, the program’s success and failures fall on him. Vince Lombardi would have recruited better players. Vince Lombardi would have brought in better coaches. And lastly Vince Lombardi wouldn’t be coaching at Damien. But I’m certain if Vince Lombardi were coaching at Damien the players would run through a brick wall for him. A head coach is supposed to lift his players up not break them down. Who’s fault is it if the players aren’t motivated? Who’s fault is it if the players don’t want to play for their coach? Who’s fault is it if the players come out flat? The great coaches get the most out of their players and those players play better than they even thought possible. You are an idiot if you think that Vince Lombardi couldn’t get more out of the players. All this great press is going to do wonders for incoming freshman who want to play football. Damien is the last place those kid will want to enroll. Is the program better than 4 years ago? It would be if Vince Lombardi were coaching.

  • What a bah-douche !

    Excuse, excuses, excuses,
    You are officially an idiot !

    That was hilarious. Now I know you’re not associated with Damien. What a bah-douche !

  • “Gano can’t win at this level”


    Gano went 3-1 against Damien when he was the coach at lower-level Los Altos. Try, try again.

  • The Libero

    donut man,man damien was weak even when GG was at Los Altos….he sure can’t win when playing a D2 schedule, that’s why he dropped Amat, correct

  • AMAT 73

    Yes Gano beat Damien when he was at LA a long time ago,and he also had stellar talent there compared to what Damien had and has. But really has he won at the current level he is at ? They just may be headed for 4th place in the Sierra this season . He has yet to win the Sierra or get past the first round in CIF . I know you and Fred were filled with glee when it was announced he was headed to Damien for the fact of him in a private school enviroment but as of yet nothing has happened and not one big win or a league title . Maybe the private school way is just not for him , too many politics and especially at Damien as you can see by some posts on the blog . The man is a good coach , you don’t get 4 titles on luck, I just think he is out of his element.

  • Time for Changes

    The baseball program is no different.

  • Fred Robledo

    Amat 73, what does that mean won at the current level? Has Amat won at its current level, Hagerty has just one playoff win in his previous four years as coach, but obviously Hags and staff has done the best with what they have.

    Difference is, Amat has a much better administrative support staff than Damien, and Amat has given Hagerty top money to use former head coaches as assistants, including DiFiori and Verti, the previous two Amat head coaches.

    Damien is what it is, it’s not winning on the Division 2 level until it changes its ways. Could they be better, yes, absolutely. But Division 2 contenders? No way, and you know what, that’s not Gano’s fault, it goes a lot deeper than that.

    Does he shoulder some blame, absolutely. But to drop it all on Gano is ridiculous.


    Fred years ago I said there were deep issues at Damien and no one believed me. Said the boosters/alumni ran the show and unless you’ve got connections or tons of dough don’t even think your voice matters as a parent. Any current parent who has an athlete at Damien will tell you that. Just read the posts about “true Damien legacy kids” and the grief Gano gets for not playing them.

    Now we see how a few Dads got rid of Fr. Travers after almost 50 years because of some baseball related donating schemes he thought “weren’t the Damien way” so they hoodwinked him g.o.n.e. Trust me no one deserved what Fr. Travers got and the school won’t soon recover from that fiasco.

    As far as Gano beating Damnien when the Spartans “lacked talent”, Amat 73 that’s no exactly true as that the ’06-07 teams were big, fast, loaded and committed. What they lacked was coaching as evidenced by Morrison’s #34 rank in the Fishbowl after three years at Workman. Only Ganesha, who hasn’t won a game is keeping Morrison from dead last, wow!

    This latest salvo is in response to Pearsall not going with the flow and a few parents back door deals to get Salter from Upland or Betchel from CH (I think that’s how you spell his name and where he’s at).

    When I first got to Damien, after Pasquerella was let go, I asked around and every one said Coach P was good but he “wasn’t a Damien guy”. When I asked what that meant it was…”you know..he didn’t want to talk to the Dads”.

    What I think is going to happen at Damien is simple. A few “public school Dads” want to make Damien into a “farm” of athletics. Sorry fellas but Mater Dei, Loyola, Notre Dame, SJB aren’t “farms” in that sense, they are all top notch academic schools as well.

    Whatever happens at Damien going forward will be a cluster “f” of stupid. Once the microscope hits the school God help us all. Father Travers had it right and wrong all along. All that money came at a terrible price, well at least they won’t take his name of the Athletic Center, good grief !!!

  • AMAT 73

    Come on Fred , we are not talking about AMAT nor Hagerty .But if you want to go there . Did Hags win a league title ? YES. Did Hags go to the second round in the playoffs ? YES , Has Hags done a great job with coaches who do it for the love of AMAT and not for dollars alone ? YES .If you think Mngsr has openned up the vault for coaches then you are sadly mistaken . Has Hags kept AMAT’s reign over the SGV ? YES .You all thought different about that situation this season , didn’t you . Winning at the current level means just that “WINNING SOMETHING” . If Gano could beat CO or CH at least once that would be huge , but not even close and I don’t mean on the scoreboard so don’t throw in that last minute loss to CH last year in here . Then dropping AMAT from the schedule was no help especially when AMAT was replaced by that powerhouse St Bernard who dropped their football program . Kind of like running away from competition isn’t it . How long are you going to keep making excuses for Gano . Can’t he cosch up the kids of Damien ?????? You can’t tell me there is no talent at Damien .Aren’t there any alums who coach or bleed green and gold ( like many of ours who bleed Blue and Gold ) to put on staff. What happened to that staff he hired from AMAT .It was big news when they were picked up by Damien . I’ve heard they are gone , why ???? The seniors are from his first year at Damien and should be playing ball Gano style . He has had his hands on every class since then , so what’s up ???? As I said he was a good coach at LA but what, he doesn’t have as much talent now as he had then .So now the difference is the other schools he faces do and the tables aren’t tilted in his favor as they were in his LA days . It’s time for him to show just how good of a coach he is with what he has .Like the old saying , either shiat or get off the pot !!!!! One last point on Hags , many of you were saying we were losing all the talent we had with no new talent coming in after Verti . Even lately according to the blog and you and Aram we had very little talent and virtually no D-1 prospects . So has Hags and staff coached up these LANCERS beyond belief because at this point in time we are looking pretty damn good ,even to the point of you now going for AMAT this Friday and feeling stronger about it everyday closer to the game . Didn’t even mention our last 2 freshman classes who are loaded and some of last years freshmen are now on Varsity. So yes Hags has turned it around and we are starting to see the hard work by him and his staff paying off .

  • reality

    Amat 73: Finally an Amat post I can wrap my mind around. It is true last year and this off-season many had written off Amat and were not given any chance of winning this year because of a small line and defections of players to other schools.Yet “how do you like me now”? The obvious answer is coaching. I have seen lo these many,many seasons a good coach do great things and a great coach do miracles. These coaches can get Pee Wee Herman to block and tackle if they come to practice every day. And other coaches cant get the incredible hulk to be on time to practice much less block and tackle. I have seen coaches lose their desire as some have with all the resignations last year and that will cause you to lose and lose often. That said I believe a good and great coach will always be competitive and put on the field a winning team even though he may have started with mediocre talent. He manages to make and find talent hidden in the corners of the school hallways and the neighborhood streets and coach them up. He will NEVER field a 2-8 team or worse NEVER!!!. So yeah Hags may well be one of those type of great coaches and it will take one of those that still burns to win to turn Damien on.I am not sure if Gano burns anymore

  • Lol

    That last post was garbage…puts hags at Bassett or keppel and they would have the same record. You need horses, plain and simple.

  • Joe Amat


    Not trying to make Hags sound like Lombardi or anything, but that staff is putting in work. Something not everyone knows about Steve is his past accomplishments. After years as an Amat assistant he left to take over a Paraclete program that had not won a league game in five years. That’s 25 consecutive league losses.
    Well he turned that program around,soon won 3 consecutive CIF titles, and that Paraclete program has not looked back. They would still be floundering had it not been for him.

    Granted, the Alpha league is not the Serra league nor were they in the Pac5, but the man can coach (and is smart enough to realize he needs good assistant coaches and to let his coaches coach.)

    All I know is the Lancers are better off today than they were before his arrival and are moving in the right direction. That’s good enough for me.

  • Lol

    I never said he couldn’t coach. I’m very sure he’s a dam good coach just as I am sure that Gano is one too. After all, he does have 4 CIF CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

  • Lol is an idiot

    He’s a GG myopic idiot.

  • Joe Amat


    No, you said 73’s post was garbage. Garbage is pretty close to saying a guy can’t coach. Guarantee if Hags is at Bassett they don’t have the same record. And pretty good chance they’d be Montview champs in due time. But that’s speculation. The only comparison and questions you should ask yourself:

    1) is Amat better off today than the day Hags was hired? If so, how much?
    2) is Damien better off today than the day Gano was hired? If so, how much?

  • Lol

    This is comedy! Now you want to put words in my mouth. Saying a guys post is garbage is not like saying he can’t coach. Obviously, he can coach! All I’m saying is you need good players to win. Take your girls basketball coach (Wiard) for an example. Obviously he will go down as the greatest girls basketball coach in the valley history. But when he was the boys basketball coach at charter oak he didn’t win much. Does that mean he wasn’t a good coach then, no it just means he didn’t have the players. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Lol is a teenager


    You’ll never get it because you are wearing Gano colored glasses. You are saying that whoever has the best players will always win. That isn’t always the case. Amat’s program is far batter off because of Hags. If Damien is handcuffing GG’s success then why doesn’t he just resign? If the school prevents him from getting “the horses” he needs to win then why doesn’t he resign? Why stay 4 years?
    If this is on the school then why would he stay?

  • Lol

    It’s called making a living you stupid idiot!!!

  • It’s just a job

    Well there you have it. Just a job. I hope the players don’t buy into your BS. They have talent. They have several standout payers. Very sad that you don’t believe in them. Underdogs win all the time.

  • reality

    Poor little lol. He is the jealous loser that attributes others successes to being born with a siver spoon in their mouth with good genes, good looks,brains etc. and rues the fact he was born short, fat, ugly and stupid. He never thinks its because he is to lazy to work out, eat right, brush his teeth comb his hair and to listen to his teachers that are trying to help him. A good coach can even make you a winner lol if you lissten and work. Good luck.

  • Ayala fan

    “Underdogs win all the time”.
    Yup, we did!!!!

  • Insider

    Greg Gano will be replaced at the end of the season. Mark this post down now!

    They will cleaned house next year!

  • Lol


    What are you talking about? Now that was garbage. We can go back and forth all day on this matter. We agree to disagree. But I played sports All my life through college and I know for a fact that you need players. Can a coach make a difference? Absolutely! But you ask any coach, they will tell you that they are successful because they have good players. Get a clue!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    Well I am waiting on a response from you concerning Hags and what I listed as his accomplishments so far . Hey Rome wasn’t built in day but it was built . As Joe AMAT wrote we are much better off then before Hags ( and he did have the foresight to bring Verti back in a position much better suited for him ) got here and things are looking brighter on the horizon and like JA said that’s good enough for me also . I don’t know what caused you to bring Hags into a conversation on Gano but it only magnifies what Gano hasn’t done in his 4 yrs. The no help from the administration is a cop out . Make due with what you have and COACH THEM UP . You can’t tell me there no players at Damien that can ball . You guys made the big splash on 2 transfers from Paraclete I believe . Why did Hernandez leave ??? Wasn’t he a big coup for Gano ??? I said Gano was a good coach at LA and is a legend to some in the SGV but you can’t make excuses for what’s going on at Damien soley on a bad administration who I’m guessing won’t allow a free hand at giving transfers (ala his LA days) a free ride or what exactly do you perceive the administration is doing to hold back Gano from a title in the Sierra or going deep in the playoffs ? You are fast to reply when you don’t see eye to eye with someone’s reply to your threads as I am still waiting on how far you will drop AMAT when your thinking was they would lose to alemany . You did say you would wait for my reply first and I did , how about your reply ?????

    I never said Gano was a bad coach , in fact I wrote at LA he was a good coach . But let me ask you this , by your “need the horses” line , are you saying Damien has no ball players that can make an impact or are you just shooting your mouth off on a subject you have no knowledge of ????


    Insider Really?

    What was your first clue?

    If your really an insider give us something everyone in the valley doesn’t already know.

  • SGV fan

    This Lol guy has never heard of the expression “We got out coached”. He doesn’t understand that concept. A great coach can take an inferior team and beat another team with better talent by out coaching the opposing coach. It’s also beyond just that. It’s a culture, a mind set. It’s a total program working from the Freshman team and building your program up. We all have played sports. And we have all been on teams were we got out coached and lost with better players. How many times have athletes said, “we were the better team with more talent and still lost”. Lol doesn’t understand this reality.

  • reality

    lol: Pocket pool is not really a sport.

  • Lol

    This is comedy at it’s best. You guys give the coaches too much credit and not enough credit to the players. We’ll just leave it at that. It’s funny how Auburn won the national championship when Cam Newton was there and as soon as he leaves, they become average. I wonder why that is! I guess the coach forgot how to coach. You guys need to get a life. I’m out! Hope all of you get pleasure on trying to get high school coaches fired, you losers!!!

  • You are joking right?


    Your takes are getting weaker. You left out 37 other players from that team. Oops.

    “The Auburn Tigers are coming off of a remarkable run to a National Championship, but after that run came the loss of many seniors to graduation and juniors like Cam Newton and Nick Fairley to the NFL. The Tigers lost 38 scholarship players from last seasons National Championship team. With the new season just around the corner, Auburn will have to find new leaders on its team in an effort to reload and not rebuild against a tough SEC schedule.”

    Lol, you need to get fired from this blog. You should stop. You are bringing the football knowledge on this blog down several notches. What’s next, 11 players is better than 10?

  • Lol

    Now that was weak. And quite pathetic that you actually took he time to find that and copy it. According to your theory, there should never be a drop off cause that coach should be able to coach with mediocre talent. Hahahaha, wow! Still can’t believe you took the time to do that. Seriously, get a life!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!

  • Real fan

    Took me 30 seconds to find that nugget. It’s called google Genius. You typie wipie in the search engine…..hit the return button….might be kind of hard for you to pull off considering you are a child. Make sure you ask permission. Did GG also lose 38 players? Nope. You lose again Lol. When you say “I’m out” that means you are leaving. Heaven forbid anyone criticize you beloved coach. Just because you love him doesn’t give him a pass.

  • Truth

    How many future collegiate D1 Football players do I see on the Damien football team – NONE. Sorry to tell you, dad, go kick the dog, go to a bar and get drunk, but don’t blame the coach, the school and the administration for your kid’s shortcomings. Pull your kid from the school if you have to, no one will stop you. But, you probably know that at a public school your money means nothing and johnny may not even make the team. You think that at Damien there is a chance that money and influence will buy playing time, so you stay on and anonymously whine on a blog when thing don’t go your way.

  • ogdenforbes

    This is a scandal for sure. Lets start to look in the finances of the school. Who is in charge? Why have their been so much turnover in that department. Why did 33 families get told that there children could not write the final exams because of “payments” that the administration found outstanding from years ago. The families were blind-sided…didn’t think that they owed these fees!! The children were held ransom (not allowing them to write the final exams until payment in full.) Many families could not afford the outstanding very steep payments. Leggio (the extremely rude person in the office that collected payments) and Cronin pointed fingers at Pearsall. Pearsall, Fall guy, never have the people skills,christian attitude or expertise for the job anyways. Hey everybody and Sam Pearsall…if the Archdiocese every asks you to resign or be fired..take the being fired route. With time the scandals of the Archdiocese present in your favor.

  • McEnglish

    @ogdenforbes said:
    How do you survive in life with those atrocious writing skills?

  • LOL

    ogdenforbes said:
    “The families were blind-sided…didn’t think that they owed these fees!!”

    How dare they!! I thought Damien HS was free!!! Tuition!? They never told us about this tuition thing! OMG, mijo can’t graduate now. I thought the $250 registration fee we paid freshman year covered everything for all four years.

  • angie

    How long have Cronin and Danyluk being dating? Gosh they made a great couple!!!