Alemany likely missing linebackers for Amat

Alemany likely to miss key linebackers for Friday’s game vs. Bishop Amat, Daily News reports: Injured Alemany linebackers Rene Deleon and Deyon Glass did not play in a 49-42 win over Notre Dame, and both could be out for the season after getting hurt one week earlier against Norco. Deleon has a high ankle sprain, and Glass has a knee injury. “The tough part is they both play the same position,” Alemany coach Dean Herrington said.

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  • Warrior fan

    Dont read too much into it Amat fans your still going to lose the game but thanks fredj i think the Amat nation needed a little confidence boost for the upcoming whooping.

  • just sayin’

    Worrier fan – I dont see any Amat fans on here “”reading too much into it” or even caring about this report.

    Sounds to me like youre whistling in the dark

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    COIN IT “THIS COULD BE BISHOP’S YEAR TO WIN THE BIG ONE”. It seems like all the dominoes are lining up. Is this going to be Alemany’s Disclaimer?! This game is going to be a shootout. However, with LB’s Missing Bishop may want to slow dance in this one, run and use clock. If they Make this a low scoring affair holding Alemany to 28 pts or less, They should win. The last thing BA wants to do is get into a passing league shoot out. It would be anyone’s game. I think BA is going to score 35 in this one. Alemany is capable of score 40 pts against BA’s Defense, but not if they don’t have the ball. Last year BA was banged up, and others were healthy. Now they are the ones healthy, and others are not. A win here puts them in the drivers seat. It won’t be easy, but in the pac 5, Staying Healthy is almost More important than having the best team. SM was the Best team but without Stanton, they are not.

  • Football Fan

    Warrior fan, why don’t you just shut your trap and get a life. Obviously you have a problem, if you are bashing AMAT for supporting their team. After reading all the trash that you have been writing for the past few weeks, it’s gotten pretty old. You act like you are the one playing on the field for Alemany.

    Sometime in your life you must have been traumatized and now you think you can live through your kid or at least live through a high school football team. Let the boys take care of business on the field.

    Face it warrior fan, no matter what the outcome, AMAT will Shine!

    You need to get some kind of therapy if all you have time to do is comment on anything that has to do with Amat. Get some class and just shut up and enjoy the game. After Friday, life still goes on or at least for some people it does. You on the other hand will be living play by play until the match up the following year.

    YOU really represent Alemany in a bad way, CLASSLESS! What a shame, I am sure Alemany deserves better representation than you.

  • Warrior fan

    Football Fan

    LOL i love it when losers like you come on here and try to down talk someone else with insults. I guess all a$$holes do look the same. Amat fans talk trash all year every year now that there is another fan of a team that Amat fans cant win an argument with you want me to get a life well obviously i have one im typing right now responding to your non-sense. Secondly Im always going to represent my team i dont care how it makes you feel stop reading what i post or just stop responding to me, remember words should never hurt you. Last but not least when you respond with insults like i said before you dont do any justice for the team you represent which is Amat so no matter how you look at it i guess we’re both obnoxious fans the apple dont fall far from the tree.

    Amat will shine LOL WHEN?

  • Billy Hoyle

    Worrier fan – what I’d like you to do with all your time is find all of the “trash talk” from Amat fans “all year every year”

    Cut and paste for us. Not something that is answering some drive by, or ahetr like you – but actual “trash-talk” initiated by and Amat fan.

    Certainly wont find anything as bad as your trash

  • Warrior fan

    Billy Hoyle

    How about you do that. Are you really saying Amat fans dont talk trash? we can surely go back to a couple of games before the CO game and find plenty and i dont talk trash i speak facts how is me telling you that we OWN you which the writer from this blog has said that also or me stating that we’re going to beat yall if thats trash talk then it is what it is. Facts are facts and i only respond to trash talk but the blog is made for opinions and sometimes facts its a web site for you to talk about your team and yeah pump them up also i wonder what do you think the blog is for when you have rankings and pick’em as threads. will that not engage trash talking when someone picks against your team? get serious or when someone keeps bringing up the past century when they either tie or lose to another team? Come on dude man up stop being so sensitive i bet if i was a CO fan youll have a whole lot to say wouldnt you. this is a blog the world full of trash talking and prediction and even great conversations. MAN UP STOP ALL THIS HE HURT MY FEELINGS BECAUSE HE SAID THEY ARE BETTER THAN US OR HE’S TALKING TRASH WITH HIS FACTS MAN UP DANG CRY BABIES

  • GoAmat