Girls Volleyball Rankings, plus St. Lucy’s at Chino Hills and La Puente at Gladstone tonight

Above: Los Altos’ Fabiana Rosas has helped lead the Conqs to a 6-0 start in the Hacienda

1. St. Lucy’s (10-5) — Gets rival Chino Hills tonight, but probably just another Sierra League win for the Lucy’s. Ayala already tenderized them.
2. Ayala (8-6) — Everyone keeps telling me I have it all wrong, that Ayala is the second best in the area. See, I’m listening.
3. Chino Hills (14-6) — Not what it use to be, but still very good. It took Ayala five-sets to beat them. Maybe St. Lucy’s will bring out their best.
4. San Dimas (6-1) – Emily Pincin and Jene Lee had huge games in the five-set win over Northview. The Vikes rallied from two sets down, but the Saints won the fifth 17-15 to take over first in the VVL.
5. Los Altos (11-2-1) – The Conquerors are rounding into form and are a perfect 6-0 in the Hacienda. They have a big test against Diamond Bar on Thursday.
6. Northview (13-3) – The Vikings thought this was the year to knock off San Dimas, but will have to wait until they meet them again in a couple weeks.
7. Claremont (7-4) – Unless they can beat Ayala, St. Lucy’s or Chino Hills, say goodbye to their playoff chances. That’s life in the Sierra.
8. Bishop Amat (7-5) – They looked good in the preseason against teams they were obviously better than. But reality is setting in now that they’re 0-2 in the Del Rey.
9. Gladstone (17-4) – The Gladiators get La Puente at home tonight for sole possession of first. If you haven’t been to one of these games, show up, the emotions run high.
10. La Puente (9-3) – Beat Azusa last week to force a tie at the top with Gladstone and the Aztecs, all with just one loss. The Warriors are the defending league champs and want to prove they can win another at Gladstone.

1. Laguna Beach, 2. St. Lucy’s, 3. Thousand Oaks, 4. La Salle, 5. El Dorado, 6. Valencia (Valencia), 7. El Toro, 8. Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, 9. Capistrano Valley, 10. Hart.
1. Sage Hill, 2. St. Margaret’s 3. La Sierra, 4. Nipomo, 5. Aquinas, 6. San Gabriel, 7. Crean Lutheran, 8. Ontario Christian, 9. Northview, 10. San Dimas
1. Pacifica Christian, 2. Bell Jeff, 3. Frazier Mountain, 4. St. Anthony, 5. Gladstone, 6. La Puente, 7. Downey Calvary Chapel, 8. Milken Community, 9. Laguna Blanca, 10. Nordoff

Big Games Tonight
Sierra League
St. Lucy’s at Chino Hills, 5:30 p.m.
Ayala at South Hills, 5:30 p.m.
Montview League
La Puente at Gladstone, 5:15 p.m.
Hacienda League
Diamond Bar at Bonita, 4:45 p.m.
Del Rey League
St. Josepha’s at Bishop Amat, 6 p.m.
Valle Vista League
Northview at Covina, 3:15 p.m.

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  • Reality…

    Truth is that St Lucy’s is much better than the #2 team in the valley this year.
    They have an experienced balanced attack and solid defense.
    #2-5 are all Sierra League Teams. Ayala has the upper hand with their nail biter over Chino Hills, but all 5 teams in the Sierra League are better than San Dimas. SD has injuries which have limited their success against the big schools, but they will fare well in their CIF division. This doesn’t mean that they are better than SH or Claremont. Your Top 10 should start 1-5 Sierra League and then the rest. The next best is probably Los Altos or Glendora.
    This weeks matches and the big weekend Ayala tourney should shake things out a bit.

  • Fred Robledo

    Just like we rank teams in football, it’s more of a pound-for-pound ranking, mixing the best teams with how they fare in their own little corner of the world, err., CIF division.

  • the libero

    hey reality, fred has come a long way when it comes to VB,just a few years ago, he had the tribs all sgv team without a libero, hence my nickname, the short guy, needs work and patience,light a candle for him.

  • Fred Robledo

    That’s because the all-area team is the best six players plus the player of the year. We try to sort it out by position, but at the end, we want the best players on the team. Just like in baseball, four infielders, not necessarily a first, second, third and shortstop. Or in football, an extra running back might replace a tight end. Wow, all that for a nickname, lol.

  • The Libero

    when you make up asinine rules you get zero respect and credibility,you’ve shown your ignorance re the game!

  • Fred Robledo

    You’re the last person I worry about credibility with. I guess myself and every prep editor before me all have no credibility for using criteria such as four infielders for all area teams instead of position by position. Sorry, top six players on an all-area volleyball team should be players that impact their team the most and carry them he furthest, whether that’s a league title or CIF championship. Those aren’t my rules, that’s the way we’ve always done it.

    Look, I know you like me, won’t make you say it šŸ™‚

  • saintsgirlsr4real

    I love it when CIF ranks SD below teams we beat. It just makes those wins in CIF playoffs all that much sweeter! Go Saints!

  • don’t belong

    SD, take what you can. Fred is being very generous giving you the #4 spot. I would put you at #8. SD, you lost to West Covina, ouch!

  • Guys, or moms,
    I’m thankful to have Fred do this blog, it helps make the competition more interesting, but Fred why do feel so inclined to have such thin skin on the VB side? You don’t have to defend yourself every little comment. You don’t do this on the football side.
    I just want you to not be such a catholic school homer. Hopefully they will releague and put all the open recruiters in the same leagues.
    Anyways pound for pound the Sierra League reigns. Top 5 with out a doubt.
    And if you want assistance on the rankings or big games to attend, I volunteer!

  • Reality

    Every school now has the ablity to recruit with the new transfer rule. Look what is happening in football. Schools (public or private) with strong programs will attract the better athletes.

  • Fred Robledo

    I respond whenever I can, whether it’s a football, soccer, volleyball or a baseball thread. That interaction is what makes the blogs go, whether it’s a blogger and I or blogger vs. blogger. I wouldn’t call it “thin skin,” on my part, I’ve been doing this long enough where I don’t get bothered when someone calls me “libero” or an “idiot,” it is what it is and comes with the territory. I love doing this and I’m always looking for ways we can do more with the small staff we have. A volleyball volunteer? I’m open to suggestions.

  • Sierra League

    Im with “More Reality”, South Hills would beat La Puente, Gladstone, Bishop Amat and Northview, no doubt! They belong in top 10.

  • Fred Robledo

    In football, Damien (2-3) would probably beat undefeated Gladstone (6-0), but we have Gladstone ranked ahead of Damien because pound-for-pound, meaning how they compete relative to their division or their corner of the world, Gladstone deserves a higher ranking. Same rules apply to volleyball.

  • My suggestion would be to feel free to contact me, or a few coaches on your poll. Encourage area coaches to use max preps to standardize reporting, have a game of the week highlighted and attended by your staff. Maybe an online Chat like in football with a couple of coaches about an pre-season thoughts, upcoming games, cif pairings or for all valley selection type of events.
    I really like the all star game thought, plan early for that now with the other partners in your group. That is a real nice way to honor our valley seniors.
    We enjoy the game and the exposure of the schools. It would be great if you were able to bring in some more volleyball minds into your considerations!

  • SGVBFan

    Thanks Fred, your coverage of Prep Volleyball is improving each week. I like your top ten this week and how you rate the teams “pound for pound”. Sure the Sierra league is the top league in the area but only St Lucy’s is an elite team. If you are 4th or 5th place in league you shouldn’t be in anybodies top ten list.

  • Volley

    Fred Robledo said:
    In football, Damien (2-3) would probably beat undefeated Gladstone (6-0), but we have Gladstone ranked ahead of Damien because pound-for-pound, meaning how they compete relative to their division or their corner of the world, Gladstone deserves a higher ranking. Same rules apply to volleyball.

    So with this thinking, will Amat Football still be #1 in your poll when they finish 1-4 in league?

  • SGVBFan

    This just in, Los Altos steps up their competition level as CIF playoffs approach by entering Ayala Tourney finishing 5th out of 30 teams, ahead of Ayala and Clairmont