Mission Hills Meltdown: Bishop Amat should have beaten Alemany in 2010, but self destructed in the final minute of the half when Alemany’s Hail Mary was Amat’s Fail Mary

Both teams were 9-0 and 3-0 and fighting for the Serra League title in 2010, but of course, Alemany won and never looked back, a perfect 9-0 since joining the league in 2010 with two league titles. Amat had its chance to win that night, but blew it with one of the most self-destructive final 44 seconds of a half I’ve ever seen. It was truly stunning, the Mission Hills Meltdown. Amat was in control and led 17-14 after a go-ahead touchdown with 44 seconds left. I started walking to my computer to write-up the first half when Alemany blitzed down the field, throwing a bomb and then scoring on a four-yard pass play to take a 21-17 lead with 17 seconds left. Then Alemany did an onside kick, got the ball back and threw a “Hail Mary” as time expired to go up 28-17 at halftime. It was game, set, match right there. Amat never regained their swag, momentum and eventually lost 38-30. People are going to say Alemany was better that night, I’m not sure that was the case. They were certainly more opportunistic and even lucky. Check out the highlights from the Inland Insider. Amat heads back to Alemany on Friday at 7 p.m., and we’ll be there too.

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  • Jeebus

    No one cares

  • 12th man

    Amat was clearly the better team as a unit!! Alemany was a one man show the whole season & even in the playoffs..I have never seen such a display of athleticism by a QB!! If you think Adams was unstoppable vs Amat you should see the playoff game vs Servite!! Just amazing!! Even though Alemany lost..It was one of the best displays of a dual threat QB in High School Football~…

  • DRanch Man

    Typical “Bishop Amat Tribune” article. Bishop Amat looses and the other team “got lucky”. Amat wins and they are “clearly the superior team”. Fred “Amat” Robledo is at it again. Is an Amat loss two years ago really that news worthy or is the Raider Nation..I mean the Amat nation your only readers?

  • just sayin’

    Jeebus – you did. Read it and commented. Nuff said

  • Fred Robledo

    DRanch, there’s room for everyone, few items down is a story on DRanch having a new home field next season. Instead of commenting and getting it going there, you complain about Amat coverage.

  • Colt74

    If you think Adams was good in High School, you should see how he is tearing it up at Eastern Washington!

  • AMAT_more_Athletes

    I use to be a hater too until I joined the AMAT family. It’s silly to compare AMAT to the local teams in Football. Just take a look at the ranking by MaxPreps. Are they biased also? Also keep in mind that the student population is only 1400 max at Amat. CO has 2000, the others like Northview, Covina, Gladstone have 1500.Servite only 1000 but all boys. Alemeny has 1800 , Chino Hills 3000 and Upland with 3700. More students = more athletes. Instead of being a hater get your boys to AMAT! We need beef!

  • Black Tooth

    To Fred, I agree with your statement 100%. Alemany did get lucky and Amat sloppy in the end of the game. What I will bring up again, is that Amat was pushed back, every time they were headed for the goal line! The NFL replacement ref. were brutal. Adams was a good running QB and Amat’s players shoulder tackling made Adam look even better! If the refs. are fair this Friday,the results will be different. If not, I’ll leave the game before it ends, like I did for the Charter Oak game. Whatever happened to good old fashion high school football?

  • Pasadena guy

    As a Pasadena guy it sure is bittersweet to see homegrown athletes like Vernon Adams succeed away from our home schools. I’m very proud and happy for them and wish them nothing but the best. I just wish there was a way the local schools could rein in all that talent. In that video Vernon (Lil Skeet) throws a TD pass to Steven Mitchell (then a Soph.), both from the City of Roses. Now, Mitchell and Cathedral’s Hayden Rettig join Muir’s Kevon Seymour as fellow US Army All-Americans hailing from Pasadena. Three US Army All-Americans from one small city in two years? That’s impressive.

    While the city might not be able to boast about the successes of our local football teams, we sure can tout the great talents of our local athletes who play for schools all over from La Puente Bishop Amat to Westlake Village Oaks Christian. Good luck to them all.

  • Warrior fan

    Its funny how you say LUCKY Alemany led the majority of the time how were they LUCKY and where in this game at anytime was Amat the better team. They led for all of what 2 minutes come on fred now your dwelling on the past, and how was Amat better when Alemany V. Adams was much better than 9 and our offense was more versatile then Amats come on fred football is played 4 quarters even if you take that 7 points away Alemany still wins the game by 1. Come on fred your a better person than that you actually brought up footage from 2 years ago REALLY what is that about why open up an old sore on the Amat nations mind, but hey i guess if the past makes Amat nation feel good then keep it up Amat is the best team in the past.

  • SillyWarrior

    Warrior (aka NotSince1995)

    That was a great game.. Alemany had a great team that year.. but still didn’t win the Division 1 title.. League Championships are great… but at Amat winning league means getting in a better situation to win the whole thing.. I think 1 year recently Loyola didn’t win league.. but went on to win the whole thing.. I’d rather take a Division 1 title any day over a league one. Bishop Alemany Lancers..

  • AMAT 73

    This may matter to this nation you all speak of but to the AMAT Family it’s of no concern , as you like to tell us , quit living in the past . This Friday the record will be set straight as AMAT WILL SHINE . What really eats at worrior fan is that even when AMAT loses they get top billing over alemany . See you Friday worrior fan , like I said I’ll be the one wearing Blue and Gold. Any how I thought you swore off this blog and staying on Arams’ . What happened , need your daily fix of AMAT ??????

  • Warrior fan

    AMAT 73

    Im not the one living in the past i didnt post that video but like you say this friday is what matters.


    im trying not tobring up the past but did it slip your mind that in the closing of that year Alemany was one of the remaining 4 teams left in the pac5.

    SEMI FINALS not that big of an accomplishment but only losing by 7 points to the eventual champs i think is a good not great but good year. (A lost is a lost though)

  • Warrior fan

    amat 73

    What do you mean by Amat gets top billing over Alemany when you lose?

  • DRanch Man

    @Fred Amat Robledo
    Not complaining about Amat, just growing tired of your obvious bias towards them and your propensity to write about them when there are some 35 teams in the SG that you cover. The Amat Mob loves you and that’s all good (for you) but consider all of your audience. Maybe I’m way off base, but I’ve been following your writing for the past four years and I have never seen a week go by when your beloved Amat was not featured in one way or another. I know they are bad asses in the SG but let’s be real, they are one of 2 or three privates that have a meaningful football program, and yet they haven’t done much in the past few years in their division given the advantage they have over the public schools. All I’m saying is that there are plenty of schools and athletes to write about in the SG. You are a good writer Robledo. Why not write about something we don’t already know. Something that will inspire us all or make us all say “that Robledo guy is on to something”. You have done it before Fred. Do it again.

  • sillyWarrior


    That was a great Alemany team.. don’t get me wrong.. but they still didn’t win it all.. but once CIF rolls.. I’m a big supporter of the Serra League.. so although Amat did lose that year.. I’m always rooting for the other Serra teams to do well.. because there’s always that rumor of CIF dropping the Serra League to a lower division as a whole. It’s going to be a great game as usual!!

  • Warrior fan


    Now i can 100% agree with you on that it will be a great game with the usual outcome, but i also root for the fishbowl teams while in playoffs (not so much of the serra league teams). But like you said it will be a great game and i cant wait.

    DRanch Man

    I agree with you but as usual fred might respond with Amat is what gives his blogs “hits”. there has been plenty of bloggers who have complained to fred about that and about him being bias but he is a great writer i just wish he can report about other players and teams around the fishbowl and not just a chosen few.

  • not that it matters……..

    Just heard St. Paul fired Asante! What have you heard Fred???

  • Fred Robledo

    On Asante, Aram broke the story, check out his blog, an absolutely amazing turn of events.

    DRanch, I balance Amat with a number of other threads, all you have to do is scroll down the list and you’ll see the many other topics. I have no control on what people comment on, and obviously, Amat threads get the most comments and drive the most traffic. I write about Amat because my job is to cater to the audience and Amat has the biggest audience.

    Does the L.A. Times cover UCLA and USC equally with Cal State L.A. and Pepperdine? No, you do you best to mention everyone, but you focus on the straw that stirs the drink.

  • OMG Really

    If BA would have have had a different QB they could have won!

  • Serra 2012

    The perfect storm is coming together for Amat. I don’t mean to be hyperbolic, but they have created a substantial local buzz by beating area teams. St. Paul and Damien are collapsing. West Covina and South Hills aren’t having the best of years. Even Loyola is not at the top of its game this year. Amat is creating a buzz on the state level and continues to rise in the ranks nationally. They have established themselves as an attractive destination for top talent that will have no other viable alternatives.

    Write it down, take a picture- This could all be a huge opportunity for Amat and they are about to be the potential beneficiary of an immense amount of talent and size in the coming years.

    In, say, 2016, if Amat is in the CIF championship, you can attribute it to what is happening this year. No one will, I’m sure, but for you history buffs and for those who have been around a while and can take a step back and recognize trends and analyze causation on a macro level, Amat’s next ring will be the result of circumstance and the confluence of factors currently occuring.

  • Anonymous

    Word on the street:

    I heard Loyola also has been shopping in a specific city and they have talent that will surprise a lot of schools in the near future.

  • Fred Robledo

    OMG, the QB didn’t give up 14 points in 44 seconds. When your offense scores 30 points against a 9-0 team, it’s not all on him.

  • As Per the LA times

    Fred, per the LA times. Read the last paragraph.

    Mission Hills Alemany secured the Serra League’s top spot in the Pac-5 Division playoffs with a 38-30 victory Friday over defending champion La Puente Bishop Amat, thanks to a quick-strike offense that featured senior quarterback Vernon Adams, who completed 15 of 18 passes for 243 yards and three touchdowns. He also had 19 carries for 70 yards and one touchdown.

    The game wasn’t decided until Warriors junior defensive back Deron Smith intercepted Rio Ruiz’s pass on Bishop Amat’s 42-yard line with 2:08 remaining.

  • AMAT 73

    DRanch Man,
    Just for the sake of argument I counted all the threads related to other SGV teams and AMAT . Here are the figures to the football only related threads as there are others (volleyball ,ranking and so forth ) Now these are school ,football , player specific threads.

    AMAT threads 3 hits 82
    OTHER threads 9 hits 11

    Even the thread on DR has only 1 hit and it’s not related to thread topic nor is your name there .What do you expect Fred to do ???? Like or hate , good or bad , AMAT brings the hits . Even to point of you bringing 2 hits on an AMAT thread .

  • SGV Fan

    OMG and As per the LA times, your right turnovers kill and thats what happened with 2 minutes left. The bottom line is that Alemany’s QB executed and BA’s didnt.

  • tommykiss

    since i have been doing the highlights and videos for Amat FB games, they routinely get the largest amount of views:
    Vs St Paul 1061
    Vs Chino Hills 1761
    Vs Servite 1842
    Vs Servite 2223
    Vs Alemany 1589
    Vs Alemany highlights only 1157
    Vs Damien 2291

    when it comes to other teams they usually get between 650 and 900 views depending on the games, some championship get oevr 2000 views, but regular season its not even close. For other sports, they watch as well