Whose 0 will go first, and who stays undefeated the longest? My vote is La Salle

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  • Greenie

    Duarte will win friday.

  • sgv athletes girls sancho

    I promise they won’t greenie weenie…

  • Warrior fan

    Im riding with Duarte also only because the new staff and a few players who are major impact players

  • Falcon Fan1

    Duartes defense is Duarte!
    And happy rock has a qb, let’s see if we can stop him!
    Let’s go!!!!!

  • jackie

    Lets Go Falcons!!!! Definitely will be there to cheer u on. Win or lose I still a big fan! Lets do this boys.

  • Falcon 4 Life

    Duarte over Gladstone fir sure. Go Falcons

  • Falcon Fan1

    Can’t wait till Friday, Citrus at 7!!

  • Gstone fan 1

    Thats what northview,baldwin park,el monte,sierra vista,bassett,la puente said..and if that’s your scouting report then look again fellas…gstone has more weapons then #11 u know what lets just wait in c we do our talking on the field… We’re going hunting Friday!!!

  • Falcon Fan1

    Yes I know Duarte has a report and I hope you guys have a report as well..

  • Falcon Fan1

    And also G stone yea you guys are good were not taking it away from you guys, Respect give where it’s due! Completely….
    But honestly you guys havnt played a team that hits yet and Duarte like yea its our team but Honestly duarte can lay wood and I hope you guys can take hits cause these boys love hitting and they’re coming..

  • Hey what happened?

    Wait aren’t there a couple of idiot drive by bloggers who assured us all that Bishop Amat would be 1-4 at this point?

    What happened to the know it alls

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    To Nuts Since 1995, Are you enjoying your crow tacos? What did you say about Bishop Amat? Kind of quiet aren’t you.

  • SGV Athlete

    GStone and Amat will remain unDEFEATED by the end of this weekend. My vote is on California HS, since it seems to be blocked on the voting. If not them, then La Salle. GStone has a shot to show the CIF aligners that they made a mistake putting a group of talented, homegrown boys in a division with private schools and schools separated by more than one area code!! LETS GO HUNTIN!!

  • Jackie

    Gstone supporters we are not denying the Gstone is a great team and clearly they have come along way however you just have not played against a hard hitting and hungry team like Duarte Falcons. The only team that you have played with some potential is El Monte I honestly think you won that game out of luck. Your team was pumped and running off adrenaline and excitement. At the end of the day a win is a win and you won. Gstone beat Sierra Vista by ONLY 6 point while La Puente beat SV by a whole lot more. Bassett is not even on the same level, Baldwin Park well just non-existent since Coach Zane retired. Honestly all Gstone has is #11 if Duarte defense can stop his running game Duarte will come out on top no doubt. It will be a great game for sure may the best team win.

  • SGV Athlete

    Comparing GStone vs SV, SV vs LP, and GStone vs LP is a terrible argument. GStone destroyed LP, not once was LP in that game. SV came out tough against GStone and controlled the clock almost the entire game, but when it came to making plays and winning, GStone took care of business. AND, SV got HIT by GStone and suffered a lot of injuries in that game. So of course the next week they are going to play diminished against LP.

    As far as GStone only having one player on offense, there is so much you don’t know yet. It will be a great game.

  • greenie

    Bear…I Gave BA their props in week 0….I’m still blogging, and among the top pickers in the weekly picks…