Aram’s blockbuster breaking news late Wednesday about St. Paul firing coach Elijah Asante could lead Kurt Scoby back home to Charter Oak, Duarte, possibly Bishop Amat and who knows?

Aram scooped everyone and reported that St. Paul High School has fired football coach Elijah Asante, according to a statement by the school and obtained by this newspaper late Wednesday.
Asante later released a statement on Aram’s blog explaining, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to coach at St. Paul. Although it wasn’t a long tenure, I learned a lot from the players and the community. I’m grateful and I wish them good luck. They have the makings of a good team.”
For area football followers, it probably means former Charter Oak running back Kurt Scoby returning to the area. According to Aram, Scoby is expected to leave St. Paul as early as Thursday, a source telling Aram, “there’s no way Scoby will be playing for St. Paul on Friday night.”

Fred’s thought: What’s the high school world coming to? St. Paul created the environment of transfers by hiring Asante, then fires him after a 1-5 start knowing the Swordsmen set up one of the toughest preseason schedules in the section. I don’t get it, because if there was something outside of football that led to this, then why did he remain on staff as a teacher? I was at Amat following St. Paul’s loss to the Lancers and leaving the stadium after finishing my story, there was a parent, fan or booster in Asante’s face screaming at him on the steps of the bus with his team looking on. It bothered me that a coach — at that time — would have to deal with that sort of thing moments after a game. If there’s a problem, deal with it privately, away from the football team. But it appeared Asante was ambushed and didn’t have a choice. Welcome to coaching 2012. In any case, I’m as curious as all of you to learn the fallout in the coming days and weeks but certainly, the players that Asante brought in are likely to leave and leave soon. What does this mean for Scoby? It means we’re probably back on the Scoby watch and where he ends up is anyone’s guess.

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  • SHOCKED!!!

    I can’t belive this happened!!!!!! Aram finally popped his cherry and scooped everyone..What is the world coming to??

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Who knows,I know…After the Graduation of Ainsworth….and with the Graduation of Denzel Talifero at Duarte….I think Scooby will look Nice in Green and White…yep!

    With that being said, WTF…St Paul? They look really stupid right now. They are the ones who hired him, the AD was the one who let him schedule the “Schedule of Death”. Asante was able to get talent there, but showed after that he had no plan. Shame on both Parties. Now With Mission league play in Full swing, they could be 1-9. What a disaster. I really thought he would do better than this. That was some toxic Jim Jones kool aid. I think he was foolish for thinking he provide a Catholic School with type coaching they need. At Carson, you, 4.5 guys left and right, winning with Big plays and tremendous feats of athleticism. Discipline may not be #1 attribute of the program…at a Catholic school you have 1 or 2 of those players, but you have 70 other kids, that will do exactly what you coach them to do, and Discipline is their talent and they win that way. Assante was out of his element at this program…He would be better at say Muir, or that type of school, where a more loose style is accepted. He also left the Carson program in horrible condition at 0-6 with a 2nd year of His “Schedule of death”. So all those Pac5 teams got 2 gimme wins thanks to Asante. I am not sure he will get a big time gig again.

  • ConcuSSionSymptomS

    Very well said Mr. G.P.! There are now 2 football programs in complete chaos because of this guy. Who in their right mind is going to give him another shot?

  • WTF

    One of reasons people blow up at coaches is because they feel they were lied too. This does not excuse the reaction. You are correct the school created the problem. The major problem with coaching is that most of coaches think they need to recruit in order to win. For all you coaches spend more time recruiting than coaching, just stop! Build a program with the community of your school. Help the youth programs in the summer and the kids will grow into your program. Put more focus on your freshman team. Practice needs to be conducted at the 100% effort by both the players and the coaches!!. You can not be a coach that decides to yell only during a game. This creates peaks and valleys on your teams performance. If you focus on winning every play you would probably win the game. Coaches like Asante and Gano are what is wrong with high school football today. If are not prepared to be great coach do not coach. It is not fair to the kids.

  • Amat Blue

    I saw Kurt scoby against amat a couple weeks back. That kid is amazing and was one of the best players on the field despite playing for St. Paul. With that being said, I think Kurt scoby has what it takes to compete at the next level. So he should go where the big boys play football and transfer to Amat unless he wants to go back to CO and experience another loss to Amat. Come on down to Amat Scoby! There’s nothing better than PAC 5 football. It’s the SEC of high school football. It’s where the big boys play.

  • Get a life

    Football parents are out of control. I think there is too many unemployed dads that have too much time on their hands and helicopter over their kids. They feel that they need to control something because they have no control of their own lives. Leave the coaches and players alone. Go get a job.

  • WTF

    Amat Blue is another example of whats wrong with football in SGV. These fans are always looking for the next great player. Amat blue what are you saying that your current running backs suck. What are you saying to thos kids busting their rear for 4 years, sorry but this guy who never practiced with team all summer is replacing you. What are you saying to Scoby? move around you will always start.

  • Falcon Fan1

    You can already call Scoby a Falcon, back Home young man!

  • Wigods man

    No chance in chonkadonk hell he gets cleared by CIF.

  • reality

    WTF: Does your wife come to the McDonalds where you work and yell at your boss that you should be flipping patties rather than making fries?? If she does then I agree with your post. If not then don’t do it to your kid.

  • D1s are Watching

    How is this tumultuous Scoby deal playing in the minds of the D1 recruiters? With a whole lot of other fish in the ocean to pick from, I’d bet they are becoming more and more wary of young Kurt with every move he makes.

    The BEST thing for Scoby to do would be to stay put at St Paul and finish high school there, NOT because of any love for the place, but because it shows some sense of stability and willingness to finish what you started. The D1 guys are watching.

  • Leather head

    If a players good he’ll shine win or lose, no matter if his team stinks or not. That’s where parents go wrong juggling schools trying to hand plant their kid in the perfect situation . There’s Al bundy parents all around now. Let your kid shine from his own ability. These kids are transferring out of schools like their getting paid for playing ball. Stay put fellas ! Do you ! Dad had his chance. Be the best ME you can be.

  • Anthony

    St Paul sold it’s soul to the devil and lost.I’m sorry but coach Elijah Asante is not a good fit at any Catholic school and he WILL get another job. Muir, Blair, Pasadena all good fits and I hope your listening. St Paul just made things worst by firing him in the middle of the season.You just DON’T fire ANY coach in the middle of a season I don’t care what happen this is just not done. Who is going to want to go there now? The damage of firing a coach in the middle of the season will take YEARS to repair. Scobby will be fine, he has NO control on a coach being fired. D1 schools could care less how many schools he went to because this kid can play. The linemen who went to Damien HS, Alex Hernandez went back to CO and its working out, Scobby should do the same thing.

  • Pretty please!

    Somebody PLEEEEEEASE ask Farrar if he would like this kid to return back to CO. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!! You’ll love his answer!!

  • Keepin It Real

    I called this at the beginning of the season, only I thought he would at least make it through the year. No coaches from the LA City section have any business coaching in the PAC-5. The coaching isn’t very good there. Championships in city ball are won by who has the better horses, not the better scheme. Asante comes to St. Paul and gets “schooled” on the field. So he beat Mater Dei twice at Carson, it’s easy to get a team pumped for one big game a year. Welcome to the PAC-5 where every week is a big game!

  • JMO

    Why do you think CO didn’t raise a finger to stop him from leaving, could it be because he missed his last six weeks of school and it was obvious he wasn’t going to be eligible? Could this be the reason the coach lost his job and is St Paul going to have to forfeit their sole victory? I wonder if CIF is going to look into this mess.

  • Fred Robledo

    JMO, explain how Charter Oak could have “stopped” him from leaving? Were they going to lock him in room? I’m shocked more of you aren’t sensitive to Scoby’s situation. Some of us have been pretty damn fortunate to grow up in a family environment with both parents. I can only imagine what it’s like when you’re a super-star athlete who has been in the foster care system with adults tugging at you left and right to come here, go there. It’s not easy, and unfair to come down on him so hard. Have a heart.

  • Shame on St. Paul!

    It’s evident that the Sr. QB got bench because of whatever reasons (football related). But his mother runs the booster club (hint). His grandfather and family are all alumni (more hints), and if the pressure from that group of parents is for the ouster of the coach makes out for the right energy that permitted this erroneous decision. However, the principle MUST make the right decision. (She DID NOT). You don’t fire a coach in the middle of a season, bad example for the kids! Shame on St. Paul!!! Shame on parents who never played the game, and based there logic off wins and losses. A program that was moving toward diversity is now back where they started. So I echo these words, Shame on St. Paul!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Fred, thanks for putting some words of wisdom on this blog. Scooby is someone close to my heart and I have a lot of leniance and sympathy when it comes to his situation because of how he’s grown up thus far. The fact of the matter is Scooby is a D1 athlete and if a kid of his caliber talent with no character issues (people are calling him a team/coach wrecker…..he is not you just don’t know him) he is the most polite and sweet person you could ever meet, plus his work ethic there are multitudes of schools waiting to offer him full rides. As everyone knows everything will be predicated on how he can finish off in the classroom by the time he graduates. If he can get the grades situation right, then he will be a top 5 target of almost every school in America. Some of you bloggers are so stereotypical and need to lighten up. Ask Amat how good he is, haha if he has any type of whole to run through, he his a load to tackle. Anyhow I wish nothing but the best to him and I say this now, he is the most complete back I’ve seen in high school in recent memory.

  • The Legendary Green pastures aka Paka

    Fred true class..I totally agree.

    October 11, 2012 11:34 AM
    GP-humble Cat said:

    Really Concussion,

    Very few 17-18 yr old kids have control over there lives? Do they control whether there is food on table at home?, Where they sleep or $hit? Do they control, how they get to school if they are not walking? I thought Parents/Gardian’s choose where a kid attends…I am not making excuses, but when you have to depend on others who are not your parents to make decisions for you, looking for a star things can happen. These are real issues for some kids. Actually if you ask some sucessful pro’s or regular joes, you will find that Some coaches have are considered father figures to these young men. That is how much influence coaches can have…so if you want to put it all on this kid, shame on you…a Kids only responsibility is to attend school, do their best in the class room, and be respectful to others. Those things also have to be taught to a kid. Scooby is a great kid, and great player. Some time the biggest thing in a kids life, is a adult “telling them” what they must do. Maybe, it was his decision to attend CO, then Duarte, then SP, now we see how that is working out.

  • Fred Robledo

    Anonymous I agree, I have a little more insight on Scoby than other athletes because I know a family that helped mentor him growing up and have spoke with him several times. Even actually ran into him at the same vacation spot over the summer. He comes across polite, respectful and wanting to please everyone. I could care less how many schools he attends, it’s more important he finds the right environment to succeed athletically and academically, wherever that is. I don’t root against situations like his, I root for him to make it and hope everything works out in the end.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly some kids are very fortunate and some aren’t, and these kids can’t control whose house hold they are born into. I personally think Scooby has made it further thus far then many thought he would. Anyhow I hope he ends up at CO again or Chino Hills, he has close ties to people at both schools and I think it would be a great fit for him once again.

  • Give me a Break!!

    Why would the firing of a HC now be the focus on one individual..a player who just changes schools like he changes his underwear? What about the whole team that has to suffer as a result, the school and the community? Has everyone thought about that?

    The firing during the middle of the season was a boneheaded decision by the administration, no matter how much everyone disliked Asante, they made their beds and now they need to sleep in it. But firing the HC will only make things worse, you can’t please all the parents all the time.

    Then after this disaster that hurt an entire team, we have to sit here and read about poor Scoby this and poor Scoby that……GIVE ME A BREAK!!

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    These kids going to three, four and more High Schools… I just gotta say that’s just horse $h#!+ plain and simple. If mom and dad are in the military or are getting job transfers that’s one thing but that is CLEARLY not the situation here. Somebody aluded to a nice military school… Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad would be a great spot. If he’s truly D1, he could go to Podunk HS playing 8 man and it wouldn’t matter. The kid probably REALLY needs to get outta Dodge. Staying in the SGV is probably the worst place for him personally.

  • or Scooby could go…

    Or who could go to Ayala…and end up with a D1AA scholarship… I think Ayala is the worst place for him…No one gets offers from that school and they are in D2

  • Fred Robledo

    Doesn’t matter what high school you attend, I covered receiver Ramses Barden at Division 13 Flintridge Prep. He’s in the NFL today. If you’re good enough, you’re good enough.

  • OldMan in Chino

    If I understand your response, Scoby is a foster child who has been removed from his biological family and was placed in a foster home. The family he is placed with is at the discretion of his assigned worker and the location of that home is once again at the prerogative of the assigned worker. What high school he attends is based on the area he lives in or if his foster family is willing to have him bused and/or they transport him to that school. Just for the sake of discussion, say that Scoby wants to stay with the foster family he currently lives with, however he wants to return to Charter Oak High School. For that to occur his foster family would have to move back into the Charter Oak area in order for him to attend there.
    What is of paramount importance is not where he attends high school; it is that he is placed in a safe and nurturing environment. He is truly a great athlete and no matter where he attends he will attract the attention he needs to be offered scholarships.

  • AMAT 73

    Talent aside this just seems to be headed in a direction the spells bad for this young man . Total instability and lack of direction on his guardians part. No one in their right mind can say these moves have had Scoby’s best interest at heart . I still am wondering what caused him to leave CO because it seemed he was the featured back there so what more could he ask for ? All we can do is hope for the best and that we don’t wind up reading some tragic news about him later on . I hope he finds happiness somewhere , be it in our valley or somewhere else . Good Luck Scoby .

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    To WTF, What do you mean Amat’s football fans are looking for “the next great player?” Some of these parents did not know where La Puente was located most of their lives, because they lived on the other side of down town LA! These parents have nothing to do with what happens to Amat’s team. They don’t run the school or policy. Some might think they do, because of whatever nonsense they have planted in their silly heads. WGT, get this stright, Bishop Amat was there before these parents arrived and Bishop Amat will be there when they leave for good! What ever made you conjure such a dumb, unintelligent prepostion? Please, leave this young man alone. I did not know his home life situation. The football team is this young man’s home, if you know what I mean. My parents never divorced, all my siblings are alive. We just enjoyed our Family reunion in West Covina, I have a Masters etc, etc,etc. Kurt Scoby did not wreck any programs.Where is your compassion everyone? Where ever you enroll make the best of it MR.Scoby. the next level is waitng for you!

  • Lance R

    I also echo the Shame on St. Slime. Firing a coach mid season says the parents and Alumni are running the program, kind of like what happened to Coach Hoyd when he took over The Wilson program a few years back. Parents on mission to get a coach fired because he gets off to a slow start. Honestly I do not like to pull this but I believe the race card comes into play here as the Hispanic parents did not like dealing with a African American coach coming from a City School as he was not winning it gave them excuse to have the off with his head attitude. I lived through the Verti years and yes we were upset as parents, losing, losing players to Los Altos, a young staff with no experience but most of us stuck it out we stayed behind what was happening we knew what we had in a coach but we did not ask for his firing. Coach Verti stepped down went out got some experience over at Upland, has come back and has done a great job as a coach at Amat this year. St. Paul pulled the trigger too fast here. Sometimes as parents you have to roll with it and wait till after the season to make your suggestions as far as the direction you are taking as a program. This is a unfair firing and St. Slime should be embarrassed by this. Well then again that’s why they are St. Slime and we are Amat.

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    @ or scoby could go….

    Dude you’re clueless. You think every player in D1 or the NFL went to a big name school? Or cane from a tough division? You’re an imbecile!

    USC is signing a QB from freaking Delaware. Delaware, land of ice hockey, field hockey, and La Crosse. If Kurt is who many think he is, he could go play 8 man in Timbuktu and it would not make a bit of difference.

  • JMO

    CO said NO FREDDY!

  • Warrior fan

    Im curious did anybody see the article on jeff fararr who has been to 3 different high schools in 3 years and yet is still getting looks from top programs such as USC and more. Who also joined Alemany but didnt get that much attention but i must say was a very good player. Loyalty doesnt sit to well with these day and age college coaches they dont care about athletes transferring from school to school all that matter is what they do in shirts and shorts at the camps. Scoby can transfer from school to school but because of his size and film (which jeff doesnt have) colleges dont care its a catch me here or there type of game now. Just read the story on the guy who left SC because he and kiffin didnt get along but kiffin is who recruited him while at Tennessee. Colleges in my opinion loves the soap opera that follows these kids just look at how basketball is, and CIF did nothing but help their habits.


    Fred don’t you remember covering another “foster” type kid who also had to deal with issues off the field yet became a model student and athlete at Los Altos?

    Here’s a hint: He went to UCLA and started from Day One.

    I’ve met Scoby several times and I wish him nothing but the best but here’s the deal I keep reading about: his grades, his attendance and his need for a strong/firm mentor.

    I’d like to see him at Diamond Ranch under the watchful eyes of Coach Layton. I would never talk to Roddy about this but I know few coaches who could help a kid like Sciby in the most important aspects of his life: discipline, focus and the classroom.

    Tough way to live.

  • Scooby Should go…

    Don’t get mad Ayala…Just Saying….Does that burn you up? I think the scouts should by at Ayala…Except they stop or at DR,Bar, then keep driving down the 71 to Chino Hills on to the Corona Schools. Why ?

  • Bottom Line

    Will this coaching change make a difference in St Paul’s season? Do they beat Chaminade Friday? Often, these kind of moves spur a team onto incredible feats…will it happen for the Swordsmen?

  • GoAmat


  • GoAmat


  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ WarriorFan

    I didn’t see the article on Jeff, but I know him and I know the family. I’ve known them for a long time.

    As you know, some kids transfer for the opportunity to play and perhaps get a scholarship based on their ability. Some kids transfer schools because of personal reasons related to family.

    The fact that he’s transferred to three different schools is irrelevant to whether or why he’s still getting looks from D1 schools. What? Are they supposed to stop looking at him or pursuing him because he’s at a different high school? Talent is talent and at the end of the day, when you take out all the commentary and get down to the base, it doesn’t matter to D1 schools if a kid has played for four schools in four years. The only thing that matters is A. Talent & Ability, B. Grades. C. Character. If those things are in balance then you’re a lock. If they are not, then the player is not.

    Before you say it, I know, stability matters. To a certain degree it does. But in the age of one-year renewable scholarships, the expectation that a kid who moves from one high school to another is potentially a reflection that they’ll transfer from their college program is immaterial to their recruitment. Similar to the expectation that each year, without fail, your scholarship will be renewed, even thru a change in coaching staff. There are no guarantees.

    Jeff has a good family and he has the ability to play somewhere, for someone. So let’s not raise our arms to the heavens in being aghast behind his school choices. He’s not the first, and he won’t be the last. His reasons for being at his third school obviously have nothing to do with his ability, grades or his character. And on that, that’s where it should end.

  • Existential Reality Check


    In regard to your comment:

    “I can only imagine what it’s like when you’re a super-star athlete who has been in the foster care system with adults tugging at you left and right to come here, go there.”

    Nice logical fallacy, i.e. appeal to pity. What does any of that have to do with his lack of loyalty?

    Furthermore, if he can handle the spotlight, then he better be prime-time enough to handle criticism. Don’t you ever wonder why there have been so many train wrecks with the lot the SGV Tribune have overexposed, namely since Freshman year? Young minds are also susceptible to over-inflated egos before they have earned them. Especially, when grown adults wish to coddle them. One might begin to question their ability to do wrong.

  • great for the sgv

    Shame on you Fred! You are always deleting posts and blasting people when they talk about kids on YOUR blog and you let all this b.s. be posted about this young man? I’m sure if these comments were made last year about a certain qb, you would delete every post. And for some of you already placing him at other schools…read the title of fred’s column, is he starting rumors at this young man’s expense for blog hits? Shameless!

  • Scoby sighting

    According to someone on the live feed scoby was spotted at cathedral game . Cathedral Lost 42-3 against Serra .


    Who’s fault is it that this is happening at St. Paul? Well, let’s see:

    Who formed a nine person search committee and decided Asante was the right man to replace Marijan Ancich after two interviews? ST. PAUL ADMINISTRATION.

    Who allowed the AD to apply for the same head coaching position but still kept his AD title and afterward is the boss of the person who won the position causing friction from day one? ST. PAUL ADMINISTRATION.

    Who after hiring him decided to give him no support knowing that it is a Hispanic demographic school rich in traditions with a new African American head coach? ST. PAUL ADMINISTRATION.

    Who approved all the transfers that Asante brought in on 100% financial aid (wink wink) with the knowledge they will start over existing players who are paying tuitions? ST. PAUL ADMINISTRATION.

    Who allowed St. Paul parents to come into their offices to complain their kids lack of playing time? ST. PAUL ADMINISTRATION.

    Who didn’t have the spine to stand up to these parents and preferred to take the easy way out by firing Asante instead of listening to these whiny parents everyday? ST. PAUL ADMINISTRATION.

    Who are incompetent but will probably never ever leave because they got a boat load of money from former Mayor Richard Riordan and The Shea Foundation to upgrade the school and have a new turf field and rubber track for next season? ST. PAUL ADMINISTRATION.

    St. Paul’s world revolves around ST. PAUL ADMINISTRATION, good or bad. In the handling of Asante IT WAS SCANDALOUS BAD!

  • football fan

    Go Amat is right leave the Kid alone. If Scoby goes to Amat or Cathedral It’s a better Academic situation for Kurt scoby if he does. Let’s get real,I bet you scoby had over 100 calls when he left St. paul.