Saturday Morning Quarterback: Reggie runs wild for Bonita; Alemany unstoppable, beats Amat, 56-35; Charter Oak, Gladstone, El Monte, Rowland and Chino Hills all win

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Reggie Turner scores five touchdowns in Bonita’s win over West Covina

Reggie runs wild: Before any Hacienda League team can even think about derailing the Bonita High School football team’s bid for the league championship, it must first find a way to stop Bearcats running back Reggie Turner.

Two-time defending league champion West Covina took its shot on Friday night and missed to the tune of a 38-21 win by Bonita. Turner stayed on his touchdown rampage by scoring five times on Friday, four on offense and once on defense.
Photo: Bonita-West Covina photo gallery

Amat can’t keep up with Alemany: Another meltdown in a familiar location nearly turned into an improbable comeback for Bishop Amat. But the result still was the same.

Alemany quarterback Devon Dunn threw for 385 yards and four touchdowns and the Warriors scored the final 14 points to win 56-35 after Amat cut a 28-point deficit to seven early in the fourth quarter.
Photo: Bishop Amat-Alemany photo gallery

Happy Rock still perfect: Senior quarterback Kevin Amezquita accounted for 196 yards and scored four touchdowns and Gladstone took over first place in the Montview League with a 34-18 victory over visiting Duarte at Citrus College.
Photo: Gladstone-Duarte photo gallery

Chino Hills bounces back: A resurgent Ayala team didn’t go quietly, but Chino Hills pulled away in the fourth quarter for a 49-34 victory over the Bulldogs on Friday night at Chino Hills High School.
Photo: Chino Hills-Ayala photo gallery

Ranch wins again: Diamond Ranch (5-2, 2-1) kept the Hacienda League championship at bay, holding on for a 28-21 victory over host Los Altos (4-4, 1-3) on Friday.

Chargers do it with D: Charter Oak’s high-powered offense and stellar defense led the way as the Chargers defeated South Hills 38-7 in a Sierra League game on Friday night.

Glendora gave it a shot: Nate Romine wasn’t on the homecoming court Friday, but he’ll certainly be the king of the Upland campus after his career-best six combined touchdowns and 424 yards of total offense in Friday’s 47-26 Baseline League victory over Glendora

Rowland keeps Rolling: Rowland High School continued its impressive season with a 28-21 Hacienda League victory over Walnut on Friday night.

Friday’s results
Bonita 38, West Covina 21 — Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
Chino Hills 49, Ayala 34 — Huskies answer after Charter Oak blowout
Alemany 56, Bishop Amat 35 – Gave up 21 straight without offense touching the ball.
Charter Oak 38, South Hills 7 — Best defense in Chargers history?
Gladstone 34, Duarte 18 — Gladiators can taste the league title
Diamond Ranch 28, Diamond Bar 21 — Panthers still in league title chase.
El Monte 50, Rosemead 34 — BMart throws over 300 yards and 6 TDs
Rowland 28, Walnut 21 — Raiders shocking season continues.
South El Monte 22, Gabrielino 9 — Eagles’ undefeated season ends
Upland 47, Glendora 26 — Hey, Tartans dropped 26 on the U.
Sierra Vista 58, Ganesha 0 — Dons put it all together.
Covina 38, Nogales 8 — San Dimas up next for Colts
Claremont 34, Damien 14 — Spartans are falling apart.
Azusa 55, Workman 24 — Gets undefeated Happy Rock next.
Northview 27, Wilson 7 — Still undefeated in Valle Vista.
La Puente 43, Bassett 14 — Only one loss in Montview.
Pomona 13, Baldwin Park 7, 3OT — Braves still can’t get a W.
Arroyo 14, Mountain View 3 — Knights defense shows up.


The Inland Insider Tom Kiss with highlights of Chino Hills’ victory over Ayala


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  • Colt74

    Famous quotes in history:

    1. “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.( Armstrong )
    2. “Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country”. ( Kennedy )
    3. “I have a dream…”( King )
    4 “I can’t feel my hands!” ( Cousin )

  • Falcon Fan1

    Yea we got tolegian to believe in Duarte now!
    Let’s do our best to prove it Falcons…. Both teams are good the better one will come out on top…
    Hope both teams stay healthy and no injuries on the field and that both teams will have a good time playing the game they love!
    Tonight 7 pm at Citrus see ya!!

  • Bandwagon

    West Covina 27-14 over Bonita.

  • Fred Robledo

    Colt 74, Classic, I’ll never forget that night of the Cousin live tweeting from the Muir tower in 40 degree weather with the wind-chill factor making him shake his tail off. But he got it done.

  • Cal Fan

    I would expect a “good” effort out of Westco tonight. That’s a proud program over there. After a loss and two weeks to mull on it, I thinking coach will have those boys ready to play. Watch out Bonita.

  • Colt74, Freddie,

    Worst game I’ve ever covered.

  • Mike Robledo

    Colt74 was referring to me freezing at the Alemany vs Amat game in 10′ from the stands… Alemany didn’t allow us access to their press-box that night, saving room for LAT & ESPNPreps, who didn’t show up… I was ill-prepared for the cold that night and lost feeling in my hands!!

    The Muir-Bonita game, which I was prepared for weather wise, still didn’t matter… aside from the 40 degree weather on top of a 50 foot platform, refs called a penalty on every play… EVERY PLAY. Aram’s right.. worst game ever to cover.

  • Basic

    Hey I was at that Muir-BONITA game and it was not much better in the stands…

    BTW, I do think WC comes out with a win tonight, they are a pround program and need it, and BONITA just does not play well with these type of teams (Smash-mouth). It’s like we are a Pac12 team playing an SEC team…Hope I’m wrong though, would love a BONITA WIN

  • Koa is the real deal

    This year’s outcome will be different than 2010! Amat will win because this QB will not meltdown and throw an interception in the last 3 minutes of the game, turning the ball over to the opposing team! He has legs, brains, vision of the defense and can choose different receivers in an instant. Good luck Amat!

  • John

    Is the Amat Alemany game being broadcast on the IBN or any other site?

  • Greenie the picker….

    Bonita vs West Co- Bonita hits a pissed off bulldog pack tonight. Wesco has to win, their rep is on the line. There will be a 2 way tie for the hacienda and this is the title game. However, after winning it twice, and demolishing the field, the entire Southeast wants a piece of the Dawgs…Wesco’s D shuts Turner down. Regarding Bonita, I still have that San Dimas game in my head. The gave up huge pts vs a wing team. I am going with defense here.
    West Co 31 Bonita 21

    Bishop Amat Vs Alemany- I originally was going to pick BA in this one. I had to change my pick. I want the SGV team to win, but as a picker, you go with your mind not heart. Both teams are tough, Both teams are talented. Since I think they are equal, I am going to give the nod to the home team in a shoot out.
    Alemany-34 The Lancers-31

    Duarte vs Gladstone- Coach Martin is doing his thing at Duarte. Here is his chance get his first signature win and league title. although this is G Stone’s best team in years, I think the Falcon’s speed, hitting and athletes should get them a win here. That’s if they don’t have a coaching misque or Meltdown. Take the Falcons here.
    Rocktown Falcons-28 GStone-24

    Ayala vs Chino Hills- This is the biggest crap shoot of the night. Rivalry games are a toss up. Ayala has the team to beat Chino Hills, However, Defense will be the key here. Which QB is going to have the time? Which team is going to shut down the run? Ayala wants to set up a title showdown with Charter Oak. Chino Does not want to finish 3rd. This is the year of the unexpected…I hope I don’t roll snake eyes…
    Ayala-30 Chino Hills 28

  • 12th man

    Amat winning would be great for the SGV!! Even if the Lancers somehow pull off a win & pass Alemany in the Rankings..Realistically speaking, both teams would still be a long shot at winning the Pac5…The winner of tonight’s game will give them a psychological advantage in the Serra league & move them somewhere inside 5-9 in the La Times rankings..Don’t get me wrong..The Serra League is tough..I just don’t see a Pac5 champion caliber type team emerging from there this year..

    (Both Teams)

    (1)Whichever team has less turnovers)
    (2)Team that wins time of possession
    (3)Whichever QB can throw for over 280 & run for at least 70
    (4) Last but not least!! Whichever kicker is on tonight!!


    ALRIGHT AZUSA, continue to do what’s working and let’s get the ~W~… Coach Scherf keep them in track and your still in this race,who knows what can happen at the end of the season! GOOD LUCK AZUSA AZTECS!

  • just askin’

    Real deal, you mean like in the end zone, down 5 vs Notre Dame?

  • Dan

    Colt 74, LOL Too funny!
    Good luck to both Bonita and West Co for a well played clean hitting game, may the injuries steer clear of both teams, God knows both teams have seen enough of them.
    Good luck also to the rest of the SGV teams, especially to Amat, Glendora, and any other SGV team playing an out of area team.
    SGV YEAH!!!!!!!

  • reality

    The Bo-Hi, Muir game had to be way colder than 40. Bonita faithful were cheering the flags just to try and stay warm. First time fans appreciated the little visitors stands at Muir so they could sit huddled up next to each other and not get a weird look.. My other memory was watching 120lb Salce flying through the air after getting head butted by one of Muirs huge bulls.

  • 12th man

    (LA TIMES)

    La Puente Bishop Amat (5-0-1, 0-0) at Mission Hills Alemany (6-1, 1-0), 7 p.m. Alemany hasn’t lost a Serra League game since it joined the league in 2010, going 9-0. This should be one of the Warriors’ toughest tests. Bishop Amat has balance on offense with quarterback Koa Haynes and running back Dionza Blue. Darren Andrews is a terrific receiver-defensive back. Alemany gave up 42 points last week in a win over Sherman Oaks Notre Dame. The offense scored 49 points and might need to equal that, putting the pressure on quarterback Devon Dunn and receivers Steven Mitchell and Devin Ross. The pick: Alemany.

  • Jackie

    Im so excited for the games tonight I can hardly work today. Sending well wishes to all SGV area team especailly to my Falcon Boys! Gstone VS Duarte tonight should be a good one. LETS GO FALCONS!

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams of the SGV for well played and injury free games .

    To the Men in Blue ,
    First league game and it’s time to make a statement to the rest of the league that we are coming to get them . Remember play hard and smart tonight, stay focused , keep your eye on the prize and bring home the W . AMAT WILL SHINE TONIGHT !!!!!!!

  • SamuelD

    Will be @Bonita-WestCo game tonight. Hope the injuries aren’t a factor for Bonita. West Co should come out, but who knows in this league. Its crazy.

  • Colt74

    Probably going to be a bit nippy at Nogales tonigt. I’ll be sending in our score and cheering on Amat and WesCo in spirit.

    “One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.”
    Albert Schweitzer

  • 12th man

    Hope the officiating is on par for tonight’s game!!..Fred, will the weather play a factor in tonight’s game when it comes to tackling? Since this will actually be the 1st time both teams play in colder weather (63″ at game time) I expect a lot of broken tackles…Amat fans don’t forget to leave early because of traffic! The parking situation sucks & the stadium seating can only hold so many..Be prepared to stand along the field like it was 2 years ago..

    Good Luck Amat!~

  • Dan

    12th man, with no rain at 63 degree’s I think the weather would be a positive factor, more energy compared to a hot humid night, I would think the boys will be warmed up and ready to go on a night like tonight. Now if your talking about playing a game in 30 degree weather maybe it would have a negative effect, just my guess.

  • Aaron


  • PRO vs TOE

    To Koa is the Real Deal
    You are the biggest Idiot in the world…do you not remember the 14 points that the defense gave up in the last 40 seconds in the half and the horrible call on the backwards pass in the 1st qtr…Amat spotted them 21 points that year and it was Rio that had them on a winning drive still after all the HOMER ref bad call against Amat…do you not remember rio hit Wallace with a 25 yard strike on a third and 20 and that was also wiped out by another homer penalty…Rio is a Professional Athlete and the best to come out of the SGV in the last 10 plus years you fricken Idiot…You must be an absolute straight hater to keep trying to compare the 2 QB’s…What Rio did for the team, sacrificing his body and career for the school and his teammates will never be forgotten and always be appreciated by the lancer family…Koa is a good QB but is not in the same class and may never be in the same class as Rio, Rio was adored by the community and had little kids walking around wearing his jersey…Come on man-back down and face the facts you boy Koa is NO Rio

  • long drive

    Looks like Fred will have a long drive home tonight. Amat getting spanked!

  • GoAmat

    Alamany 21 Amat 14 Refs 21

  • OMG! OMG!!


  • Real talk

    I am the first in line to eat my crow!!! No excuses we got beat that’s all too it congrats to Alemany. Qb had all day to throw, the middle of the field was wide open.

  • Bonita fan

    Reggie Turner had to have run close to 200 yrds tonight. I have waited for three years to see this win and it was a good feeling seeing their homecoming was spoiled!
    Tuner just keeps improving. He is not freezing up in the pocket as he did earlier in the year. Short swing passes to Turner and Angel great way to get ball out side the tackles for Bonita.

  • Just sayin

    RO84, scribble stopped comments before I could answer. advantages are balanced now with new transfer/enrollment rules. Might even swing to publics due to no tuition

  • Amat93

    @ ro84, That’s the way it is! Deal with it and live with it, and no more of this “same rules” crap!

  • Warrior fan

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA its a lot of crow food tonight dont get crow poisoning.

    Now didnt i tell yall that the air show started at 7 october 12th, and what a show it was. Oh and i would like to be the first to thank Pasadena for their great talent they let go. Desean Holmes, Steven Mitchell, Alif graves and devin ross. And one more thing Amat 73 wasnt it yo that said no sophmore was going to do anything against Amat well eat more crow Desean Holmes #13 is a sophmore that went crazy on yall. Alemany Warriors ill be here all week, then im out.

  • Valley athletics

    Like they where saying in the prep zone . The PAC 5 is so brutal . A third place team can win it all. No easy games in the play offs .

  • To Pro vs. Toe

    You must be Rio’s daddy. Well, Rio is an adult and gone. He wasnt that good in football and the team should have let him go play baseball. EXCUSE ME- told him to go play baseball. Like- quit the team

    So stow the Rio talk. Nine was a bust and only his daddy cant see that.

  • Just askin

    Does the Moore League still get 4 playoffs spots. If so,what a joke!

  • no-step

    Claremont is the most recent team to take Damien to the woodshed, 34-14. The big 3 there, Gano, his OC, and his DC are pathetic. Cheek to cheek the three of them couldn’t make a good beer fart in a whirlwind.

  • Just askin

    What happened to 11 pm start? Turned in and you were already 13 minutes into the show!

  • SGVFan98


    Great game by Alemany.. They’ve earned my respect.. Coach Dean coaches his team like a Madden Video Game.. No punting on 4th and on side kicking all day.. I’m thinking this is going to become a very good rivalry if it isn’t one already. Remember Warrior, league championships only guarantee a better seed in the PAC 5 playoffs.. They don’t guarantee a Division 1 Championship Ring. Regardless.. Good luck to Alemany the rest of the way.. On a good note.. the future is still bright at Amat.. I heard Freshman shutout Alemany yesterday..

  • To Koa the real deal

    You where on Arams blog talking same smack against Rio . Both are great players and both lost alemany . You are just someone that talks to much about Rio .

  • Sierra league

    @RO84. If private schools had an advantage why is Damien the worst team in the Sierra . A league with all public schools .

  • Upland Is OK

    Once again Glendora continues to shot itself in the foot.You take the two scores in the beginning of the game of Glendora miscues by a stupid pass from a quaterback who should know better by now. And Glendora loses that game by a touchdown.
    Upland is good but is it a team that represents the old school baseline? Not a chance.
    Glendora is one dimensional. if it is true that the coach is playing just the seniors just because they are seniors then fire his butt

  • Big Deal Koa

    YOU got it wrong, again…been at these games for 30 plus years and no way Koa is on the same level, Koa was very lucky to not have thrown several pick 6’s already, Servite, C Hills, CO…all had there chances but they were dropped. I know Rio’s Dad, he would laugh at you stupid comments. You might be very close to the Haynes family, maybe too lose to see you boy Koa is in it just a bit over his head…See you at Citrus College…JC Boy…Just another straight hater who cant see straight that people still wish Rio was still the QB…you probably hear all the old timers talk about how well he did against teams…Rio lead teams…NEVER, EVER got bitch slapped like they did tonight…You cant say anything now…Daddy’s Buddy can you…yeah I say daddies buddy because Koa’s dad has oo much class and knows what the truth is…Rio off the Big leagues is right…Just deal with it Hater Jerk..

  • Warrior fan


    Your right it doesnt guarantee a championship but its a start. And yes you freshmen team did very well but do you know what happen to your JV team, thats right Alemany handled them. And i agree Harrington plays Madden a lot but it pays off. That offense is our defense. But good luck the rest of the season i wont talk smack to you but to all the other Amat fans that were yapping off at the mouth like they beat Alemany before in Serra league play oh their getting it all week.

  • Mike the Clone

    Weak offering on the Prep Live tonight AT!!

  • are you sure upland is just ok?

    You must be a parent of a sophomore or junior who didn’t play at all tonight. Glendora played a great second half. They didn’t quit (unlike last year) and gave Upland a run for their money, trading touchdowns with them in the 3rd and 4th quarter. And Upland is ranked in the top 20 in the state, so don’t try to act like they aren’t that good. Maybe Glendora is getting better. We’ll see in the next couple of weeks. I know one thing, Cade Lindsey is legit.

  • RubyTuesday

    Charter Oak played an average game. They had so many penalties, it was difficult to keep track. They also turned the ball over a couple time on potential TD drives. Definitely a HO-HUM game for the Chargers yet when I left, the score was 38-7 – a blowout. CO plays a weak game yet still humbles the Huskies. It’s madness.

  • Mike the Clone


    @are you sure upland is just ok?

    Don’t know the specifics of the game tonight but you do play two halves!


  • bbin91741

    Nothing makes a Friday night better than seeing Amat had their asses handed to them. All the fat, drunk, barely-English speaking fans must be drowning their sorrow with burritos, tacos and tequila. I hope the La Puente police department is on alert for wife beating tonight.

  • 233hfir

    Amat got beat down but is still king of the valley .

  • Gano was a mistake

    Spartan fans are now realizing they made a huge mistake with hiring Greg Gano!! Damien was much better with Morrison. How do you lose to Claremont on your home coming?? Admit it Spartan fans, Morrison isva much better coach than Gano. Morrison won more than Gano and produced a much better student athlete.

  • D1_athletes

    AMAT will win a Pac-5 championship when we get multiple major D1 athletes. It’s like in pro hoop , you need at least three stars to win. In ’92, we had a few huh. A tip of the hat to the HAG. He does a great job with what he has. The Rio years were almost, but only 1 major D1 athele or professional athlete. Use any idiom you like, it won’t happen until then, but our boys play their hearts out and we are proud of them win or lose. Alemany , #7 in Socal has 2 committed to Major D1 in Mitchell to USC and Ross to Colorado. Figure it out morons Also, channel 5 report AMAT and MAXPREPS reads the same, lol…

  • I’m a Glendora Idiot.

    Hi, I’m a typical Glendora racist who got my ass handed in the day by Mighty AMAT. My name is BBin91741. Our teams stink because we have a drug problem at our school. I just like to spread
    hate. I’m such an idiot I actually think all AMAT students live in La Puente but you must realize that because I don’t know the difference between see and watch.

  • Alemany!

    Ahahahaha where are all the Amat choinkadonks??? chirp chirp chirp chirp cough cough cough cough…..hee hee ALEMANY OWNS YA!! BOW DOWN!!!

  • SGV Athlete


    Just a correction, but the GLADIATORS can taste the league title, not the Falcons….

    Time to get ready for A-sucia.

  • Best offense

    The guru was saying on the channel 5 news that alemany has the best offense on the PAC 5 and it’s just getting better . This years PAC 5 has more teams that can win it all . Last year servite and Santa margarita where favorites. Now with stanton out there is no favorite .st John bosco, mater dei , alemany , mission viejo , el toro, st bonaventure,tesoro,oaks Christian,amat,crespi,notre dame, Santa margarita,Olu all have a chance. My pick is between alemany and mission viejo

  • To Coach Gano

    Coach Gano.
    Now that things are at their worst, why dont you give the other boys who dont get to play a shot. Your starters, favorites, they cant do it. why dont you try being fair. Give some of the other kids you dont like or dont beleive in a shot? What would be the worst that could happen? Lets be real here. Players you are starting, and you hear the same names over and over, arent doing it bub. Now would be the time to rotate different kids in and out. Give your team some heart. Even your favorites would appreciate seeing some of their friends get a shot. It would build a team. Kids would get the idea that you are fair. that you care about ALL the team.

    If not, then cool, go about your business and continue loosing buddy. I am a
    Damien spartan. My kid isnt Cam Newton or Kurt Scooby or Jeff Mangold. He shows up to every practice, he has never missed one. Listens to you, follows your directions and orders, and never plays.

    regroup coach. play all the boys, rotate them in and out. Its not gonna do you much worse than you do now.

    Good luck coach. Regroup, build some heart out there. show the kids you like them . play them all, have some fun, What do you have to loose?

    A damien supporter

  • 12th man

    After watching all the teams from the Serra League play…I have to say…Amat could be in trouble!..It’s obvious the Lancers cant cover the spread offense or a good passing team! They’ve had trouble in the past & this year is no different..Chino Hills was the 1st to expose that defense when they put up 48…Giving up 56 is just unacceptable by any defense..It won’t get any easier vs Notre Dame & Crespi who can also sling the rock pretty well & can put up points in a hurry.!! I’ve been saying all season that Amat is about 2 really good players short on defense from becoming the Powerhouse of the pac5…Alemany has a good team & i can see them perhaps reaching the Semis…But that’s it!..I don’t see them winning the pac5 at this time…My top 3 picks to win the pac5 are St.Bonaventure, St.John Bosco, Mission Viejo, in no particular order..Mater Dei,& El Toro are right there also…But you never know what’s going to happen come playoff time..Fred likes to say that anyone in the Pac5 that makes the playoffs has a shot at winning it all! The reality is there’s only about 10 teams who truly have a shot..But hey! Saying that there’s 10 teams in a single division that can win it all…Well! that would just sound absurd in any other division..That’s the Pac5 for ya folks!!..I would like to see Amat play Charter Oak one more time..I think it would be a much closer game..CO got caught in all the media hype & folded under the no means did they play to their full potential that night..Oh well! Gonna have to wait until next year..One thing is for sure..When it’s all said & done You mite have Charter Oak as your all around #1 team followed by Amat..That’s just my guess & personal opinion…

  • 12th man


    Friday, October 12th



    Roybal 34, Belmont 24


    Crenshaw 42, Locke 8


    Arleta 28, North Hollywood 14

    Verdugo Hills 42, Grant 33


    Roosevelt 20, Huntington Park 14


    Carson 28, San Pedro 0

    Gardena 33, Washington 14

    Narbonne 54, Wilmington Banning 7


    Eagle Rock 29, Franklin 15

    Lincoln 28, Los Angeles Marshall 21


    Van Nuys 49, Panorama 6

    Sylmar 42, Reseda 7


    El Camino Real 47, Chatsworth 14

    Taft 26, Cleveland 6


    Los Angeles University 28, Westchester 8

    Venice 55, Los Angeles Hamilton 0


    San Fernando 29, View Park 21



    Alhambra 53, Keppel 20

    Bell Gardens 27, Schurr 24

    Montebello 48, San Gabriel 41 (OT)


    Sierra Canyon 45, Viewpoint 20


    Calvary Murrieta 45, Linfield Christian 7

    Ontario Christian def. Arrowhead Christian (forfeit)


    Riverside Christian 57, Anza Hamilton 6


    Rancho Cucamonga 28, Etiwanda 6

    Upland 47, Glendora 26


    Palos Verdes 48, Mira Costa 13

    Peninsula 58, Leuzinger 20

    Redondo 34, West Torrance 31 (OT)


    Corona Centennial 38, Norco 37

    Corona Santiago 49, Eastvale Roosevelt 35

    King 28, Corona 23


    Brea Olinda 28, El Modena 21

    Esperanza 23, Anaheim Canyon 13


    Buena 27, San Marcos 14

    Dos Pueblos 27, Ventura 21


    Eisenhower 40, Yucaipa 15

    Redlands 28, Cajon 16

    Redlands East Valley 38, Miller 7


    Shadow Hills 13, Twentynine Palms 7

    Yucca Valley 24, Desert Mirage13


    Cantwell-Sacred Heart 8, Bosco Tech 7

    La Salle 47, Mary Star 6


    La Serna 45, Whittier 7

    Santa Fe 44, El Rancho 43


    Boron 50, Riverside Prep 0

    Vasquez 24, Silver Valley 19


    Barstow 18, Victor Valley 14

    Ridgecrest Burroughs 63, Granite Hills 11


    Cathedral City 40, Indio 7

    La Quinta 52, Coachella Valley 0

    Palm Springs 27, Palm Desert 20


    Placentia Valencia 35, Yorba Linda 14

    Tustin 63, Cypress 21


    Canyon Country Canyon 41, Saugus 14

    Hart 56, Golden Valley 14


    La Habra 41, Sunny Hills 18

    Sonora 28, Fullerton 12

    Troy 21, Buena Park 6


    Fillmore 41, Santa Clara 7


    Rancho Alamitos 47, Bolsa Grande 10

    Westminster La Quinta 26, Garden Grove Santiago 21


    Antelope Valley 10, Eastside 6

    Highland 39, Littlerock 0

    Palmdale 33, Knight 21

    Quartz Hill 65, Lancaster 6


    Segerstrom 44, Ocean View 7


    Bonita 38, West Covina 21

    Diamond Ranch 28. Los Altos 21

    Rowland 28, Walnut 21


    Bishop 47, California City 7

    Desert 30, Frazier Mountain 8

    Kern Valley 44, Rosamond 22


    Rancho Verde 49, Canyon Springs 6

    Riverside North 17, Valley View 10

    Riverside Poly 27, Vista del Lago 0


    Lompoc 49, Santa Maria 0

    Morro Bay 38, Santa Ynez 8

    Templeton 42, Lompoc Cabrillo 14


    Royal 21, Simi Valley 20

    Westlake 27, Newbury Park 17


    Moorpark 42, Agoura 7

    Thousand Oaks 17, Calabasas 7


    Chaminade 63, St. Paul 13

    Gardena Serra 42, Cathedral 3

    Harvard-Westlake 41, St. Francis 35


    El Monte 50, Rosemead 34

    South El Monte 22, Gabrielino 9


    Apple Valley 44, Hesperia 10

    Serrano 41, Oak Hills 16


    Azusa 55, Workman 24

    Gladstone 34, Duarte 18

    La Puente 43, Bassett 14

    Sierra Vista 58, Ganesha 0


    Lakewood 16, Long Beach Cabrillo 13

    Long Beach Jordan 44, Millikan 22

    Long Beach Wilson 55, Compton 12


    Citrus Hill 56, Beaumont 31

    Tahquitz 37, San Jacinto 20

    West Valley 37, Hemet 30


    Citrus Valley 42, Riverside Notre Dame 14


    Chaffey 45, Ontario 18

    Montclair 21, Don Lugo 19


    Inglewood 12, Culver City 9

    Morningside 20, Hawthorne 0

    Santa Monica 24, Beverly Hills 0


    Anaheim 35, Savanna 21

    Magnolia 23, Century 21


    Godinez 23, Costa Mesa 21

    Laguna Beach 48, Estancia 14


    Arroyo Grande 42, Pioneer Valley 16

    San Luis Obispo 38, Righetti 35

    Santa Maria St. Joseph 31, Paso Robles 17


    Arcadia 49, Glendale 7

    Burbank 38, Crescenta Valley 21

    Hoover 37, Pasadena 8

    Muir 21, Burbank Burroughs 14


    Corona del Mar 51, Northwood 14

    Irvine 29, Irvine University 21

    Woodbridge 24, Beckman 16


    Camarillo 50. Channel Islands 7

    Oxnard 62, Hueneme 0

    Oxnard Pacifica 35, Rio Mesa 17


    Compton Centennial 33, South Torrance 10

    El Segundo 24, Torrance 22

    North Torrance 49, Lawndale 21


    Monrovia 49, La Canada 3

    San Marino 86, Blair 0

    Temple City 42, South Pasadena 35 (OT)


    Norte Vista 34, Moreno Valley 31 (2OT)

    Patriot 41, Ramona 28


    Carter 30, Rialto 28

    San Gorgonio 41, San Bernardino 8


    Downey 14, Gahr 5

    Paramount 47, Lynwood 7


    St. Anthony 16, St. Monica 13 (2OT)


    Dana Hills 31, Capistrano Valley 0

    Laguna Hills 49, Aliso Niguel 14


    Alemany 56, Bishop Amat 35

    Sherman Oaks Notre Dame 40, Crespi 34 (4OT)


    Charter Oak 38, South Hills 7

    Chino Hills 49, Ayala 34

    Claremont 34, Damien 14


    El Toro 41, Tesoro 31

    Mission Viejo 45, San Clemente 7


    Chaparral 42, Temecula Valley 6

    Murrieta Valley 33, Murrieta Mesa 30

    Vista Murrieta 65, Great Oak 14


    Bellflower 45,Norwalk 44 (OT)

    La Mirada 51, Glenn 9


    Elsinore 54, Lakeside 28

    Heritage 24, Temescal Canyon 7


    Colton 48, Grand Terrace 18

    Kaiser 55, Bloomington 0

    Summit 41, Fontana 0


    Edison 24, Los Alamitos 14

    Huntington Beach 31, Marina 3

    Newport Harbor 21, Fountain Valley 14


    Nordhoff 20, Oak Park 12


    Mater Dei 24, Santa Margarita 7

    Orange Lutheran 28, Servite 14

    St. John Bosco 44, JSerra 41 (OT)


    Covina 38, Nogales 8

    Northview 27, Hacienda Heights Wilson 7

    Pomona 13, Baldwin Park 7 (3OT)


    Brentwood 46, Mammoth 18

    Mission Prep 50, Grace Brethren 12

    Silverado 45, Sultana 28

    St. Margaret’s 77, Firebaugh 0


    Spring Valley Monte Vista 35, Brethren Christian 7

    8 MAN


    Excelsior 57, California Lutheran 20

    Lucerne Valley 56, Victor Valley Christian 0


    Santa Maria Valley Christian 60, Shandon 16


    Avalon 41, Price 6

    Liberty Christian 78, Rolling Hills Prep 12


    Faith Baptist 50, Lancaster Baptist 40


    Hillcrest Christian 58, Concordia 6


    Bermuda Dunes Desert Christian 43, Bloomington Christian 24

    Joshua Springs 60, Desert Chapel 58


    Noli Indian 40, San Jacinto Valley Academy 28


    Orcutt Academy 61, Big Pine 6


    Mojave 57, Coalinga Faith Christian 26

  • Donut HOLES

    We’ll I wonder what Gano is saying at the donut shop this am. Besides putting the calories in, his team sure looks pretty bad.

    The Qb spot is a serious issue, defense is soft, players aren’t motivated.

    Its going to tough in the final days watching Gano lose before he gets fired.

  • no-step

    Congratulations, Coach Gano
    Your Spartans set a school record! 9 turnovers in a single game! That, and about 100 yards in penalties. Your defense has given up over 170 points in 6 games, and your offense can’t move the ball. You don’t platoon even though you have the numbers on the side line. You’re a fraud. You think the team is yours when it really belongs to the kids. Your passing game is Pop Warner at best, and your defense is coached by a Bozo. When you give up 125 points in your last 3 games, even you should be thinking that your DC doesn’t know if he found a rope, or lost his horse.

  • Aaron

    The case for player of the year:

    Reggie Turner 889 yds rushing, 18 TDs, 204 yds receiving 3 TDs, 1 INT ret for a TD.

    22 Total TDs. Kid is a monster.

    The signal caller for Bohi ain’t bad either.







  • My $0.03

    12th man is right , Amat is in serious trouble in league. Not just this year either, but for the next few years if one thing doesn’t happen….getting more ATHLETES to play in the defensive backfield. Fred, Aram, and fans have been saying it the past few years…pass-happy offenses are Amat’s Achilles heel. Is it coaching? Scheming? Blown assignments? No. It’s athletes. Real athletes. Athletes needed to cover a lot of ground, play man defense, and lock down the defensive backfield. Last night one of Alemany’s sophomores had over 150 yards receiving. Sophomore. 150 yards. And someone on the blog said earlier in the week that sophomores never play well in the PAC-5? Well, unless that sophomore is a receiver playing vs. Amat’s DB’s. Sure, there’s Andrews, and he’s good, but he’s 5’8 and goes both ways…and he’s only 1 of 4 back there.

    I think the only counter for these athletic pass-happy teams are the big, strong, physical South OC type teams like Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Tesoro, etc. teams that punish you and wear you down over four quarters. A lot of ball control and time of possession. And they tend to have decent Db’s, who seem to have great size for their respective positions. When Alemany plays schools like that, it’s a good, close game…but never do they score 56 points and have over 400 yards passing. And the SGV just doesn’t have an abundance of OC type lineman, at all. But there are pockets of the SGV that do have athletes and you saw it last night: Pasadena, Monrovia, and Duarte. If Amat doesn’t start tapping those areas and snatching up 4-6 athletes from there a year, the same trend of pass-happy offenses killing the defense will continue.

  • 12th man

    Sleeper team in the Pac5 is “El Toro” can anyone stop the aerial assault they have been imposing on their opponents? Santa Margarita is also in trouble! I see SJB & Mater Dei making the playoffs SM better hope for a wild card~ Amat’s chances of getting a wild card are slowly evaporating every time Servite loses..It’s still early & teams can make the necessary adjustments to become more competitive.. You better hurry though!! It’s apparent that Amat’s defense cant allow more than 28 points a game in order for them to win the remainder of their games…Do the math! Their offense is averaging just over 30 points a game…

  • Who is next

    Who will be the next Damien coach ? Any thoughts , names ?

  • DBS

    Amat needs players like Cordell broadus and Kenya bell of diamond bar next year . A couple of line men , linebackers to replace graduating class and they can make noise . Freshman class being undefeated is a good sign for them in a couple years for camargos debut . Maybe some of Damien’s good sophomore class transfers to amat . Who knows . Amat offensively has been good Against alemany but alemany s receivers are not just good . Mitchell is tops in the country and the rest are on the way to becoming tops in the country .

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat

    Over the last two years or so, if anyone in here were to have made an argument with me regarding who had the better team between Amat and Alemany, I would have emphatically argued that Amat had the better team.

    Last night however, Warrior fan proved to be quite correct when he said that Alemany was going to basically beat up on the Lancers.

    First of all, let us all agree to the fact that when he said that the warriors have owned amat over the last several years, that he has clearly been on point. When he came on this blog earlier and said that the warriors had the better coaching staff, I at first took great issue with that statement, but in hind sight, the facts are what they are.

    You simply cant sit there and make an argument that is contrary with the facts, especially when you have the very same results over the last three years or so.

    BTW, no shame in admitting that another team is better then you are, because at the end of the day, thats just the way the game is played. I mean, your always going to find someone out there who is better than you are, at what it is that you do best. It happens, you take your lumps, and you just move on.

    Look, no matter what my heart and your heat says, that last night, the Warriors absolutely toyed with the Lancers. They were by far the better team.

    In fact, you can even make the argument that since they came on board the Serra, that the Alemany Warriors have been the class of our league. They are a good football team and what I dont like, is when someone comes on this blog and somehow tries to disrespect the value of their victory, by somehow suggesting that they cant win the PAC5 because of some lame a$$ reason.

    Congratulations to the warriors for a good win last night and to all the Amat faithful, I know its tough to have that helping of humble pie so early in the season, and. Ill be the first to say that its equally difficult to have some idiot in here over the next few weeks talking the same kind of smack that so many of us get into the habit of doing when we are the ones whove won the big game.

    But hey ,you take the good with the bad dont you ?

    Anyway, if there was one bright spot last night, id have to say that it was the fact that ill bet that marijuana bill will be quiet for the rest of the week

    LOL !

  • no-step

    Who is next

    I would like to see John Monger and Pete Merandi. Damien should have hired them 4 years ago when they had the chance.

  • My .03 cents,

    Remember, Amat does not have Alcantara, who was lost before season with an injury. He would be a big-sized athlete at safety that would’ve helped.

    Also, Amat lost some key secondary guys from last year’s frosh team. But, the good news is that your statement about the next few years isn’t correct. There are ample athletes on this year’s frosh team. And I’m of the belief that Amat’s success this year will even bring in some transfers.

  • little big man

    whats so scary about bonita is they had 5 starters out last night against west covina. pitts who is a major player on offense cracked his ribs against walnut. im still not sold on this bonita defense yet

  • 5for5

    With the exception of certain games last year, Amat has been on a commendable run. Their talent is more or less maximized in all games. Amat stomps area “competitors” and plays their butts off against superior Pac 5 teams, only to come up short, dust off, and give it their best shot the next time out.

    I agree with everyone on here writing about athletes, talent, etc.

    Amat is the SGVs best. It’d be very interesting to see how they’d fare in the Inland Division…a division that is top heavy and not nearly as deep as the Pac 5. I think they could beat Upland, Rancho, struggle with Centennial, and get smoked by Vista Murrieta. The semi’s, maybe finals, would be the result. Those last two teams send scores of players to college Division 1 programs.

    Why would they not win the Inland?…for the same reason they can’t get past the first or second round in the Pac 5—talent/athletes/size.

    Amat’s coaching staff appears to do their jobs between the lines. There’s no doubt they produce a good product. I’m not familar with the scouting/recruiting process–the short comings of Bishop Amat football–but that’s where the program is lacking.

    Complain, make excuses, give credit to other programs, whatever, but if Amat wants to complete for a title–the goal of the program–then it must bring in better athletes and more size. It must hit the road and recruit. It must convince a 280 lbs. lineman from Santa Ana, a 4.5 burner from Gardena, a 6’4″ thrower from the San Fernando Valley to come to La Puente to enroll in a small Catholic School and play football. Alemeny has a much better talent pool to pull from compared to the SGV, and their program has taken the leg up on it’s competitors. Amat’s answer will not come from the surrounding towns.

    The immediate area, when collectively gathered, produces a team that can’t stop a high powered offense like Alemany. I have the feeling that an all-area first team defense couldn’t stop Bishop Alemany. The talk of a Pac 5 can stop unless we start seeing players coming in from outside of the area.

    Amat loses because their offense/defense line is light compared to top teams, and their skilled players are too far and few between. It’s not the coaching between the lines. It’s player personnel.

    And that’s no fault of the players at all. I couldn’t be prouder of their effort, talent, skill, determination, and fight on the field. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to win a division championship without some help. There’s no doubt that probably one-third to half of the current roster could make a championship roster, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Amat’s most skilled offensive and defensive players wouldn’t have major roles on that roster. I also feel that the coaching staff could get the job done as well.

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to all the teams of the SGV win or lose and hoping all escaped injury free. Well congratulations to Alemany as they were the better team last and got the W. The Men in Blue put up a great effort but came up short. Not going to get into particulars other than saying we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot the last few minutes of the second qtr everytime we face Alemany. They have a very well balanced team and my hat is off to them . Warrior fan , have at it as your team did you proud . We have another tough game next week and it looks like we have to run the table now to make the playoffs .

  • Bob

    Damien; It is time for a change:

    Put the 15 players that play both offense and defense on the bench and play the other 40 players that have never played, it could only result in GOOD!

    Replace all the coaches, they are comatose!!!!!

  • My $0.03

    Aram, that’s good to hear about Amat’s Frosh team, and that’s why I said “if” they couldn’t shore up their def. backfield they’d be in trouble in the upcoming years. And yes, Alcantara would’ve helped this year, but again, this issue has been going on for the past few years. Maybe it’s something that the Frosh team will change in the future, and it would be great if they did. They need athletic corners like what Price and Sermons “could have” been, had Sermons not bolted for DR. And they don’t need them every 4-5 years either. The Serra is becoming a pass-happy league, because they can’t afford to pound with the likes of the OC teams man-for-man. So Amat will need a heavy rotation of athletes to play defense in the Serra. And yes, your best athletes should play defense and defense only, IF you can afford it with great depth.

    5on5 is dead on about Amat and articulated it much better than I did. And he’s right. Amat is not losing for lack of effort, or a lack of coaching, but only for a lack of athletes to keep up with the likes of Mitchell, Holmes, Dunn, Ross, etc.

  • Daddys in Gano Pockets

    Gano must have the cleanest carpets in the SGV. The quaterback spot at Damien brings new meaning to small ball.

  • Even Wilson Says Enough Is Enough

    Did the Pomona poster enroll another of his sons at Damien?
    Sure sounds like it.

  • Game Time

    Let’s be brutally honest here, Alemany’s football team is made up of the best athletes from the Pasadena area, 90% Afro-American kids. If you look at the schools ethnic make up its like 95% Hispanic. Yet Amat’s team ethnicity represents the schools latino population. Small latinos cannot compete with size and speed of those Alemany kids. Time to tap in the Monrovia, Duarte, Pasadena area kids if you ever want to win a PAC5 crown. I mean look at Ellis McCarthy 6’5″ 305 lbs his Mom went to Bassett HS, that SH kid Aiono 6′ 3″ 280 lbs lives in La Puente and he’s
    in the Bassett school district. Time to recruit, I mean attract some speed and beef if you want to play and win big boy football

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    I seem to recall Damien’s QB being anointed “one of the best QB’s in the Valley” by Freddy or Aram. Care to adjust that statement gentlemen?

  • Warrior fan

    AMAT 73

    How is your crow soup? I bet you wont run your mouth off again about another sophmore will you. Or was that Amat 93 that made that comment about no sophmore would ever do anything against Amat. LOL. well that sophmore had 7 for 150+ yards and a couple of touchdowns. Or how about the duck hunting alemany did all night against your Lancers? did you say 56 points WOW which could actually had been more but as classy as Alemany is they only put up slightly more than half a century on your Lancers lol, your team is not Serra ready.

  • My .03 cents,

    Therein lies Amat’s problem at present. They don’t have the athletes across the board to hang with the elite athletic teams they will see in the PAC-5, i.e. Alemany. And they don’t have the beef in the trenches to hang with the elite physical teams they will see in the PAC-5, i.e. the OC powers. So where does that leave them this season? Probably the same as recent years if they don’t get some luck of the draw.

    BUT!!!!! Help is on the way, because the frosh team is BIG and ATHLETIC, so Amat fans be patient and hope you’re still in the PAC-5 when those froshies are juniors and seniors. (I also expect some transfers to come Amat’s way).

  • Game Time

    Geez Aram, you stole the words right out of my mouth. That’s what I’ve been trying to say in my below post.

  • AMAT Has Sophomores Too

    @Warrior Fan,

    Congratulations on a good win for Alemany.
    Amat has sophomores too making a big contributions. We have 3 sophomores starting on Varsity (2 on defense and 1 of offense). In fact, it was one of our sophomores that picked Dunn and almost took it to the house in the 4th quarter.

    This year Alemany won, but we are happy with what we have coming up. Remember, last year and this year our Frosh team has beat the Alemany Frosh team.

    Congratulations on a good win, and we are looking forward to seeing you in the playoffs and in the future.

  • Scout @ DBS


    AMAT I’m sure will be happy to accept transfers who are quality kids both on and off the field.

    I’m sure Haggerty and staff would love to have more athletes to work with and what separates this program from many others is that they work with EVERY kid not just the ones that start every week.

    Competition is always good and builds character.

    Unknown to many, AMAT has a pretty solid core of underclassman on Varsity and many others on JV and Frosh.

    On the Varsity squad…

    At DB and Safety, we have 4 seniors out there and 1 junior.

    At linebacker, we have 1 senior out of the 4 starters. The other 3 are a junior and 2 sophomores. We also have a stud Senior who was injured and hopefully will be returning soon.

    On the O-line and D-Line we have a couple very good seniors and the rest are juniors and 1 sophomore on offense.

    At the receiver, tight end and running back spots we are loaded with seniors this year. Both starting running backs are seniors and the majority of our receivers are seniors.

    Like I said, I’m sure the AMAT Family would welcome solid transfers, but make sure they are willing to work hard and play hard.

    Kids that are not willing to work hard on and off the field will find it difficult to have success at AMAT. Kids that are willing to work hard will remember it for a LIFETIME!

  • Big cat

    Bravetown…..,.this has got to end. Williams needs to go. He and his staff are a joke. BP has never been this bad. What is your take.

  • Realistic

    To all the Gano haters,

    You might think Gano is not a good coach even though he has 4 CIF championships. How can a coach not be good with 4 rings but whatever, your entitled to your own opinion. Truth is, your son can’t play ball. If he could, he would. Sorry your son is not as good as you think he is.

  • DHS SK

    Hey Realistic, what has Gano done for Damien lately? Yeah I thought so. And by the way, his chosen players he DOES play haven’t done crap either.

    It is time for change at Damien. Old man “C” and Gano both need to go.

  • Smartass

    Heh, maybe Gano shouldn’t have exiled his brain to Siberia… errr… Wilson.

  • Thomas

    Hey UNREALISTIC,its a lot easier to win 4 rings in D5 against sub-par talent than it is against a division primarily made of D1/2 teams. He has yet to make a single adjustment all year and this will be his last season at Damien,his action last week proved he knows that and wants it that way too.

  • PAC 5

    The problem with all the d 1 caliber players In the valley they choose to play in weak divisions against less competition . That’s going to hurt them in college when they try to win the starting job against someone who has played in another state or the PAC 5 . Top caliber players should be wanting to play at Amat to prepare for that on high school. Maybe amat gets some of Damien’s good sophomore class . I heard some baseball players already transferrd to Bonita

  • What!?

    PAC 5,

    That’s about as dumb of a thing as I’ve ever heard. You can’t be serious, can you? I guess Jason David couldn’t hack it because he didn’t don the “A” helmet. Or Keith Smith? Or Walter Thurmond? I guess you’re right. US Army All-Americans Ellis McCarthy and Kevon Seymour, who have both seen playing time at UCLA, and USC respectively as TRUE FRESHMEN, both had great careers at Amat, right? Lol, what an idiot.

  • Lancer Blue…

    PAC 5 is 100% correct. LMFAO

    This is why Amat has no chance to win in the PAC (not since 1995) and we won’t in the next 2 years! The valley studs no longer come to Amat. The yellow “A” means nothing. They rather have a CO, an M, or even a WC on their helmets! College recruiters no longer visit Amat. They know Hagerty doesn’t support the players. And future players and parents know their boys have a better shot at a scholly by playing at CO than they do at Amat! Hagerty is the main problem!

    I’m just glad that we’re finally going to be demoted to the Wester Division! At least we’ll be able to compete against teams in our division!

  • AMAT 73

    warrior fan,
    As I wrote earlier , congratulations on your team’s win . Have fun this week with your blogging as your team beat us and was the better team Friday night, but for me it’s on to Crespi . As far as you calling me out on the comments on a sophomore , never happened . I don’t get into nor will I bad mouth any high school player on any team . I will go round and round with a follower of a team but never call out or bring down a player. You have the wrong person. Enjoy the victory but there is still a long way to go and as you can see by ND beating Crespi ,anything can happen in the Serra .


    Daddy Carpert’s

    That was classic! I guess in about three/four weeks the carpets are going to get dirty.

    Gano firing is long over due, and what’s even funnier, is DADDY can’t play the game on the field for his son. How many picks now?

    Just another bad decision on Gano’s part, but I guess clean carpets is worth it! LOL

  • DHS


    If you knew anything about what is going on under Gano’s regime, you would know that is a load. People need to stop praising Gano for what he did in the past. That means absolutely nothing. After seeing what he has done at Damien, I am convinced his success at Los Altos was due to talent he acquired, not that he developed. He and his staff have done nothing to get one single individual on that team better than where they were at the beginning of the season, and that is a damn shame considering how much money he is getting paid to coach! From the start of spring ball, there was no competition for starting positions. Players knew that their starting spots were locks. The work outs were light with very little weight lifting in that brand new, state of the art weight room. Yeah, it still looks brand new, because it is… He has done nothing to foster leadership or teamwork. His whole program is an embarassment to Damien. To lay an egg like that on Homecoming to a weak Claremont team is horrible! And Fred needs to stop making excuses for Gano by blaming the administration. He was given scholarship players. Not one left the school due to financial hardships. Never in Damien’s history has so much been done to support a head coach. There are no more excuses! The responsibility of the failures of this program rest squarely on the shoulders of Gano and no other! Everyone saw who were Gano’s ponies that he was going to race with. He hand picked them and didn’t bother to develope any others. If he made deals with the devil (or daddies), then he can live in the pile of crap he constructed. The worse part in this whole mess is not they lost some games, but that they didn’t get any better!!! I just hope he hasn’t tainted the underclassmen so much that they still have the will to stay to rebuild what is left when he is gone.

  • BraveDad

    @ 12th man,

    FYI, the first through third place teams make the payoffs in the Trinity. So SM can still make it even if Bosco and MD finish one and two. Also, there are two Pac5 at large bids, or as you referred to them, wild cards. So a forth place Trinity team could make it into the dance too.

  • Outer Limits

    To all associated with Damien see if you think this is a fair summary. Obviously simplfied but it removes all the emotions I see on this blog which really blurrs the issues.

    Talent: There is enough to win games and compete in the Sierra now. The talent will not bring any coach a CIF title any time soon. Even if they bring in additional big bodies Damien just doesnt have the DNA to be a football power.
    Administration: It is in turmoil but a huge positive step was taken with the principle. They need an experienced person to help find the school their identities post Father Travis. More changes are required before they hire their next coach.
    Coaching: From the outside looking in it is easy to see the staff is unorganized and undisciplined and their team plays that way. They deserve to lose their job on that alone. It was painful to watch in the 2 games I watched.
    Finally: Attacks on players and their families are meaningless and acts of desperation to protect your own children. The kind of cheap shots I have read tell more about the blogger than it does anyone else.

  • PAC 5

    @what .Guys like Ellis and Seymour are top 5 players on last years recruiting and all Americans . Does not have to do anything with the program making them better . I am talking about the majority who get d 1 offers and never see the field . Guys like Ellis and Seymour are an exception to what I am saying .

  • Damien Breakdown

    @Outerlimits-That is a good summary.

    The attacks are on and off this blog and they are coming from both sides of the fence. There are starters and families with their private practices/dinners/fundraisers/camps and take coaches to dinner and breakfast. They have monopolozed the playing time in the spring/summer/fall. With all the losses, now the elite want to blame the play calling and the lack of TEAM when none of these people did a single thing to create a team. The underclassmen players/backups parents have took to the blogs to call everyone out. The starters parents let the backups know they are not good enough. The backups have been treated like a Japanese Inspection (they are left on the side to rot).

    In a game of strategy where the word TEAM matters, talent will take you so far. HEART and DETERMINATION from every player is what makes a team. Every player matters and can make a difference.

  • Outer Limits

    From the outer limits it seems your emotions may be getting the best of you. Its not the parents responsibility to create a sense of team. That falls directly on the team, coaches and players, to include underclassman and backups.
    In addition your concern about what parents are doing with their private time is very revealing. Teach your kids to focus on their own behavior and they will be more empowered and make much better teammates.
    Its my hope for all my friends at Damien that everyone stays positive and moves forward during this rough time.
    Best of luck.

  • DHS number 1

    Coach Gano.
    Now would be the time to rotate different kids in and out. Give your team some heart. Even your favorites would appreciate seeing some of their friends get a shot. It would build a team. Kids would get the idea that you are fair. that you care about ALL the team.

    If not, then cool, go about your business and continue loosing buddy. I am a
    Damien spartan. My kid isnt Cam Newton or Kurt Scooby or Nick Mangold. He shows up to every practice, he has never missed one. Listens to you, follows your directions and orders, and never plays.

    regroup coach. play all the boys, rotate them in and out. Its not gonna do you much worse than you do now.

    Good luck coach. Regroup, build some heart out there. show the kids you like them . play them all, have some fun, What do you have to loose?

    A damien supporter

  • no-step

    Outer Limits.
    Gee, maybe we should all hug a tree, kiss a dolphin, save a whale, and sing Kumbaya.

  • WTF

    DHS number 1, Sorry Gano could not due what you want because Gane has never been a coach he always relied on others. We have been saying for ever he is a recruiter not a coach. He just does not know how to play the hole team even if wanted to. This is poetic justice, Gano is paying for his bad karma.

  • WTF

    Hey Fred/Aram, You guys have been up Gano’s skirt for years. You guys know football like Gano is a Coach. What know comment about Gano? It’s best you remain silent since you really don’t know anything about high school football

  • Damien Breakdown

    Outer limits its comical. Parents can do what they want on their own dime/time. We laugh at you guys. What has the money bought you? Really think any of those kids will be playing D1 or D2 school? Bragging to anyone who will listen. Its a joke. Your kids are you. They come to practice with the same frame of mind. Entitlement. Its time the underclassmen show the upperclassmen who is in charge since there is no leadership. Then you blog and blame the defense. How can my kid do their job if offense is not doing theirs?

  • Your Volley

    Damien Breakdown,
    How dare you speak for the underclassman and the backups. I am a parent of an underclassman and I love the starters and their parents. They have done great they are not the problem. It’s FAT two faces parents like you that are the problem. I bet your where smiling and talking to all those parents this Friday and then you come on this blog and bash them. Your a joke and dont represnt me.

  • Damien lover

    Underclassmen parents Shhhhhhhhhh! Patients? Soon changes will take place and your kids wll be living your dreams with no future in football. The new coaches will come and you will be arguing about something else. The coach will be a winning coach with his own parents and players and your ass will be wondering where you went wrong or paying more money asking for favors….SHHHHH! Wait and see it’s like a poem on groundhog day you will be sick and tired of issues with the fotball program soon enough and you will be begging for playing time, new school, or new coaches Shhhhhhhh! coming your wa,y don’t spit up…..

  • History does repeat itself

    Since U mention spit how about U chew on this just like the parents at St. Paul.We will eat your hired gun coach up and spit him out. There is no coach bigger than a mob of angry private school parents. Asante is one of many who learned this the hard way.

  • Damien lover

    WOw! must have struck a neve and your anger is already getting the best of you! You are going to make yourself old realy quick with your empotions running so high. Why bring up things of the past like old coaches the future is at your door step and you are going to be fighting a battle for your kid be cause he does’nt have the talent to do his own bidding. Just be quiet and let the kids performance decide the play. if you have any integrity you will let the boys grow on their own without a pushy dad throwing his weight, $, and selfish words all it brings is spoils…..Help yourself out and SHhhhhhhhhhh, until the time comes and then make a fool out of yourself again ….SHhhhhhhh!