Principals smooth hard feelings still lingering after El Monte’s win over Rosemead

Rosemead coach Marc Paramo took issue with El Monte signs that eluded to comments he made to this newspaper that I posted on the blog, word for word. For a blog headline, I described it as the “broken play” offense, which Paramo took issue with..

“I’ll be honest, and I’m not sure this is kosher to say, but their best play is the broken play. You can’t really prepare for the broken play. It was the same thing last year; he threw jump balls and to his receivers’ credit, they went up and got the ball.” — Marc Paramo

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By Aram Tolegian, SGVN
Some hard feelings still lingering over Friday’s win by El Monte High School over Rosemead has prompted principals from both schools to get involved in an attempt to smooth things over.

Following El Monte’s 50-34 win to spoil Rosemead’s homecoming signs were unveiled by the Lions cheer team that mocked Rosemead coach Marc Paramo for comments he made to this newspaper leading up to the game that were later taken out of context on a blog posted on this newspaper’s website.

Further adding fuel to the fire were accusations of some coaches not shaking hands following the game, foul language used by coaches during the game and several personal foul penalties called against Rosemead, including the ejection of one Panthers player.

“I’m not going to take anything away from their kids,” Paramo said. “They kicked our butts. It kind of bothered me that here I am complimenting them and that sign comes up.”

The sign or signs Paramo was referring were estimated to be 20×20-foot signs made by the El Monte cheerleaders and brought out following the game. The signs mocked Paramo’s comments and made reference to “clown comments” and “broken play offense.”

Leading up to the game, Paramo told this newspaper that El Monte’s best play on offense was arguably the broken play, which eludes to the ability of Lions quarterback Brandon Martinez to make something out of nothing.

“I saw the signs,” El Monte coach Joel Sanchez said. “I saw them after we were done and I was talking to reporters. I didn’t think anything of it. It said “broken offense” and that’s pretty much it. I don’t know who got upset or anything because I was being interviewed by the media. By the time I got done, everyone was gone.”

Paramo and Sanchez did shake hands following the game, but that may not have been the case for the assistant coaches.

“He told me good job and said have a good season,” Sanchez said of Paramo’s comments to him after the game.

But shortly after, Paramo was alerted to the signs and did not take kindly to them, feeling that his words were misunderstood and taken out of context.

“I didn’t have anyone make them,” Sanchez said of the signs. “I don’t think they were offensive in any way, and that’s not my call in any way. Whatever they (cheerleaders) make, that’s not my call. I don’t oversee what they write. Obviously, if they said something inappropriate, I wouldn’t be happy with that.”

While administrators tried to calm any ill will on Monday, both coaches were saying the issue was now dead and their focus were on this week’s opponents.

For El Monte, that means a home game against Mountain View. The Lions are 5-2 overall and 2-0 in league. They are bidding for the school’s first league title since 1979. Rosemead is 3-4 overall and 1-2 in league. The Panthers host Gabrielino in a game that will be key to both teams’ playoff chances.

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  • Fred Robledo

    The real issue I have with all of this is I did not take his comments out of context on the blog, which was suggested in Aram’s story. I ran his entire comment the way it was in the story that Aram wrote. Paramo’s comment is getting a lot of run on the Mid-Valley, where reporter Peterson said of Paramo, and I quote, “For the record Coach Paramo said after the game that he never made those comments.” That’s the real issue, is Paramo saying we made them up or that Aram took them out of context? In all my years with Aram, he’s never been accused of making up quotes or taking them out of context. If you say something you regret, own it, it’s as simple as that.

  • For Real?

    Fred, I completely agree. To get upset over a sign that says “Broken Play”, is Paramo for real? If he cries about something so miniscule, I hate to see what would happen if one of his player sneezes in the locker room after a loss. The kids are just out having fun, doesn’t he watch college football or basketball, the signs those kids put up is a hundred times worst. He’s just a sore loser and looking for every excuse to justify the team’s lost. On a separate note, all football officials in the SGV unit should take notice, Rosemead is notorious for whining and complaining about every call made in their game. Not only that, they like to get into the face of the official on their sideline and will try to intimidate him into a call or non call in their favor. If you are a varsity level official, have a pair and don’t be afraid to throw the laundry for an unsportsman foul on whoever gets in your face, that’s the only way to stop it. I have been to games where their coaches do these the entire game and I even saw a crew ridiculous enough to hold half the referee conferences on their sideline.

  • Mike

    Get it straight guys, Paramo said what he said, but please don’t tell me that the cheerleaders from El Monte read the blogs and came up with those signs on their own. Sanchez or his jack@ss OC told them to make the signs. Own up to it Sanchez.

  • MVL Insider

    Wow Freddy, Aram totally threw you under the bus. Either that was a very poorly written article or you should be working for Fox News with your ability to spin that comment.

  • Paramo NEVER SAID that he didn’t say what I wrote. What he was mad about is how Fred spun it in the headline Fred wrote for his blog. It was a play on words by Fred, which actually ended up saying what Paramo said but in a different way.

    For Peterson to say what he said is very incorrect. Paramo was specific that he was not referring to what I wrote. He admitted to John Honell, who I believe was standing there with Peterson after the game, that what Aram wrote was correct. He was mad about Fred’s headline and that it caused El Monte to be offended.

    The real issue here is why El Monte would get so offended by it.

    If you want to see a pic of one of the signs, go here

  • greener than you.

    Coaches should not let the world know, that newspaper clippings bother them so much. They should keep their heads out of the papers and off the blogs. Reporters write and say what they want. If you open your mouth publicly it could get twisted…not saying that happen here. But in a huge game like that one, you don’t give the other team fuel, and you don’t create stories by opening your mouth. If you say nothing, then nothing can be said. Coaches like to talk slick sometimes, then come back and act like they are Innocent.

  • reality

    By Principals with a capital P in your headline, do you mean actually mean school Principals, coaches, assts or cheerleaders Hemmingway?? No wonder things are taken out of context.

  • wells

    This article says “elludes to the ability of quarterback, Martinez…”

    He may ellude people – making a “broken play” successful. However, it should be “ALLUDE to the ability….”