Tribune Super 35 Rankings: When you use the eye test, Amat still No. 1 in the SGV

Not only are the two-time Southeast champs not in the top ten, we’re wondering if Maggiore and Co., will make the playoffs


1. Bishop Amat (5-1-1) — Was ready to crown Charter Oak No. 1, but after listening to Aram’s argument over the weekend I agree, it’s not time to drop Amat just yet. Amat’s convincing head-to-head win over Charter Oak keeps the Lancers No. 1. But they’re on a very short leash.

2. Charter Oak (6-1) — You can make the case for the Chargers to be No. 1. They’re ahead of Amat on Maxreps, ranked No. 11 in the state and 55th nationally, which are two of the highest rankings ever for Lou Farrar and Co. Plus, they’re No. 4 in the Inland. But the computers don’t rank the eye test, and we all witnessed what happened against Amat.

3. Chino Hills (4-2-1) – After a brief stop at No. 5, the Huskies are back at No. 3 after beating Ayala and beating them convincingly. The Chargers should win the rest of its Sierra League games.

4. Ayala (5-2) — Bulldogs going through tough part of schedule losing last week to Chino Hills and facing Charter Oak this week. Don’t think they will beat Charter Oak but will win remaining Sierra League games.

5. San Dimas (7-1) — Covina could give San Dimas a tough game this week. The Colts’ only league loss came against Northview while the Vikes had three starters suspended. Even though Northview beat Covina, I still think Covina is the second best in the VVL with the best chance of beating the Saints.

6. South Hills (5-1) — Huskies gave it a shot against Charter Oak, but the Chargers were too much. South Hills still wants to stay in the race for a playoff spot and can’t afford a loss to Damien on Thursday.

7. Bonita (4-3) –– The ‘Cats finally ended West Covina’s slim hopes of winning a third straight Hacienda League title. Believe it or not, Bonita is the area’s best chance for a CIF title.

8. Gladstone (7-0) — The Gladiators’ hopes of going 10-0 increased with a win over Duarte and they can guarantee a 10-0 season with a win over four-time league champ Azusa on Friday. Why? Because the Gladiators finish with easy wins over Ganesha and Workman.

9. Diamond Ranch (5-2) — The Panthers still control their own Hacienda League title destiny with Rowland this week followed by Bonita. If the Panthers win both and finish the season with a win over Walnut, they at least share the title and would get the No. 1 seed for the league.

10. Rowland (6-2) — Nobody, and I mean nobody, would have thought Rowland could get a top ten ranking after seven weeks of football. But they deserve it.

The Rest: 11. El Monte (5-2), 12. West Covina (3-5), 13. Glendora (3-4), 14. Claremont (3-4), 15. Los Altos (4-4), 16. Northview (5-2), 17. Covina (6-2), 18. La Puente (5-2), 19. Damien (2-4), 20. Arroyo (4-3), 21. Duarte (4-3), 22. Diamond Bar (2-5), 23. Rosemead (3-4), 24. Azusa (4-3), 25. Sierra Vista (4-3), 26. South El Monte (3-4), 27. Mountain View (3-4), 28, Wilson (2-6), 29. Walnut (1-6), 30. Pomona (2-5), 31. Bassett (2-5), 32. Nogales (1-6), 33. Workman (1-6), 34. Baldwin Park (0-8), 35. Ganesha (0-7).

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  • Colt74

    San Dimas (7-1) — Covina could give San Dimas a tough game this week. The Colts’ only league loss came against Northview while the “Vikes” had three starters suspended. Even though Northview beat Covina, I still think Covina is the second best in the VVL with the best chance of beating the Saints.

    The Vikes were not missing 3 starters..we were. I’s late.
    Believe it or not I like our chances Friday night. I don’t LOVE them, but I like them. I have a lot of respect for San Dimas and hope our players do too. It’s always a great game. I just wish I could have gotten over to one of their games earlier before the new stadium smell wore off.

  • bbin91741

    Dear Fred-
    I know you want to keep all teams included, but a top 35 just for the sake of naming 35 teams? The bottom seven teams are a combined 9-49. They don’t deserve the word “top” next to their school names. That’s a joke.

  • Fred Robledo

    Dear bbin, it’s a ranking of all the teams in the Tribune coverage area.

  • SGVfan

    I think it’s a little deceiving because of the word “super”. Nothing super about Ganesha and 0-7. Maybe the Covina Viking Jr Midgets can be considered for a slot between Workman and Baldwin Park.

  • Not Since 1995

    El Monte please make room for the Bishop Amat Lancers…!

    By Friday at 11pm, the Lanceritos will be 5-2-1, out of the playoffs and Fred will have to follow what MaxPreps and CIF have already done which is to put the Lanceritos below other teams in the SGV…!

    Crespi 49 – Lanceritos 12…! Take that to Vegas…baby!

  • Cong ’76

    I of course am a big LA fan but I really believe they are ranked to high in this poll…..complete lack of consistency and a propensity to bestow gifts to their opponents should keep them out of the top 15…imo…

  • What?


    Consistency? Try injuries. Broken legs, bruised ribs, knee injuries. No excuse every team goes thru it. But know your team b4 you say negative things. Even then they keep on playing hard. I think they are playing their hearts out considering what they are going thru.

  • Cong ’76

    I appreciate those factors, but I calls ’em as I see’s ’em….

  • Amat Dad

    Not sure why, or what came out of it, but Scoby was on the Amat campus yesterday.

  • david duvall

    if bonita gets healthy, they could make a serious run for a CIF title. but the injuries are piling up even though there getting back 2 starters this week against los altos.

  • jcaz


    I see you got up early this morning, but hey, we did miss you

    BTW, Amat’s lost “ONLY” one game so far this year. It isnt as if they’re 06, and a question for you Non-sense.

    Up to now, you’ve been a pretty quiet guy and I know for a fact that when you were quiet, that many of the faithful really missed you.

    A lot !!!

    But tell me, what happened ? Was it “30 to 14 ????” is that what kept you out of the game for so long ?

    Anyways, look dude, one loss by the Lanceritos (BTW I kinda like the name, sounds totally cool) and now your making up for it by posting comments 24/7 ?

    Man, your on a roll here, but hey, welcome back, we missed you, and oh, keep on posting at 6am

    Tooooo funny !

  • reality

    All teams have major injuries at this point. The QB may be the only irreplaceable piece if you have only young back-ups. Other than that it is depth and how you have coached up your 2nd and 3rd stringers that make the difference.. Heart matters too. If your boys are tapping out after minor bumps you got a big problem. All teams can use the injury excuse but winners don’t have to because they win. WC, Bonita, Rowland,DB all have several All CIF guys out for the year. Now comes coaching and heart. Right now I give the edge to that sneaky old coach from Diamond Ranch.

  • Warrior fan


    ALEMANY 56 AMAT 35 LOL…..

  • 12th man

    Sources say there could be an early announcement tomorrow from the “Scoby” sweepstakes!! More will be revealed~

  • Warrior fan

    Where is all the Amat fans that said they were going to beat Alemany at. Its awfully quiet in here all of a sudden. I do remember it being a lot of Amat honks in here all week when they tied and beat CH and CO. where are they now.


  • WOW

    SGVfan: you are correct. I am thinking LaVerne Lutheran 8man or Webb almost 8man is more “super” than ganesha 0-7, HELL Webb won at least one game.

    BIG game SATURDAY FOR 34place in SGV- Workman v ganesha. Workman wins like its a superbowl game. ganesha will probably run the pistol this week they have tried everything else..on defense 7-1 cv 0- lakewood POP WARNER DEF.

  • Colt74

    Laugh of the day :

    I got an email from a friend who’s 2 sons go to Amat. No, they don’t play football. Classroom rumor has it that Scoby wants Jersey number 1 but that number is already taken by a senior.

  • AMAT 73

    warrior fan,
    We are here but it’s just that you are irrelevant now .The alemany game is in the past and we are looking at Crespi now . Yes as I said your team won and you are having fun I guess but as I recall mostly all the AMAT honks who were jousting with you paid their props to you after the game . What more are you looking for ????? Maybe it has to do with your embarrassment of your alma matter to you in the SGV that you cling to alemany for some sort of feeling of being someone or something . It’s a game and it’s fun to joust with opposing fans but it’s not what defines a person as you seem to make it out for yourself .You don’t get another chance at greatness because your son goes to alemany .Shiat you aren’t even an alemany alum to be barking so much. You ever notice you are the lone ranger in here from alemany????? You had your chance back in your day and failed and failed big time I guess as you do not care to devulge your former high school in the SGV . But as you saw after our wins or really any teams wins in the SGV , Friday and Saturday are really the days for rubbing it in , after that it’s on to the next foe . Maybe because beating AMAT is such a big thing for you and you are not quite used to it you carry on this act. Go back and look at some big wins by SGV teams or AMAT wins and the snikering and rubbing it in usually doesn’t last past Saturday . This is a new week and your victory is in the past. But really I do understand it, because this win just might be the biggest thing in your life so far . Just goes to show how much AMAT consumes your daily life . I bet you wake up everyday and say , life is great because we beat AMAT .

  • Johnny


    Amat needs this kid very badly. TC Bruin, I told you this kid was gonna come and play at Kiefer !

  • D-Mo

    WC at 12, and Damien 19. Who would have thunk it?

  • Not Since 1995

    JCAZ…I. would have posted earlier but your mom wanted me to drop her off at your house this morning!

    Anyway, I could care less who Amat beats. It’s the failures of your little tykes’ football program that I relish in. Every time you prove me right by failing, I enjoy it! I told you that you wouldn’t win another meaningful game this year and your Lanceritos are proving me right! A meaningless pre-league game against Charter Oak is the highlight of your 2012 season? Crespi is gonna destroy your little team of midgets and you’re going to miss the playoffs. That is music to my ears!

    I have enjoyed this season even more because you actually thought you had a chance! All of you Amat Blowhards did! LMFAO…! Only to once again FAIL…!

    JCAZ…remind me again. When was the last time the Lanceritos won anything meaningful in football? When…? Crickets…crickets….!

    Not in 2012…

  • Colt74

    Someone needs to follow up on this and confirm true or BS. If it’s true I owe someone a deluxe car wash.
    This is the text of the email I received from an Amat dad.

    ” Kurt Scoby OFFICIALLY had his class schedule at Amat printed out! “

  • Fred Robledo

    Kurt Scoby is NOT at Bishop Amat,

  • jcaz

    My sources at Charter Oak says he’s at Cathedral

  • Scoby Doobie Doo, where are you?

    Freddie, if he is not at St. Paul and he is “NOT” at Bishop Amat, where the hell is he? I can’t believe that between you and Aram and the crew that you don’t have irrefutable evidence and confirmation from multiple credible sources yet where this kid is going to enroll!

  • I don’t know much, but I do know this

    Cathedral would be a terrible idea unless it is a situation in which the potential grade issues we have read about (not hating, just saying) could be overcome/over looked?

  • Fred Robledo

    I spoke with Scoby myself, is that irrefutable enough for you. Once he is officially enrolled at a school, I’ll post it. Because he spoke with me directly and told me his intentions off the record, I told him I wouldn’t share it on the blog until it’s official. But it is NOT Bishop Amat.

  • 12th man

    No one at the Tribune has the green light to publish the story yet..Tomorrow will be different! Not at Cathedral~

  • Dan

    Oh yeah, this season has suprised me too. I didn’t expect to be out of the SGV top 5 let alone top ten. My delusions of grandeur that had built up over the summer with all our young talent coming up started getting shaky with the loss to Loyola, really started to crumble with the Chino Hills blowout, then came crashing to the ground in the Los Altos fiasco. Thats when it finally hit me,,, this year WC is an average Southeast Division team, [I hope we’re at least average], something they haven’t been for a couple years. Bonita didn’t suprise me too much cause I knew they are a good well coached team that has really started to mesh lately, I think they are definately better than their record at this point in the season, but I held out a glimmer of hope that our Bulldogs were about to turn things around and pull out an upset because it seemed like the boys had a good week of practice. Only thing is I couldn’t find Reggie Turners home where I could have flatened the tires to his car to keep him from showing up at Thyberge field on Friday night. Reggie was beast
    on the field and is having a great season for the Bearcats. He must be a scary sight to a defender cause I thought I saw a few kids on Friday who did not want to get in front of him once he got a head of steam going. I am glad for him especially after the big fumble he had in week one against San Dimas, he has made up for that error at least one hundred fold, good luck to him and I hope he gets a scholie somewhere.
    As for our Bulldogs, it’s not too late for a late season turnaround, I’ve gotten to know a few of these kids and for them and their teamates sake I hope they can make some kind of playoff run.

  • 12th man

    (Not Football related) Alex Rodriguez benched for game 3 of the ALCS!!

  • Anonymously

    It makes me laugh when all you clowns want to figure out where Scooby is going, but why don’t you mind your own business. You’ll find out when Fred or Aram wants to let the entire public know. Me being close to him and others that are close to him know, but for the general public who just want to find out so you can talk bad about him or the school he is going to end up at, just chill out and be patient stop being such a noses people. He is not going to Amat so we can cut that gossip out and he isn’t going to any of his past schools. Anyways wait and see

  • SGVfano

    From what I hear Amat’s Freshman team should be ranked just above Damien. LOL!!!!!

  • SGVfan

    12th Man,

    I heard Yankees coach Jirardi didn’t want A Rod to play because he found out A Rod got a pep talk from Gano. LOL!!!

  • fb102

    Scoby MAY have been at Amat…..His Amat GF goes to school there….Visiting perhaps?

    Johnny, nice try….KS won’t be suiting up for Amat…EVER…..

  • fb102

    Scoby MAY have been at Amat…..His Amat GF goes to school there….Visiting perhaps?

    Johnny, nice try….KS won’t be suiting up for Amat…EVER…..

  • Sal Velacuez

    Hands down, Charter Oak defense is the best in the SGV!

    Hauser is the best defensive player in 2012!

  • Warrior fan

    AMAT 73

    Blah Blah Blah if you were looking ahead to Crespi then why are all you still on here talking about your Victory over CO? See this is where the problem is now that youve been hit in the mouth you wanna look ahead but when you hit someone in the mouth you want them to hear about it all week long and sometimes even weeks after that. Look when you Amat honks was blowing your horn all last week i told you once we SMASH yall i was gone be on here all week long. Its not fun being on the short end of the stick is it.

  • 12th man

    (What could of been?) Could you imagine Hauser playing along side with Velasquez..& Andrews along side with Alcantera..Like I’ve always said..just 2 players short!!!

  • Not Since 1995

    Way to go Warrior Fan…!

    Let these Amat Bloawhards have it every day and remind them of the beating they took at the hands of The Mighty Alemany Warriors…!

    I’m very happy to see somebody other than me smacking down these Amat Blowhards!

    Keep it going Warrior Fan…!

  • Blog Police

    Ha,Ha,Ha……Warrior Fan and Nonsense1995, you two clowns are like, well….I guess the best way to describe it is:

    TWO BALLS IN A SAC….I bet you two hang out together too, oh wait, I guess that goes without saying right. HA HA HA HA!!!!!

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    CO is real tough. Don’t see us winning that by a longshot. I don’t see them $#!++!n& the bed like the CH fuskies though. They’ll probably beat us by at least a few TD’s but they’ll go down swinging.

  • At a baby Freddie!

    FJR, yes, you having an off the record conversation is irrefutable enough for me! Much appreciated. I am glad you shared that much. It is an interesting story and one that I am intrigued by. Sure, I guess anonymous can say I am being nosey and that I should mind my own business and wait to find out etc…, but what anonymous isn’t considering is the genuine interest in the story, what CIF will do, I anything, how will he affect the leaguerace or even possible playoff and state game etc…

    I will NOT not have I EVER bad mouthed this kid or any other kid. I enjoy high school sports and this is an interesting and compelling story that people want to know about. So you, Mr. Anonymous, I know him and mind your own business, kiss my A$$ and STFU!

  • scooby already enrolled at ceeee oooooo


  • Fore warned

    Which ever school it is that allows this kid to suit up for them better be prepared for the forfeited games that are sure to follow. I mean how many times do you think that CIF is going to fall for the fake address move in a matter of 6 or 7 months? We all know that CIF is stupid, but this is the like rubbing CIF’s nose in it.

  • Warrior fan

    Blog Police

    Come on dude if your going to insult someone at least make it good that was as weak as your Lancers were on friday, they almost came back just like your joke was almost a good comeback you suck.

  • Anonymous

    This just in Scoby transferred to St francis. No Monrovia, no no wait he’s back at CO nah i doubt that its gotta be WC, well nah not them either what about Chino hills, Oh yeah i got it its non of the above he’s going to Upland. You heard it here first Ladies and Lady Bugs.

  • Db

    Scoby now at diamond bar living with snoop dog .next to come noodles , a couple of linebackers ,a couple of linemen .

  • No Mames

    You notice how no one from CO has missed Scoby?

    Yet we now have evidence from Amat Honks (see 12th Man below) dreaming of how it could have been if Hauser was playing for the Lancers. How funny is that? These are the same idiots that were saying Hauser was too slow to play LB, he was a bad apple, he doesnt work hard, etc. Just goes to show you how bad the Amat coaching staff is at recognizing talent! Hauser is clearly the best defensive player in the SGV and he even missed part of the season! Hagerty Sucks!

  • fb102

    No Mames,

    ‘Evidence…..’ and ‘Hauser is clearly the best defensive player in the SGV and he even missed part of the season!’……

    What are you smoking? Cause I wouldn’t want ANY of that.

    Hauser leaving left ‘hurt’ line play NOT the linebacking corps which are doing fine. NOT great but fine. AH has only played 3 games this season so the jury is still out on him being the best2012 Defensive player. IF/when AH plays TOUGHER competition,outside of weak Sierra teams left on schedule will a TRUE assessment be available on AH. IF AH HAD been willing to stick things out at Amat by NOT being selfish, perhaps he may have gotten his chance at LB as a Sr. By running off, we’ll never know.

    Because ONE[or a few] poster(s) writes ‘what if’ makes that EVIDENCE how ALL Amat fans want AH back, please….. ANY team wants players who WANT to be on the team and do what is asked to be part of the team….AH did not and CHOSE to leave….Fans had NOTHING do do with his decision.

    I have seen players who can contribute being underutilized UNTIL pressed into action, but Hag’s and Co do what is best for the TEAM. Many people recognize Amat football has the BEST prepared staff in CIF which reflects what is seen on the field…..Teams prepared to play and give the best effort in EVERY game.

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  • Maggiore Fan

    Fred I think I figured out WC’s problem this year. Who dresses in all white for a high school football game, with matching “rolex”.

    Too funny. So Coach M has gone Entertainment Tonight..guess that happens after you go back to back.

    PS. I admire Coach M…it was just and observational bit of levity.

  • Lady Gaga

    And I love those fingernails but would’nt some pink polish highlight their beautiful length.?

  • 12th Man???

    @12th Man,

    Velasquez doesn’t play on the line anymore, so Hauser wouldn’t be playing next to him.

    Also, Andrews plays DB and Alcantera was not a DB.

    ???? Just trying to figure out what you are talking about.

  • Koa is the real deal,0,1778704.column

    Koa Haynes, a junior at La Puente Bishop Amat, has made everyone ask, “Rio Ruiz who?” He has arm strength, good judgment and toughness after being a varsity backup last season to the productive Ruiz, who graduated.

    “We’ve always felt he’d be a real good quarterback when his day came,” Coach Steve Hagerty said of Haynes.