Is this the best defense in Charter Oak history?

Is this the best Charter Oak defense in history? I’m not so sure, the 2009 defense led by Keith Smith was darn special. That team shutout the entire Miramonte League and beat Diamond Ranch 21-0 in the title game. The Chargers only allowed 10 points per game that season, the same as this years group. However, you have to give the 2012 squad some love, the schedule they’re playing is much tougher than in 2009.

South Hills coach Albert Rodriguez is getting ready for Damien on Thursday. But he had this to say about Charter Oak after last week’s loss.

“Charter Oak is by far head and shoulders above everyone else (in the Sierra League). There’s no question about it. Their defense is the best I’ve seen in the last few years and their offense is starting to click, which is dangerous. It’s high school football and anything can happen, but I don’t think anyone (in the Sierra) is going to touch them. It’s going to be a dogfight for the last two playoff spots.”

By Aram Tolegian, SGVN
The Charter Oak High School football team’s defense is having such a good season that veteran head coach Lou Farrar has to stop and think for a minute when asked if he’s ever had a better stop unit in his 40-plus years at the helm.

“I’ve had some good ones and they rate right up there,” Farrar said. “The linebacker corps is about as good as they get. Those guys are getting real comfortable playing together. I don’t know how they stand in terms of points given up, but they do a good job.

“I think up-front wise, they’re as good as anybody we’ve ever put out on the field.”

The Chargers have held all seven opponents to their season low in points this season and will be looking to make Ayala the eighth on Friday night when Charter Oak visits the Bulldogs in a key Sierra League game. With a win, Charter Oak (6-1, 2-0) takes a mammoth step toward a second straight league title and all but assures itself of making the playoffs.

Going by records, Ayala (5-2, 1-1) could be the Chargers’ last real test in league with games still to come against Claremont (3-4, 1-1) and Damien (2-4, 0-2).

“They’re trying to fight for a piece of a league championship,” Farrar said of Ayala. “This game for them puts them in a three-way tie. This is a big-time game for both of our teams, league-wise.”

Ayala had its league title hopes dashed a bit last week when city rival Chino Hills beat the Bulldogs, 49-34. Comparative scoring would tell you that Ayala’s loss to the same Chino Hills team that Charter Oak beat 41-13 would make the Chargers a considerable favorite on Friday.

But Farrar isn’t buying it.

“One game has no bearing on another game, especially in high school,” Farrar said. “The three kids who played so well last week could all have the flu this week and play like poop. There’s no relationship.”

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  • Greenie the Historian…

    Because this defense plays in the Inland and played the toughest schedule and If they go to the Semis, maybe you could say this is the best, but you have to remember ’08. That Defense tied Rancho 14-14, but gave up 32 to a Stacked Etiwanda team. The 2012 defense Held BA to 23 pts(not including KR) which is a much tougher task and shows how good this unit is. However ’08 had tons of next level guys.

    08′ Smith(WAC), Youngblood, Golden(Pac 12), Powell(Big Sky), Brooks, Rufus(WAC) and more.

    That was a very good defense as well. CO always has a good D. I think CO likes their Chances against Rancho or Upland this year.

  • best d

    The defense lead by eric ortiz. Probly one of the best if not the best linebacker in the valley. If you have time to see a game, watch him

  • D-Mo

    Only missed a couple of CO games in the last 14 seasons. I must say this is one of their better D teams. The other that comes to mind besides 08 and 09 is the 2001 CIF champs. Held LA to 6 points in the final that season.
    Much has been said about CO’s monster linebackers this year, but that stud D line they have is very disruptive to a running game. They are running fresh players in all game, too. Scary.

  • 12th man

    Still no story yet?? I’m hearing reports that Scoby is at Cathedral!!..What’s the hold up Fred? Is it top secret? Or does this matter want to remain confendential?

  • COChargerParent

    This 2012 defensive squad has everything from size, speed, strength, to experience and team spirit. These are the same qualities that our teams of ’08 and ’09 both had. I think it’s still too soon to compare, but this ’12 seems to be well on their way. Several of the boys in the 2009 defensive team won back to back CIF titlles and are now playing in college. Something to consider in this comparison.

  • Not The 12th Man

    Scoby is a non-story! No one in the SGV cares where your cousin Scoby is going. Where ever he goes, there he’ll be. That’s it! No one cares!

    Crespi wins on Friday!

  • 12th man

    Charter Oak defense is the real deal vs one dimensional offenses..They have yet to prove how dominant it can be vs a quality teams who can mix it up..As of right now they have a good shot at the semis..Only 2 teams standing in their way from a divisional championship Vista Murrieta & Corona Centenial who can both mix it big time~

  • Charger alumn

    I have been around Charger football since Royal Oak and Charter Oak merged. The 1985 championship team had the best defense I have ever seen on a high school field……pull the tapes……

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    CO Still has the exercise the demons vs Rancho Cuc or upland, before they can get to VM or Cent…but I like their chances, Especially if they get Rancho in the 2nd round.

  • 1965 Mater Dei

    the Monarchs were AAAA champs, gave up 34 points in the regular season and 3 more shutouts in the playoffs, unquestionably the best HS defence, playing big boy football and giving up 44 points in 13 games, you can even ask Stanford dad…….

  • JMO

    Charger Alum,

    CO was in the Montview league that year, a little different than D-2 this year. Has any other team in the valley made a bigger jump ever in the valley?

  • 1984 Mater Dei

    1965 that was an awesome year, except you’re comparing Babe Ruth to Mike Trout! I’ll take Mike Trout any day over a fat, drunk, womanizer who only played against 8 teams, waaaaaay back in the day!

    Your 1965 team could not beat the 2012 Charter Oak Freshman team even if the spotted you 14 points. I mean, you guys were wearing leather helmets and sawdust filled pads. You didn’t even lift weights waaaaay back then. Do you know what plyometrics are? I know we didn’t do them in the ’80s. Thats what these guys do during the off season. Don’t embarrass our good name with your stupid comparison. These kids would whip your a$$ all the way back to El Toro! This is about Charter Oak. Leave it alone!

  • AMAT 73

    Isn’t this a thread on the best defense in CO’s history and not MD ????

  • Frank

    Is this the best CO defense? Of course when you don’t play quality opponents you look good.

  • Dan

    Could there be an argument that this is their best team overall? They have given every Inland division team they played this year their worst loss of the season,[Roosevelt, Glendora, Los Osos, Chino Hills, South Hills], last year they struggled with some of the Inland teams they played,[Loss to RC, Blowout loss to Upland, plus tight games with Roosevelt, and Glendora]. This year with all the returners on defense they seem to be more stable from the get go, not up and down like last season, this may be most likely due to experience and both physical and mental maturity of all those defensive returners. They have also beat a pretty tough team in Los Alamitos who although not in the Pac 5, would be competitive if they were still there.
    Never saw the 85,98,and 2001 CIF Title teams for CO, I saw the 2000 team that lost in the finals to Shaun Cody & Los Altos. Hard to compare though, different era’s, different styles. 2008 was very good team for CO too. As for 2009, a very good team too but I don’t think they were quite as good as 2008,2011, or this year.