Damien shows life, beats South Hills 38-21; Rancho Cucamonga buries Glendora, 45-13

Damien finally protected the ball and showed what it’s capable of in a 38-21 win over South Hills. Coach Greg Gano, quarterback Gage Pucci, RB Travion Boykins and South Hills coach Albert Rodriguez spoke afterward.
Damien-South Hills photo gallery

Damien gets much needed win: Good things happen when a football team can hang onto the ball.

Damien High School had 16 turnovers in its last three games but was turnover-free Thursday as it knocked off South Hills 38-21 in a Sierra League contest at Covina District Field.

Glendora finishes tough two weeks: By all accounts, the Glendora High School football team appears on track for playoff contention in a bounceback 2012 season.

However, in the last two weeks it has witnessed the difference between playoff teams and championship contenders.

A week after a 21-point loss to Upland, the No. 3 team in the CIF-SS Inland Division, Glendora lost 45-13 to No. 6 Rancho Cucamonga defeat Thursday night at Citrus College.

Reginald Miller’s highlights from Citrus

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  • Ok heres the truth Rancho is a very skilled team they have a head coach nick baiz who is excellent we all know they recruit so they have two of the top defensive backs in california if you dont believe me go to the red TartanClowns link above glendora has always been afraid of teams that are from outside the san gabriel valley and play scared for years we have seen the sheltered kids from glendora lose games like this no hunger no passion just a false sense of security from living their privileged lives in their rich little communities where they all have shiny new cars and lifted trucks so when you bring in a team filled with players from areas where you go to bed not knowing if you are going to have dinner you have kids that are hungry for victory and after the game you will hear the cougars and head coach nick baiz roar meanwhile coach lewallen will make his players practice on a friday here we go cougars here we go

  • Nice Try

    So when did RC become South Central? Give me a break man. Going to bed without dinner! Really? Last time I looked there are just as nice of homes around RC as Glendora. And I will give you proof

    2007 Median Income for Glendora 86K. For Rancho 78 K. If 8k is the difference between starving and a lifted truck then someones got some splaining to do.

    Sounds like a really tough hood to me.

  • WTF

    Common Fred, You have to stop kissing up to Gano. Out his control is poor excuse for bad Coaching. What drills did he install to reduce turnovers? Bad Coaches blame others great coaches take responsibilty for what ever the team does. Fred you need to consider a new type of reporting football is not your thing. You must of played soccer in high school.. You reporting is like my writing.

  • Tar’en Supporter

    Wow, all one sentence!

    Rancho is more talented that Glendora. So was Upland, and last week’s result was a fair measure of the gap between the two teams. Glendora is not very talented in the skill positions – with only Lindsey and maybe the WR Noskoff at a Baseline level.

    But the second half of the Upland game also showed what I think is a change in the team. Past Tartan teams would have rolled over after the first half, and this one kept fighting.

    Glendora was not a very smart or sharp or gutsy team in the Pasquarella era. It’s true that Glendora kid (and especially his parents) have a sense of self-entitlement, so it’s hard to tell if Pasquarella made the best of bad situation or was part of the problem – being around the school at the time I’d suggest that is more of the former than the latter.

    But this year’s team is different. The interior line play, on both sides of the ball is much, much better than last year, and I think Lewallen and his coaches should get all the credit for that. Overall, the team lacks the talent of the Sierra League Champion teams, but they are much sharper, make fewer dumb mistakes and seem to play with more heart. I suspect that Lewallen should get credit for a lot of this too, but it also seems that the current group of kids are more coachable. Certainly, the attitude and atmosphere among the parents in the stands is better.

    It will be a massive upset for Glendora to win tonight, but if they can hang tough come away without serious injuries, as Fred notes, they’ have a real run at the third playoff spot.

  • Fred Robledo

    WTF, you need to learn to read as well as write. I was quoting Gano, those aren’t my comments. This isn’t a commentary piece, it’s a game preview.

  • Mike

    Nice Try,

    Rancho isn’t a ghetto…but it isn’t Glendora either. You can buy a great house in Rancho for $400k, see what $400k gets you in Glendora.

  • Warrior fan

    Here it is thursday and still no thread about Amat? Whats going on fred is it that you dont want everybody to get on the Amat nation, is that why you kept them away from the main thread this week? I have never not once since i been blogging seen you go more than 2 days without mentioning Amat. Come on fred when they win you thread them all week long now that they have lost you decide to hide them. Thats not fair fred let them take their lashes just like you made CO take theirs when they lost to Amat, be fair fred.

  • @NiceTry you are a fool!
    more than half the Rancho Cucamonga players live out in San Bernadino, Fontana, Ontario even Montclair, they recruit! So what? and San Bernardino IS like South Central LA, you betcha’
    Glendora used to recruit just ask the Frenchman basketball coach LeDouche. Do you think Tracy Murphy and his lil deamon tempered brother lived in glendora? no they lived in Pasadena! Ask about the other great basketball players. LeDouche had a pipeline and system to get himself athletes. He’s cooled off in recent years and been outsmarted (see Coach Cooper of LaVerne Lutherun) but not after the damage was done. So what if Rancho football recruits? Bottom line is their kids come from welfare homes and poor backgrounds. The cougars will destroy Glendora tonight and I agree with TartanClown
    The kids in Glendora are sissys that lack that drive, heart and desire to beat teams like Rancho and others no big deal. After the game they’ll go home in there lifted trucks drink a monster energy drink and be fine. The Rancho Cucamonga kids will be lucky if they get to eat after the game but they will win! ah sweet victory

  • Fred Robledo

    Warrior Fan, where do you think we’re sending Mike the Cousin tomorrow night. Just admit, you love our SGVN blogs

  • Warrior fan


    no doubt in my mind i love the blogs i use to go to school in the sgv my son just attends and play for alemany. But yeah the blogs is it best thing ever for HS football.

  • Rancho

    Ranchos sophomore back used to live in walnut . Played baseball a couple years at walnut pony .moved out of the area before his 8th grade year . Good choice by his father .

  • Rancho

    Khalil Mohammed is the back I forgot to mention by name.

  • Wow

    Any score updates? Damien ? Rnacho?

  • Wow

    Any score updates? Damien ? Rancho?

  • WTF

    David Rivera, You really show how stupid humanity can really be. Please continue and share your vast wisdom about how black,white,brown or yellow make a difference on any sporting event. Please make us laugh. The movie idiocracy was based on people like you.

  • DHS

    Damien 13 South Hills 7 at the half

  • @ WTF…
    While I may not agree w/ everything david rivera said, you are high if you don’t think race makes a difference in some sports.

  • WTF

    Lousafur, You really need to see the movie idiocracy it is all about people like you. People that have seen this movie are laughing their ass off at you. Please continue moron or should I call you Hitler.

  • WTF……So a satirical SCI-FI comedy by Mike Judge is what I need to see. Call me what ever name you want that makes you fell good. I am a moron, but I’d like to lose of my dumbass money on the next Olympics if you’d like to bet. Prolly impossible to make a bet on other sports.

  • WTF

    Lousafur, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you keep proving my point. For all you people you have seen the movie I hope you enjoy Lousafur HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can’t stop laughing help I think iam going to pee HAHAHAHAHAHA. Lousafur you really need to see the movie. I bet you love starbucks

  • WTF…never been to starbucks. If you wanna bag on corporate, I love In-n-Out and Diet Coke.

    Am I talking about the correct movie??

    A science FICTION COMEDY?

    I like Mike Judge’s other projects.

    makes some wagers w/ me smart guy.

    I’ll choose a high school juan in the near future, let’s say around track season.

  • LA Times Article Worth reading


    Koa Haynes, a junior at La Puente Bishop Amat, has made everyone ask, “Rio Ruiz who?” He has arm strength, good judgment and toughness after being a varsity backup last season to the productive Ruiz, who graduated.

    “We’ve always felt he’d be a real good quarterback when his day came,” Coach Steve Hagerty said of Haynes.

  • WTF

    Lousafur, I am sorry you must shop at Costco to hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahaahahaahahahahahahaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha. You must water your grass with Gatorade. Are you a WWF fan? Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahah please stop while your down and out not in and out. Fooooooool hahahahaha

  • WTF…So you answer no questions, puss on a challenge/bet. So far you’ve bagged on 2 different people, but have made zero points. You have not made 1 point about sports and race. The only “knowledge” you kick is a Sci-Fi Comedy movie NAME. My wife does shop at costco, Seems like you judge people w/out knowing them. Haven’t watch Rasslin since 8th gr.Gatorade comment was full tard on your part. Make a point son.

  • WTF

    Lousafur, I will never make comment about race and sports because only idiots like both of you feel the need to make race an issue. You make my point see the movie son. Does your work at Starbuckss? Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • WTF

    Does your wife work at Starbucks son?

  • WTF = puss that makes no points.

    diff. note can’t see Damien/Gano video. RE UpLoad maybe?

  • Football follower

    The Monrovia coach is just wrong. 84 -0 over Blair is nothing for him or his team to be proud of. You know what they say, karma is a bi–h.

  • WOW if Chip Kelly and the Ducks could shut it down, you’d think M-Town could keep it under 60. 12 min. 1/4s and 84 pts??????????

  • Greenie

    Read the Full story 9th and 10th graders, non-starters scored the 84 pts…on another note…That Glendora kid Lindsey has some maaaajor skates …he out ran Rancho’s DB Hawkins, Hawkins quite when he saw he couldn’t catch him.

  • WTF

    Lousafur, you need to this trailer since your to dumb to see the moviehttp://m.youtube.com/?reason=8&rdm=6851#/watch?v=BBvIweCIgwk&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DBBvIweCIgwk

  • bbin91741

    @ AramCougarhunter:
    you’re an effin moron. First off, it’s Tracy MURRAY, not Murphy. Tracy and Cameron moved to Glendora during Tracy’s freshman year to get away from the gang bangers in Pasadena. How do I know? Because I lived two fu**** blocks from them. They lived off the 100 south block of Country Club Rd. How pathetic it is to rip on people because they have successful parents. Yeah, I wish my mom and dad worked at the AMC Theaters like yours did. Oh wait, you didn’t have a dad.

  • WTF

    Lousafur, by your lack of response you must have seen the clip. Hahahahahahahahaha. Ouch son you just got burned

  • Where’s Scooby At??

    Hey Fred,
    I see Scooby was at the Damien/South Hills game last night. I saw you there also. Being the crack reporter that you are, did you find out where he is going to school? That is “IF” he is going to school. I ‘ll tell you what, we at So. Hills could use that kid!

  • Mario Rodriguez

    Did anybody notice the Upland coaches at the game?? Do they think they may get South Hills or Damien first round??

  • The End


    You really dont understand who is really running Damien today. Follow the money flow, its not any principal past or present.

    Meeting do take place behind close doors. The principal will be notified in do time.

    Gano’s comment “I’ll land on my feet”. The clean up is just starting, and its just not in football.

  • firestarter

    No, if you believe the word on the street, the Upland coaches may be the Damien coaches next year. Word is, the “U” hc Salter may have gotten his undies in a bunch when the band got priority over the football team on use of the field. Like a spoiled child, he is talking about taking his ball and playing elsewhere. Take it for what it is worth, but guys at bars like to talk sports, even high school football.

  • Just aking

    With all the big ballers who call the shots over at Damien how did it get in such bad shape on and off the field?
    Were they not in charge before but now they are?
    What gives?


    It’s unfortunate what’s going on with Gano and the Damien crowd for one simple reason, the man is a great coach and an outstanding play caller…and a stand up guy.

    Any one who doesn’t have an interest in getting their son playing time and has actually played the game knows he’s done a remarkable job in every facet of the game. To say otherwise is to negate a simple truth, he’s got a resume that 99% of high school coaches wished they had.

    For years I’ve been hard on Damien coaches so it might seem odd what I saying but here’s the big difference, those coaches knew where I stood and I didn’t back stab any one of them. Gano has simply been back stabbed to death by starter parents and glad handing two face wanna be movers and shakers.It’s unfortunate that that’s the case but it is. Why they think the “next” coach will take then seriously is beyond me.

    I’m a Gano backer 100%..100% of the time, not because he replaced Morrison but because I admire how he handled things with such dignity and character. He knows which parents back stabbed him, he knows who’s reporting back to the powers that be and he knows who are the most ungrateful for all the work and opportunities he’s given their sons …yet he’s been first class with them and never sat a kid for a parent’s actions. That’s huge in my book.

    Damien has a very young team with huge size and starts several underclassmen on the D and O line. They have players who want to succeed and have players who are all heart, so why isn’t Damien winning? Simple, they’ve cannibalized themselves from a Top 5 team to a bottom dweller.

    I’ll say this about Gano, and it’s a solid way of knowing what man’s about…”tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are”. Gano’s assistant coaches, the ones who have been with him through thick and thin are FIRST CLASS and FIRST RATE and never bat an eye when the drama starts. Kudos to them as well.

    Damien is in for major changes but then again Damien wasn’t broken was it? Too bad no one ever thought what they were giving up when they gave in.

    Sad day for sure.


    Simple put your an idiot and clueless.

    Your comment,

    “great coach and an outstanding play caller”

    I was at the game yesterday, Damien had 4th and short on South Hills side of the field, we saw Gano call the play.

    My buddy next to me said, so if this works will you start supporting Gano. Gano called a play action pass, by the time the qb turned he had two SH’s linemen in his face, sacked SH’s took over on downs.

    Just one example of many.

    The Damien coaching staff did everything possible to loss that game last night. Anyone that knows football knows the only reason Damien won that game was superior talent and speed.

    Answer me this question on D how many blown coverages did the speed on defense prevent a SH’s touchdown, I counted at least three.

    That game was a perfect example of how poorly SH’s played not how good Damien played.

    Now you used the word huge, size and Damien in the same sentence, are you crazy.

    This Damien team has to be one of the smallest teams I have seen all year. The running back must be all of 5’2′ 100 pounds wet. When SH’s linemen got ahold of him they tossed him like a rag doll, South Hills linemen.

    This team has Chino Hills and Charter Oak left on their schedule. My advise Damien parents go to the Fountain Valley game next week. Don’t even think of showing up to the Chino Hills and Charter Oak games, major blowouts.

    As far as Gano and coming back next season, trust me he is already looking, one thing he isn’t is stupid.

    You guys are going to finish 3-7.

    Gano will quit before Damien fires him.