Could Oaks Christian be in trouble?

Story in the Ventura County Star could signal big trouble for Oaks Christian: Oaks Christian School’s starting quarterback says he was contacted by one of the high school’s assistant coaches when he was playing football in the eighth grade, which would be a violation of CIF rules.

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  • Colt74

    “I remember coach Casey and Rick no, just Casey actually came out to one of my eighth-grade games,” Dawkins said. “He was talking to me and my dad about school, (asking) if I had any intention of going there.”

    Wait a dad and our coaches are saying something to me..what? We could get in trouble?..Ok….I’ll go on twitter ans say I made a mistake…

    Best quote ever from a AD :

    “You have to know Brandon to start with,” Hethcock said. “Brandon gets totally confused and off track in interviews. We might just have to say that he never talks to the media again.”


  • Its been going on

    What about covina coaches coaching the covina vikings or bonita coaches coaching at lvsd? Cant that be pre enrollment contact. Damien has a guy working it at lvsd also.

  • Realities

    Ok, so a kid “mistakenly” admitted it on video…fine. But EVERY SINGLE competitive high school does some form of recruiting to some extent. Every single one. OC is just like everyone else.

  • Greenopoly

    I saw several programs Represented at the SGV JAA championships…Coaches stop wearing your school colors to these pop warner games. Then they all hang along the fence or gather together in the stands. Recruiting happens, but now it’s just plain sloppy. This kid should only be talking about what he did in last weeks game, or what he is going to do in next weeks game. Not about Recruiing etc…Now Oaks is going to have to check all the books, check every address and do a mafia clean job…before tonight’s game.

  • Ignorance is bliss

    Greenie shows his a** once again…

    Dude, chill. Adressess? What are you talking about? The kid enrolled into OC in the 9th grade! You do know this is a private school, right? You do know private schools have no attendance boundaries, right? Dude, nothing is going to happen here. Nothing at all. Did this event take place? We all know it did. Is there any proof? Absolutely not. One rambling 16 yr. old said something took place, and then a bunch of adults covered it up with their lies. The coach, the AD, the Dad, the Pop Warner president, the Pop Warner coach…all of them lied and said that it didn’t happen and that will be the end of that. Mafia clean up? Dude, wtf is wrong with you?!?!

  • LA Conq

    NO, they won’t get in trouble because CIF has lost all power to control such things. It’s a joke nowadays. Too bad. Go ahead and recurit all you want, everyone knows this governing body has no balls.