Azusa ends Gladstone’s Cinderella season, 27-17; Amat gets must-win over Crespi; Bonita sneaks by Los Altos; Charter Oak rolls again

Azusa shows who’s boss: Azusa had been the forgotten champion since losing its first Montview League game in four years a few weeks ago to Duarte.

The Aztecs’ 27-game league winning streak was over and rival Gladstone had stolen the headlines by entering Friday’s rivalry game undefeated and off to its best start in school history.

But Azusa never stopped believing and regained its swagger, handing Gladstone its first loss 27-17 in front of an estimated 5,000 at Citrus College.


Azusa-Gladstone photo gallery

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Martinez does enough to help El Monte win: El Monte quarterback Brandon Martinez led his team to a 38-20 win over Mountain View in a Mission Valley League game Friday night.

Martinez passed for 184 yards and two touchdowns and added 78 yards on the ground and three more touchdowns.

Special teams save Amat: Bishop Amat High School, struggling on offense in the second half of what coach Steve Hagerty described as a must-win game, needed to make a play Friday.

The Lancers twice wasted opportunities on Crespi’s side of the field to open the second half before junior Adrian Ortega blocked a punt that was recovered by senior Jorge Cortez for the Lancers’ only score of the half.

It proved to be the difference, however, as Bishop Amat (6-1-1, 1-1) held on for a 24-21 win over Crespi (7-2, 2-1) in a Serra League showdown between two desperate teams.

Charter Oak pulls away: Charter Oak pulled away from Ayala in the second half and took another step toward a successful defense of its Sierra League title with a 41-14 victory Friday night.

Bonita works hard to beat Los Altos: With 3:48 left in regulation, Los Altos punted the ball to Bonita with a 31-29 lead. After getting one first down on the previous four drives, Bonita began to move the ball a drive that culminated in a 28-yard touchdown run by senior Reggie Turner, giving Bonita the lead.

Tonight’s results
Bishop Amat 24, Crespi 21
Azusa 27, Gladstone 17
Charter Oak 41, Ayala 14
Bonita 35, Los Altos 31
La Puente 21, Duarte 20
El Monte 38, Mountain View 20
Gabrielino 13, Rosemead 7
Diamond Bar 41, Walnut 35, 2OT
Sierra Vista 48, Bassett 0
South El Monte 13, Arroyo 7
Rowland 23, Diamond Ranch 16
Chino Hills 57, Clarmont 12
Northview 35, Baldwin Park 0
Pomona 10, Nogales 7

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  • Green yo self

    The Games I like-

    #1 BA vs Crespi- Every game in the Serra is a playoff game. I think the Serra is still one of the stronger leagues in PAC 5. They should get 3 teams in, but I wouldn’t count on that. BA Has not been able to win the close Pac 5 games. I think they could jump out early or come back late, but still lose this one.
    Crespi 35 Bishop Amat 34

    #2 Charter Oak vs Ayala- Both Teams can score, however Charter Oak’s D is one of the best around. The Chargers have Better Chance of holding the Bulldogs under 30, than the other way around. I smell upset…Nah..
    Charter Oak 38 Ayala 28

    #3 Gladstone vs Azusa – I am sure Gstone was revenge on the Aztecs. They have been running the Montview for some time. Can you say 8-0. Gstone is playing to well to stop here.
    Gstone 35 Azusa 17

    #4 Bonita vs Los Altos- Up and down, up and down. Los Altos better be up for this one. Everyone in the Hacienda is pulling for LA. Reggie is on a mission, and will help Bonita Grind this one out.
    Bonita 24 – Ayala 21

    #5 Duarte vs La Puente- The Falcons took one on the chin vs Gstone. This is a must win. If not maybe no playoffs for Duroc. I think Talifero and the Falcons bully their way to a thriller.
    Duarte 31 La Puente 30.

  • Jose Amnot 73

    This bird is cooked and its not even Thanksgiving…

    Crespi ends Amat’s 2012 season to tonight!

    Crespi 41 – Bishop 12…

  • 12th man

    Like always Aram is always two steps ahead of you!! The Scoby sweepstakes should have been reported a few days ago..This is old news confirming that he’s at Cathedral!!

  • 12th man

    Amat will have to bring out the playbook tonight!! Crespi can have a very stubborn defense at times..Amat needs to get the ball into the hands of Andrews all night..They should even run out of a Wildcat formation just to give him more touches..I don’t think Blue will be a factor tonight as the Crespi D-line plays real physical up front & they don’t give up many yards to finesse running backs who can’t crank it up the middle & break tackles..If this game was being played in Encino I would say Amat loses by two TD’s..Considering the fact that it’s being played at keifer & Amat is in a must win situation..Some would call this game even..If Amat can keep the Crespi offense below 30!! I would say they have a chance..Final 35-31

  • AMAT 73

    Hey Pride did you get a chance to catch Azusa on the channel 5 news this morning ? They did their high school match of week out on the Azusa vs Gladstone game .

  • 12th man

    Don’t know the full story but Aram reports this on Kurt Scoby (“Bishop Amat was his first choice but the two sides were not able to work out a way to get him enrolled”.)…What kind of cover up is that? How do you not find a way to enroll a student not to mention perhaps one of the premier backs in the Southern Section next year?…I know Amat doesn’t recruit..But when they’re hand gifting you a present & you decline or make any effort to accept..I almost have to question the future of Amat football not just in this isolated situation but in general when it comes to enhancing your team with elite players…

  • Jackie

    I’m so excited for tonights game I can hardly work again this week. Good luck to all teams today! Gstone VS. Azusa will be a great team Im hoping Azusa can come thru with a win but we all know Gstone is tuff! LETS GO DUARTE FALCONS!!! Do your thing boys go out there and have fun and do what you do!


    Alright AMAT 73, didn’t get a chance to see that on the news but I know both schools have pretty good bands that take it real serious!

    73, i was hoping AMAT would win over ALEMANY, so we wouldn’t have to hear that clown WARRIOR no more!

    CRUSADER FOOTBALL doing great by the way, have won three in a row and playing this Saturday!.

    Okay AZUSA, PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TONIGHT. Hopefully Coach Scherf has done his homework and is ready, prepared and can pull this one out. AZUSA has lost to many players this season and the likes of Desmond Reed and past others are not here this season. No excuses,and when the other team is better, well the best you can hope for is that they are off, so AZUSA play mistake free football, make the catches and the runs so we can score!

    GOOD LUCK TONIGHT AZUSA and it’s been a long run BUT!!! IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL THE SCOREBOARD SAYS,00:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • AMAT 73

    12th Man,
    Only a few are privy to why he is not enrolled at AMAT and neither you nor I are one of those few. I can only guess as to why and so can you . I think it had more to do with grades and maybe some attendence issues but I could be wrong .Maybe consessions as far as playing time and place with the team were not what Scoby wanted and caused it not to happen . No one knows and probably never will . For you to make a statement about questioning the future of AMAT football based on this one case is absurd especially with all the unknowns on Scoby . Our future is sound with the last 3 incoming classes ( Koa being of one of those classes ) we have had . It’s not as bad as the picture many of the SGV have painted recently on the blog on AMAT . Out of all this I would really like to know why he left CO in the first place as that has never been covered . If he was still there , their odds of making a run this year in the Inland would have a much better of which they look pretty good now .

  • Aaron


  • Warrior fan


    Awww to bad Alemany spoiled your week, and guess what you do have to hear this clown Warrior fan just like the rest of the Amat chokers. Its funny that fred say Amat fights for playoff life. Well after last week Amat should have every bit of fight in them because they did not try to fight last week they just came and gave up ok ok they tried to fight late but where was they later and early. Hags knew like i knew and the rest of the world knew and that was Amat didnt have a chance better luck next time. Oh and Aztec Pride why are you so worried about hearing from me your not an Amat fan your an AZUSA fan stay in your place little man and root for your team.

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams of the SGV for well played and injury free game.
    To the Men in Blue , play hard tonight and stay focused, disciplined and solid execution . AMAT WILL SHINE TONIGHT .

  • gralx

    Fred just Tweeted that he likes the over 75 of the Amat game tonight. How’s this for an over game in the Central Valley last night? CRAZY!!!|topnews|text|Frontpage

  • Real talk

    Go Amat!!!! Go Amat!!!!!

  • Los Altos figures the only chance they have to win the game tonight against Bonita is to pray for rain.

    Well they did the next best thing; they accidently over watered the field. The Bonita receivers cant even run their routes without slipping the field is that wet.

    Just goes to show how much class this Los Altos coaching staff has. They will do anything for a win.

    If I was Bonita I would go low on the Los Altos running back, messed up ankle, and we all know they can’t pass.




  • Amat d

    Congrats to amat defense . They held a team averaging over 45 points to 21 . Way to bail out the offense tonight .




  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    South El Monte Eagles 13
    Arroyo Knights 07


    Defense was the key tonight in the 2nd half for SEMHS! HELL YEAH!

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    If Mountain View High School Vikings pull the upset tonight, you could be looking at a SEM vs. EM in the last week of play for the MVL TITLE!

    That would only be set up, if the scoring in the stunner of Gabrielino upsetting Rosemead tonight is true, and if El Monte beats Gabrielino next week as well if South El Monte can beat Mountain View next week.


  • 12th man

    Amat Coaching staff almost blows it…They looked confused the play calling was to conservative & predictable they wasted timeouts because they couldn’t get plays in on time & if not for a muffed & blocked punt..It’s a totally different ballgame…The defense really stepped up tonight for Amat..I don’t think they were really in any trouble throughout the game..The Crespi offense was slightly above average for a Serra League team but they lack any true game changers with dominant speed..Koa Haynes still learning & his inexperience showing at times…The Serra league is tough & Amat can’t afford any mental mistakes with Koa at the helm (still trying to thread the needle at times instead of tucking it & running & also taking sacks that takes you out of field goal range is almost a cardinal sin) Overall I would grade him at a B or B+…This was a good win for Amat & It brings them closer to the Playoffs..I don’t see Loyola beating them so it will come down to the wire vs Notre Dame~

  • Warrior fan

    Good win Amat, Now it really gets tough from here on out with ND who i believe is 2nd best in the Serra and Loyola left I hope you finish out strong.

    Sincerely, Warrior fan

    P.S never forget 56-35

  • libero

    12th man, what are you talking about, Amat was in danger all night long, 2 missed FGs, offside and motion penalties(in week 8 no less) and a pick 6 when we were knocking on the door.the D played their collective azzes off! Hags fell in love with the placekicker when he had a career night, now….he’s missed what, 4 in a row? btw there is a whole lot of difference between the Serra and the cee air a leagues just in case you newbies haven’t noticed or revisionist history writers like the donut man (at) or the soccer guru(freedie) btw where is the long winded,know it all blowtard waterboy coach h20 jaime? Crespi Carmelites secret weapon ?

  • AzusA


  • bobbradstreet

    Dan and I went to the Amat-Crespi game. It was a great game and kudos to Amat.

  • Colt74

    This is the 3rd game in a row where the scribbleit live would not let me sign in with my cell phone. No idea why. I could sign into any other site but on scribble it just flashed a cursor at the sign in and would not let me enter anything.

    First off…congrats to San Dimas who stuck it to us G-O-O-D tonight. Payton is a stud! One of the BEST backs I have had the pleasure of watching the last few years. Roggins hero’s Sunday night..he’s the player of the week. Deservedly so.

    At the end of the first quarter I kept smelling this fouls smell at the new stadium. About 2 minutes into the second quarter I realized the stink was from us! It was one of those nights. Penalties, fumbles, interceptions, missed tackles, sacks that put us back two zip codes. I kept waiting to see if we handed off the ball on offense to one of the was going that bad.
    The kids hung in there and played hard but the best part of tonight was when it was over. Like I said, one of those nights.
    Again, congrats Saints!

    2 weeks off to recoup/reheal/regroup/ for Pomona.

  • libero

    “ends Gladstones miracle season” what are you talking about, there is a 3 way tie currently for the lead in the Montview with 2 games to go, get a clue hystercial harry…….to coin a phrase from the late great,legend Jim Healy

  • billyb

    Well, I guess Gladstone will be crying themselves to sleep tonight. All you people talking all that smack,where you at now? Good win tonight, only 6 more to go. Fred and Aram, ‘how you like us now?

  • sgv

    Hey SEMHS FAN 3481, weeks back you put SEMHS DEFENSE on blast? Now you have them on top of the world after a win over AROYO. From what I have seen South’s DEFENSE has been keeping them in every game this year. SAD SAD thing for the South football program. Rumor has it there is a replacement for South’s DEFENSIVE COACH Reynoso??? You seem to have an inside source is it true???

  • libero

    all the whining about San Marino, SEM,Gabrielino.this show is like Waynes World minus Tawny and Mike,the short bus guy just hanging around…….wow,weak,weak,weak

  • sgv

    Good win for SOUTH!!! Aroyo coach put on check after a DISRESPECTFUL celebration before the game. What kind of BS is that coach???

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    hey “sgv” –

    did I ever say that SEMHS defense is “on top of the world” ? No.

    your mockery of Coach Reynoso and the team is not funny, and then you say I have an inside source? No.

    I have been a faithful fan, I speak my mind here, as allowed to, and week to week, things change. Sure it is definitely arguable that SEMHS defense has kept them in most of the games so far, but it does not mean they are consistent.

    The only real trend I see of lately is how the SEMHS Offense runs out of gas in the 2nd Half. Want an example? Tonight they had at least 3 missed field goal attempts, and 4 attempts in the 4th to drive for a TD – those opportunities provided by Arroyo’s lack of offense as well, and they could not convert anything. One drive in particular that irks me was when they were in the red zone, but instead of getting an EASY field goal (the other field goal attempts were not in the kicker’s “range”), they decided to go for it, and it was dumb because the QB just ran parallel to the line, and Arroyo sacked him.

    – Then you go, in your 2nd post and praise South too. So what gives?

  • MVL

    AT SGV

    Missed the game. What did the old Singiser do that was disrespectful before the game?

  • just askin’?

    NonSense – 52 -14? LMFAO!!! Now disappear for a while again. Loser!

  • from the nosebleed section

    Friday, October 19th



    Roybal 19, Torres 14


    Crenshaw 34, Dorsey 14


    Carson 53, Washington 0

    Gardena 23, Wilmington Banning 17 (2OT)

    Narbonne 28, San Pedro 7


    Lincoln 27, Los Angeles Wilson 0


    Fairfax 42, Los Angeles Hamilton 8

    Palisades 36, Westchester 24



    St. Margaret’s 61, Crean Lutheran 0


    Alhambra 24, Schurr 21


    Paraclete 35, Brentwood 0

    Windward 48, Kilpatrick 14


    Linfield Christian 55, Arrowhead Christian 0

    Ontario Christian 27, Aquinas 20


    Etiwanda 32, Alta Loma 6

    Upland 47, Los Osos 7


    Mira Costa 42, Peninsula 28

    Palos Verdes 47, West Torrance 14

    Redondo 45, Leuzinger 26


    Corona Santiago 49, Corona 13

    Norco 31, Eastvale Roosevelt 0


    Anaheim Canyon 34, El Modena 28 (OT)

    Foothill 42, El Dorado 14

    Villa Park 31, Brea Olinda 26


    Santa Barbara 35, San Marcos 14

    Ventura 29, Buena 21


    Cajon 26, Yucaipa 24

    Eisenhower 28, Miller 0

    Redlands 41, Redlands East Valley 37


    Big Bear 24, Yucca Valley 10

    Shadow Hills 56, Desert Mirage 14


    La Salle 29, Bishop Montgomery 10

    Mary Star 21, Bosco Tech 14


    La Serna 66, El Rancho 33

    Pioneer 14, Whittier 7

    Santa Fe 31, California 21


    Silver Valley 48, Riverside Prep 0

    Vasquez 9, Mammoth 6


    Silverado 41, Ridgecrest Burroughs 30

    Victor Valley 41, Granite Hills 7


    Coachella Valley 27, Cathedral City 24 (OT)

    Palm Desert 70, Indio 3

    Palm Springs 20, La Quinta 14 (OT)


    Placentia Valencia 16, Garden Grove Pacifica 6

    Yorba Linda 43, Cypress 6


    Hart 35, Saugus 0

    Valencia 54, Canyon Country Canyon 41

    West Ranch 35, Golden Valley 13


    Buena Park 30, Sunny Hills 19

    La Habra 34, Fullerton 9

    Troy 27, Sonora 20


    Fillmore def. Villanova Prep (forfeit)

    Malibu 9, Grace Brethren 0


    Los Amigos 41, Bolsa Grande 0


    Highland 14, Eastside 12

    Lancaster 16, Littlerock 13

    Palmdale 53, Antelope Valley 12

    Quartz Hill 49 Knight 12


    Loara 31, Santa Ana 10

    Westminster 54, Ocean View 14


    Bonita 35, Los Altos 31

    Diamond Bar 41, Walnut 35 (2OT)


    Desert 45, Rosamond 5

    Kern Valley 40, California City 14


    Arlington 44, Canyon Springs 12


    Lompoc 56, Santa Ynez 7

    Morro Bay 49, Lompoc Cabrillo 7

    Paso Robles 32, Pioneer Valley 18

    Nipomo 31, Santa Maria 7


    St. Bonaventure 35, Newbury Park 7

    Westlake 30, Simi Valley 7


    Oaks Christian 47, Calabasas 21

    Thousand Oaks 33, Agoura 20


    Cathedral 29, St. Paul 16

    Chaminade 78, Harvard-Westlake 34


    El Monte 38, Mountain View 20

    Gabrielino 13, Rosemead 7

    South El Monte 13, Arroyo 7


    Oak Hills 20, Apple Valley 2

    Serrano 56, Sultana 6


    Azusa 27, Gladstone 17

    La Puente 21, Duarte 20

    Sierra Vista 48, Bassett 0


    Lakewood 47, Long Beach Jordan 12

    Long Beach Poly 54, Millikan 16

    Long Beach Wilson 21, Long Beach Cabrillo 19


    Beaumont 35, San Jacinto 23

    Citrus Hill 52, Hemet 14

    Tahquitz 66, West Valley 27


    Banning 62, Riverside Notre Dame 31

    Citrus Valley 35, Rim of the World 21

    Jurupa Hills 35, Rubidoux 20


    Colony 42, Chaffey 0

    Don Lugo 31, Ontario 22


    Inglewood 45, Hawthorne 6

    Morningside 14, Beverly Hills 0

    Santa Monica 17, Culver City 3


    Cerritos Valley Christian 35, Heritage Christian 14

    Whittier Christian 24, Maranatha 14


    Magnolia 31, Savanna 27


    Costa Mesa 58, Saddleback 12

    Estancia 34, Godinez 18

    Laguna Beach 56, Santa Ana Calvary Chapel 13


    Arroyo Grande 46, Righetti 34

    Atascadero 28, Santa Maria St. Joseph 24


    Arcadia 21, Pasadena 7

    Glendale 20, Crescenta Valley 17

    Muir 24, Burbank 17


    Woodbridge 38, Irvine University 7


    Camarillo 70, Hueneme 19

    Oxnard 28, Rio Mesa 14

    Oxnard Pacifica 42, Channel Islands 28


    North Torrance 35, El Segundo 7

    South Torrance 21, Lawndale 0

    Torrance 21, Compton Centennial 12


    Pasadena Poly 42, Webb 19

    Rio Hondo Prep 48, Flintridge Prep 12


    San Marino 58, Temple City 0

    South Pasadena 35, La Canada 8


    Moreno Valley 25, Ramona 17

    Norte Vista 27, La Sierra 13


    Carter 49, San Gorgonio 14


    Dominguez 31, Gahr 3

    Lynwood 35, Warren 19

    Paramount 21, Downey 17


    Capistrano Valley 17, Laguna Hills 14

    San Juan Hills 35, Aliso Niguel 28


    Bishop Amat 24, Crespi 21

    Sherman Oaks Notre Dame 28, Loyola 10


    Charter Oak 41, Ayala 14

    Chino Hills 57, Claremont 12


    El Toro 35, Trabuco Hills 17

    Mission Viejo 55, Tesoro 32


    Chaparral 21, Great Oak 14

    Murrieta Mesa 34, Temecula Valley 17

    Vista Murrieta 45, Murrieta Valley 17


    Elsinore 35, Temescal Canyon 20

    Heritage 24, Paloma Valley 13

    Lakeside 16, Perris 14


    Fontana 22, Bloomington 8

    Kaiser 41, Colton 0


    Edison 78, Marina 0

    Los Alamitos 28, Fountain Valley 21

    Newport Harbor 20, Huntington Beach 17


    Bishop Diego 49, Oak Park 7

    Nordhoff 49, Carpinteria 28


    Santa Margarita 17, Orange Lutheran 14

    St. John Bosco 27, Mater Dei 19

    Servite 28, JSerra 0


    Pomona 10, Nogales 7

    San Dimas 44, Covina 7


    Barstow 20, Hesperia 17

    Boron 64, Capistrano Valley Christian 6

    Moorpark 35, Royal 10

    Santa Paula 39, Santa Clara 13

    8 MAN


    Lucerne Valley 28, Upland Christian 26


    Santa Maria Valley Christian 46, Maricopa 8


    Cate 62, Coast Union 15


    Trona 44, Big Pine 8


    Concordia 36, Antelope Valley Christian 6

    Hillcrest Christian 50, Westmark 8


    Desert Chapel 62, Bloomington Christian 42


    Public Safety Academy 50, Noli Indian 48


    Downey Calvary Chapel 36, Nuview Bridge 28


    Cuyama Valley 52, Riverdale Christian 28

    Excelsior 44, Animo Robinson 0

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    Facebook: L.A. Times Sports
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    Congratulations Charter Oak!

    Now we can use Damien and Claremont as prep games for the playoffs!


  • DBar Pop

    First I know it’s not a game a lot of people in the area care about because neither team is going anywhere. Second, Roddy, this is a rival game…great turnout on both sides (even with the traffic mess), huge bands battling the whole game, lour cheering an an energy that is not even close when we play pomona, uh, er, Diamond Ranch. Unbelievable game…DBar wins 41-35 in Double OT…The big strike game of DBar vs. the ground and pound and crazy formations of Walnut. The game started with Walnut looking like the team with two weeks to prepare as they raced off to a 14-0 lead quickly. A bizare end to the second quarter…Walnut throws an apparent interception on the Dbar 2, both teams have left the field when the white hat calls a face mask peronal foul on DBar. Walnut gets the ball back and scores with 50 seconds in the half to go up 21-7 with 50 secs to go. DBar comes back and moves the ball to the Walnut two and runs up to down it with around 9 secs to go when the refs call a time out, talk for five minutes and then start play again…no penalties…just a nice conversation. Tyler Brown carries it to the goal line and…..twenty secs later the hands go up..touchdown! The second half was just as bizare..I know he’s trying but DBar needs a new defensive coordinator…first OT…Dbar had scored a touchdown and extra point. Walnut has the ball, fourth down from the 28…What would you run for your defense…three deep, four deep underneath…four deep? Nope, Walnut lines up in a double wide each side. We have our corners on press coverage…ONE saftey deep in the middle middle and our second safety middle area on one side of the field. Walnut throws deep to the opposite side and touchdown…tie game…It get’s old when even Pop Warner kids are questioning his defense…last note…I think DBar must be leading the nation in personal fouls…at least six a game…oh one more thing…we also lead the league with players cramping up! My goodness…five to ten minutes everytime…just hop your asses off the field so the game can go on…..


    FRED wrote this GREAT ARTICLE and figured I would pasted on the BLOG! Fred, I couldn’t have said any better! IT’S GOING TO AZUSA ALL WEEKEND ON HERE!!!=======================================================================================

    High School Football: Azusa knocks Gladstone from unbeaten ranks
    By Fred J. Robledo, SGVN
    Posted: 10/19/2012 11:42:55 PM PDT

    Photo gallery: Azusa 27, Gladstone 17

    AZUSA – Azusa had been the forgotten champion since losing its first Montview League game in four years a few weeks ago to Duarte.

    The Aztecs’ 27-game league winning streak was over and rival Gladstone had stolen the headlines by entering Friday’s rivalry game undefeated and off to its best start in school history.

    But Azusa never stopped believing and regained its swagger, handing Gladstone its first loss 27-17 in front of an estimated 5,000 at Citrus College.

    Azusa coach Joe Scherf said his team fed off all the

    Azusa’s Kevin Perez (88) runs for a first down against Gladstone in the first half of a prep football game at Citrus College on Friday, Oct 19, 2012 in Glendora, Calif. (SGVN/Staff Photo by Keith Birmingham)Gladstone hype, including predictions from this newspaper in favor of Gladstone.
    “My kids were ready to play,” Scherf said. “Thanks for all the motivation. My kids love that stuff.”

    Azusa took control early, getting a 22-yard field goal from Jesus Arteaga and a 1-yard touchdown run from Angel Flores to go up 10-0 in the first quarter.

    Azusa quarterback Jose Ledesma completed 12 of 19 passes for 247 yards and two touchdowns, connecting on an 84-yard touchdown pass to Arteaga to go up 17-0, prompting a bunch of stunned faces on the Gladiators sidelines.

    “We’ve come from behind in a lot of games and tonight it bit us,” Gladstone coach Albert Sanchez said. “You can’t play from behind against your rival. Not
    17 points.
    “I don’t know why we came out flat, but give all the credit to them. They came out with a plan and took it to us.”

    Gladiators quarterback Kevin Amezquita tried to rally his team again, finishing with 172 yards and two touchdowns.

    Amezquita threw a 36-yard touchdown pass to Christian Arteaga and after scoring the two-point conversion, the Gladiators trailed 17-8 at halftime.

    The Gladiators trailed only 17-11 after Eduado Cortez’s 22-yard field goal early in the third quarter and had seemingly regained the momentum.

    But Ledesma answered with the play of the game on third-and-17, delivering a 61-yard touchdown pass to Josh Dillon to go up 24-11 with 11:52 left in the game.

    “That was the back-breaker,” Sanchez said. “It’s one of those things. Our defender slipped and he (Ledesma) threw it right on target. There’s nothing you can do. It’s a helpless feeling, but it happens.”

    Scherf was not surprised with Ledesma’s clutch performance.

    “He’s growing by leaps and bounds,” Scherf said. “The last four weeks he hasn’t thrown an interception and tonight he made great decisions. I’m proud of him.”

    Although Azusa (5-3, 4-1) celebrated like it won its fifth consecutive league title, the Aztecs’ win actually created a three-way tie for first along with Gladstone (7-1, 4-1) and La Puente (6-2, 4-1), a 21-20 winner over Duarte.

    Gladstone will likely finish in at least a tie for the league title by finishing against struggling Workman and Ganesha while Azusa meets La Puente next week with the winner staying in league-title contention.

    For the Gladiators, who committed three turnovers in the fourth quarter, it wasn’t the time to think about league titles.

    “This game hurts,” Sanchez said. “You never want to lose this game. We say it makes or breaks the season, but we have to get over it.

    “We have to regroup big time and try to win our kids back. That’s my job to do.”

  • Homer Dogg

    I am in no way or shape a fan or follower of Amat. But, I must commend them for not allowing Scooby to attend their school. After two dismal academic years at CO, he was not going to be eligible to play football. This is when his caregive began to do a drive-by to several different schools. I have no idea how he ever became academically eligible to play on a high school football field. A worksheet or packet should not take the place of a semester course but each school seems to have their own ways of avoiding or interpreting rules and regulations. I’m already anxious to see where he will go after Cathedral. As much as CO and Amat are maligned as football factories, they both have scruples when it comes to eligibility. Kudos to them both!

  • sgv

    SEMHS 3481 hut hut You are CONSISTENT, you are a loyal fan, you deserve fan of the year for getting South into the playoffs last year and you call it as YOU see it. Your opinion is right on! I understand things can change week to week. There are teams at the HS level who have been consistent for years.
    My opinion. South’s offense is not running out of gas in the second half when they are consistently going 3 and out and are resting on the sideline. Making Adjustments is a must. As far as our “D” just reporting as you do There is a replacement that has already chosen.
    MVL not at the game. A pre game celebration on SOUTH’S 50 is disrespectful.

  • Not Since 1995

    Wow…Crespi had the worst game of the season and the little Lanceritos are again excited…!

    Lets get one thing straight here…! YOU — Amnot — did nothing to win this game…Crespi did everything to lose it…! Your Offense still sucks and your defense is still getting destroyed…! Enjoy your Menudo this morning…! But remember…You still have to win 2 more games. And…YOU Won’t…!

    That’s a long way to go into the San Fernando Valley in all that Friday afternoon traffic just to get your a$$ handed to you by Loyola…!

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh! LMFAO…!

    Not In 2012 Either…

  • unreal

    @Not Since 1995 said: You’re unreal, dude your Pathetic and GROW UP>. Do you attend the AMAT GAMES? Because it sounds like you go to the games and how else would you know how both teams played you weirdo! I mean your on here with the same crap all the time and it’s stupid. You must be under 18 YEARS OLD, and I hope your not over 21.

    You know what i’m not an AMAT fan, but you come in here with the negativity, over and over. Come on get a grip and there’s alot of FOOTBALL FANS who are cloud 9 right now. Layoff the CSI PROGRAMS you stalker.LOL…

  • SEM

    At SGV

    Not sure where you are getting your info from regarding Reynoso leaving. He is not leaving and if he does it will be due to new the new family member that arrived in septmeber. Coach Aguilar will have Coach Rivas take over if that was the case. Rivas has been with the program sine 07 along with Aguilar.

  • Thank you sir – may I have another said:

    NonSense – This never gets old. (actually – it does) To see this fool make prediction after prediction for year after year only to see him wrong week after week is like an old “Laugh-In” skit. Same thing every week, just as stupid, but makes you laugh at him anyway. But could it be more ignorant?

    here’s just a few. Sound familiar?
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Anyway, I could care less who Amat beats. It’s the failures of your little tykes’ football program that I relish in. Every time you prove me right by failing, I enjoy it! I told you that you wouldn’t win another meaningful game this year and your Lanceritos are proving me right! A meaningless pre-league game against Charter Oak is the highlight of your 2012 season? Crespi is gonna destroy your little team of midgets and you’re going to miss the playoffs. That is music to my ears!

    I have enjoyed this season even more because you actually thought you had a chance! All of you Amat Blowhards did! LMFAO…! Only to once again FAIL…!

    JCAZ…remind me again. When was the last time the Lanceritos won anything meaningful in football? When…? Crickets…crickets….!

    Not in 2012…

    October 16, 2012 2:51 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Fred is 100% correct….! LMFAO ….!

    Amat is ranked and therefore not considered a top team in the PAC 5, not in CIF, and certainly not in the SGV…!

    The LA Clippers called to say that they know exactly how Amat feels. It’s like the booty call that gets dressed up for the dance and nobody calls! Don’t worry Amat Blowhards! You’ll get your midnight call this coming Friday! LMFAO…!

    Crespi 49 – Lanceritos 12…!

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

    October 16, 2012 6:52 AM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    The Truth Hurts and so does what Crespi did to The Lanceritos…!

    Slammed, crushed, and beaten. And that was just your male yell leaders in the back of your bus!

    October 15, 2012 5:50 PM
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    So Fred,

    What are you going to do about the Tight Ends and Mijo jokes after your politically correct statement?

    Will you delete White Gummer and Donkey74 also…?

    JACK ASS…where you at?

    Crespi’s coming and ain’t nothing you can do about it…!

    Not In 2012….

    October 15, 2012 5:40 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    In my humble opinion, not only does AMAT suck…

    But CHARTER OAK is the number 1 team in the SGV…!

    Not In 2012 AMAT…

    October 13, 2012 5:42 PM”
    Not Since 1995 said:

    As I said last week, Servite will have a below a average season…!

    The Friars loss to the Laneritos will prove to be quite meaningless by Thanksgiving…!

    Not In 2012…

    September 4, 2012 6:17 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Once again the Lanceritos shoot their wad prematurely…!

    This will be the highlight of your 2012 season and Joe Amat will add this meaningless win to his list of meaningless wins when it doesn’t matter…!

    Don’t forget to pick up all of those Coors cans out there in your parking lot…! You Amat Blowhard Drunks are a shame to the rest of the SGV…! And that is what a private education teaches you…? No thanks…I Fat Old drunk men in their Medium jerseys from the 1980’s…Yelling out…”kill him Mijo!”. No Thanks…!

    Not In 2012…

    August 25, 2012 5:24 AM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Fred J,

    BTW, my early prediction is that Chino Hills will beat the Lanceritos with Offense.

    Charter Oak will beat the Lanceritos with Defense…!

    St Paul will beat the Lanceritos with Scoby…!

    You can take that to Vegas…baby…!

    August 21, 2012 5:27 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    The Lanceritos of La Puente hav absolutely no chance to win this game…!

    Do not ignore the lack of size, speed, or lack depth on the Lanceritos.

    It’s like the Uganda team playing the USA men’s basketball team.

    No Chance…Nada…Nietch…Nothing…!

    Final Score: Servite 42 – Lanceritos….3 !

    August 21, 2012 8:41 AM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:


    Don’t forget your Kleenex for all the crying you’re gonna do…!

    I’ll be at the game, laughing at you and your blowhards leaving Knifer field by the 3rd quarter…! MrsDoubtfire 73, will you stay and take the beating for all 4 qtrs…? I’ll be filming…! LMFAO….

    Servite 42 – Lanceritos 3….! Vegas baby…!

    Not in 2012…

    August 20, 2012 5:51 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Will Bishop Amat drop out of the Top 10 by next Monday?

    The Amat defense will be exposed for the lack of speed, lack size, lack of strength, and lack of depth. The offense will be exposed for their one dimensional tactic. 8 in the box by a superior Servite defense will shut out the Amat offense. Every team will play Amat the same way…!

    I predict another overwhelming Amat loss to the Servite Black Friars…!

    Final score: Servite 42 – Lanceritos 3

    August 20, 2012 9:49 AM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    @AMAT 73

    Where you at Old Man…? You know have no chance against Servite…! And the entire SGV knows it…! LMFAO!

    Harvard-Westlake to prepare for Servite…? Hahahah…What a Freaken Joke! Why don’t you call La Puente instead? They’re just down the street! Same level of competition! None…!

    The Servite Black Friars are taking over La Puente, Knifer Field, and your Score Board. Amat offense can’t score and the defense can’t stop the Black Friars…!

    Final Score:
    Servite Black Friars 42 – Losing Lancers 3

    On a good note, at least Thanksgiving will be here sooner….

    Not in 2012 Either…

    August 15, 2012 10:01 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    jcaz – Nothing has changed at Amat for the 2012 season. How’s that my fault? I just report the Facts, ma’am…!

    I am on the record as having said that Chino Hills will beat Amat by a score of 28 – 14 as the Amat offense will not be able to stop Simko and the boys…!

    I have also predicted that Charter Oak will beat Amat by a score of 24 – 3. The CO defense will prove to be too much little Haynes and the rest of the ummpah lummpah lancers…!

    Looks like Hags agrees with my predictions…!

    It’s gonna be a long lancers season…!

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat

    Warrior fan, thanks for the props, and no we havent forgotten, but like I said earlier, wouldnt it be funny if Amat ran the table, ending up at 3-1 and you guys lost your last two league games, and not even making the playoffs ? Wouldnt that be a card eh ? Could happen right ? Actually, im hoping that that doesnt happen because im sure that the Lancers would just loooooove to see you guys one more time this year.

    BTW Warrior fan, did you happen to catch the interview last night on AM570 ? They interviewed your head guy, Harrington (sp), and in a nod to the SGV newspaper group, they read the article on the air regarding the three former St Paul players who are going to enroll at Cathedral.

    As for the game last night, wow, what a series of events eh ?

    I guess Aram was right when he noted that Crespi may have had some big wins this year, but that they were a big question mark up to this point.

    In my opinion, Crespi was very slow and it just seemed to me that if it werent for some of those big plays, that Amat should have had a much easier time with them than they actually had. The Lancer defensive line really did a good job in containing their run game and the secondary did a much better job this time around against the pass defense than they have done so far this season. Great victory by the boys in blue.

    One last thing, and I have to say that this is probably the most important thing about the game last night.

    The aftermath of that final play, for Crespi when theyre receiver muffed that catch giving the Lancers what was essentially the win last night was completely uncalled for.

    What the Crespi coaches should have done was to have used one of those final time outs, and have brought the entire team over to the sidelines, because they needed to have taken control of what was happening out on that field and they should have straightened out those kids who were all over number 1.

    The fact is that number 1 didnt lose that game last night. That team did.

    In fact, there were at least three other special teams plays prior to that event where Crespi basically screwed up. So my question here is, why did those coaches allow that to happen ?

    Look, I dont care how emotional the event are, you just dont let that sort of thing go on.
    If I were the parents of number 1, i’d be sure to be in that principles office first thing Monday morning…. Very poor leadership by the Crespi staff. Very very poor.

  • Colt74

    Teams I hate this AM :

    Santa Fe
    Amat ( I pick them and they lose..I pick against them and they win…73 probably wants me to pick against them the last 2 games…lol ) Glad they got the W though.

    My card sucks big time this week.

  • Warrior fan


    No i didnt catch the interview. But come on dude do you really think that Alemany would lose 2 games in a row, or better yet even lose a Serra league matchup. Now i might sound a little cocky but we havent lost a game in the Serra league since we entered it and our offense is only getting better and better every game. Crespi might oppose as a threat but after seeing the outcome of them and Amat that threat has lighten up a bit. And for real dude why would you want to meet us again after we completely DOMINATED you guys. But again BIG WIN for your Lancers continue to grow from it and leave Alemany out of it our game is over. i wish you could come to the air show that will take place next friday though it will be very entertaining our offense is on a whole different level this year. I see Crespi losing 3 straight wow what a let down of a season for the celts.

    To the rest of the public schools in the SGV Fishbowl great win if you won and if you lost i know you gave it your all.

    P.S 56-35 3yrs in a row and counting

  • jcaz

    Warrior fan, stranger things have happened before, and like I told Margarita man, eventually, your going to lose and wouldn’t it be ironic if we win the Serra and you guys end up watching us on fox TV ?

    Oh and BTW, Warrior fan, your right, I really dont believe that Alemany is actually going to lose those two games because you guys have an incredibly gifted team. In fact, when the Amat homers came on board to bash you guys, I took exception to that language, however, I must admit that, two losses are always a real possibility and it is an entertaining the idea nevertheless.

    Also, you keep saying that our game is in the past, and that we should leave you guys out of the conversation, but at the same time you keep on posting the score of that game.

    Look, dude, if you want to go toe to toe over this the entire season, then ok, I’ll bite because like I just said, im absolutely certain that the boys in blue are going to want to see you guys just one more time this year.

    I guarantee it

  • one game at a time

    Great retro posts Thank you,

    No nonsense must be in the ER by now getting his stomach pumped from all that crow food poisening. I’m surprised it hasn’t killed him yet! Bahahahahahahaha! what a dumb azz, what he really needs is a lobotomy, he makes the human race look shameful.

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to all the teams of the SGV win or lose and hope the injuries were kept to a minimum.
    Great and I mean great win by the LANCERS last night . Huge props to #19 Ortega , virtually a one man wrecking crew .Blocked punt , big on the defensive coverage and the whole AMAT D just showed there is another pretty good D in the SGV . Back in the hunt and we must continue to play this kind of D the rest of the way .Big special teams play all night which was huge for AMAT in this one .Good job LANCERS !!!!
    You got to love the “Crespi had their worst game of the season” quote by Qausimodo the village idiot this morning.Guess the AMAT defense had nothing to do with that fact ???? Hope you enjoyed your morning cup of waterrrrr while reading the blog . HAHAHAHAHA . Guess the little guy, when bullied enough comes out and smacks that big kid in the mouth and sends him running home crying , isn’t that right Quasi ???? Quasi, as I saw the Crespi buses leave AMAT last night I saw a strange sight, some guy licking the windows of those buses sucking up all that dew and condensation as if he was dying of thirst ,was that you looking for , you guess it waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! hahahahahah .So I guess it’s back in hiding for you until we lose again as you did all preleague this year .
    In closing big shout to to my pal AZTECRUSADER PRIDE , how about those AZTECS . Nice win last night and hope we make it a three peat weekend , LANCERS , AZTECS yesterday , CRUSADERS , today and RAMS tomorrow .

  • 5for5

    Congrats to Amat for pulling one out against Crespi. With the exception of Alemany, who’s playing at a higher level, Serra League games could go either way.

    Amat wins these games because their coaches are better and their players leave it all on the field. They are focused, determined, and fearless. Another job well done by the coaches and players!

    I believe this will prove to be a crucial time in Amat’s development into, or out of, a top division contender. In a way, it’s plan to see…the writing is on the wall. When you have great coaching and the effort of the players is second to none, evaluating what needs to be done to take the next step becomes a whole lot easier. Since I’m sticking with size and athletes as the only answer, the process reveals itself as the obstacle. How Amat moves forward, or fails to, will be, and should be, the talk of the valley, for they play giant boy football. And now is the time for them to provide the headlines for us to blog about.

    On the valley’s #2, CO was too much for one of the areas top players last night. They were once again a step above the Sierra League competition. CO has been making strides to reach the next level every couple of years, and an improvement on last year’s Inland Division playoff showing is very important for their program, in my opinion. They have met each test along the way progressively, and impressively.

    One more thing, if CO wants to get into the Amat conversation, then they should schedule ND, Loyola, or Crespi. I’d love to see how they would fare. With a win, they could take some of the sting out of the Amat loses. The Chino Hills victory, though nice, simply doesn’t cut it.

  • Warrior fan


    your funny dude, ill help you out with a little bit of fortune telling. Alemany wins League there is no way, i repeat no way Amat wins league we will POP Crespi and destroy Loyola leaving us undefeated. Crespi IMO came in overrated ND is a SCARRRRYYYY team that we already squeaked by (whew) our only threat was kind of Amat but proved not really. I would love for Amat to make playoffs and play us in maybe 2nd round guaranteeing us a semi-final birth. Amat wanting to play Alemany again this year is like saying Josesito Lopez wanting a rematch against Saul Alvarez. Alemany is the Edwin Valero or Joe Calzaghe of the Serra league we just wont lose. But i dont mind going back and forth with you your not like the other blow hard who only braggs about the past your sort of a realist at times and my hate for amat is not that deep like i stated before i use to love Amat it was the blowhards that turned me against Amat but i do wish Amat well just not ever against us.

  • jcaz

    Warrior fan,

    Your right, Alemany pops Crespi (hard) and blows out Loyola, but here’s the interesting part. What if getting that number one seed in the Serra ends up where your facing a number three from the Trinity ? Say a Santa Margarita ?

    Wow, wouldn’t that be absolutely funny if you and Margarita man were to go at it in here. YIKES !!

    One more thing, thanks for wishing us luck and thanks for the kuddos, because ya, ill always tell you how I feel, regardless of whether or not you like what I have to say,a and just between you and I, if Alemany wins he rest of their games, they are doing us a big favor because us taking care of business, gets us into the playoffs no matter what anyone else does, so right now, ya, you bet, im a big Alemany fan

    GO Warriors !! Ha ha ha

    Off to the USC game TTYL dude

  • AMAT 73

    warrior fan ,
    As you say , leave the past out of it . I said to you earlier when I congratulated you on the win when AMAT lost to you that you were irrelevant now , that it was on to Crespi . Well now the same for them and now on to Loyola . I think there is a pretty damn good chance we see each other again in maybe round 1 . Would be a great match up or should I say rematch for CIF . Then and only them will you be relevent to me again . Until then good luck the rest of the way and Crespi will be fighting for their life so I bet your coaches and team are not thinking they are overrated , just you . And one thing you’re dead wrong on , AMAT would love to play Alemany again and see what happens on that Friday night . But there’s still a lot of season until then so you and my pal Jcaz have at it . Hey Jcaz , how about one your blog famous jokes , it’s been a while !!!!


    Hey JCAZ… why don’t you just be#d over for THE WARRIOR FAN, sickening. Quit kissing…

  • 12th man

    Here’s the bottom line!! Amat wins out they make the playoffs.. Or if they beat Loyola & lose to ND they still get in as at-large bid..You can thank Charter Oak!! As long as CO keeps winning & maintains that #4 spot in the Inland or climb in the rankings that’s only going to help Amat!! No other 3rd place team from the Pac5 division has a bigger win than Amat does vs A top 5 school from the Inland & then you add in the strength of Schedule which is the 2nd or 3rd highest in the State..Do the Math~

  • JMO

    Amat wins…….Help CO

    CO wins…….Help Amat

    Funny SH!T, BFF.

  • Randolph Hearst

    Aram: Are you telling me these same stale old smelly bloggers that post over and over and over…… same old tired takes over and over and over make you cash. I don’t get how but it must be nice. What would be nice would be something fresh.

  • SaintsR4real

    BIG Congrats to Angel Flores, Azusa Aztecs!! Biggest game of your Varsity career to date!! Don’t stop now “BEAST”!!

  • Not Since 1995

    I love how “Amat Blowhard” follows my blogging. Even did all the research and back tracking…! Very impressive! Stalker like…but impressive! Fred, say what you want, but you know I am the reason you get Lanceritos hits…!

    That said, we have this idiot posting the following: “this fool make prediction after prediction for year after year only to see him wrong week after week is like an old “Laugh-In” skit.”

    Well…the FACT is that I have been correct for the last 17 years…Amat Blowhard! That’s a damm good record in Vegag…Baby!

    Laugh-In…? Really…? How old is this old fart? Oh…wait! I’m sure its Old Mrs Doubt Fire 73…!

    Not In 2012…Here comes Loyola!

  • Good luck to you

    12th man
    I think your wrong when you say if Amat beats Loyola and looses to ND they will get one of the At large bids. It looks like Tesoro (Tesoro and Amat have a common opponent in CH and Tesoro handled CH while Amat tied CH) will end up as the South Coast #3 and likely to receive the 1st At Large and OLu will probably end up as the Trinity (The Trinity being considerably tougher then the Serra) #4 and likely to receive the final At Large bid. My guess is that if Amat is going to make the playoffs they are going to have to win the final 2 games on their schedule. The good news is that the balance of the schedule is favorable for Amat, with Loyola (a team that Amat should handle with relative ease) on the road and ND (a team that could give Amat trouble) at home.

    Amat 73 – if Amat is to face Alemany in the playoffs, it will have to be in the 2nd round because CIF never pairs league opponents against each other in the 1st round of the playoffs.

  • Not The 12th Man

    Here’s funny sh*t from this amat dumb a$$: “You can thank Charter Oak!! As long as CO keeps winning & maintains that #4 spot in the Inland or climb in the rankings that’s only going to help Amat!!” That’s some funny sh*t!! But more importantly, this is the reason why Bishop Amat is no longer the #1 team in the SGV!! Plus, the fact the they barely beat Crespi. Crespi a team that won’t even make the playoffs!!

    MaxPreps Rankings:
    Charter Oak – Overall: 7-1-0, National Rank: 56, State Rank: 11
    CIF Rankings:
    Charter Oak – Inland Division at #4

    Where’s Amat ranked? Hey Fred, isn’t time to bust Bishop Amat down in your rankings? Or are you gonna go with this idiot 12th Ma’am and his stupid theory that the L.A. Times tells CIF how to rank their teams? LMFAO! Have some balls and do it Fred!!

  • LOL Dbar Pop

    DBar Pop you are right we don’t care. Secondly, you keep saying it is not a rival. Maybe you should care so you stop losing to Roddy. Thanks for the play by play, but no one cares about the bottom of a watered down Hacienda League. You have a lot of personal fouls because the kids from Compton and Long Beach who play in a league where a nickname is on your jersey and over celebrating is encouraged, are now playing for DB. All show and no play.

  • Not Since 1995

    From Warrior Fan to Jack A$$…

    “P.S 56-35 3yrs in a row and counting”

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

    And Jack A$$ bent over and took with a smile!

    That was a classic…! Way to go Warrior Fan…!

  • 12th man

    Tesoro & Orange Lutheran has yet to beat any big names that are ranked in the top 20 in state(Maxpreps) Amat has beat #11 Charter Oak & #17 Crespi..But ultimately I think it comes down to Strength of Schedule..

    Bishop Amat-56.6
    Orange Lutheran-49.7

    Keep in mind also that OLU is currently 6-2 & they have 2 league losses already & will most likely get another one next week vs Mater Dei giving them 3 league losses & a overall record of 7-3..

    But like you said~ The best way is to “Win Out” & not take any chances..Who knows what type of formula CIF uses when picking at-large teams…

  • Not The 12th Man

    Charter Oak will surprise everyone just wait!They will smash Vista & kill Centennial just wait! They will jump the rankings & play for state just wait! Don’t be shocked when we beat De La Salle in the open division just wait!!

  • Joe Amat

    I usually do this a week later, but since you brought up OLu and Tesoro, I might as well post it now. I know some people want to believe what they feel or would like to see happen, but The Criteria utilized by the At-Large Selection Committee is as follows:

    (a) Head-to-head competition of teams under consideration (4 points)

    (b) Overall strength of the league from which the team is entered (1 point)
    Actually -the SERRA league is the top ranked league in CA with a better overall record and 4 more top 1000 nonleague wins than the Triniity. Doubt this changes over the next 2 weeks.
    so AMAT gets this point

    (c) Overall win-loss record (1 point)
    Presently OLu has 2 losses with MD and JSerra (who beat them last yr) left, Tesoro has 2 losses with San Clemente left , Amat has 1 with Loyola and ND left
    Even if Amat goes 1-1, if OLu and/or Tesoro drops 1 also AMAT gets that point.

    (d) Strength against common opponents (1 point)
    Tesoro beat CH who Amat tied. No common opponents with OLu

    (e) Strength of schedule (2 points, ***using overall win-loss record of opponents)
    Amat – by a WIDE margin

    (f) Free lance teams will be part of the pool for the filling of at-large berths

    Any way you try to slice it, Amat leads the At Large race if they go 1-1 the rest of the way. If OLu and Tesoro run the table and get a better record, OLu would earn 1 pt, Tesoro would earn 2 pts (best record+Common Opp) but Amat gets 3 pts on Strength of League and Strength of Schedule alone. If they go 2-0 the debate is moot because they’ll be automatic.

    Lets do that

  • 12th man

    Joe Amat,
    Thanks for the clarification on how the committee works & you’re right! Best way is to win both games~

  • Joe Amat

    Ok – the margin isn’t THAT wide…but a margin nonetheless

  • 12th man

    (Error) I posted the ratings..Here’s the real Schedule Strength

    Bishop Amat-43.8
    Orange Lutheran-36

  • Other playoff chances

    If amAt loses to loyola and beats notre dame ,they can still be the second place team if Alemany beats loyola. Alemany would be first . Notre dame and amat would be 2-2 with amat on top because head to head win against notre dame . Alemany only needs to beat loyola and amat notre dame for this scenario .

  • 12th Man

    I usually do this a week later, but since you brought up OLu and Tesoro, I usually kiss Joe Amat’s balls on the south end of Keifer right before game time, but this time I want to do it publicly on this blog. Amat’s strength of schedule is only 43.8? That’s it? You’re right Joe. We won’t make the playoffs. As I see no way in hell how we could possibly be able to beat Loyola and Notre Dame. And if we do, we’re going to get a #1 team like MISSION VIEJO and they’ll kick our asses anyway. Then what? All of these Amat haters are going to be on here reminding us about our continued legendary status of “one and done”, First Round Losers, etc.

    Any way you try to slice it, we Amat get our asses handed to us, Again!

  • Pete

    The comment regarding Diamond bar and ranch Pomona. There shouldn’t be a rival between a team in Pomona and diamond bar. The real rival as always has been between walnut and diamond bar. Ranch Pomona should rival Ganesha or Garey.noticed at a game I attended last year that the ranch from Pomona it is very clear the difference in the type of school each school has. Why doesn’t the ranch get a football stadium? They have to play in the heart of their hometown at Ganesha.
    I just read that the ranch got beat by Rowland which used to be at the bottom every year. Don’t be too cocky Pomona ranch.

  • LOL Dbar Pop

    LOL, I am not from DR, Dbar, Walnut, or Rowland. Just laughing at your comments.

  • jcaz

    12th man

    I dont think all those comments came from you.

    As far as the rest of the stuff is concerned, ya, all we need to do is to win out and were in.

    BTW, why is everyone so focused on the Trinity league ? And who’s to say were even going to see any of those teams in either the first or second round anyway ? And if we do, so what, and so be it.

    I mean look, over the last few years we’ve beaten teams from the Trinity. We spanked, Orange Lutheran, Servite and Mater Dai.

    Soooooooo what ??

    I for one however would really love to see Long Beach poly because there’s some payback needed there especially after they just walked off the field last time without showing any class at all.

  • DBar Pop

    To LOL Dbar Pop:
    Why do ignorant people like you always have to try to bring race into something where there was none? We have more personal fouls because we have kids from Compton and LA? Really? Interesting that the leader in PF on this team is from Diamond Bar and he’s not black or from LA or Compton…The personal fouls are usually late hits not tauting fouls like you suggest and I blame a young coaching staff that gets to excited and into the game…thus the players follow their lead…Society is now doomed…ignorant people like you now know how to use a computer and the internet…


    Alright AMAT 73 what’s going on? and thanks for the shout out! Well our RAMS are the only team that loss this WEEKEND! I knew it was going to be real tough against GB. 73, what do you think of Bradford? My opinion he needs to go and probably be around to long until they figures out he was OVER PAID!

    73 have a good rest of the week and hope both teams win this Friday!

  • 12th man

    Imposter using (12th man or Not the 12th man) He will reply each time I post! Apparently he has made me his higher power & is delusional…I guess the jokes on him! lol…Anyone that’s been on these threads or has been blogging for years knows that I have no ties to Amat…Therefore it makes no difference to me how much he ridicules Amat…Apparently this weirdo is a Charter Oak junkie..There’s only a few bloggers on here who hate Amat with a passion & some of you original bloggers already know who i’m talking about..Anyways expect a response within the next 10 min or so..That’s how stalkers operate!!

  • LOL Dbar Pop

    Dbar Pop, I didn’t bring race into the comment you did. LOL

  • bobbradstreet

    How come nothing is said about Rowland. They have been pushovers for too long. WC plays Diamond Bar and then Rowland. All I can say is, good football coming up.

  • Panther Fan

    @Pete – Your prayers are being answered. Currently three of the four Pomona High schools (Ganesha, Gary and Diamond Ranch)share the Stadium at Ganensha. Next year all four of the Pomona High Schools will have their own stadiums for home games. Congrats to Rowland on their win against my Panthers. Rowland was very well coached and had much better play calling.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Not The 12th Man said:

    “Charter Oak will surprise everyone just wait!They will smash Vista & kill Centennial just wait! They will jump the rankings & play for state just wait! Don’t be shocked when we beat De La Salle in the open division just wait!!”

    Whoa! Hold your horses Hoss. You’re probably wired up from your morning Starbucks run, you’know taking Latte’s to the head like that can cause delusions, confusion and general degradation of brain function. lol

    Charter Oak is good, but they’re not THAT good.

    1. CO’s overall team speed isn’t close to Centennial’s. Sorry that’s just a fact.

    2. Your defense is aggressive, but we like that. We play against that quite often. So I don’t think you’re going to be shocking anyone with that.

    3. If you’re banking on Hauser to be your end all be all, just take a deep breath before you speak. His size and type of play is what we face quite often, so that’s not a bonus either.

    4. Your WR’s are good, but our DB’s are just as good and just as fast. So just because you found lots of open countryside against Chino Hills doesn’t mean you’re going to get it with us.

    5. Your QB is servicable, but not as mobile. Against our defense, he’d have to run. I don’t and haven’t seen that as his strong suit. Nice try.

    I certainly don’t believe you’ll be “shocking” anyone, certainly not Vista Mur, De La Salle or us.

    To rearrange a famous quote by Senator Lloyd Benson, “We know Vista Murrieta, We know De La Salle. We’ve played against them several times. Sir, Charter Oak is no Vista Murrieta or De La Salle.”

    Try decaf next time buddy. lol