Kurt Scoby said he’s enrolling at Cathedral

Kurt Scoby said he is enrolling at Cathedral. At last night’s South Hills-Damien game at Covina District, I snapped a picture of him along with Charter Oak’s Andrew Hauser. Scoby considered a return to Charter Oak, but based on his situation, he said Cathedral is where he’s enrolling today.

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  • 12th man

    Don’t know the full story but Aram reports this on Kurt Scoby (“Bishop Amat was his first choice but the two sides were not able to work out a way to get him enrolled”.)…What kind of cover up is that? How do you not find a way to enroll a student not to mention perhaps one of the premier backs in the Southern Section next year?…I know Amat doesn’t recruit..But when they’re hand gifting you a present & you decline or make any effort to accept..I almost have to question the future of Amat football not just in this isolated situation but in general when it comes to enhancing your team with elite players…

  • Fred Robledo

    12th man, you never know what’s going to happen when the season’s over, I just hope it works out for Scoby in the long run, he really is a good kid. Had he gone to Amat, I’m not sure he would have played this season. We’re already in Week 8. What do you tell Dionza Blue, to step aside? Chemistry is too important.

  • The Libero

    12th man, it’s called integrity. Without anyone knowing all the facts involved and what went on in the Principal/ADs office.let’s just look at his track record, how much school has he missed..there must be a lot of baggage , I for one wish him well, and I’m glad Amat didn’t bend over backwards to take him .

  • Sierra League Fan

    YAAAAWWWNNNN!!!! Move along, nothing to see here. This is getting boring.
    In my opinion, this kid is a self absorbed INDIVIDUAL. I don’t see how he can academically qualify for any college and pass the NCAA clearinghouse with all of his moving around and being out of school for as much as he is. Why would a coach want that kind of distraction on his team?
    Once again, IN MY OPINION, he’ll end up at a JC somewhere and not conform to the standards needed to survive in a college setting. Too bad he doesn’t have a role model to teach him to be a dedicated student. It’s a shame…..see it all the time with good athletes.

  • Topiary

    Charter Oak, Duarte, St. Paul and now Cathedral. Four schools in just over a year. Must be some kind of record.

  • 12th man

    I get what you’re saying about the baggage & all..But when it’s all said & done..The bottom line is that he’s still a “Kid” & needs positive role models & people who actually care & will help him with his academics not just so he can play sports..I’m talking about just life in general..transforming this young man to become a positive role model for someone else & also helping him become a productive member of today’s society while learning good morals & beliefs .Isn’t that what Amat is all about? Or is Amat only interested in the money??? I don’t care how negative or bad a person is..You still need to do the right Christianity thing..Especially coming from a private school…Or do you suppose it all comes down to money & no “Free” enrollment?

  • Colt74

    This whole situation has me cracking up. Sorry if you don’t think this is funny but, to me it is funnier than hell.
    Someone from Charter Oak posted that he missed 6 weeks (plus?) of school last year and now another week with this move.
    There is a lesson to be learned from all this: Students…just keep transferring and you may only have to do half of what those other chumps that are in school all year do!
    I guess the number 1 jersey not being available at Amat was a deal breaker ?
    I understand that he’s a talented athlete. I get it. I just hope that at some point in his life he finds stability and peace and gets the education that is available.

    I wonder what the record is for most football teams any player has played for in 4 years of High school?

    But at least on a positive note : St. Francis may get another win this season in St. Paul now!

  • OldMan in Chino

    Please clarify something for me. In a previous post you wrote that Kurt is a foster child living in a foster home. I would guess that when he attended St. Paul he was placed in a foster home in the Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs area so he could easily attend St. Paul or at least be in the area that would allow him to be bused to their campus. You now report that he is attending Cathedral High School in LA. My question is this is he in the same foster home and if so is he being driven to Cathedral High School or bused there? Once again my understanding that since he is a foster child placed outside of his biological family, the home he is placed in and the area of that home is at the discretion of his assigned worker. Has he been in a series of foster homes or has he been in one and his foster parents have moved multiple times to facilitate him playing at the various high schools he has attended? If you are able to shed some light on this please do so.

  • Fred Robledo

    I’m not going to shed any light on that. I mentioned his situation so that people have some understanding of the environment he grows up in.

  • The Libero

    12th man, I’m thinking the academic issues must have been problematic and if there’s any truth at all re the jersey number 1 deal,that red flag scared off Hags, I’m sure this was looked at in the spring also. Amat is not bound to take any and all applicants, it’s a privilege to attend the school, it is not a charity activity to rescue “star” football players,never has been,hopefully it never will be. The young man has been to 4 schools now in 10 months,enough said, I don’t believe for a minute that this is all his custodial parents doing, he has been getting the star treatment for years. Asking for a specific jersey number 8 weeks into the season? deal killer.

  • say what

    OLD MAN IN CHINA? UUUH… I lost you at Fred…hahaha. You should be writing up a game plan for next years games against CHARTER OAK! These are SGV problems. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…

  • Aaron

    Really…is that off the record or are you playing coy mistress.

  • 12th man

    Makes sense! I don’t expect Amat to pick up any Charity cases…I’m still convinced it was about money .& the fact that Amat doesn’t offer any free rides or Scholarships like some of the other big name Private Schools…Anyways good luck to this kid…

  • OldMan in Chino

    Thank you. I was in no way expecting you to divulge any personal information on Kurt. He has his right for privacy and I respect that. My point was that as a foster child he is not free to move from school district to school district without the consent of his assigned worker. Those bloggers who were campaigning for him to enroll at their schools must have been unaware that it is the assigned worker from the County he was placed from that have the final say on where he resides. Even if his foster family wanted to move to another house across the street that has to be approved by his assigned worker. I truly wish him the best and that hopefully he will be able to complete his high school career at Cathedral High School.

  • Michael Graham


    You don’t want to end up like me do you?????

  • Here’s a thought

    12th man,

    In terms of ADMISSIONS, religious schools have never done the “Christian thing.” Christ accepted any and all at his door step regardless of race, color, creed, religion, GPA, athletic ability, or score on an entrance exam. He accepted them and worked with them, so long as they wanted to learn. That’s not what happens at religious schools, and ironically that’s exactly what happens at government-run public schools. At a public school, so long as the kid shows up, the school takes him/her in. He/she could be learning disabled, physically disabled, emotionally disabled, an average student, a poor athlete, a teen parent, released from juvenile hall, live on welfare, etc. If a kid shows up, the public school accepts him/her. Very Christ-like if you ask me. And that just isn’t the case at religious schools which are much more exclusive in whom they choose, and very un-Christ-like in my opinion.

    Libero sums up the lack of Christ-like admissions policies best:

    “Amat is not bound to take any and all applicants, it’s a privilege to attend the school, it is not a charity activity to rescue “star” football players,never has been,hopefully it never will be.”

    Jesus Christ was God’s HUMBLE son and servant who accepted ALL. Too bad the schools that attempt to represent him the most don’t do the same. Truth is, if Christ was an admissions officer at a religious school, I’m quite sure he’d accept a young man like Kurt Scoby into his school at such a pivotal time in the young man’s life. I’m sure of it.

  • fb102

    Here’s a thought,

    Ummm…didn’t St. Paul do that for Mr. Scoby? How does Scoby ‘repay’ St. Paul for the charity?

    Runs tail to a situation more ‘suitable’……

  • Moronic Comment:

    That last comment about religious schools is very ignorant. A private school, religious or not, is run by the tuition paid by the parents of its students enrolled. It is not cheap, and the standards the school upholds are strict, both academically and overall. I know this as my two boys graduated from Amat, while my daughter graduated from St Lucys. I saw the amount of homework, and the demands the schools put on them, but it made them very responsible, and high achieving individuals. I’m very glad that I busted my behind to send them to these schools. Believe me, it was not easy. If this kid had been allowed at Amat, I would have lost respect for the school. Not because the school was taking in a kid with problems, but because there is no way this kid meets the minimum academic requirements to get in. The transfer is 100% athletically motivated, and any school taking this kid is doing it solely for their teams’ sake. They could care less about the kid. Anyone can see this, and if they deny it, they are just ignorant.

  • What has happened to High School Sports?

    Fred, I keep hearing you say that Scoby is a great kid, but I don’t hear anybody comment on how this kid walked out on 50+ of his teammates right in the middle of the season. These where the same 50+ teammates that just a few months earlier that he had made a commitment to. What does that say about this kids character? Just because a kid is polite to your face (a well known sports reporter) does not mean a dam thing about what kind of person he really is. At what point and time does a person start to take responsibility for the things he does in his life? I would say a 17 year old kid who is on the verge of adulthood needs to be held accountable for his actions and all of this enablers constantly making excuses for his behavior are doing more harm to this kid then helping him. I guess integrity is means nothing in sports so long as you are capable of scoring a lot of touchdowns. I don’t care too much for Amat Football but I certainly respect them for living up to the standards that they require from all of their students.

  • Here’s a thought

    Hey, some people have money and their kids still don’t get in because they didn’t qualify. Why not? Because their test scores weren’t good enough to get in? Is that Christ-like? And there are others who qualify academically but can’t go because they can’t pay? Is that Christ-like?

    All I’m saying is that Jesus Christ never EXCLUDED, and RELIGIOUS schools do. There are reasons they use to justify why they do it, but they do it nonetheless. And 12th man was simply referring to Christ-like ways, and I countered that the admissions policy isn’t very Christ-like. Do you think that statement is wrong? If so, I’d like to hear it. I’m very open to productive dialogue.

    Are you saying that Amat shouldn’t take a young man like Scoby because he’s not up to par academically? Sounds very exclusive to me. There may be a myriad of reasons why he isn’t up to par. Is Amat above helping the kid out to improve upon his academics? I think I know of someone who would have done that….Jesus Christ. Look, I’m not saying the admission standards are right and I’m not saying they’re wrong…all I’m saying is they ARE NOT CHRIST-LIKE. Anyone disagree?

  • Fred Robledo

    What has happened ..

    Not sure its as big a deal as you think. Kids transfer, that’s reality. Some coaches even switch teams in the same season. The Chargers have benefited several times from players that transferred like Vaughns and Hauser. Am I suppose to question their character for leaving their old teams behind. Just wish them well, and believe me, for ever player that leaves, there’s a super happy player that gets an opportunity.

  • The Libero

    attn “here’s a thought” it’d be nice if the Cathiloc schools could get teachers to volunteer, Edison to provide free power, textbook makers supply free books , to have someone build the classrooms gratis etc…..this is real life in the 21st century, I think the young man bouncing from school to school to school to school all in 2012 is a huge red flag, the school does not exist to rescue “star” football players, NEVER have they taken a student/athlete with a resume as his, I wish Scoby well, hopefully he’ll match his on-field prowess in the classroom, if he really wanted to attend Amat, he would have gone there last winter I believe, there’s more,way more to this story than ANYone on this blog knows.

  • Keepin It Real

    @What has happened to High School Sports…

    Finally, someone who actually “gets it”. Although I really enjoy this blog and feel Fred and his staff do a great job of providing coverage for the SGV area, it’s becoming more apparent that they don’t know high school sports worth a lick. Fred, to say “it’s not as big a deal as you think” or “kids transfer” is ridiculous. Scoby has turned out to be the biggest football “whore” in the history of the SGV. The kid has no character, integrity, or accountability. I feel for the kid because of his background (from which I’ve read on these blogs), but he’s at the age to start demonstrating these traits. The kid would be a cancer to any football team that stresses the importance of “teamwork” and “dedication”…In other words, the key elements to a winning program. I hate to root against such a talented athlete such as Scoby, but I’ve seen this scenario played out way to many times before. I give him 4 years till he’s helping me pick out lawn fertilizer as an employee of HOME DEPOT. Really sad to see. Anyone want to bet that he’s somewhere else to start next season? CIF really needs to step in and put a tent over this circus.

  • Here’s a thought


    I too believe that there is way more to THIS particular story than what everyone knows, and I understand that religious schools need to charge tuition to run the school. And the religious schools do a great job in educating their students.

    My point is that even when a parent can afford it, in Scoby’s case and in many others cases, religious schools are still in the business of EXCLUSION based on a variety of reasons, as opposed to public schools who take any kid that shows up to their door steps. Let’s say a pregnant teen tries to be admitted to a religious school. She’ll likely be denied. A kid who rehabilitated in a juvenile facility? Likely denied. A kid who struggles academically? Likely denied. A high-functioning autistic kid? Likely denied. A kid who has been expelled from another school? Likely denied. A kid with special needs? Likely denied. A kid who is emotionally disturbed? Likely denied. Is that an accurate assessment? It certainly seems that way.

    WWJD? We all remember that, right? What Would Jesus Do? Do you remember Mary Magdalene? The thief on the cross? The leper? These were societies pariahs. Yet, who came to their relief…to their rescue? Jesus Christ himself. This is what I’m talking about. This is what I mean by Christ-like. Accepting all and NOT being exclusive. Again, I ask you, if Jesus was on the Amat admissions staff, what would he have said and done regarding Scoby, or other non-athletes who have the financial wherewithal but come with some issue(s)? You tell me…WWJD?

  • The Libero

    here’s a 2nd thought, your examples are all adults! this is about a juvenile and his custodial parent(s), to accept someone going to his 4th school in less than 10 months, raises a red flag, you have to factor in the other 1300 students into the equation, does this individual expect/demand/require special attention? Are his parents unrealistic? if he wanted to gain admittance, why all the transferring? obviously this is athletically motivated, no matter what others say? personally, I think the football and his supposed girlfriend are not adequate factors to get accepted.

  • No Aacountability

    I have two words for you……Lawrence Phillips! When an athletically gifted kid starts hearing he’s all that while still in middle school, he starts believing it! And when the adults who are supposed to be protecting his best interest lose sight of their role and begin schlepping this kid all over the place, they are lifterally setting him up to self destruct. Beline, Graham, Cotton, Canada,etc. etc. it’s a shame!

  • The Libero

    no accountability hit the situation right on the head, where is Phillips right now? and for the next 15 years too? everybody at BP pimped his azz out? Personnally, I think Scoby has reached his prime right now, do not look for him to be the shiate in college(if he makes it there) I see Allen Carter, Russell White, myself, 2 studs in HS who never panned out in College. btw there were many transgressions,forgiven, thrown away and tossed out,ignore becuase of who they thought Phillips was IE meal ticket

  • Failure

    Are Freaken kidding me? Now he’s mocking the system? This kid’s got some pretty small balls!

    Scoby will fail there also! Karma Biaaaatch!

    But he’s not at CO or Amat. And that is great news for all of us!

  • Worried

    I’m confident that Scoby will find athletic fulfillment at Cathedral, but I’m not so sure he’ll find adequate parking.

  • Scooby Dooby Doo where are you?

    St. Paul has no integrity, Scooby has no integrity, Cathedral has no integrity. Amat has integrity. He’s nothing but trouble, just watch Phantoms.

  • Colt74

    Why would he need to worry about parking? I thought one of the perks of him going to Cathedral was limousine service to and from school?
    Amat probabaly offered a basic limo but Cathedral offered a stretch hummer…with gold spinners…


  • Wow

    Just two nights ago i was called a HATER and to GET A LIFE because I saw asssante for what he is. It is nice to see there are people that believe in accountability and integrity. While I believe scoby has neither it was his head coach asssante that didn’t have either or know where to get them, how to teach them or how to build a player into being better men.

    When things don’t go as planned or intended, LEAVE AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Oh ya start over. Well there isn’t any starting over, there is just doing the same thing at a different place. If you did it crappy, or cheated or lied it will happen again.

    But if you are accountable, honest and have integrity, you will leave a lasting impression and there is no NEED TO RUN AWAY.. You are doing it right

  • Cathedral LA

    Cathedral is a good choice academically . That’s if scoby has the work ethics .just getting to school can be hell for him ,if he is not used to driving in with lots of traffic . Some students take the metro in and catch a bus at the terminal to get to cathedral . I know a few who leave there home At 6am and get home at 7pm tired from practice just to eat dinner and do homework. Scoby only has tot worry now about academics and preparing himself for college. Athetically he will have no problem . He has already proved it on the field and camp that he is a great prospect. Now he just needs to prove to scouts he is not a risk academically .


    By you going from blog to blog to stalk both Asante and Scoby proves you don’t have a life. And that goes to all you adults who comes on blogs to bash on kids, GET A LIFE! Let them and their families decide what’s best for them, It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

  • sgvfootballdad

    hel never make it thru college, all them steroids will dq him. its a shame this kid is ruining the integrity of hs ball, but i think its more on the shoulders of his wannabe snookie caregiver. shoulda stayed at charter oak. like the guy below said, we will see him at home depot soon enough.

  • Football follower

    Scoby is that rare talent that comes around every few years in the SGV. But he is one in every so many thousand high school students wanting to go play at the next level. I understand everyone is heeled up because he has offers on the table but if he doesn’t qualify academically he will be playing at MtSac for a few years. Clogged coaches are watching his every move and right now I is about him not a given team or his supposedly brothers as he put I at St. Paul. These new transfer rules have opened it up for a player like him to do and go wherever and whenever he wants. I have this crazy feeling that by the start of football season 2013 he will be somewhere else then Cathedral

  • Keepin It Real

    @GET A LIFE!…

    This post is about Kurt Scoby you moron. – “By you going from blog to blog to stalk both Asante and Scoby proves you don’t have a life.” – I think you just need to get Scoby’s and Asante’s balls off your chin and just realize they are being criticized because normal people can see right through their lack of character. By Scoby transferring to 4 schools in 10 months shows his lack of commitment to a team. Even more importantly Scoby has single handedly exposed the flaws of the new 30 day transfer rule. I have a ton of respect for Amat if the stories are true about them turning Scoby down.


    @Keepin It Real aka Wow
    Is that what we’re resorting to, name calling because you can’t get your way? You don’t have to come on the blogs with different names to HATE. Keep Faking It! Just a question, what did those two guys do to you? Did they keep your boy from playing? That’s why you hate them so much? Check your facts instead of selectively taking false information from other bloggers, Scoby DID NOT attend four schools in ten months. Basically, he transferred once prior from CO to St. Paul. This will be his second, from St. Paul to Cathedral. He never set foot onto Duarte’s campus.

  • Keepin It Real

    @GET A LIFE!…

    WOW is a completely different person on the blogs. You keep using the word HATE. I thought these blogs were a forum for public opinion. I just don’t like seeing a person make a mockery of rules that are in place. The kid is a joke and that’s my opinion. I’m not losing any sleep over it…it’s just sad to see adults not influence kids with his caliber to make the right choices in life and waste his athletic talent. Fine, so he never set foot at Duarte. So he’s attended 3 schools in the past year. That is still crap. What parent or guardian with any common sense let’s a kid transfer to even 3 high schools within 4 years? Good luck in college when the school has at least 4 running backs with your same abilities kid. I’m not even sure Scoby will even cut it at Mt. Sac. At what point do you finally realize that maybe it’s not all these schools that are crappy? Maybe it’s just a crappy individual that keeps transferring schools. I’m done talking about Scoby…there’s too many quality players in high school football to constantly go back in forth about an individual like Scoby who is a joke.


    @Keepin It Real

    Well, Let’s see:

    1) Have you ever seen Kurt Scoby play? NO
    2) Have you ever attended St. Paul? NO
    3) Have you ever met Kurt Scoby or his guardian? NO
    4) Have you ever been in Kurt Scoby’s shoes? NO

    Yet, you continue to make accusations and judge. What are people like you know as: HATERS!!!

  • Answer

    Actually, Scoby did step foot on campus at Duarte, for about a month. I saw him there myself on several occasions and my daughter had him in a class. I have no idea how someone can say he didn’t when he did. I don’t care where he goes to school I just hope he does well. Good luck Scooby!

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    I don’t know this kid, nor anything about him other than what everyone posts on the blog. That being said, are you accusing him of using steroids?? That’s a pretty serious allegation. I hope you have insight on that and not just spouting off. Remember, you may not care, but these are still kids and young men you’re talking about that have a future ahead of themselves. Unless you have proof, then you probably shouldn’t be making those comments. That’s irresponsible.

  • Jesus loves you

    @Here’s a thought
    I am sorry your kid did not work hard enough to get into the privates, and I say that because you speak like you have a lot of experience at being rejected. Jesus Christ loves people that work hard. He hates the socialist model you think that Catholic schools should adopt. Maybe you should spend more time helping you kids with their academics and less time bashing and whining on a blog. Jesus Christ hates whining but not the whiner.

  • Trainer

    Looks like both hauser and scoby are graduates of the Ben Johnson training academy .

  • Here’s a thought

    Jesus Loves you,

    Lol. I understand your frustrated by truth. It’s ok. Your name is right! Jesus does love you. And me! And everyone who follows his word and teachings. He had no hate in his heart, so it’s funny to see you say that he hates socialists and whiners. I never read that in the bible. Did you? And I have no kids yet, I will soon enough though. And in fact I went to Catholic school for 9 years and witnessed the exclusive culture first hand. I learned a lot, enjoyed my time, and received a good education, but came to understand that the admissions policies did not follow the teachings of Christ, who was the most INCLUSIVE being to ever walk the earth. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not hear to bash religious schools for existing, I’m just saying they are an exclusive bunch unlike Christ was, and public schools are an inclusive bunch like Christ was. The irony of that is more than apparent and interesting considering folks at religious schools brag about their Christian values.

    I am sorry you did not work hard enough to understand my posts, and I have been rejected a lot in many ways, but not the most important…by Jesus Chris himself who has accepted me. Thank you.