If Bishop Amat beats Loyola, how close are they to a Pac-5 wild card berth?

I haven’t figured out all the scenarios, maybe Joe Amat has an answer. But If Amat beats Loyola this week, would they possibly get an at-large even with a loss to Notre Dame next week? Amat would finish 7-2-1, with several big head-to-head wins over Charter Oak, Chino Hills, La Mirada, Crespi and Loyola. Would that be enough for one of the two at-large berths in the Pac-5?

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  • AMAT 73


  • 12th man


  • jcaz

    Amat doesn’t have to beat Loyola to get in, but they have to defeat ND the following week.

    Assuming Alemany beast Crespi then Crespi is 1-3. So that means that a loss to Loyola is meaningless because there is a 99% certainty that Alemany beats Loyola next Friday night, leaving the ND, Amat game as the tie breaker for the second place finisher.

    Ya, thats a lot of if’s but that’s how I see it

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  • SGV Athlete

    How do you secure a spot? WIN OUT! Enough with this hypothetical situations. BEAT Loyola, BEAT ND, AMAT is in the playoffs.


  • AMAT 73

    Leave no doubt and win out .

  • 12th man

    Amat will still be one of the front runners for an at-large bid if they finish the season at (7-2-1) They would still have the highest schedule strength of the remaining teams & are playing in the toughest League in California this year http://calpreps.com/2012/ratings/California_leagues.htm The wins over Charter Oak,Crespi,& La Mirada are nothing more than a bonus~

  • If Amat beats Loyola and Mater Dei beats Orange Lutheran, great chance Amat gets in. I’ve done the math. There are two WC berths, Tesoro will get one, the second should come from Serra or Trinity. Trinity gets three automatics, those will go to St. John Bosco, Mater Dei and Santa Margarita. Orange Lutheran sitting in fourth with two losses. If they lose again, a third loss should put them behind the Serra third place finisher.

    • 12th man

      Will tonight be Amat’s “trap” game?

    • 12th man

      Tonight could also be Mater Dei’s trap game! If they lose to orange Lutheran they would both have 2 losses in league..Santa Margarita has one loss & will play SJB next week..So it’s possible that 3 teams from the Trinity end up with 8-2 record..That could put a damper on things if Amat’s final record is 7-2-1

  • sabado-gigante

    Well, lets just win and leave no doubt.

  • Hey Freddie. It’s your amat friend from way back in the day. Eric benavides. Remembers Qs Pasadena. Lol hits sometime. 562 746 9738.