PrepXtra REWIND: Amat highlights and reaction, Diamond Ranch’s last second field goal, and Layton explaining it all to us on the postgame show

How did Diamond Ranch rally to beat Bonita? Watch it with Reginald Miller with postgame reaction

Tyler Drohan’s highlights of Bishop Amat’s 30-20 win over Loyola


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  • FredJ

    In an email today someone send me this note …

    “I think one of you might/should do a follow up to this game. Roddy
    Layton really changed the game by coming on the field and slowing down
    Bonita’s no-huddle offense and quick flow by peppering the officials
    w/questions and rules concerns and Adrian Medrano was going beserk,
    screaming, “he gets away with this every year,” He (Layton) without question changed the flow of
    the Bonita offense AND got under their skin. Bonita also had a field
    goal attempt on that last drive of the first half that looked good that
    the ref’s called no good.

    • The above email is a poor excuse for a loss. To imply that the opposing coach got under the skin of your offense and head coach, is ludicrous. Your offense put up 31 points against a pretty tough defense. Your Defense gave up 34 points in this game, maybe you should look there for reasons. By the way, with two refs standing under the uprights, don’t you think it’s a little far fetched that they both go the missed field goal wrong. If they are that bad, then maybe they got the two missed field goals in the second half by Diamond Ranch wrong too. One thing they did get wrong was that fumble shown on the highlight tape. The ground clearly caused that fumble. It was a great game no matter how you slice it, Bonita was not the better team Friday night.

  • Spartan 03

    Anyone else having problems see the PrepXtra Postgame Rewind? It kept going in and out on me last night so I said the heck with it and would catch it in the morning. Well, I still cant see it.

  • Koa is the real deal

    Koa is the real deal! 293 yards passing, 4 td’s this kid is a major factor to this years’ football success! After way too much Trib hype over last years QB (really? Rio who? Thanks Trib for trying to insult the bloggers intelligence about football!), this kid is silently getting the job done. All results, no hype. Results, no coin toss this year! Finally, Amat fans have something to cheer about and not some media created non-performing superstar. Thanks Koa for bringing a championship attitude and real results and no excuses to the SGV!

    • give it a rest

      i noticed you were nowhere to be found after the ill-advised and drive
      killing interceptions against Alemany. Prop Koa – but leave the
      comparisons alone. You don’t make your candle brighter by trying to blow
      someone elses out. Do you remember this line from Ruiz Jr year?

      Notre Dame (CA)
      W 52-7


      • Observer

        I agree….no need to put others down. Koa is doing a great job. Don’t need your negativity and bad karma. Remember tooting Koas horn before the alemany game

    • Real talk

      Yes, Koa is a good little QB. I felt all the the talk about Rio is going to be great before he even played a snap or because he had one good game was jumping the gun. Just like Blue after the Servite game on how he was going to be the best in the Sgv. It ends up looking like number 7 is playing that role. No knock on blue or Rio they are both lancers that I respect its just that they have to do it in big games like Bieniemy, Brown,McCutcheon did. I wouldent crown Koa eather until I see it in the playoffs.

    • AMAT 73

      Whoa there real deal . The Trib has to do what it has to do to garner hits so that’s why all the hype . Rio did a fine job on both sides of the ball for the LANCERS last season . Remember he was out for half of the Loyola game and all of the ND game . Had a good game against SM in the playoffs also . No need to come on here and bash a LANCER who gave 3 solid years on the Varsity team , or have you forgotten all that ?????? Koa is a solid player and is part of the teams success no doubt but to say he brought a championship attitude and real results I think you are forgetting the LANCERS play as a team and there are many factors as you saw last night Andrews play a big part and Velasquez , Blue , Cook and all the rest of the team have had and brought that type of attitude all along . This is a solid team and Koa is the QB but there are many who help him to be successful and post those numbers .

    • Valley Athletics

      This Koa the real deal I just a Rio basher . Koa is good but also has a better OC calling plays now . Rio had better games in the Serra so far than Koa . Against crespi Rio was great both years . Koa needed the defense and special teams to bail him out of that game . If you are a true amat fan u should not be comparing players .

    • SGV_Football_Fan

      Koa is a good football player, but he is a PART of the machine called Bishop Amat. Honestly, Rio was a much better athlete. He was bigger, faster, and had a stronger arm. That’s not to take anything away from Koa, because he is a good football player, but Rio is in the MLB. Big difference in the caliber of athlete. Let’s enjoy both of their successes and stop trying to create conflict. Koa is doing very well, but Rio is the better athlete and the MLB has confirmed that.

  • LP Warriors

    So Aram, it isn’t possible LP played a bad game against Gladstone? You watch LP play 3 quarters and you think you have them all figured out for the rest of the season? Get a clue man…What have you done for me lately.

  • Lancelot


  • 12th man

    Wrench in the pac5!! With Tesoro losing last night they are 1-3 in league & 6-3 overall..They will probably win next week to make them 7-3..Here’s the wrench! If Amat loses to Nortre Dame.. Alemany along with ND will represent the Serra.. Amat finishes with a 7-2-1 record & Crespi with an 8-2 record..Amat owns the head to head win vs Crespi so they probably get the 1st wildcard..Is it possible that the Serra league gets both wildcards considering Crespi will have a better record than Tesoro & owning a big win over Alemany? Is this possible Joe Amat?

    • There is no provision saying there cannot be two at large teams from a single league. If the point system works out that way – it could happen

      • FredJ

        Using the point system, it looks like a slam dunk, four teams from the Serra should get in

        • But Amat and the Serra league need “relief” … Right Aram?!?

  • 12th man

    ****************BREAKING NEWS******************


    Crespi (8-2, 2-2) had lost consecutive close games to Sherman Oaks
    Notre Dame and La Puente Bishop Amat, making its Pac-5 playoff chances
    look slim. But the win over Alemany combined with losses by Tesoro in
    the South Coast League and Orange Lutheran in the Trinity League now
    puts the Celts back in the playoff picture.

    There are two at-large berths for the Pac-5. Few expected one league
    to get both spots, but the Serra League could do just that. Alemany
    (7-2, 2-1), Bishop Amat (7-1-1, 2-1) and Sherman Oaks Notre Dame (6-3,
    2-1) remain in better position than the Celts to earn spots. Alemany
    needs to beat Loyola in its finale. The winner of the Bishop Amat-Notre
    Dame game on Friday will also make the playoffs.

    Bishop Amat and Notre Dame hold a tiebreaker edge over Crespi and
    must be considered ahead of the Celts, who own wins over Westlake,
    Alemany and one of the top teams in Arizona.

    But why shouldn’t all four teams go? It could happen, and Hayes’ performance has put the Celts back into playoff consideration..

    ~Eric Sondheimer

  • WCDan

    Testing 1,2,3… This is Dan, ok looks like I’m on the new format now. Lost my old screen name in the transition so my new username is WCDan

  • SKP123

    The worst officiating I’ve seen this year during the Bonita-DR game… Very favorable to DR in so many plays. How about the one where instead of bringing the chain to measure the 1st down for DR, the ref picks up the ball and walks it to the sideline… what a joke. Or the one where Bonita’s coach is clearly yelling time out and walking towards the white hat before a field goal kick by DR, and the ref ignores him and runs to the other side never looking at him after the kick. Not to mention so many B/S penalty calls against Bonita. It was ridiculous. But I do give DR credit for being well studied, they always are in the Hacienda League. Bonita also might have taken this game a little lightly themselves. You can’t do that.