We don’t hand out awards until after the season, but who’s your regular season player and coach of the year?

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  • Colt74

    Ya gotta think seriously about Northviews coach Perez. My 2 favorite non homer players this year has been Payton from SD, and Bonita’s Turner.

  • 12th man

    Junior running back Kurt Scoby, who started the season at St. Paul, is now at L.A. Cathedral. He began classes on Monday.

    However, don’t expect him to be play for the Phantoms this season.

    Coach Kevin Pearson said the school has decided not to submit
    transfer paper work to the Southern Section seeking immediate
    eligibility over concerns it would be denied and thus effect his
    eligibility for next season.

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • Grantland Rice

    if Rowland wins Friday,you should give it to Snyder,they get no respect from the Trib ever……or if Amat wins the Serra and wins 2 playoff games(reaching the semi-finals) he should get it. Snyder still deserves mentioning win or lose this weekend. I’d throw Sanchez in there if he would have got by Azusa, I look for them to be 1 and in the play-offs,home game or not.

  • Grantland Rice

    Andrews from Amat has been sensational,explosive 2 way player makes big plays in big games against better competition . I imagine that offer from Duke will be parlayed into several more……

  • SGV4life

    Fuzz Rodriguez. 6-3 in the Sierra.

  • For Coach of the year, Rowland’s Craig Snyder and Gladstone’s Albert Sanchez. Player of the Year to Reggie Mr. Touchdown Turner from Bonita, and Kevin Amezquita from Happy Rock. One final word, If you were to give an award for the Young Man Role Model and Mentor of the Year….Roddy Layton…hands down.

  • Football fan

    Gotta be Jake Payton the junior has 1400 yards and 18 TD on only 124 carries, and he has that even though he shares the carries the reps with 3 other backs and has a QB that has thrown for almost 1000 yards in a running offense, if you gave him 30 more carries which most of the other running backs in the area have he would have around 1750 yards and 20 touchdowns by the way he still has another game and the playoffs to go through!
    P.S. the kids only a junior so beware SGV.

  • SGV_Football_Fan

    Coach has got to be AMAT’s Hagerty. He took a bunch of guys that everyone was laughing at in the summer to a 7-1-1 record and playing for a share of the Pac-5 Serra League title on Friday night. WOW, that’s impressive. And on top of that, they smashed the 2nd best team in the valley 30-14. Hands down, it’s Coach Hagerty.

    • assdo

      Not getting a sniff of the Pac-5 title.
      One and done.

      • 1st and goal

        Obviously someone that got beat by Amat back in the day and still stinging from it. Nalgas Rosado, you will never compete at this level. Just give it a rest and enoy the show.

  • Mark

    There have

  • Mark

    There have been some very good players this year in the Valley. It is tough to see a player from say a Bonita or El Monte compare their numbers against a Darren Andrews of Amat. The competition is night and day. But I don’t want to belittle the lower divisions either. The process to pick one player and one coach is flawed, and unrealistic. Maybe there needs to be a couple, having one as a lower tier divisions 4-11, and an upper tier divisions 1-4. You can always ask that question, would that player from the lower division do the same in a tougher division? The answer is most likely not. Again, this question and process is flawed.

    • warrior fan

      i have to correct you on this one mark. If you look at Darick holmes who transferred from muir to Oaks Christian he has proven that theory to be false. Not only has he had an outstanding season so far at Oaks but before he got hurt and sat out 3 games he was the leading rusher for Oaks and started both offense and defense. Also CO came from div7 to div2 and has been competing up there with the big boys, or how about the blowout victory from La Serna over Westlake. I know those are full teams in those last two statements but i strongly doubt a player like Dallis Shipp from La mirada wouldnt do the same thing he’s doing now on the lower tier on a higher one 6’5′ 210lbs or even div10 Brett walsh i can continue on with naming kids , all im saying is the talent in the kid doesn’t change he’s going to be who he is and possibly better with better blocking or better d-line help. so i find that theory not to be true. You have plenty of lower tier kids starting on the D1 level in college over some of the div1 H.S star kids right now as we speak. I just find that unfair for you to say but i do agree with you on the fact that there should be more than one award for all division.

  • Grantland Rice

    sgv football fan..Amat got no respect in the spring/summer flag football follies cuz the fat man and the short man at the Trib,haven’t a clue! Amat, is by far the most physical team in the SGV,they play big boys each and every week and their “skill” players are as good as there are in the Fish Bowl….so,in the real football season with pads on and everything else that a real game entails, they have shown fat/short man who reigns over the SGV

  • Rebuilding Sparta

    Not sure about player of the year, but my vote for coach of the year goes to Greg Gano, hands down. Name me another coach that can single handily dismantle an entire program and make players worse than where they started. That takes special skill that NO other coach in the valley has that sets him apart from the competition. Good luck GG! Don’t let the door hit in the arse on the way out!!!

    • assdo

      Gano is a fraud and a clown.

  • real talk

    Andrews has been BALLING!!!

  • jcaz

    I have to agree with Mark. The reason for this is because if you look at the major players in the valley, you have to always place coach Hag’s of Amat at the top of the mix, but what about the guys over at Basset or Sierra Vista ? Sure, they wont win league this year, but thats not what COTY should be all about. I my opinion, its what you do with what you got and let me just say that even though both of these programs are not on par with teams such as Amat or Charter oak, the nevertheless have made some major improvements this year…..what a turn around for those two programs eh ?
    As for player of the year, well, I do believe that Charter oak has a couple of really great players on their team beginning with the wide receiver (cant recall his name) who got their last touchdown against the Lancers, but in the end, i absolutely have to go with Andrews. That kid is light out !

  • 12th man

    If you gave the award last year to Steven Rivera then you need to highly consider Brandon Martinez who is on pace to smash his records..Remember player of the year has nothing to do with which division you play in..

    • 1st and goal

      I agree. Martinez is having an excellent year with the Lions and should do well in the play-offs. He will go down in SGV Football history as one of the best QBs in the valley.

  • WCDan

    For players, Andrews from Amat and Turner from Bonita, Vaughns has been pretty big all year too. For Coaches Coach Snyder from Rowland has done great with what he has availiable, I would give him coach of the year for the regular season. Not sure if it’s true but I just heard today that Rowland has taken 18 turnovers and only given up 1 for the season so far, that is some discipline ball.
    To Mark & Grantland
    I disagree, goes both ways, and it depends on the runningback. The defenses may be more physical in the upper divisions but the linemen who block them are also much better so the holes are still gonna be there. They may not get as much yardage as they did in the lower division cause the back seven will close quicker, but there is no proof that they are not just as good as the backs who are playing on the upper division teams. I think Reggie Turner would start at many Pac 5 schools. Remember last season when many on here tried to do the same kind of comparison with Chris Solomon and some of the other local backs from the upper division’s? Some self annointed experts on here even went as far as saying he wasn’t that good of a runningback. Well as far as I know he is the only runningback in the SGV to go D1 at the runningback position. Enlighten me if there are more but I haven’t heard.

    • Andrew Fischer, RB from Diamond Ranch 2011 is playing for Harvard. He is listed as WR but also plays RB.

  • Grantland Rice

    how about prognosticator of the year? the fat man in the AMAT/ND 6 minute 18 second drill surpasses all his other faux pas when he picks the winner by saying” obviously, I haven’t seen them play this year,but on comparative scores I’m picking ND” how weak is that? it takes a whopping 6;18 to get to that? I know his expertise and passion are with the spring/summer flag football circus that he thinks is a precursor to the real season, but cmon now,that’s plain stupid!

  • Freddy Reb

    B-Mart all day 3265 passing 33td’s 543 rushing 8td’s

    • Football fan

      They play garbage

  • Glendora

    Cade Lindsay for rb over 1400 yds. and 15 tds in 7 games. That’s impressive and with a schedule they have played against.

    • apachejoe

      Agreed the kid is one hell of an athlete with not much support.

    • Football fan

      Gotta be Jake Payton the junior has 1400 yards and 18 TD on only 124 carries, and he has that even though he shares the carries with 3 other backs and has a QB that has thrown for almost 1000 yards in a running offense,not to take anything away from the other players but if you gave him 30 more carries which most of the other running back in the area including reggie turner have he would have around 1750 yards and 20 touchdowns

      • Glendora

        Who’s had a tougher schedule?

        • Football fan

          I will give you credit MVPs are based on how valuable a player is to the team and you measure that in if he helps your team win not to take anything away from Cade but if you take him off the team then you still are 3 and 6 take Payton off SD and they are a different team