Quotable Bloggers …

I will post some of the best blog comments from time to time …
This one comes from Blogger Mark from the player and coach of the year thread
“There have been some very good players this year in the Valley. It is tough to see a player from say a Bonita or El Monte compare their numbers against a Darren Andrews of Amat. The competition is night and day. But I don’t want to belittle the lower divisions either. The process to pick one player and one coach is flawed, and unrealistic. Maybe there needs to be a couple, having one as a lower tier divisions 4-11, and an upper tier divisions 1-4. You can always ask that question, would that player from the lower division do the same in a tougher division? The answer is most likely not. Again, this question and process is flawed.”

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  • warrior fan

    i have to correct you on this one mark. If you look at Darick holmes who transferred from muir to Oaks Christian he has proven that theory to be false. Not only has he had an outstanding season so far at Oaks but before he got hurt and sat out 3 games he was the leading rusher for Oaks and started both offense and defense. Also CO came from div7 to div2 and has been competing up there with the big boys, or how about the blowout victory from La Serna over Westlake. I know those are full teams in those last two statements but i strongly doubt a player like Dallis Shipp from La mirada wouldnt do the same thing he’s doing now on the lower tier on a higher one 6’5′ 210lbs or even div10 Brett walsh i can continue on with naming kids , all im saying is the talent in the kid doesn’t change he’s going to be who he is and possibly better with better blocking or better d-line help. so i find that theory not to be true. You have plenty of lower tier kids starting on the D1 level in college over some of the div1 H.S star kids right now as we speak. I just find that unfair for you to say but i do agree with you on the fact that there should be more than one award for all division.

  • 12th man

    There is no clear cut line on how a player may perform when playing in different divisions..You can argue & say that a running back would have a bigger line & better blocking playing in the upper divisions therefore he should excel .But you can also argue & say that upper divisions have better D’lines & better Linebackers & the game is played at a much faster speed that could initially hinder his performance..It all depends on the individual on how athletically & mentally strong he is..Some kids are just born to play Football & go into beast mode wherever they play & then you have kids who look & play the part because of their supporting cast..

    • 1st and goal

      I agree. You can have a kid that excels and plays like a beast at the lower divisions against the slower defenses in that league but you take him out of his element and place him in a different league and higher division and he becomes your mediocre average RB who may not get any playing time at all unless he’s all you got.

      • warrior fan

        Vice versa you also can takee an average lower level tier running back and put him on a higher level and he become a star.

  • intelligent

    fred you only like this comment because you pick favorites, and darren andrews happens to be one of your favorites

    • FredJ

      You show me a comment YOU THINK deserves posting and I’ll gladly do it … if its deserving šŸ™‚

  • greenie

    We have had this conversation for years. If you take stars Like “Brett Walsh” and put him on Pac 5 team, he is going to do the same thing. He would be playing against tougher comp, but will be playing with better players. He has played with some great ones at Monrovia. What Makes lower level divisions weaker than upper divisions is the depth of high quality teams. In the Midvalley, If every team was as good as Monrovia, San Dimas, Paraclete and Sierra Canyon, Then that division would be as good, as say the Central Div 5. But it’s the Blair, Bassett, Marshalls, workmans, etc… which weaken the division. If you play these types of teams year in and year out, from Frosh to varsity, your program will not be able to compete against the Bishops and Charter Oaks on a regular basis. When they run up against those teams, they will not be used to the comp, and that puts lower level powers at a disadvantage. Every school has a super class ever decade or so, but the year in and year performance is how you judge programs. 3rd place teams in upper divisions beat lower level powers team because they are use to competition and execution that you don’t see week end and week out on the lower levels. Also on the higher levels the teams has 75-90 players on the roster, with type of depth, you can practice the way you need to , to be on that level. Lower level schools have 50 players tops and out of those 50… 20 may be good. That’s my opinion