Two-Minute Drill: Notre Dame at Amat

1. St. Bonaventure (8-1), 2. Mission Viejo (9-0), 3. St. John Bosco (5-4), 4. Mater Dei (7-2), 5. Santa Margarita (8-1), 6. El Toro (9-0), 7. Oaks Christian (8-1), 8. Alemany (7-2), 9. Bishop Amat (7-1-1), 10. Notre Dame (6-3); Others Long Beach Poly (6-3), Westlake (6-3), Crespi (8-2), Orange Lutheran (6-3).

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  • Valley Athletics

    Picking amat . Teams with the byes have lost after there bye week in the Serra . Notre dame is coming off a bye .

    • 12th man

      Amat is a one point favorite according to Calpreps 34-33 Don’t know if the bye week will affect ND it certainly didn’t bother them last year beating Amat coming off a bye 17-12 …Should be a close game! Whoever turns it over in the 4th will lose~

  • real talk

    I `m going with Amat on this one.I know ND will come to play, but like valley said ND is coming off a bye and Amat is at home.

  • 12th man

    If it’s any consolation Calpreps has this year’s team beating both the 2009 & 2010 team..One thing for sure! Each one of these teams brought a different element into the teams success..


    Keifer Stadium is the place to be this Friday night! AMAT family let’s get out there and support our boys in blue! Come early, stay late and be loud! AMAT WILL SHINE!!!

  • 12th man

    FOOTBALL: No way Crespi should be left out of playoffs

    Posted on October 30, 2012 by Jack Pollon

    I just took a look at the five leagues that comprise the Pac-5
    Division playoffs for football and there is absolutely no way Crespi
    should be left out.

    Assuming Alemany wins Friday against Loyola, Crespi will be going
    against Orange Lutheran, San Clemente and Tesoro for the final at-large

    The Marmonte and Moore Leagues will not have any team even in the conversation for an at-large berth.

    Crespi’s resume is way better than Orange Lutheran from the Trinity
    League and, San Clemente and Tesoro from the South Coast League.

    Crespi will have the best record at 8-2, beat a top-ranked from
    Arizona and Nevada, beat Westlake and knocked off Alemany, a potential
    league champion.

    Crespi also only lost to Notre Dame in quadruple overtime and by only three points to Bishop Amat.

    It really isn’t close.

    And to not take two at-large teams from same league just because it rarely never happens is not an excuse

  • Sizzlers Cheesetoast

    I’m an NDHS grad living in the beautful, unpretentious SGV:

    I would have to agree with Crespi Jack here: as much as it pains me to say it, Crespi is deserving of a play off spot. If Crespi and its players can
    lose the USC mentality (losing its focus after losing just 1 game and
    thug-inspired high penalty style of play), they could go much farther
    than most people would expect. Seems they turned it around somewhat after beating Alemany, but I still saw the signs of undisciplined play that I’ve seen all year watching the Celts. The Serra league is much stronger this year, esp since NDHS finally turned the corner after two really bad, bad years and is now finally peaking after some very tough wins and some very close, tough losses esp to Alemany and Serra in the beginning of the year.

    I don’t think the bye will have much effect. In my opinion, NDHS is
    peaking now and its coming at the right time for ND. Coach Rooney has been at this game for quite some time. Having played on the squad, and like most HS teams, you watch a lot of film and have the benefit of practicing all week to learn the opponent’s system. Also too, this ND team is comprised of a lot of seniors who have been part of the “down years” that the program hasn’t seen in quite some time. They are much stronger corp of men who want to live up to the tradition of other NDHS teams of the past and I have explicitly heard the senior players say so that they want to put NDHS back on the map again.
    Core to this team is Kelly Hilinski and Muhammad who have matured as players and surprisingly, two outstanding junior receivers have made some amazing strides this year, been battle tested, and have made some really clutch plays.

    I have unfortunately not seen Amat play this year, so I can only speak to the key to the game for NDHS which is the following:

    – mistake free football. NDHS has had very good discipline and ball control. They need to make this the bare minimum objective.

    – protecting Hilinski- He is probably the least mobile QB NDHS has had in quite some time. Think of Garrett Green, Dayne Crist, and Ryan Kasdorf. All were very, very mobile and ran the spread to near perfection. I am sure Amat’s coaches remember how these three QBs ran rough shod over Amat’s defenses. To Hilinski’s credit, his accuracy is near 70% from what I’ve heard from my alum friends who are close to the program, and if well protected, he can air out the med to long balls with great accuracy thanks to his height and accurate arm.

    – Open up the lanes for Khalfani: you all know what this guy can do when he gets into the secondary or on a play action pass.

    – Balanced offense: To the chagrin of some teams, NDHS actually has developed a fairly consistent but not spectacular pass offense. Daniel Khan and Koa Farmer have seriously matured and become much better receivers over this season. And it wouldn’t hurt to see Hilinski run some designed QB run plays to really throw off the Amat defense.

    – Defense: this area still remains a question mark and may be the weak link in the NDHS game from what I’ve seen. The Alemany game is a prime example of what I’m talking about. I can’t recall the score, but it was in the high 40s for both teams. This was the vaunted Alemany defense giving up more points to NDHS than any opponent it faced this year. Should ND not be able to put up points, we will lose like we did to Serra and Alemany. Close, but no cigar

    Best of luck to both teams, but I am a loyal Knight and will always root for my team

    • jcaz

      I love the passion you show for your team and for what its worth, I do believe Crrespi should get in as well.

  • Grantland Rice

    you just have to love Aram”obviously, I haven’t seen ND play this year,so, I’m going on comparative scores” lmao. ….. why don’t you .consult a astrologist,throw darts,rock,scissors paper, as well…….that is so weak

  • Grantland Rice

    Aram just topped himself on air tonight! hard to believe it,but ,the donut man did! first,he says COs win over Los Alamitos looks better every week, wrong,they’re 6-3 on the verge of not making the playoffs, again. Then, he spouts off that the 4 th place team in the Serra can’t make the playoffs over any 3rd place team from other leagues.wrong again big boy and shame on you for not knowing the CIF playoff rules/guidelines /’re all bluster,no knowledge…almost as weak as the statement in your 6 minute drill”obviously , I haven’t seen Notre Dame play, so , I’ll pick them on comparative scores”

  • FranklinND

    As long as Rooney doesn’t run on 1st and 2nd downs and throw on 3rd down and long when everyone knows its coming they can protect Hilinski. I just saw his stats on Maxpreps compared to the number 1-5 Qb’s in the Country and he is better then all number’s wise and that’s without ANY star WR’s. Rooney needs to put two back in to protect him and then when they rush dumb off with Hilinski height to one of them… Believe me that will stop the rush.
    As for Khlafani. The kid will get is yards…

    The biggest question is …Can ND defense stop anyone!?