PrepXtra Tuesday: Aram and Fred argue about the Scouting Guru’s PAC-5 playoff projections, plus West Covina coach Mike Maggiore …

Intro: Discussing this week’s big games
25:45 mark: West Covina coach Mike Maggiore discusses the season and Thursday’s showdown with Rowland
53:00 mark: The Scouting Guru joins us to talk about the Pac-5 and other possible playoff scenarios.

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  • 12th man

    Crespi get’s in!! The only other team that has a chance would be San Clemente! But Seriously! Do you really want to send a team that has a 5-4 record & A low Strength of Schedule (34.9) Tesoro has a higher strength of Schedule(41.4) but lost to San Clemente & then you have Orange Lutheran who’s record is 6-3 & S.O.S is at (38.8)..So wouldn’t it make sense to send in the team with the best over-all record at 8-2 & S.O.S at(40.9) Not mention they are ahead of these teams in all the poles including CIF..Crespi’s win over Alemany might be the deciding factor!!

  • Just Saying

    Don’t underestimate orange county influence

  • jcaz

    Over all, I have to say that this was one of the better video shows you guys have had all year and maybe that’s because there is so much at stake this upcoming Friday.

    One side note however, and i don’t really know if anyone really caught this, but Aram, you are something else dude.

    I mean, how in the world are you gonna sit there and tell a Coach what kind of offense works best for his team ? Dude that takes a lot of chutzpah, (or, a lot of huevos for my Spanish speaking friends in here) don’t you think ???

    In my opinion, coach Maggori, was very gracious not to have taken your head off there dude…..Whew !

    One last thing, got to love the spirit of Guru guy in here tonight. The guys got passion for his team, and for what its worth, ya, I for one absolutely agree with him in that Crespi should get in because the Serra is a very good league top to bottom.

    BTW, what would happen if the four teams ended up with a two and two record ? Coin flips no doubt, but in that scenario, you’d have to take all four teams wouldn’t you ?

  • FredJ

    When the Serra gets four teams in the playoffs I want to see Aram do the Truffle Shuffle, as he promised he would, whatever that is ….

  • FredJ

    Hilarious, now I know what the Truffle Shuffle is

  • Jefe

    I’m salivating over a possible SJB-Amat matchup in the 2nd round.