Who will go deeper in the playoffs, Charter Oak in the Inland or Bishop Amat in the Pac-5?

I could have expanded the question for all area teams. This might be the first year in a long time that none of our area teams reach the semifinals in any division. Not sure if or when that happened before, but if Amat or Charter Oak don’t reach the semifinals will anyone in the Hacienda get to the final four in the Southeast? Will anyone in the Montview, Mission Valley or Valle Vista reach the Big 5 in the Mid-Valley? Not sure any Montview teams will be hanging around that long in the Northwest, either. The team with the best chance is San Dimas, and the team with best chance after that, believe it or not, is Charter Oak.

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    I will wait until Sunday to see who will go further.

  • Lancerstrike1

    Because Charter Oak will finish on top of the Sierra, they will go further in the Inland Division playoffs. But the real reason why they will go further is simply the level of competition of the Inland when compared to the Pac-5. The top Inland teams are Vista Murrieta, Corona Centennial, Upland, and Rancho Cucamonga (who lost to Servite). This is only 4 teams. The top Pac-5 teams are St. Bonaventure, Mission Viejo, St. John Bosco, El Toro, Mater Dei, Santa Margarita, Oaks Christian, Alemany, SO Notre Dame, and now Crespi. This is 10 teams. Then there’s Long Beach Poly who is always tough in the playoffs.

  • AramT

    Didn’t Centennial beat Alemany? Yeah, they did.

    Anyway, PAC-5 deeper with good teams from 1-16. Top three or four in both divisions could all beat each other. Starting to think that CO should be mentioned as one of the top teams in (this year’s) Inland.

    • FredJ

      Yeah, and lowly Pac-5 Servite beat Rancho Cucamonga ,, Charter Oak is in the conversation, but not ready for Vista Murrieta, Upland or Corona Centennial. They’re in that next tier with Rancho Cucamonga, Chaparral, Redlands and Murrieta Valley. If they’re the fourth seed and avoid the top three, they can absolutely reach the semifinals.

  • Don

    Division 1 has at least 20 teams who can and have beaten top tier competition. The Inland has 10 or 12. This is a pretty big advantage for teams like C O who finish first in league play since they should tee off against a Los Osos or an
    Etiwanda before moving on although CIF is still probably mad at Lou and the guys so they will probably start the Chargers off against someone like Norco or Chapparal.

    Other than whoever is runner up in the Moore, The Pac-5 has no soft targets as the Serra League teams found out last year. Alemany, Loyola, and Amat, all one and done. Hard to win a D1 playoff game, even if you do come in first in your league.


      Don, why is CIF mad?

  • D1

    CO probably make it to the third or final rounds, Amat will probably make it to the second round at best thats just being realistic about the teams they have to play in order to get there.

    • BenDoverIE

      CO in the final round? You wanna pass some of that over this way, that must be some good stuff you’re smokin’.

  • Kurt Stone

    I’m an inland guy and recognize that the Pac 5 is loaded with heavy hitters. The inland has 4 true powers in Vista Murrietta, Centennial, Upland, and Charter Oak. But the other teams are pretty average. The Pac 5 has at least 10 teams that are tough and good enough to beat oneanother. CO should make the Semis, and maybe the championship game. I really think we are gelling right now and will make a good run. Amat has a tough task. I know they beat us convincingly, but I can’t see them win more than 2 games in the playoffs. This is not disrespecting Amat, but showing how hard the Pac 5 is. Good luck to both schools.

    • SGV_Football_Fan

      Kurt, first you say you are an inland guy, then you talk about CO and say WE are gelling right now….looks like you’re a CO guy trying to pump up CO by saying you’re from the IE.
      Just say you’re from CO. No harm in that. CO is a very good team. Not sure they are a true power in the Inland, but time will tell.

      • AMAT 73

        sgv football FAN ,
        If he’s a CO guy then he is defintely an Inland guy not an ie guy , he never wrote that . That’s where they ply their trade . Come playoff time it’s all about the Inland ( ie ) and out of bounds Chino Hills who many say have no part of the SGV other than being in the Sierra with CO and Damien .CO is the SGV’s lone rep in the Inland playoffs really .

    • BenDoverIE

      No way should CO be in the same sentence as VM, CC, or Upland when we’re talking good teams. They are a decent team, but correct me if I’m wrong, Amat beat them handily and no way would Amat be able to hang with VM or CC. So it would not even be close. Think replay from last year’s Upland/CO playoff “game”.

  • BenDoverIE

    CO will get pounded again in the 2nd Round.

  • Anonymous

    Any update on the big frosh game between notre dame & Amat today? Both teams are undefeated and league championship is on the line…

  • 5for5

    What’s really going on…

    Charter Oak will be a big favorite in the first round. Amat will most likely be a pick ’em…although home field would help. Advantage — CO.

    IF (and if I could change font, the “IF” would be 100 size) both teams advance, Amat will most likely be a decided underdog, and CO will still be a very slight
    favorite. Advantage — CO.

    From then on out, both teams would be dogs. Advantage — the opponents.

    For my money, CO has a better chance to go farther. AND for my money, I’d bet Amat against CO every single time.message…

  • Amatrosh dad

    Amat freshman won the Serra league football championship today with a tough fought 37 36 victory over notre dame. The team was 10 and 0. Players stepped up all season at a lot of positions. Great job coach and players.