Saturday Morning QB: Bishop Amat’s playoff fate in limbo after 49-28 loss; San Dimas routs Northview; Charter Oak gets tough win over Damien; Sierra Vista knocks out Azusa

Amat-Notre Dame photo gallery

By Fred J. Robledo
Bishop Amat wasted a title opportunity and will be on pins and needles the next 48 hours awaiting its playoff fate.

After Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks’ thorough 49-28 victory over Amat in Friday’s Serra League finale, the Knights (7-3, 3-1) earned a ticket to the CIF-Southern Section Pac-5 Division playoffs by sharing a co-league title with Alemany (8-2, 3-1). That left the playoff hopes for Amat (7-2-1, 2-2) in the hands of an at-large committee when pairings are announced Sunday.

“They outplayed us, they were a lot more physical,” Amat coach Steve Hagerty said. “What can you say?”

Notre Dame 49, Bishop Amat 28
San Dimas 24, Northview 0
Chino Hills 56. South Hills 7
Charter Oak 38, Damien 14
Los Osos 32, Glendora 26
Gladstone 48, Ganesha 0
Duarte 41, Bassett 30
Ayala 58, Claremont 22
Sierra Vista 37, Azusa 6
Covina 23, Pomona 0
La Puente 30, Workman 20
Wilson 28, Nogales 6

SCRIBBLE LIVE: Notre Dame vs. Bishop Amat

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  • BenDoverIE

    As remote as the chance is, Ayala still has a possibility to have a date with the guillotine of the IE – Vista Murietta in the first round. Could be their first appearance in like 4 years. Must win against Claremont WITH style for even a chance though.

  • Koa is the real deal

    “No trib hype, will get it done tonight!” Go Koa, your the real deal, the Amat faithful has been waiting for a leader like you for years!

    • Fan

      What was that you were saying?

  • Bossman

    What south pasadena score

  • jcaz

    Notes n Amat
    Have to say that I haven’t seen Amat get manhandled like this for quite some time. It was an Butt whupping and an a$$ spanking for sure, and for what its worth, it should serve as a wake up call for the Lancers on just how tough its gonna be the rest of the way.

    BTW, even though the Lancers got the first points of the game and put up 28 points on the Knights, the score really did not reflect just how dominating Notre Dame was tonight.

    Oh, and that young man Muhammad, whew, he is one hell of a player, let me tell you. He just killed our defense and if im not mistaken, the Notre Dame offense only punted like one time during the entire game !
    Man it’s tough to sit through a game like that especially given the fact that it has so many ramifications.
    Hopefully your right Fred, and we do in fact get that at large. Having said that, maybe things happen for a reason, and if by us losing tonight, we end up getting Long Beach Poly instead of the long drive to Oaks Christian (as the Guru suggested), then ill take that because maybe this outcome was a blessing instead of a curse ?

  • Colt74

    My Colts are going to the dance! Good job guys! Party tonight…you earned it! Hell, Party tomorrow night too!

    • Colt74

      And for Da Boss : To answer your question… C-Town put a BEAT DOWN on P-Town.

      • Chris Walker

        Colt74 are you for real, come on here talking up Covina because they beat a very weak Pomona team. I could see the comments if it was San Dimas. What happen to Covina when they played San Dimas (haha). That’s like Wilson coming on here talking it up that they shut out Nogales. You guys suck this year, and its going to be one and out. Even when you didn’t suck like last you, you just flat out chocked. So please crawl back into your hole.

        • Colt74

          My reply was to Da Boss ( your other log on? ) who asked me twice in another thread if Covina was going to beat Pomona, trying to goat me. So, now you can use your walker Chris to go to the fridge and take your meds. After can KMA! and then vote for Obama on Tuesday.

          • Colt74

            I read all your posts. Seems all HS teams suck according to your posts. And by the way..who are your Widcats playing in the playoffs this year?

          • Chris Walker

            My Wildcats? if you have read all my comments then you know I’m a Hacienda league guy not a VVL guy. I do also think the VVL is weak this year also, the only quality team is San Dimas. You need new materail the meds comments are getting old. One thing is for sure you know how to use the cut and paste function.

          • Colt74

            Dude, all your posts are the same…all teams are down and the talent sucks ( paraphrased ). Newsflash: San Dimas is the cream of the VVL. And you just figured that out? I don’t use cut and paste. Maybe grab and slap? All you seem to do is come here to these blogs and bitch. I get it, you are unhappy with your life and need to express it against high school football teams. How about being supportive..of ANYONE? Now you want to accuse DT of manipulating the brackets?? Seriously? Come on dude. I get hate me and Covina. The sun will still shine tomorrow and I’ll sleep great tonight. Give it a rest.

  • 1st and goal

    Well, what can you say about tonight. Not much. No excuses. AMAT got beat by a better team. KM was the key to ND winning tonight. No answer for him all night. Sal Velasquez on the bench with an injury hurt the Lancers. Does he make that much of a difference? I think he does. He’s your MLB and goto FB. Still no excuse. AMAT was out hustled by a much more physical team. Koa, obviously not your best night. Too many INTs. One play Cook was wide open across the middle and you throw into coverage and you get picked. You telegraphed that ball kid.
    Defense, you gotta wrap em up boys. You cant tackle whats not in your grasp. Lick your wounds boys and get back to work. From here on out its a whole different ball game.

    • AMAT 73

      First off congratulations to all the teams of the SGV win or lose and hope not too many had injuries. Well we are part of the losing side this week and congratulations to ND as they were the better team last night . The played solid and went after the share of the league title and got it . Hats off to them . Far too many turnovers for the LANCERS . You can’t turn the ball over 4 times to a team of that caliber . Also some great adjustments by the ND coaching staff . We opened up with return for a TD and they adjusted and virtually took our return game away and by the score you know we many chances at returns . Velasquez going out like 1st & goal said was huge with an injury and they adjusted and ran and ran. # 19 Ortega again with a great game , 2 picks and solid on coverage along with rest of the D , solid performance considering they had their backs against the wall most of the night by the turnovers .We cannot continue making these mistakes on offense . As good as Koa has been he did not have a very good game last night as he missed a lot of open receivers . All this can be corrected but I hope we get the chance to prove it , no matter who we draw . It will be interesting what real deal will say about Koa’s performance last night if he cares to ????? Good luck to all the SGV teams in the playoffs .

      • jcaz

        Interesting you should be speaking about the adjustments they made for kick off returns here 73. I was wondering why Blue didnt get back out there after that very first run back, and at the same time, because they kept kicking it to the same guy over and over (they did score quite a bit BTW LOL), then why in the world, wasnt our coaching staff putting someone out there who could run the ball back ? I mean, they finally did, but that was late in the fourth quarter when the game had already been lost…..Sigh

  • warrior fan

    Well Amat fans the best thing to do this year is get on your knees and pray that C.I.F thinks how fred thinks…….I guess you werent as good as you thought huh lol 49-28 wow another blow out Again Alemany is your champs 3+ and counting

    • jcaz

      Seems to me that you were pretty humble all last week, especially after Alemany got their a$$’s handed to them by Crespi. Now your back to being the same ol same ol.

      Too bad Warrior fan, cause. you guys are going to get spanked next Friday night, and the lanceritos (to quote non-Sense, cause you know he’s coming) are going to go on to at least the second round.
      Like Fred said, you can quote me on that one !
      ha ha ha

      • warrior fan

        LOL i didnt kno a 2 point lost was considered being spanked if so then what would you call what we did to Amat…….Maybe a massacre or chemical warfare on Amat. And i was not quiet i clearly spoke my mind and said we were still going to be your champion and that we beat your Lanceritos 3+ years in a row. Oh and hahahahaha you just told the joke of the night by saying that amat was going to win a playoff game LOL is Amat even going to the playoffs? Or when was the last time Amat won a playoff game? Also even if Amat gets in they will face a team that will completely dominate them just how they were dominated against us and ND. Get a clue JCAZ

        • jcaz

          You know something ? Seems to me that you got a lot of SWAG. Yup, because SWAG means that all along, I’ve been….. Secretly Wishing Alemany Gets (SWAG) Santa Margarita !
          Yup, you and Billy boy…BTW, where’s he been anyway ?
          Warrior fan, if Spartan 03 is anywhere close to being close, then, your one and done, and even if you get past SM, you’ve got a harder road to ride than what Amat’s got to go through to win it all,, because the bracket we might get, into looks awfully good from where im sitting.

          Frankly, if that loss put us in a better position, playoff wise, then in the end, we got the better deal out of it eh ?
          Anyway, we shall see for sure tomorrow around this time, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if by high noon tomorrow, you’ve got some brown spots on your underwear. LOL

          • warrior fan

            LOL are you talking about the team without their top star beating us hahahahahaha believe me it wont happen SM has NO CHANCE of beating us that team strategy was made for stanton now that he is gone they look like Amat last year when Rio went down (WEAK).

  • jcaz

    BTW, how about Sierra Vista ? Is that score correct ? OMG

    • SKP123

      Wow, I said the same. Good job SV! It’s been so many years.

  • Valley Athletics

    Every time Koa the real deal gets on this blog with the negative Rio bashing and praising of Koa. What happens . Koa has a bad game . Does not look like he is on Rios level yet . It’s better to just be quiet

  • 626

    The biggest surprises tonight in the Southeast were Paramount losing to Dominguez, which may bump them down or out of a seeding, and La Serna squeaking one out in OT vs. Cal.

  • Jerry Smith

    Damien Football has completely hit rock bottom! They looked horrible tonight even when CO wasn’t the sharpest.

  • Go Deep

    Ayala wins big and gets the help it needs. No question about it they should get the at large CIF 1st round game with #1 seed Vista Murrieta. Where were these dogs last week against South Hills. They were a totally different team tonight, Good job dogs

  • Spartan 03

    I am no Guru or bracketologist, but here is a shot at it…
    Inland Division Mock Bracket

    (1) Vista Murrieta – #1 Southwestern
    Ayala – At Large Sierra

    Rancho Cucamonga – #2 Baseline
    Redlands – #3 Citrus Belt

    Redlands East Valley – #1 Citrus Belt
    Chaparral – #3 Southwestern

    (4) Charter Oak – #1 Sierra
    Norco – #3 Big VIII

    (3) Upland – #1 Baseline
    South Hills – #3 Sierra

    Santiago Centennial – #2 Big VIII
    Eisenhower – #2 Citrus Belt

    Chino Hills – #2 Sierra
    Murrieta Valley – #2 Southwestern

    (2) Corona Centennial – #1 Big VIII
    Los Osos – #3 Baseline

    • Looking at your bracket, I see something that normally doesn’t happen. I’m not sure if it is a set rule or just a preference, but cif normally will not put the #1 & #2 from the same league into the same half of the brackets.

  • Spartan 03

    PAC5 Mock Bracket – Scenario 1

    (1) St. John Bosco – #1 Trinity
    Crespi – At Large Serra

    Oaks Christian – #2 Marmonte
    El Toro – #2 South Coast

    Alemany – #1 Serra
    Santa Margarita – #3 Trinity

    (4) St Bonaventure – #1 Marmonte
    Long Beach Wilson – #3 Moore

    (3) Mater Dei – #2 Trinity
    Westlake – #4 Marmonte

    Long Beach Poly – #1 Moore
    Notre Dame – #2 Serra

    Lakewood – #2 Moore
    Moorpark – #3 Marmonte

    (2) Mission Viejo – #1 South Coast
    Bishop Amat – At Large Serra

  • Spartan 03

    PAC5 Mock Draft – Scenario 2
    (1) St. John Bosco – #1 Trinity
    San Clemente – At Large South Coast

    Notre Dame – #2 Serra
    Moorpark – #3 Marmonte

    Alemany – #1 Serra
    Santa Margarita – #3 Trinity

    (4) St Bonaventure – #1 Marmonte
    Long Beach Wilson – #3 Moore

    (3) Mater Dei – #2 Trinity
    Westlake – #4 Marmonte

    El Toro – #2 South Coast
    Lakewood – #2 Moore

    Oaks Christian – #2 Marmonte
    Lakewood – #2 Moore

    (2) Mission Viejo – #1 South Coast
    Bishop Amat – At Large Serra

  • Not Since 1995

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

    Well…hello sunshine! And you too Jack A$$! Glad to see you Amat blowhards miss me! It gonna be a great day today! Amat lost and so will USC…!

    Forty49Nine points? Really Amat? C’mon…you’re better than that Lancers…! Goo at Happen Ned blowhards…? Big bad Amat just couldn’t close the deal…again! Guuuiiiaaa? Guuuiiiaaa Lancers? Guuuiiiiaaa do you do this to me every year?

    Fred says your done – “Bishop Amat…WASTED…title opportunity…” and NOW are on the knees for the next 48 hours awaiting for MISSION VIEJO…!

    Even Hags says your done – “They outplayed us…!” says Hagerty. “They were a lot more physical,” Amat coach Steve Hagerty said. “What can you say?” Umh…Hags you can say that you got your A$$ handed to you…!

    I agree 100% with Jack A$$ when he says:
    “It was an Butt whupping and an a$$ spanking for sure”

    And his best quote is:

    “the score really did not reflect just how dominating Notre Dame was tonight.”

    Amat blowhard, I have to say it…but I TOLD YOU SO…! AGAIN!

    Just another year of failure in the Pac 5…!

    WESTERN DIVISION here we come…!

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!


    • jcaz

      Nice to see that you read my posts non-sense. BTW, been missing you. Where ya been ? Ha ha ha

  • G-Stone128

    What the heck happened to Azusa? They looked so good against Gladstone. They looked like a completely different team yesterday.

    • proud father of DON #15 MORA

      The dons happened! !!
      Gladstone was our game too, just a lil too many mistakes ..

      • jcaz

        GO DONS !!!

  • Mike

    SV all day bby šŸ™‚
    Yo boy mike mora wit a int,FF, n 15 tckls !
    Wat up !

  • did you read the part that said:

    When CIF officials
    realigned leagues after the 2011 season, the Sunset League (Edison, Los
    Alamitos, etc.) was moved to the Southwest Division. Lara was part of
    those meetings and openly said that they were moving the wrong league

    Poly is Bigfoot playing against Lilliputians in the Moore, and
    the other Moore League teams are virtually starved of any kind of
    playoff success in the Pac-5. Two coaches of Moore League schools agreed
    with an earlier column urging the league to step down so the kids have a
    chance of playoff success.

    Lara spoke with LBUSD and school officials about moving and
    was told there’s a difficult petition process. It was also hinted that
    Poly might face more obstructionists in its way than President Obama
    found in Congress circa 2010-2012.

    Poly would then have to petition for admission into another league.

    The Sunset League, presumably upgraded back to Pac-5 status,
    seems logical, with Los Alamitos, Edison and other Orange County public
    schools with pretty sunset views most nights. “I think it’d be a great
    league, but I’m not sure how (Sunset) teams might think about it,” he

    The other option is going independent. No league affiliation,
    just 10 games against a hand-picked slate that would give Poly the
    chance to travel against national powers a bit more, schedule some
    quality local opponents and keep a few old friends around, like Wilson
    (that rivalry must survive in some fashion) and Mater Dei (there’s
    tremendous respect among the programs). As an independent, it would
    compete for an at-large bid each year.

    A school can play football in one league or as a freelance
    school without it impacting all other sports. So any adjustment of the
    Moore League would really just be for King Football.

    This point may be moot. Lara believes the CIF-Southern Section inevitably will break into public and parochial divisions.

    “I think it’s hard not to come to this conclusion,” he said.
    “For whatever reason, the private schools are getting better. Parents
    are looking out for their kids and see private schools as an option.

    “There are five conferences in the Pac-5 and two of them are all private and the top schools in the Marmonte are private.”

    There’s certainly no stigma anymore about transferring to
    better a student-athlete’s chance of a scholarship. Lara says Poly isn’t
    getting the kids it used to simply because there are more options now.

    There are 13 private schools among the 33 Pac-5 schools; eight
    of them are going to the playoffs, and Crespi of the Serra League,
    which is 8-2 and just beat league champ Alemany, was left out as an
    at-large team to the benefit of Tesoro (7-3) of the South Coast.

    This was a function of Pac-5 reps ranking the South Coast as
    stronger than the Serra a few weeks ago. All five Serra League teams
    finished over .500; the South Coast had three teams go 1-3 in league and
    two finished 5-5 overall.

    There are two private schools in the 10-team, two-division
    Marmonte League, and those two schools, St. Bonaventure and Oaks
    Christian, won the two divisions.

    The top seed in the Mid-Valley Division playoffs is Paraclete
    of the private Alpha League. Five Mission League teams (Chaminade,
    Harvard-Westlake, Serra, Cathedral, St. Francis) made the Western
    Division playoffs.

    I’m not an advocate of segregation, but when it comes to some
    public schools in the Pac-5, it’s safe to say they don’t have a prayer.