Video Highlights: After South El Monte beat El Monte 33-20, the teams mixed it up after the Eagles stomped on the Lions’ logo

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  • I’ve watched it a few times and though you probably shouldn’t do it, in emotional games these things happen. South El Monte kids were excited and deservedly so. You don’t encourage that type of behavior, but football’s an emotional game and sometimes it gets the best of you. I thought the coaches did an incredible job of squashing it before it got ugly. Another great job by Reginald Miller on the highlights

  • 12th man

    Stomping on the logo was a bit excessive & shows lack of discipline & poor sportsmanship by players & coaches..i understand emotions & adrenaline are running high but at what point do you take accountability in having respect for the game & for yourself as an Athlete?

  • tommy gun

    Look for CIF to suspend some kids for each teams 1st round playoff games next week.

    • eagle20

      This would be awful! CIF does not suspend anyone. Its the Athletic Director that reports it. South will loose on this one. Look for yet another example of how the rules are not enforced at other schools and super enforced at south.

  • Common Sense

    Definitely a lack of discipline and sportsmanship stomping on the logo. These players need to learn how to “act like they’ve been there before”. That being said…they are high school kids and it was an emotional victory, so it’s somewhat understandable.

    What was inexcusable was #22’s behavior calling out the El Monte kid. He’s clearly looking for a confrontation instead of just celebrating with his teammates. His coach should discipline him accordingly for representing the school in such a poor manner. Just my 2 cents…

    • eagle20

      I completely agree.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    This is part of the rivalry, NOT AN EXCUSE. Cooler heads prevailed thanks to all the coaches. Don’t forget, El Monte used to spray paint “LIONS” in the walkway (next to the student library) where SEMHS students enter from the SEMHS Student parking lot, but no one mentions that because it didn’t take away from the game itself.

    • eagle20

      Video clearly shows that an el monte player threw the first punch

  • Chris

    South El Monte was classless in stomping on the logo. Not to mention that their classless fans wrote inflammatory, explicit messages on the windows of cars in the parking lot. It gives their city a bad reputation and rightfully so.

    • SEMHS FAN 3481

      parking lot? where? there’s only street parking that I know of when it comes to football games at El Monte. Mostly on Concert Street/Ave. You are basing your opinion on fans because of what happen to the cars? Man, you just exude intelligence.

      You have no concrete proof that all fans THINK or ACT like the certain few who may have “desecrated” certain vehicles. In fact my car got a nice dent from a shopping cart, but who am I to say it was an El Monte fan? your logic is flawed.

      Maybe you should have told BMar to be quiet after last week’s win, all week from different avenues, he kept talking how sweet it is to beat South El Monte.

  • SEM Alum

    NOW WAIT UP JUST A MINUTE! Do you guys remember last year when EM won the Griffin Bowl at SEM on their senior night?! They had the exact same emotions as south this year maybe even worse. Last year when the clock ticked down some EM players ran to the SEM sideline and were talking crap right in their faces but SEM PLAYERS DID NOT RETALIATE LIKE EM DID LAST NIGHT and some people from EM were waving the trophy in the air.. I do believe it is disrespectful what the SEM players did that night but hey, this is what makes this such a heated rivalry

  • SoSideMonte

    its better on the south side . el monte is just mad because we STOMPED on their perfect record . you guys always diss us . and the 1 time we do we get , “you guys are so rude”