PrepXtra Rewind: Aram and Fred try to make sense of the postseason picture; Amat’s lowlights against Notre Dame; Spartan 03 takes a shot at mock drafts

Sunday’s CIF pairings times and locations, posted here and on the CIF website
At-Large announcements: 8 a.m.
Inland Division (Santiago HS): 10 a.m.
Mid-Valley Division (Covina HS): 10 a.m.
Pac-5 Division (CIF office): 11 a.m.
Northwest Division (Oak Park HS): 10:30 a.m.
Southeast Division (CIF office): Noon

Tom Kiss and Courtney Ponce try to make sense of Amat’s loss at Notre Dame, listen to the reaction

Spartan 03 posted mock drafts for the Pac 5 and Inland on threads so I thought I would share. Everyone’s got an opinion, tell us who you think area teams will get

PAC 5 Mock Draft
(1) St. John Bosco – #1 Trinity vs. San Clemente – At Large South Coast
Notre Dame – #2 Serra vs. Moorpark – #3 Marmonte

Alemany – #1 Serra vs. Santa Margarita – #3 Trinity
(4) St Bonaventure – #1 Marmonte vs.Long Beach Wilson – #3 Moore

(3) Mater Dei – #2 Trinity vs. Westlake – #4 Marmonte
El Toro – #2 South Coast vs. Lakewood – #2 Moore

Oaks Christian – #2 Marmonte vs. Lakewood – #2 Moore
(2) Mission Viejo – #1 South Coast vs. Bishop Amat – At Large Serra

Inland Mock Bracket
(1) Vista Murrieta – #1 Southwestern vs. Ayala – At Large Sierra
Rancho Cucamonga – #2 Baseline vs. Redlands – #3 Citrus Belt

Redlands East Valley – #1 Citrus Belt vs. Chaparral – #3 Southwestern
(4) Charter Oak – #1 Sierra vs. Norco – #3 Big VIII

(3) Upland – #1 Baseline vs. South Hills – #3 Sierra
Santiago Centennial – #2 Big VIII vs. Eisenhower – #2 Citrus Belt

Chino Hills – #2 Sierra vs. Murrieta Valley – #2 Southwestern
(2) Corona Centennial – #1 Big VIII vs. Los Osos – #3 Baseline

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  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    pardon my ignorance for this post (as I haven’t yet seen the above video).

    Mid Valley Division has 5 Leagues (15 Guaranteed 1 At-Large)
    [used Max Preps and Cal Preps for teams/seed placement?]

    Almont League Teams – 1. Bell Gardens 2. Schurr 3. Montebello**
    Alpha League Teams – 1. Paraclete 2. Sierra Canyon 3. Brentwood***
    Mission Valley League Teams – 1. South El Monte 2. El Monte 3. Arroyo
    Rio Hondo League Teams – 1. Monrovia 2. San Marino 3. Temple City
    Valle Vista League Teams – 1. San Dimas 2. Northview 3. Covina

    ** – Even though Montebello and Schurr had a 3-2 record in league play, head to head, Schurr won that game.

    *** – Even though Brentwood/Windward/Viewpoint all had 3-3 league records, I assume Brentwood gets the nod for #3 based on Overall Record (7-3) and % (70%)

    I don’t even want to speculate for the single At-Large team, that’s a tough one for sure. If I look at last years brackets, I see that most (4 games actually) #1 seeds played their first game against a #3 seed (with only two #1 seeds playing #2 seeds in their first game). That was based on a 6 League Bracket for the Mid-Valley, now this year it is only 5 leagues with 15 Guaranteed.

    I will indeed jump out and say at least SEMHS could play a #3 or the At-Large team (whomever that might be), but I don’t think they would play a #2, although it is still possible, but definitely no #1 to #1 in the first round.

    Again, I apologize if I sound like I’m everywhere, but I just wanted to put my 2 cents.

  • Valley Athletics

    Spartans bracket looks pretty accurate . Amat gets in. The question will be who gets in between San Clemente 4 losses and crespi 2 losses . What will the seeds be . Should be bosco, mission viejo , Bonnie’s and el toro . Mater dei and alemany both have 2 losses so I don’t see them in top seeds.

  • 626

    Guru was a little off. Yes, Stevie was right, Arcadia is in, not Burroughs. And Guru was also off about the at-large playing vs. the #1 seed. Arcadia will have to play La Mirada, if LM is the #1 seed. Arcadia is 4-6 overall and a 3rd place team, and DR is 7-3 and tied for first. No way is DR playing the #1 seed. Last year, Muir was the at-large team and they did not play vs. the #1 seeded WC and instead faced the #2 seeded Sante Fe. At-large bids do not automatically get matched with the top-seeded teams.

    The other possible mistake was not taking into account Paramount’s loss last night to Dominguez. That leaves Paramount, Downey, and Dominguez tied for first in the SGV League, and I assume coin-flips will determine 1st place. This means Paramount may not get the #3 seed most thought they would, which would likely slide Muir to the #3 seed and “who knows” for the #4 seed. The Southeast brackets will be great to pour over on Sunday morning.

  • Not Since 1995

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

    Well…hello sunshine! And you too Jack A$$! Glad to see you Amat blowhards miss me! It gonna be a great day today! Amat lost and so will USC…!

    Forty49Nine points? Really Amat? C’mon…you’re better than that Lancers…! Goo at Happen Ned blowhards…? Big bad Amat just couldn’t close the deal…again! Guuuiiiaaa? Guuuiiiaaa Lancers? Guuuiiiiaaa do you do this to me every year?

    Fred says your done – “Bishop Amat…WASTED…title opportunity…” and NOW are on the knees for the next 48 hours awaiting for MISSION VIEJO…!

    Even Hags says your done – “They outplayed us…!” says Hagerty. “They were a lot more physical,” Amat coach Steve Hagerty said. “What can you say?” Umh…Hags you can say that you got your A$$ handed to you…!

    I agree 100% with Jack A$$ when he says:
    “It was an Butt whupping and an a$$ spanking for sure”

    And his best quote is:

    “the score really did not reflect just how dominating Notre Dame was tonight.”

    Amat blowhard, I hate to say it…but I TOLD YOU SO…! AGAIN!

    Just another year of failure in the Pac 5…!

    WESTERN DIVISION here we come…!

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!


    • Valley Athletics

      The Moore league teams will be dropped before Serra league from PAC 5 . I am kind of thinking warrior and not since are the same person . They both use lanceritos and only come on here bashing amat .

      • warrior fan

        Valley IDIOT i have never used Lancerito and im not non-sense but he does completely destroy all you Amat crow dump eaters.

        • Valley Athletics

          You said on a previous topic ” we beat your lanceritos 3 times ” So don’t call me an idiot when u dont know me . Don’t be so proud of your team . Yeah you beat amat 3 times . Until you win something alemany is the same as all the other teams that havnt .

          • warrior fan

            No were not the same as other team when you think of Alemany you think of Serra league champs or Semi finalist first year in the league. So we’re not the same as Amat or other teams that has not made it as far

          • Valley Athletics

            for your information when everyone on this board makes an argument of why the Serra is the weakest league in PAC 5 and why they should be dropped to western , they bring up alemany being the serras top team that can’t compete on the PAC 5 also . So alemany is in the same boat as amat . No ones going to remember you won league if you don’t win a championship. The more you put down amat ,you are not making a case for alemany on being a great team . Especially when you have 2 losses

          • warrior fan

            And after reading your post you made things worst for Amat. Amat fans stay with the jibberish and Century old accomplishments and if you think they want to drop the Serra because of Alemany then you cant be considered one of the brightest bloggers out there. Alemany has only been in the Serra for 3 years there is no way they think Alemany cant compete in the pac5 when they made the SEMI-FINALS!!!!! If there is any team to blame its Amat think about it they have been in the Serra league longer then probably every team in the Serra. they havent won anything or made any noise in a VERY VERY LONG TIME, Alemany comes from a lower division and runs the table 3 years straight. ND also came from a lower division. Dont blame it on Alemany blame it on the grandpa of the league (Amat)

          • Valley Athletics

            Where did I say they want to drop the Serra because of alemany . You have not been in this board long enough to know what i am talking about . When the discussion has come up about the Serra needing to be dropped . The whole league has been mentioned as not good enough for PAC 5 .every one . Alemany , notre dame , amat and loyola .its been an argument here for the last 3 years. Amat Bloggers brings up alemany, loyola, crespi as being good teams that can compete on PAC 5 . Other bloggers come on here saying that Serra teams can not compete with the OC leagues, including amat and alemany. So I never said alemany can’t compete . It’s been said nu the other amat hating bloggers . So in there eyes , alemany is also not good enough. I have come on here even saying that alwmanys offense is the best in PAC 5 . Your the one only on here theist to talk bad about amat since day one .

    • warrior fan

      Good job and here i thought i was the only one to notice the Amat failure year in year out. Funniest part of it all is that, look at all the hopeful system breakdowns of why Amat should make it, only to lose. I didnt know it was that many c.i.f assistants that blog on the SGV website. #pathetic….

  • FredJ

    If you’re ranking Pac-5 at large consideration’s strength of schedule using opponents’ won-loss records, it shakes out like this

    Crespi 65-35-1

    Tesoro 65-35-1

    Amat 63-35-1

    San Clemente 60-38

    Orange Lutheran 51-48

    However, if these are the five teams under considerations, the only ones with head-to-head wins (worth 4 points) are Amat over Crespi and San Clemente over Tesoro.

    The only way I can figure that San Clemente and Amat don’t get in is if you throw out head-to-head considerations, otherwise those four points are vital.

    Whatever happens, can’t wait to hear the explanation on Sunday

    • 626

      Fred, I believe the 4 points from head-to-head comes is applicable when it comes down to two teams.

      For argument’s sake, let’s say Crespi gets the 1st at-large based on strength of schedule, overall record, and league strength. Now the second at-large is between Tesoro and Amat. The head-to-head now is obsolete. If Tesoro had the 1st at-large, and the 2nd spot came down to Crespi and Amat, then the head-to-head comes into play.

      • FredJ

        You might be right, if that’s the scenario by not using head-to-head at all to rank the at-large cdonsiderations, Crespi’s the best at-large and if the second spot comes down to Amat and Tesoro, based on the point system, Tesoro would get in ahead of Amat. Interesting.

        What’s interesting though is CIF doesn’t spell that out anywhere that I can find.

        (4) The Selection Committee, with the full support of the CIF-SS Football Coaches Advisory
        Committee, will utilize the following criteria in its selection process, with each category below
        having the specific weight listed:
        (a) Head-to-head competition of teams under consideration (4 points)
        (b) Overall strength of the league from which the team is entered (1 point)
        (c) Overall win-loss record (1 point)
        (d) Strength against common opponents (1 point)
        (e) Strength of schedule (2 points, using overall win-loss record of opponents)
        (f) Free lance teams will be part of the pool for the filling of at-large berths

        It reads head to head competition of teams under consideration. By reading that, you should get four points for beating any team under consideration, period. This was what Aram and I discussed last night, there is no explanation how you narrow the list down.

        • Valley Athletics

          Using all the criteria above amat would be ahead because they played in same league , have 2 losses . Crespi wins in common opponents but the big points would come from head to head which would come into play in there case . Same goes for Tesoro and San Clemente . The head to head would be the factor between both of them because they are in same league have have common opponents .

        • Valley Athletics

          I think head to head is listed first because it is a big deciding factor .Can’t have b c and d without a .

        • 626

          I just can’t see how one or two teams get four free points, because they happened to beat one of the other teams in the pool. How does that make a team “more deserving” than another team who didn’t happen to play another team in the pool. I mean, San Clemente gets four automatic points for beating Tesoro? That’s big! Is SC a more deserving team than Crespi? I don’t think so. That’s why I believe the 4 points are brought in once it comes down to two teams.

    • 626

      Here’s where I’m confused. It’s the distribution of points. Ok, let’s pool the teams together and distribute points.

      Crespi gets the 1 point for overall record. Easy. But who gets the 2 points for SOS? Crespi? Tesoro? Both? And who gets the 1 point for league strength? O Lu? Or are the points distributed differently?

    • Valley Athletics

      If head to head was not the first thing they looked at why would it be listed first and worth the most points . Why would overall record only be worth 1 point . Another way to look at it , the 4 points given to head to head in amats and San clementes case would give the upper hand on the teams that technically got 3rd place in there leagues.

      • 626

        It’s all a little confusing and I’d love to hear the CIF guys explain the process to the SGVN guys tomorrow.

        So let’s say Amat and SC get 4 points apiece for Head-to-Head. That’s 8 total points distributed. What about League Strength? OLu would get 1 point, for a total of 1 point distributed. Strength of Schedule? Crespi and Tesoro get 2 points apiece, for a total of 4 points distributed. Overall record? Crespi gets 1 point, for a total of 1 point distributed.

        That is a total of 14 points that would be distributed. Is this how it works? And if it is, then here are the results:

        Amat: 4 points (at-large)
        San Clemente: 4 points (at-large)
        Crespi: 3 points
        OLu: 1 point
        Tesoro: 0 points

        This could be the way it works, I don’t know. Or maybe it goes like this:

        SOS? Crespi and Tesoro with 2 points apiece. League strength? OLu with 1 point. Overall record? Crespi with 1 point. If there is a tie, they use the 4 points from Head-to-Head. Here would be the standings:

        Crespi: 3 points (at-large)
        Tesoro: 2 points (at-large)
        OLu: 1 point
        Amat: 0 points
        San Clemente: 0 points
        (no tie, so no Head-to-Head)

        I guess we’ll all find out soon.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I like Spartans brackets, as it relates to my Huskies. Centennial that is. I’d love for us to draw Los Osos because if Chino Hills gets passed Mur Val, that gives us a chance to go against Matt Simko. That would be a great matchup, our DBs against their WRs. Our high octane offense against their’s.

    However, even though CHs high powered offense has put up a lot of points, their defense hasn’t faced anyone too tough since Charter Oak. Rivalry games against Ayala don’t count. It’ll be interesting to see if their defense can stop anyone in the real season, where the big boys play. Based on the games I saw, they’re defense is good for pushing around first graders, but shrink like ball sacks in Alaska against teams just as big, just as fast, and just as meeeeeeean.

    Time to put the children to bed, close your windows and lock your doors. Playoffs are here. It’s win or go home time boys. Game on!

  • Jefe

    All I know is IF Amat doesn’t get in, this blog is going to be pretty damn entertaining for the next few days.

    • jcaz

      I have always believed that 90% of this blog is Amat driven. So, if Amat doesn’t get in, then you will most likely see a short term drop off on this blog until after the football season ends.
      Having said that, there are always going to be folks in here who will still blog, so let’s see how it goes eh ?

      • Jefe

        You won’t see any drop off IMO.

        You’ll see a lot of very pissed off (rightfully so) Amat fans and it would make for interesting chatter.

  • warrior fan

    Good morning Amat hopefuls, Its refreshing to see that most of you work for C.I.F. I mean with all of your breakdowns on how they will do things is PATHETIC. But im confused why would you want your team in the playoffs when your just going to go out and stink up the place like EVERY YEAR? help me understand that. But in all honesty you crow dump eaters are pathetic you losers bragged about when we lost to Crespi as if you were a part of Crespi, when in reality you should had hoped that we beat Crespi, think about it Crespi has a much more impressive win column then you guys do. #hopefulwishingforamtfansyetagain next time stay in your lane maybe things would work out for you then, because in the end guess who got the last laugh and the Serra league title……..thats right them Warriors.

    • jcaz

      Dude, Margarita Bill can talk “poop,” because his team has actually won something, but until you guys get a little bit further in the playoffs, than just one or two wins, then take it down a notch or two.
      BTW, last year Alemany was one and done right ? This year, same thing….hum, when did Alemany last get a win in the playoffs ? Two or three years ago ? So, maybe not sense 2010 for you warrior fan ? Ha ha ha

      • warrior fan

        LOL….ok you wanna play that game then lets go when is the last time Amat has won a playoff game? Also when is the last time Amat won the Serra league? Or has Amat made it further than Alemany in the playoffs?. Ill wait for your answers

        • jcaz

          Hey, im not going to sit here and talk a bunch of poop, and act as if Amat is the greatest thing since sliced bead. The fact is that, its been a while, a LONG while since Amat has won a champoinship, but if memory serves me, Amat beat Maer Dai two years ago, and lost in the first round last year. BTW, didnt Alemany lose in the first round last year ? Hum….
          Anyway, at least Amat’s made it to the big dance right ? Look, you can sit here all day and say that was years ago, and the fact is that your right, it was a while back, but the fact is that you cant sit here acting like the New York Yankees when you haven’t won anything but a league banner.

          Amats got a few of those and yes, even one or two from the Siera, so all im saying Warrior fan, is to talk the talk AFTER your in the same conversation with Amat. Other wise your just like 60% of the PAC 5 teams…Good, but no Rings yet.
          Talk to me like a big boy once you’ve won at least ONE. Fair ?

          • warrior fan

            You said in the sam convo as Amat LMAO dude Amat hasnt made any kind of noise since last CENTURY Amat hasnt won league since Alemany has been in it Amat hasnt beaten Alemany since Alemany has been in the Serra are you seriously sitting up here saying Alemany isnt in the same convo as Amat LOL…..your right when you speak of Alemany you say league champs best in the Serra that has teams like ND, Loyola, Crespi and Amat, that what is said about Alemany now when you mention Amat youll say a Century ago Amat use to be great but since the turn of the century Amat hasnt even been a threat in the pac5 Alemany comes in and makes it to the Semi finals only to lose by a touchdown to the eventual champs. If your a real sports person with knowledge youll know that bringing up last century when the Bills was dominate coming out of the AFC when you argue all the time only says you have nothing to show for in the present times.

    • real talk

      good luck to alemany on wining another championship…OH WAIT THEY HAVE NEVER WON ONE.

      • warrior fan

        Good luck beaten Alemany in league oh wait that never happened….LOL

  • SDSaints

    CIF never puts the #1 and # 2 from the same league on the same side of the bracket so your mocks are very inaccurate .

  • Valley Athletics

    Lakewood is on this mock list twice .

  • reality


  • 626

    SOUTHEAST shot in the dark here:

    1. La Mirada (Suburban #1)
    -Arcadia (Pacific #3)

    -Bonita (Hacienda #2)
    – Sante Fe (Del Rio #2)

    -Burbank (Pacific #2)
    -Rowland (Hacienda #3)

    -Norwalk (Suburban #3)
    4. Downey (SGV #1)

    2. La Serna (Del Rio #1)
    – Diamond Ranch (At-large, Hacienda#4)

    -Bellflower (Suburban #2)
    -Dominguez (SGV #2)

    -WC (Hacienda #1)
    -Paramount (SGV #3)

    -Cal (Del Rio #3)
    3. Muir (Pacific #1)

    Again, this is a complete shot in the dark, and who knows what CIF will do. Here are some things to note though:

    -Paramount’s loss was huge. They went from a seeded team, to the SGV’s #3 team.

    -Arcadia at 4-6, not DR at 7-3, will have to play the #1 seed. Period. At-larges are not guaranteed to play #1 seeds, as last year’s Southeast bracket proved when at-large Muir played #2 seed Sante Fe.

    -The seed to keep an eye on will be the #4 seed. Potentially, WC could land it, and had they not forfeited a game they just might have. I think Downey gets it as the SGV’s #1, but we’ll have to wait and see. If some other team gets it, this list I created was all for naught.

    -The first round might be brutal for some 1st-place league finishers. Paramount becomes the proverbial, “team no one wants to face in the 1st round.” Add Rowland, Norwalk, and DR as those types of teams as well. This is going to be fun.

    -The Hacienda, with 4 teams, must have a team in each 4-team bracket, as they do here.

    -I see one gimme-game. That would be LM vs. Arcadia. Outside of that annihilation, any other team could win the their 1st round game.

    -Lastly, these are the best #3 league teams since the Southeast began. Paramount, Norwalk, and Rowland. Not to mention DR as the at-large, especially since last year’s at-large, Muir, made a semifinal run.

    **Good luck to all this playoff season!!!

    • 626

      Just realized I placed the #2 and #3 seeds in the wrong spot. Ouch. Screws up my whole damn bracket.

      • 626


        1. La Mirada (Suburban #1)
        -Arcadia (Pacific #3)

        -Bonita (Hacienda #2)
        – Sante Fe (Del Rio #2)

        -Burbank (Pacific #2)
        -Rowland (Hacienda #3)

        -Norwalk (Suburban #3)
        4. Downey (SGV #1)



        -Cal (Del Rio #3)
        3. Muir (Pacific #1)

        -WC (Hacienda #1)
        -Paramount (SGV #3)

        -Bellflower (Suburban #2)
        -Dominguez (SGV #2)

        2. La Serna (Del Rio #1)
        – Diamond Ranch (At-large, Hacienda#4)

        • 626

          Damn! Just missed a perfect bracket. Good luck to all the teams!

  • 12th man

    POINTS AFTER TOUCHDOWN: Crespi plays waiting game

    By Gerry Gittelson, Special to the Daily News


    11/03/2012 10:13:51 PM PDT


    11/03/2012 10:52:32 PM PDT

    Section football playoff pairings are scheduled to be released today,
    and Crespi High is hoping to qualify for the last of two at-large berths
    afforded in the five-league Pac-5, the Southern Section’s top division.

    Crespi (8-2) lost two of its last three games to finish fourth
    in the five-team Serra League, and assuming third-place Bishop Amat
    (7-2-1) gets the nod for the first at-large spot, Crespi would have a
    better overall record than all the remaining hopefuls.

    The criteria is based on a point-system that calculates
    strength of schedule and strength of league — both based on overall
    won-loss records — along with head-to-head competition, which would not
    apply in Crespi’s case.

    If things don’t work out, Crespi will miss the playoffs for the second year in a row and the third time in four seasons.

    “I think it looks real good. I don’t see how they can leave us out,” Crespi coach Jon Mack said.

    Crespi is coming off a bye, so the Celts practiced for a week without being assured there would be another game.

    “We had a fantastic week. The boys bought in and practiced as
    we fully expect to be in,” Mack said. “We’ve been moving in that
    direction the whole time.”

    Now all Mack has to do is wait for the selection committee to post the pairings.

    It’s nerve-racking, but at least Mack is keeping his sense of
    humor: “I’m still mad at the time change for daylight savings because
    that just means I have

    to wait another hour,” Mack said.