Breaking News: Charter Oak gets a tough draw for a fourth seed; Amat relieved it gets in, then gets Long Beach Poly, plus more from the Mid-Valley, Northwest and Hacienda


Inland Division
Top Half

South Hills at No. 1 Vista Murrieta
Nordo at Redlands East Valley
Corona Santiago at Rancho Cucamonga
Chaparral at No. 4 Charter Oak
Bottom Half
Great Oak at No. 3 Upland
Redlands at Chino Hills
Eisenhower at Murrieta Valley
Los Osos at No. 4 Corona Centennnial

Mid-Valley Division
Top Half

Temple City at No. 1 Paraclete
Montebello at El Monte
Schurr at San Marino
Windward at No. 4
Bottom Half
Northview at No. 3 Sierra Canyon
Arroyo at Bell Gardens
Covina at South El Monte
Viewpoint at No. 2Monrovia

Northwest Division
Top Half

South Torrance at No. 1 Bishop Diego
Village Christian at Bishop Montgomery
Mary Star at Gladstone
Oak Park at No. 4North Torrance
Bottom Half
Compton Centennial at No. 3 La Salle
El Segundo at La Puente
Torrance at Whittier Christian
Sierra Vista at No. 2 Nordohoff

Southeast Division
Top Half

Arcadia at No. 1 La Mirada
Santa Fe at Bonita
Norwalk at Burbank
Rowland at No. 4 Downey
Bottom Half
California at No. 3
Paramount at West Covina
Dominguez at Bellflower
Diamond Ranch at No. 2 La Serna

Pac-5 Division
Top Half

Long Beach Cabrillo at No. 1 St. Bonaventure
Santa Margarita at El Toro
Moorpark at Alemany
Lakewood at No. 4 Mater Dei
Bottom Half
Tesoro at No. 3 St. John Bosco
Oaks Christian at Notre Dame
Bishop Amat at Long Beach Poly
Westlake at No. 2 Mission Viejo

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  • Jefe

    I feel bad for Crespi but when there’s another at-large being considered and they have a win over you….you’re not getting in.

    • Spartan 03

      True, but same holds true for San Clemente and Tesoro except San Clemente beat Tesoro and didn’t get in.

      • Valley Athletics

        In the south coast there was a 3 way tie for third with Tesoro sc and trabuco . So they coined flipped for 3rd . Tesoro won flip . In Serra amat got third because they won head to head

        • Spartan 03

          If that is the case I wonder if the league even asked CIF to be put into consideration for an at large birth

  • Confused…

    8-2 Crespi not in???? Wow!!!

  • Valley Athletics

    Would like to know how it was really calculated . I calculated how I thought it was done and came up with amat and san Clemente . Did it another way and came up with Tesoro and crespi . When I came up with crespi and Tesoro I used the SOS win loss formula u posted . That gave crespi and Tesoro the edge . Amat Played one less game than both so it have them advantage . I am thinking they do use those cal preps strengths of schedule ratings .

    • Each team played 10 games. No advantage in that area. Amat got the first spot. Tesoro got the edge over Crespi on points due to the committee placing the South Coast league higher than the Serra League (which is where the OC bias everyone was talking about may have come in)

      • Valley Athletics

        Your correct . Fred post 65-35-1 for Tesoro and crespi and 63-35-1 for amat . So a couple of amats opponents played less games .

        • Tesoro’s opponents were actually 65-34-1. Since 10 opponents can only play a maximum of 10 games it would be illegal to be otherwise. For some reason, La Mirada only played 9, hence Amat’s #s adding up to 99. Could that be right? MaxPreps shows they didn’t play from 10/12 thru 11/2. Odd?!?

          • And I know it would be harder to do, but I’d like to go one layer deeper and not only look at opponents record, but “opponents record and THEIR opponents record”. This would truly speak to strength of schedule. You may have 3-7 team on your schedule (Servite) whose losses came to some good teams with good records. Someone else may have a Colony on their schedule who played…well, the schedule they played.

            Looks like a couple interesting things that hurt Crespi were Taft forfeiting two games they won on the field and La Serna upsetting Westlake.

          • BenDoverIE

            Thankfully we won’t have to see a Westlake $#!+ the bed against DeLaSalle. Maybe the SS won’t be used to mop the floor this year. One can only hope.

          • WCDan

            Joe, La Mirada only played 9 games because Cerritos who they were supposed to play in week 9 dropped the football program.

          • Wow Dan. That’s rough to have TWO week bye? Fortunately it didn’t hurt them and (unfortunately for WC) maybe freshened them up for playoffs. Good luck to your Bulldogs

      • Shame on you!

        Lara (Poly), Benkert (Westlake), and Bosco coach get to vote on league strength. Lara says Serra league should be #2. Other two coaches over rule him. Why? Westlake bitter after loss to Crespi. Bosco would rather play Tesoro than Crespi. What a conflict of interest!

        • Colt74

          Nailed it!

  • Valley Athletics

    In the OC register site they say amat got first bid and Tesoro beat crespi out using the point system . Does not say why amat got first .

  • Spartan 03

    I don’t know all the teams in consideration for the at large berth in the Inland Division, but Ayala got hosed. Ayala had better strength of schedule (2 points) and overall record (1 point) than Great Oak.

    • BenDoverIE

      Ayala would have given VM a better game than SH will. SH is a joke to get in, but if you want to make it to the playoffs, you have to handle your business which Ayala CLEARLY did not against SH. No playoffs for them again. I think it’s time for Ayala to seek some relief by dropping down a Division or so. They’ve only been competitive once in the last 4 years.

  • warrior fan

    Congrats Amat you get to play for one more week. i guess a very short extended season isnt so bad after all at least you got in without the toss of a coin. Now maybe next year youll get in by winning a spot instead of an at large birth. But again CONGRATS you live to fight on another week.

    P.S best of fred robledo
    “Fred J. Robledo @SGVTribPrepsIf Amat gets St. John Bosco, they’re one and done FOR SURE”

    wow no love for the men in blue

    • Observer

      Thanks warrior fan

    • jcaz

      LOL, “very short” extended season…LOL

  • Keep In It Real

    The Pac-5 at large were right on the money. Tesoro deserved to get in because the South Coast league is much better than the Serra League. There’s four teams in the South Coast League that reached the semi-finals last year and 2 teams that reached the Finals – San Clemente and El Toro (Div 4). There’s no OC bias, they’re just flat out better. I’m willing to bet Mission Viejo, El Toro, Mater Dei end up in the semi’s this year. They’re all from Orange County.

    • WCDan

      This year the Serra and South Coast are pretty even, and thats because the South Coast has Mission Viejo who is heads and tails above that league.
      After that you have El Toro, San Clemente, Tesoro, and Trabucco Hills.
      I don’t think any of those teams would beat Alemany or ND. I think they would all be toss ups with Bishop Amat and Crespi, and T. Hills I think would have trouble with Loyola.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    CIF-SS Mid Valley Division 2011
    FIRST ROUND – November 18, 2011

    Covina Colts 36
    South El Monte Eagles 14

    Covina’s overall record before that game was 9-1 (6-0 in League)
    South El Monte’s overall record before that game was 7-3 (3-2 in League)

    for 2012:

    Covina’s overall record is 7-3 (4-2 in League)
    South El Monte’s overall record is 6-4 (4-1 in League)

    • Colt74

      Evenly matched this year. Will be a good game!

  • greenie

    Bishop Got a wonderful draw…They have a great shot at advancing . LBP has not been dominate over the past few years. However, Poly is Poly, and their athletes will be similar to what Alemany has. Congrats Lancers!

    Mtown will be ready for the first rounder… Viewpoints coming to the den…Mtown gonna flex a little muscle Friday.

    Charter Oak will win next week, then they have to break thru the Baseline wall on to The Vista Of Murrieta….Then Beat Centennial….If they win the inland they could go bowling.. I am sorry but this might be the toughest Road of any SGV team.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Sorry to disappoint you. Charter Oak will never make it that far.

    • BenDoverIE

      Charter Oak is going to be lucky to not be looking at a running clock in the 3rd Quarter. Chaparrel by 4 TD’s.

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Exactly. Greenie was smoking that “greenie.”

        • SGV_FOOTBALL

          You guys are funny, If Amat couldn’t even get on CO by 4 TD”s no doubt Chap wont either by the way Chap is not even on the level of Amat.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            SGV you can’t take Chap lightly. No two teams are built the same. Amat isn’t Chap and vice versa

          • SGV_FOOTBALL

            No one said that CO is taking Chappy lightly. I am basing this on the numbers, they are averaging a little more than 100 passing yards per game/13 passes per game. That wont cut it in the Inland and almost 40 runs per game. Come on there is no balance and that will benefit the CO front 7 all night.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            It’s the playoffs, all those stats, although nice, really don’t matter. That’s common knowledge. Dismissing any playoff team until the game is played is fool’s gold. Any given Sunday is any given Saturday is any given Friday.

  • Keep In It Real

    Here is your Pac-5 semis: El Toro vs. Mater Dei – St. John Bosco vs. Mission Viejo…what great matchups.

    • WCDan

      How do you figure El Toro? Even though they have done well in their first year in the Pac 5, they are only a decent Pac 5 teams but not a Pac 5 Elite. I don’t think they get past the first round. Although without Stanton Santa Margarita may be vulnerable, but the next round they would have to play St Bonnies, who would roll over El Toro like they were still in the Southwest division.

      • Keep In It Real

        How do I figure El Toro? Let’s look at the fact they have the #1 quarterback in Southern California in Conner Manning for starters. I look for him to bounce back after a tough performance against Mission Viejo in which he threw 6 picks. Let’s also look at their 47-24 victory against Huntington Beach, the 77 points they put up against Valhalla who’s in the D2 playoffs for San Diego County, and victories against San Clemente and Tesoro. They also have their core group returning who’s already been to the big dance before at Anaheim Stadium. I don’t think Santa Margarita can beat them without Johnny Stanton and St. Bonaventure has not seen an uptempo offense like theirs all season long. St. Bonaventure will have to put up a minimum of 48 points to beat El Toro.

        • Valley Athletics

          st Bonnie’s beat corona centenial a very uptempo offense .

          • Keep In It Real

            Corona Centennial is a very good football team. Not to discredit them at all, but El Toro’s pace is blistering fast. El Toro is facing a little better competition on a weekly basis and still managed to put up monster numbers. It’s going to be a good matchup. St. Bonaventure is ranked #8 in the state and El Toro is ranked #9. Not sure how WCDan can say El Toro is not a Pac-5 elite when they are ranked in the top 10 of the state. What is your measure for an “elite” team? Do you realize there’s only 5 teams in the Pac-5 playoff picture that are ranked in the State Top 10? This is also St. Bonnies first year the PAC-5 so WCDan’s argument is irrelevant.

          • I think Dan says that because El Toro has not really proven to be able to beat Pac5 competition. Can we name a top team they’ve beaten? Tesoro? They didn’t have the most imposing preseason schedule. A little unproven I’d say. St Bonnie’s has at least shown they can beat Pac5 teams over the years

          • Keep In It Real

            I don’t think Dan really knows what he’s talking about. El Toro was a Division 1 power for years until they were moved into Division 5 and 4 where they routinely ended up in the finals. This was right around the late 90’s. The program had a drop for about 5-6 years until recently restoring their reputation as a difficult opponent. They’ve been playing Pac-5 teams for years now just as most high schools in South Orange County. Even teams such as Capo Valley, Dana Hills, and Aliso Niguel have played well in Pac-5 competition.

          • Keep In It Real

            Let’s look at St. Bonnie’s schedule this season. I see 4 quality opponents in Corona Centenial, Santa Margarita, Westlake, and Oaks Christian. El Toro played and defeated Huntington Beach, Clovis (whos only loss all season was against El Toro), Valhalla, Tesoro and San Clemente. St. Bonaventure vs. El Toro will be the premier matchup in round 2 of the PAC-5 playoffs. I don’t see Alemany giving Mater Dei much trouble or Mission Viejo having any difficulties with Poly or Amat.

          • WCDan

            WCDan•2 minutes ago

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            I’m aware of ET’s titles in the eighties in the mid divisions, I also believe they later won a title in D2, but this year I just don’t think they would hang with the likes of MV, MD, SB, or SJB, or even OC. I could easily be wrong and the great thing is we’ll get to see in the next two weeks. Sorry if that was your team, wasn’t trying to put them down.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Gotta agree with Joe on the El Toro chest thumping.

          • Valley Athletics

            I would say el toro is one of the top teams in PAC 5 .

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            El Toro faced a little better competition than who? Us? I’m not familiar with their schedule, but I looked. At first glance, you have Tesoro and Mission V. Clovis is always Clovis. As for everyone outside of them, what’ their SOS?

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Some teams match up with other teams very well. For us, that’s St. Bonnie and Vista Mur.

  • warrior fan

    Most interesting game in the playoffs is the Oaks, ND one. i think ND wins impressively

  • Grantland Rice

    for the uniformed, guru et al, the strength of league, which is number 1 criteria for wild card consideration, was a 4 person board of league reps, composed of coaches from the Trinity,Moore,Marmonte and South Coast leagues, for Amat to get a bid without someone from the Serra, to plead their case speaks volumes and I look for LBP to fall to the Lancers on Friday!

  • Colt74

    Fred, can we get Tyler at our game?

  • Colt74

    Bishop Diego of the Northwest got sanctioned by CIF. NO HOME GAMES for the playoffs. Undo influence stemming from flyers that were handed out to 8th grader football games.

  • 12th man

    In a season full of surprises, the Southern Section football playoff pairings were released on Sunday with more surprises.

    Crespi (8-2) didn’t receive an at-large berth for the Pac-5 Division
    playoffs. And Ventura St. Bonaventure (9-1) was given the No. 1 seeding
    over unbeaten Mission Viejo (10-0).

    It’s a sign of the uncertainty and unpredictability of the playoffs that begin in 13 divisions on Friday.

    The Pac-5, the section’s premier division, is filled with intrigue.
    Bellflower St. John Bosco (6-4) won the Trinity League, the toughest
    league in Southern California, but was seeded No. 3, perhaps hurt by
    having to forfeit four victories because of an ineligible player.
    Mission Viejo is seeded No. 2, with Santa Ana Mater Dei (8-2) seeded No.

    St. Bonaventure, making its first appearance in the Pac-5 as
    the Marmonte League champion, gained the top seeding because it was
    ranked No. 1 in the coaches’ poll for much of October even though the
    Marmonte was ranked third behind the Trinity and South Coast in
    strength of leagues by a football advisory committee.

    Tesoro (7-3)
    gained an at-large berth after winning a coin flip to decide third
    place in the South Coast League, then won a point system battle with
    Crespi based on strength of schedule and league. Tesoro is playing with
    an interim coach, John Hall, after the firing of Brian Barnes two weeks ago.

    Puente Bishop Amat (7-2-1) gained the other at-large berth for the
    Pac-5 because it owned a win over Crespi in the Serra League.

    the most competitive first-round matchups are Santa Margarita (8-2) at
    El Toro (9-1), Westlake Village Oaks Christian (8-2) at Sherman Oaks
    Notre Dame (7-3) and La Puente Bishop Amat (7-2-1) at Long Beach Poly

    Poly, an 18-time Southern Section champion, has been
    largely dismissed and forgotten after losing, 56-0, to Harbor City
    Narbonne in a nonleague game. The Jackrabbits cruised to a 6-0 record in
    the Moore League.

    “I hope and pray we did get better,” Poly Coach Raul Lara said. “I won’t know how good we are until we play Bishop Amat.”

    Christian has never played Notre Dame in its 12 years of varsity
    football. The two schools’ alumni could have a pretty good debate in the
    parking lot, with Dayne Crist (Notre Dame) facing off against Jimmy
    Clausen (Oaks Christian) and Giancarlo Stanton (Notre Dame) taking on
    Chris Owusu (Oaks Christian).

    Santa Margarita, the defending Pac-5
    champion, is still strugging to regain its bearings after the loss of
    quarterback Johnny Stanton to a knee injury.

    St. Bonaventure Coach
    Todd Therrien knows the challenge ahead. “You have to have good luck,”
    he said. “There’s 14 or 15 teams capable of winning.”

  • 12th man

    Amat-34 Long Beach Poly-24 if Sal Velazquez plays..If not just reverse the score!!!

  • New York

    Easy money is Amat beating LBP. Discipline, intensity and coaching win this game.

  • WCDan

    I’m aware of ET’s titles in the eighties in the mid divisions, I also believe they later won a title in D2, but this year I just don’t think they would hang with the likes of MV, MD, SB, or SJB, or even OC. I could easily be wrong and the great thing is we’ll get to see in the next two weeks. Sorry if that was your team, wasn’t trying to put them down.