PrepXtra Live Pairings Show. Plus story on today’s playoff pairings

Intro: Pac-5 discussion with Aram and Fred discussing whether Amat deserves to be in the Pac-5 Division
28:00 mark: Inland Division and how Charter Oak got a ridiculous draw.
39:45 mark: Southeast Division, can the Hacienda get out of the first round?
45:45 mark: Mid-Valley Division, can anyone beat the top four seeds?
55:00 mark: Northwest Division, Gladstone and La Puente with winnable games?

By Fred J. Robledo, SGVN

There were no real surprises following the CIF-Southern Section football playoff pairings on Sunday.

As expected, Bishop Amat earned an at-large berth in the Pac-5 Division after losing to Notre Dame on Friday and Charter Oak, who has been dominant all season, earned the fourth seed in the Inland Division though it received the tougheset road possible for a seeded team.

The Sierra League champion Chargers (9-1) open against Chaparral (7-3), a third-place team from the difficult Southwestern League — a league that boasts top-seed Vista Murrieta.

If Charter Oak is fortunate enough to move on, it could face Rancho Cucmaonga in the second round.

In other Inland Division first-round games, South Hills (6-4) has the almost impossible task of facing top-seed Vista Murrieta (10-0) on the road while Chino Hills (7-2), second in the Sierra, earned a home game against Citrus Belt third-place Redlands (7-3).

Bishop Amat (7-2-1) was extremely fortunate to avoid the top seeds in the Pac-5 Division after sneaking in with an at-large berth.

Bishop Amat will be at Moore League champion Long Beach Poly (7-3) on Friday at Veterans Stadium.
If the Lancers advance, they could possiblly get second-seed Mission Viejo at home in the second round.

“I don’t know about feeling good about (playing them),” Amat coach Steve Hagerty said of Long Beach Poly. “No matter how you want to spin it we’re happy that we’re in the playoffs and still playing.

“We don’t have control over who we play, but all the teams in the Pac-5 are good. What we know about Poly from the past is they’re always althletic and physical, so I don’t know about any of this stuff (of having a good draw).”

Valle Vista League champion San Dimas (9-1) earned the fourth seed in the Mid-Valley Division and will open against Windward (5-3), a third-place team from the Alpha.

If San Dimas advances, a possible second-round game against San Marino (9-1) could be next.
“CIF did a good job of putting it all together,” San Dimas coach Bill Zernickow said. “Only thing I know about
Windward is they’re from the West side of Los Angeles and have a great basketball team.”

On a possible showdown against San Marino, Zernickow was direct.

“Once we get past Windward, we’ll look forward to playing those guys,” Zernickow said. “They’re extremely well coached.”

In other Mid-Valley Division games Mission Valley League co-champion South El Monte (6-4) will have its hands full in an all-area first-round match-up against Covina (7-3), a third-place finisher in the VVL.

El Monte (7-3), which shared the MVL with South El Monte, is home in the first round against Montebello (6-4) while Arroyo (6-4) travels to Almont League champ Bell Gardens (8-2).

Northview (7-3), second in the VVL, travels to face fourth-seed Sierra Canyon (9-1), which was second to top-seed Paraclete (9-1) from the Alpha League.

Defending Southeast Division champion West Covina (5-5) finished in a four-way tie in the Hacienda League but entered the Southeast playoffs as the No. 1 entry from the Hacienda, drawing San Gabriel Valley third-place entry Paramount (8-2), though Paramount finished in a three-way tie for first.

Bonita (5-5) was the second-place entry from the Hacienda and is hosting Del-Rio runner up Santa Fe (5-5).
Rowland (7-3) is on the the road at fourth-seed Downey (7-3) and Diamond Ranch (7-3), which earned the at-large berth in the Southeast, is at second seed La Serna (9-1).

Montview League champion Gladstone (9-1) was hoping to earn a seed in the Northwest Division but was satisfied with its draw. The Gladiators will host Del Rey third-place entry Mary Star of the Sea (4-5) in the first round on Thursday at Citrus College.

Gladstone is having its best season since 2005 and is looking for its first playoff victory since 1977.
“After 14 years we got who we thought we were going to get, We’re fine with it,” Gladstone coach Albert Sanchez said. “There’s no good or bad. It’s playoff time and we have to go at it like no other way, it’s championship football.”

Montview League co-champion La Puente (8-2) is also home against El Seguno (6-2) while Sierra Vista (7-3) has to make the long trip to take on second-seed Nordoff (9-1).

“We don’t know much about these teams,” La Puente coach Brandon Rohrer said. “When we were in the Mid-Valley division we could go down the street and scout our opponents. We don’t know much about the teams in this division.”

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  • I thought this was a pairings show

    • Jim

      La serna is going to beat the ranch of Pomona by quite a bit. How do you get diamond in your name when you are in Pomona?

      • BenDoverIE

        Dirty Ranch is STILL POMONA.

        • Jim

          Yeah it is in Pomona yucky trashy Pomona and they tried to put the name in as diamond ranch because diamond bar is nice and Phillips ranch is the only nice part of Pomona but they are located in Pomona. No way out of that one. They even have to play at a gross school in the ghetto of Pomona. Should we call the cops when the Pomona ranch shows up in Whittier? I heard their fans are trashy. Hey Pomona you are traveling out of the hood.

          • BenDoverIE

            I’d call the cops when they show. Definitely have your boys ready for their cheap shots, late hits, etc… Don’t expect the refs to see their stuff either. They’ll only see your retaliation.

  • Grantland Rice

    looks like the “guru” and everyone else at the Trib was way,way off in regards to Amat and their seeding……..but, what else could you expect, from the uneducated,uninformed and intellectually challenged?

  • Looks like a couple interesting things that hurt Crespi’s strength of schedule (opponents won-loss record) were Taft forfeiting two games they won on the field, Palisades scheduling Vista Murrietta, and La Serna upsetting Westlake.

    • …guess that would be a few,wouldn’t it?


    I like our chances this year against a run first team in Chaparral, just saw the film and they got some physical RB’s. Second round I like our chances against Rancho this year too! The Semi’s is where it gets insane, playing the # 1 team in the state.

    • Don

      I see where you asked about a comment I made a couple days ago regarding CIF being “mad” at C O. Probably a poorly chosen word on my part but the opponents and bracketing the Chargers get isn’t always all that red hot. Chaparral and then the winner of the RC/Santiago contest seem to be tougher than their seed deserves but consistent with past history.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      I wouldn’t brush past Chaparral. But I can see why you would. The match up with Rancho would be very good. Interesting to see how COs Bobo and Co match up against RCs DBs.

  • 626

    How the Mission League got FIVE out of six teams into the playoffs, and the Serra League couldn’t get four out of five I’ll never know.

    So an 8-2 Crespi couldn’t make the Pac-5 playoffs, but a 3-7 St. Francis could? Crespi came in 2nd in the Serra and was .500 in league. St. Francis came in 5th in the Mission and was 1-5 in league.

    I remember Aram said that CIF would never let four teams from a 5-team league make the playoffs, and I agreed. I would never have guessed they would let five teams from a 6-team league get in. I know the Pac-5 and the Western are two VERY different divisions, but that’s still pretty ridiculous.

    • 626

      Sorry, St. Francis was 4-6. Still problematic though.

      • 626,

        I was referring to the PAC-5. And I explained why on the show today. It’s because of Orange County.

  • Don

    Amat at Poly – Wabbits only beat one winning team this year, Lakewood.

    SHills at V M – Maybe the Huskies will luck out and the bus will break down

    Chaparral at Charter Oak – Pretty tough draw for Chargers. Again.

    Arcadia at La Mirada – At least the ride home from LM is pretty fast

    Santa Fe at Bonita – Winner gets La Mirada. Wheeeee ee e e.

    Norwalk at Burbank – Norwalk by 30

    Rowland at Downey – Never saw RR here.

    California at Muir – Condors gonna lose this Mustang Bowl too.

    Paramount at West Covina – Pirates go down with the ship in WesCo.

    Dominguez at Bellflower – I’m going with the Don’s in this one. But I like Dons.

    Diamond Ranch at La Serna – RL in October=scary but Lancers win this one.

    Temple City at Paraclete – Ugliest game of the week. Clete by a load.

    Montebello at El Monte – Lions dance at their own mid field.

    Viewpoint at Monrovia – To have and to have not. Not even close.

    Northview at Sierra Canyon – North Valley all stars by six TD’s

    Windward at San Dimas – Windward heads leeward and gets blown down.

    • Where’s your Covina vs SEM prediction?

      • Don

        Didn’t want to annoy my old pal Colt74 again. 😉

        • Colt74

          LOL….you don’t annoy me. Predict away! Here..let me do it for you…Covina by 14. And you have never annoyed me..unless you also use the log on SGV Football, and even then it was me having a heavy flow day. You have been here forever and I respect your posts and opinions.

  • reality

    How can La Serna clowns dis the D of Diamond Ranch when the LA. Times no less, calls your hood the Mexican beverly hills lol. Times is right, you people over there are unbelievable snobs.

    • Jim

      My point still is and was is where do you get diamond in your name when you are located in pomona.

      • The school straddles the Diamond Bar/Pomona Border and is adjacent to the Pomona sub division of Phillips Ranch.

        • BenDoverIE

          Dirty Ranch is still POMONA. You can put lipstick on a pig, but no matter what color it is, it’s still a pig.

          • Dear Bend Over
            Are you a child molester as your screen name indicates? Your pic indicates that you need a muzzle! Or are you just as ignorant as your posts to this blog indicate?

          • Jim

            Ranch man change your name to Pomona ranch, not diamond ranch. You guys are ashamed of Pomona or you would use your town name.

          • Ya Jim, you are absolutely right. I will forward your suggestion to the Pomona School Board. I am sure they will see it your way. but if its OK with you, I’ll keep the screen name because I am proud to be associated with the Diamond Ranch Football program andbesides, it sounds a lot better than just “JIM”. WE ARE DR!

          • BenDoverIE

            Laugh it up Dirty Ranch. Your players are just as dirty as your town. At least I can change my screen name.

  • Real talk

    I can’t wait to beat Long beach poly! Time for some payback. I love it. Go Amat!!!

  • Keep In It Real

    The South Coast League arguably could have had 4 out of their 5 teams get in the Pac-5 playoffs. How can Aram or anyone there’s bias in favor of OC teams? Orange County is the hub of Southern California football. Does anyone realize 4 out of the 5 South Coast League teams were in the semi-finals last year? The semis last year featured San Clemente, Tesoro, Mission Viejo and El Toro (Div 4). San Clemente and El Toro both played in the finals. Talk about a premier league. Tesoro deserved to get in over Crespi. They face better competition week in and week out. Oh, and one last point…last year’s PAC-5 semi finals featured ALL ORANGE COUNTY TEAMS! (San Clemente, Tesoro, Mission Viejo, Santa Margarita).

  • Colt74

    Let’s go COLTS! We beat them in our house last year and they want payback. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen this Friday. We really need our lines to come out fired up this week!

  • I agree with Aram. If you aren’t performing in the playoffs, you need to be moved out of the division. Playoff success determines whether or not you deserve to be in the division. League play has very, very little to do with your place in the division. If you are the only team in the league that is struggling in the playoffs, typically, you are moved out of the league into another league that is not in that particular division. If your whole league isn’t performing well in the division, your league is moved. It’s simple. Just because you do well in league doesn’t mean that you deserve to be in a high division if you can’t handle it.

    • BenDoverIE

      Or if you’re not even making the playoffs, you need to change divisions.

  • 12th man

    Don’t forget that CIF is about money also!!! & they know Tesoro would bring more revenue than Crespi!!

    • tommy gun

      Notre Dame, the Serra League Co-Champion who went 3-1 in League, is the same team that went 0-2 vs the Mission League who is in Division 4, so stop “it’s about the money” because the South Coast isn’t just better then the Serra, they are way better then the highly overrated Serra.

      • 12th man

        I agree! pound for pound..Tesoro is probably better than Crespi! I wouldn’t count out ND just yet! If they play like they did on Friday vs Amat look for them to be the sleeper team & cause havoc in the pac5

      • Often say you can’t take a snapshot and review the whole movie. Last season the Serra League non- playoff Notre Dame beat up on the undefeated Mission League Champion 35-13. They and Amat beat up on Cathedral. Does everyone forget how Harvard Westlake looked against Amat? Or when St Paul won it all and Amat beat them during the worst season Amat ever had?

        The Serra League and Mission League is on VERY different levels. A Serra League team would REGULARLY win the Western Division. st Francis (who lost to Monrovia) is a Top 10 team for crying out loud.

        You guys make me laugh. Often

  • Valley Athletics

    Why is everyone saying charter oak got a tough draw . They are a number 4 seed playing a 3 rd place team ranked lower than chino hills who they beat bad . They could of been put in a bracket where they would have to play vista, CC or upland in second round . Instead they get a chance at rancho in second round . charter oak is ranked higher than rancho and has good chance beating them .

  • Sleepy hollow

    I’m Curious why neither Fred, Aram, or Steve is commented on midvally atlarge Viewpoint getting in at 5-5 Over 6-4 South Pas or Gabby at 7-3… thats where I smell a fix.

  • Spartan 03

    2006-2011 League and Playoff Stats

    Bishop Amat – 5 playoff appearances with 1 win – .450 in league with 1 title
    Cabrillo – 1 playoff appearance with 0 wins – .194 in league with 0 titles
    Compton – 3 playoff appearances with 1 win – .472 in league with 0 titles
    Jordan – 2 playoff appearances with 0 wins – .417 in league with 0 titles
    Millikan – 2 playoff appearances with 0 wins – .250 in league with 0 titles
    Wilson – 3 playoff appearances win 0 wins – .417 in league with 0 titles

    If you are going to single out individual teams, NOT leagues, there are many other team outside the Fish Bowl that need relief. Besides Amat, these other 5 teams are from one league that has been in PAC-5 (Division 1) since 2006. I did not compare playoff wins between the Serra and Moore League, but we all know Poly and Lakewood are the only things keeping the Moore League in the PAC-5.

  • 12th man

    Coach H. It’s win or go home!! Find a way of getting your biggest playmaker & fastest kid the ball! While Koa is having a decent year & his maturity & decision making are improving he’s been in a stalemate the past few weeks..You need to put the ball in the hands of “Andrews” give him more plays from the backfield or use him in the wildcat formation! It’s playoff time!! Only the teams that can balance a dual threat (passing,running) will go deep in the playoffs..Amat-34 LBP-24 If Sal Velasquez plays! If not reverse the score!

  • 12th man

    Brave Dad,
    I’m looking for your team to make a deep run or if not win it all!! Your team is peaking at the right time & probably has the best defense in the pac5!!!

  • Grantland Rice

    Fat Daddy,Crespi Carmelite won the Big Five division in 1985,so they don’t qualify as a new kid on the block!

  • “NotSince…Never” category:
    San Clemente, Tesoro, El Toro, Mission Viejo, Trabuco Hills, Lakewood, Millikan, LB Wilson, LB Jordan, Compton, Cabrillo, Oaks Christian, St Bonaventure, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Calabasas, Agoura, Simi Valley, Royal, Newbury Park, St.John Bosco, JSerra, Alemany, Notre Dame,
    and for good measure…Mater Dei (NotSince99), Crespi (NotSince85)

    Relief? Hilarious.

  • jcaz

    Ordinarily, if someone has an opinion, then I totally respect it. Even when non-sense comes on here and says some stuff, I might even agree with the fool, but sometimes I really dont know when you guys are truly expressing an opinion, or are just out there trying to generate some interest on the blog.
    The fact is, that when Aram first came up with this idea of giving Amat “relief,” I thought he was just blowing smoke up every ones anal cavity in order to do just that……get hits.

    But frankly, his particular argument is really starting to get irritating, and to have him do this over and over again is kinda getting old already.

    Look, Aram, like ive always said, your entitled to your opinion, and I for one respect you for it, but believe me when i tell you that this whole subject is really quite stupid.
    Enough already, and BTW, Fred made one hell of an argument when he pointed out the ND and Crespi comparisons.

    BTW, one last point here and that is that your constant stubbornness on this, and a few other subjects, makes me wonder if sometimes it hasn’t gotten to be some kind of personal thing you got going here.

    After all, almost every week, when its time to pick one team or another, you always seem to pick against the Lancers, and, just this year, you made the argument about Monrovia being number one.
    At first, it was totally cool because you made the argument that these guys were very athletic, and because ive never seem this team play, I figured that maybe you had something there.
    But after thinking about it, it just seemed to me that all you were doing was just trying to pi$$ off the Amat people (and let me just say that you did a good job of it !).

    In the end, your constant negativity towards the Lancers seems to inevitably leave you with egg on your face.

    For example, you’ve been tooting Charter Oaks horn for such a longtime, that you actually made yourself believe that they were going to win that game. I wonder if your going to be doing the same thing next year BTW ?

    So, now, your back on this “relief” thing again and all this does is to reinforce the idea that when it comes to Amat, your always gonna be the guy on the other side of the argument.

    Yikes already dude….

    • 12th man

      Obviously there can’t be 2 sports writers cheering for the same team that wouldn’t cause any controversy or generate any hits.. Aram is Charter Oak & Fred is Amat! Just like Donny & Marie..One’s a little bit country & the other a little bit Rock-n-roll~

      • jcaz

        Touche !

  • Valley Athletics

    Arams opinion could be true if they where the only program struggling in playoffs. But the reality is all those Moore league teams would be the first to go except long beach poly. Even lakewood has been declining. Lakewood has been losing players to st John bosco. This year Lakewood lost 3 of there top players and it’s getting worse for them from what I heard from a friend who coaches lower level at Lakewood . Trinity has jserra that never makes playoffs. And south coast has a last place team that never makes it to cif . Like Fred said . When amat becomes a losing team below 500 and never makes playoffs on a consistent basis . Amat would deserve to be dropped .

  • Lance R

    I understand the argument here and you two seem to really go at it but Fred you interrupt quite a bit and do not let Aram finish what he is saying. I agree there are lots of Pac 5 teams now that have not tasted victory on a D1 level and are still there and have not been moved or realigned. Bishop Amat since Hagerty got there has competed in the pac 5 nicely, altho I agree they are not going to win it all and a playoff berth is all they are getting lately. Could this Freshman team be “THE ONE”…I still say no, but they will compete but they will not win it all. As I said before unless Amat becomes the SGV All Stars of a Talent pool coming from all directions within the SGV then and only then will they win it all. If they should move them down which I do not think will happen and they play lets say in the mission league and should start to dominate the cry would be they are Bishop Amat they should not be playing down this is not fair. Amat is fine in the D1 play and will always compete but winning a Championship is not going to happen. SGV needs a D1 Amat team but they need one with all or most of the great players from the SGV to have a chance of going at it with the OC and SFV teams. Lets Move Amat down and since most in here toot the CO horn move CO up to the the D1 and lets see how they do.

  • Placement in divisions are dependent on how leagues do in the division. If one team in the league always doesn’t do well in the playoffs, nothing is going to happen. If the whole league performs bad in the playoffs, they’ll move to a weaker division. Just look at the Sierra League in softball. South Hills has been to the finals twice in the past three years, Chino Hills has been to the semis, I think, pretty much very year since 2009, St. Lucy’s made it to the semis last season and the quarters before that, and Ayala has ridden Jessica Hall in the past to multiple trips to the finals. Due to the success, the Sierra League is going to be in D2 this season. South Hills has moved from D5 to D2 in three years. League dominance in the playoffs leads to moving to harder divisions while league weakness leads to moving to “easier” divisions.


    Fred, I tried to post this past weekend with a hyperlink to one of your old posts from 2011 and it did not go through and it said it was awaiting moderation. No hyper links allowed?

  • greenie

    We are back to this conversation again. There very well may be some validity to Aram’s conspiracy theories. If you look around CIF you will this…and you can see what they are communicating, if you pay attention.

    CIF/The Trib/LA times all respected Charter Oaks season, however CIF gave them the a very tough draw. Even tougher than Chino Hills
    Message: There are no easy draws in the inland. They are not going to make it easy for a unproven playoff team from a lower division. They are not going walk CO to the Semi’s or title. Especially after last years 2nd round fiasco

    Monrovia has done well in the Midvalley. CIF has added two teams to the division. Two teams in which which they feel can win the division. Monrovians want to know if Monrovia is ready to move up?
    Message : CIF wants a tough Semis and Finals. Beat Sierra Canyon and Paramount for the Midvalley title. Win a regional game and or State title..and everyone will agree it’s time to go. Lose and stay put.

    St Francis by far has had the 2 toughest schedule behind BA. and probably the toughest in their division. CIF Rewarded them with a at large berth
    Message: None St Francis is gridlock’d in their league. CIF gave them a 2nd chance since they played Monrovia, LM, Serra, Chaminade HWestlake… and Lompoc. All of these teams are Contenders to win the CIF.