Crespi never stood a chance

Those baffled how the Serra League could be the number one rated league in the state by Calpreps but voted the fourth-best team in the Pac-5 by a panel of three coaches shouldn’t be surprised by the outcome. The football advisory committee consisted of Westlake coach Jim Benkert (Marmonte League), coach Jason Negro of St. John Bosco (Trinity League) and coach Raul Lara of Long Beach Poly (Moore League). Lara told the L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer that he ranked the Serra second behind the Trinity but got out voted by the other two. The final league rankings were: 1. Trinity, 2. South Coast, 3. Marmonte, 4. Serra, 5. Moore. By the South Coast rated ahead of the Serra, Tesoro earned an at-large over Crespi because based on the points system, strength of league is worth two points and that made the difference.

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  • Colt74

    ust don’t understand why CIF doesn’t just change it’s name to
    COCBUTBF(California Orange County Brings Us The Bucks Federation) and
    get it over with. And think of all the laughs being called COC BUT BF

  • Valley Athletics

    That still doesn’t answer why amat got first at large. According to the register amat got the first bid and then Tesoro won by points against crespi . If points system was used like stated ,Tesoro would of had more points than amat and got first bid and then amat would of got second because of head to head .tesoro was in 3 way tie and won the coin flip for third . The only way I see it is that amat got 4 points for the head to head against crespi And no one in the south coast got the 4 points because there where 3 teams that beat each That’s the only way I see that amat got first bid.other Which led to a coin flip.

    • 12th man

      According to the LA Times Amat got the 2nd Wild Card behind Tesoro…


      The Southern Section seeding committee decided on Sunday to grant
      at-large berths to the Pac-5 Division playoffs to Bishop Amat and
      Tesoro, leaving Crespi out.

      Crespi was 8-2 and tied for third place in the Serra League with
      Bishop Amat. Tesoro was 7-3 and was given third place in the South Coast
      League after tying with San Clemente and Trabuco Hills based on coin

      The key decision was that Tesoro made it ahead of Crespi on a point system. Bishop Amat owned a win over Crepsi, so it goes ahead of the Celts for the last at-large spot.

      Among the ways the seeding committee decides at-large berths are
      overall strength of league, strength against common opponent, strength
      of schedule, won-loss record, head-to-head competition. Tesoro had a 3-1
      edge over Crespi based on strength of schedule and strength of league.
      The Serra League was voted fourth-best league in the Pac-5 behind the
      Trinity, South Coast and Marmonte.

      The football advisory committee that decided the strength of leagues
      was made up of Jim Benkert of Westlake, Raul Lara of Long Beach Poly and
      Jason Negro of St. John Bosco.

      Lara said he supported the Serra League being ranked second best to the Trinity but got outvoted.

      — Eric Sondheimer

      • Valley Athletics

        That sounds correct to me . The OC register yesterday said amat got first bid and Tesoro beat out crespi for second bid . That sounded incorrect .

        • Valley Athletics

          The wording should be like this . Tesoro made it ahead of amat and crespi based on a point system . Amat owns a win against crespi so they get second bid .