Southeast predictions: While it’s payback time for La Serna, it’s good night the parties over for West Covina and the Hacienda

This isn’t the Southeast that we use to know. Two years ago West Covina beat Bonita for the title and last year West Covina dropped 84 on La Serna to win the title game. My how things have changed. I’ve got three of the four Hacienda teams going in the first round, including back-to-back champion West Covina. La Mirada and La Serna have been the two best all season and there is no reasonable rationale to argue they won’t face off in the championship game. La Mirada gets their easier than La Serna, but I think La Serna’s experience and how they lost in last year’s title game will be enough to not allow them to slip up. Once in the final with everyone predicting that La Mirada is going to get them, I like La Serna to upset them and take home the crown.

Southeast Division Predictions
First Round
Top Half

Arcadia at No. 1 La Mirada — La Mirada
Santa Fe at Bonita — Bonita
Norwalk at Burbank — Norwalk
Rowland at No. 4 Downey — Downey
Bottom Half
California at No. 3 Muir — Muir
Paramount at West Covina — Paramount
Dominguez at Bellflower — Dominguez
Diamond Ranch at No. 2 La Serna — La Serna

Second Round
La Mirada vs. Bonita — La Mirada
Norwalk vs. Downey – Norwalk
Muir vs. Paramount — Muir
Dominguez vs. La Serna — La Serna

La Mirada vs. Norwalk – La Mirada
Muir vs. La Serna — La Serna

La Mirada vs La Serna — La Serna

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  • Cal Fan

    Not to take anything away from La Serna but, they don’t have a snowball’s chance against La Mirada. LM is head and shoulders above everyone in the Southeast.

  • Jefe

    La Mirada is not losing to La Serna.

  • Colt74

    Even though Calpreps has WesCo favored against Paramount they need to find a way to neutralize Paramounts Joe Brown ( Number 55 ) 6’5′ 330 lbs. This bulldozer has been causing havoc with their leagues OC’s.

  • New York

    I’m taking West Covina. Discipline beats athletes in the playoffs.

    • Colt74

      I’m with you.

    • AMAT 73

      I agree with that statement , I think the WC Oline will win the battle in the trenches in this one and WC comes out on top in a close one . Can’t underestimate the heart of a champion and WC has a point to prove .

    • trytoseeitmyway

      When West Covina loses, I hope the opponent doesn’t run up the score. That’s only for no-class coaches in no-class programs.

      • Bulldogs have bite

        That’s just crazy talk. West Covina’s final 28 points in the CIF Final last year were scored by 2nd and 3rd string players and an interception return, and WC did not attempt a pass in the entire second half, and only 3 pass attempts total for the game! La Serna just could not make a tackle or stop turning the ball over last year! Only no-class uniformed idiots make the assumption that WC was trying to run up the score! I think taking a knee at the one yard line during a 60 yard run would be more classless and disrespectful don’t you agree?

        • trytoseeitmyway

          No class I said, and no class I meant.

          • Bulldogs have bite

            And I said no-class uniformed idiots, that was directed at you and I meant it. Can’t reason with an idiot and you just proved it.

          • Me

            Sorry trytoseeitmyway that was a CIF Championship game. Those boys came to play and yours were not ready. Hard to tell players in a game of that magnitude to lay down and very wrong to expect them to. Hopefully, those boys learned to come prepared and show what they can do this year. Good luck to all the teams in the Southeast.

          • trytoseeitmyway

            All very classy. Just like your coach, just like your program. Good luck in CIF this year. Hope whoever beats West Covina doesn’t run up the score; it’s not a sign of a classy coach or a classy program. Insult me all you want to, it just isn’t.

          • Bulldogs have bite

            LOL coming from the guy calling out coaches and programs as classless. A little late to take the moral high road when the first comment you make is dumping on West Covina’s coaches. If you actually were at that game you would see that there was nothing WC could do to not score! This is really funny considering you’re a guy who spent most of his day yesterday blogging and crying about Romney losing, you sound like an extreme far left pansy lib crying about class and running up scores lol!

          • trytoseeitmyway

            All very classy.

          • Bulldogs have bite

            Not much to say all of a sudden? Making a loud mouth blowhard like you cut your responses to nothing more than three word responses is not classy, it’s classic! I will end this now, because I don’t want to be accused of running up the humiliation on you! LOL! Idiot I said, idiot I meant. Yes I know I’m classy!

          • trytoseeitmyway

            Well, there you go. Everybody can tell what a classy guy you are. That’s what they’re all thinking: boy, what a classy guy. Just like your coach, just like your program.

          • WCDan

            I think you only know how to see it your way, one is better off blindfolded.
            Bulldogs HB, your better off trying to reason with a barndoor, you’d probably make more progress.

  • 12th man

    La Mirada much more physical & athletic than La Serna~

    • New York

      La Mirada is the last team that should be looking 3 rounds down the road. La Mirada has exited earlier than expected every year since the last reallignment. Take it one at a time.

  • WCDan

    Yikes!!! Paramounts D-line:
    DE # 11 – 6′ 7″ – 260 lbs
    DT # 55 – 6′ 5″ – 320 lbs
    DT # 66 – 6′ 4″ – 305 lbs
    DE # 40 – 6′ 0″ – 220 lbs
    Maybe they have bad technique, or maybe they don’t move well, or maybe they are big soft teddy bears, or maybe one of you guy’s can pour a laxative in their watter bottle, or something, ahhhh we’ll see, just play the game.

    • New York

      Dan WC might be able to wear these guys down by running sideways as well as use their hard charging against them with your angle blocks. 320 is alot of weight, but two 225-lb lineman add up to 450…

      • WCDan

        Spoken like a true ex lineman NY, thanks for the comfort. LOL
        I’ve got faith in our boys, it will be a great challenge linning up against all that beef, but I believe WC will be up to it.

  • Basic

    I don’t know how much they have improved but from the game against the Bearcats, I don’t see how LS is making it to the Championship…Yes, they beat the Bearcats but I was not impressed by it and think that most teams in the Hacienda have a shot at beating them so I am going to take DR which is hard to do but that’s how I see it. I only wish the Bearcats had another shot at them, although watching them play the last couple of weeks I don’t know who they are anymore…

  • SGV_Football_Fan

    Fred….what’s up with all of the hate in your topics and Arams topics???
    “it’s good night the parties over for West Covina and the Hacienda”
    “Amat doesn’t deserve to be in the Pac-5”
    Why are you guys bashing SGV teams?
    If anything, you should be congratulating all of these teams for making the playoffs and wishing them the best of luck.
    You guys should really re-evaluate what your doing and what your job is.
    This is turning into the Jerry Springer blog. Not good.

    • Chris Walker

      They are telling you what I have been saying all along…..
      You want a D-1 Championship team?
      It can be done in two steps and a couple years.
      Step 1 – FIRE GANO
      Step 2 – Bring over Hag. and his staff to Damien.
      The talent pool that Damien could pull from is unlimited.
      San Dimas
      Damien is located in La Verne not La Puente do I need to say more.
      With a real coaching staff at Damien the sky is the limit.
      Now Damien may not be able to draw Hag. and staff but they need to extend their search out of the SGV (coaching sucks, except Bishop Amat).

  • 12th man

    The CIF has posted the break downs of divisions for its state and regional football playoffs.

  • Michael Myres


    I don’t think you ever cared much for La Mirada, From your “i’m so embarrassed article”, to never having a La MIrada Coach or Player interview. Think about it, La Mirada has led wire to wire so

  • The Chef

    So tell me 12th Man (or is that 1/2 Man) when did you see La Serna this year to draw your keen observation. Please don’t cut and paste some BS from the LA Times or quote another “expert” source. Perhaps your “expert opinion” stems from your superior High School football knowledge or insight from your strategy discussions with the coaches. Please enlighten us with your well spring of knowledge.