TRIBUNE SUPER 35 RANKINGS: Charter Oak takes over top spot from Amat heading into the Playoffs


1. Charter Oak (9-1) — I can’t remember the last time Charter Oak was ever ranked as high as 19th in the state as it is on Calpreps. Although Bishop Amat defeated Charter Oak head-to-head, Charter Oak has been more impressive since and has improved more from week to week. But now it gets tough in the Inland playoffs and CIF didn’t do the Chargers any favors drawing Chaparal in the first round.

2. Bishop Amat (7-2-1) — The Lancers finished 2-2 in the Pac-5 and played their worst game of the season in week 10 at home against Notre Dame, losing 49-28. The Lancers were fortunate to get an at-large, and even more fortunate to draw Long Beach Poly in the first round. Let’s see if they take advantage of it.

3. Chino Hills (7-2-1) – The Huskies are still part of the Valley’s Big Three along with Charter Oak and Amat, but it never felt that way since a blowout loss to Charter Oak. But the Huskies have rebounded and have a winnable first-round game against Redlands.

4. San Dimas (9-1) — The Saints did what we expected them to do, blow past everyone in the Valle Vista and now comes time to live up to their fourth-seed in the Mid-Valley. Everyone is talking about the Big Three, Paraclete, Sierra Canyon and Monrovia. But we think the Saints can hang with any of them.

5. South Hills (6-4) — After getting routed on the road at Chino Hills, it gets much tougher in the first round at Inland Division No. 1 Vista Murrieta, who plenty of people think is the best in the state. While it’s nice getting in the playoffs, it won’t feel that way on Friday.

6. Ayala (6-4) — The Bulldogs felt they deserved an at-large in the Inland and didn’t get it. Kind of a waste for what was a terrific first month of the season.

7. Diamond Ranch (7-3) — After finishing in a four-way tie for first in the Hacienda, the Panthers got the worst of it, finishing fourth after the tiebreakers and drawing second-seed La Serna in the first round. I’m not sure either team is happy with who they’ve got.

8. West Covina (5-5) — The back-to-back Southeast champions backed into a third-straight Hacienda League title by finishing in a four-way tie and grabbing the league’s No. 1 playoff entry. I’m not convinced the Bulldogs are ready to defend their crown or get out of the first round against 8-2 Paramount.

9. Bonita (5-5) – – What do you make the of the Bearcats? They were unlucky starting 0-3 and then looked unbeatable winning five straight. Then they close league with back-to-back losses to Diamond Ranch and Diamond Bar. I’m not sure who they’re anymore.

10. Gladstone (9-1)— The Gladiators won their first league title since 2005 and are looking for their first playoff win since 1977. Of all the teams ranked in the top ten, Gladstone is by far the biggest surprise.

The Rest: 11. Rowland (7-3), 12. South El Monte (6-4), 13. Northview (7-3), 14. El Monte (7-3), 15. La Puente (8-2), 16. Covina (7-3), 17. Glendora (3-7), 18. Damien (3-6), 19. Arroyo (6-4), 20. Sierra Vista (7-3), 21. Azusa (5-5), 22. Claremont (3-7), 23. Los Altos (5-5), 24. Diamond Bar (4-6), 25. Duarte (4-6), 26. Rosemead (4-6), 27. Mountain View (3-7), 28. Wilson (4-6), 29. Walnut (1-9), 30. Pomona (3-7), 31. Bassett (3-7), 32. Nogales (1-9), 33. Workman (2-8), 34. Baldwin Park (0-10), 35. Ganesha (0-10).

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  • SGV4life

    According to your rankings Rodriguez should be COY!

  • warrior fan

    Good job Fred CO deserved the top ranking spot but we must not forget head to headt Amat did POP CO maybe next year Chargers.

  • SKP123

    Injuries for West Covina early on hurt them, and for Bonita it’s injuries during the past 3 weeks. Diamond Ranch and La Serna I think is a great match-up. Stay strong hacienda league!

    • Jim

      sorry but la serna is going to trump on the Pomona ranch.. Good luck o west Covina , they killed us last year.

    • Jim

      La serna Pomona ranch great match up. Read my post before the game . La serna beat Pomona ranch 49 0. Not even a game.

  • jcaz

    Chew on this…..Aram says calpreps has no influence what so ever in the rankings. IE, sierra league not top league in Pac5 (thus no respect for one and done Alemany), and no truffle shuffle for the big guy.

    And…..did it happen to occur to you that while CO was destroying all those “POWER HOUSES” in its league, that Amat was playing against teams within the FOURTH best league in SOCAL.

    You know, going 2-2 aint so bad really, because thier only losses came against league rivals ND, and one and done Alemany.

    And…….. you say that CO was more impressive than Amat at the end…ok, ya I got it LOL


      blah blah blah, really Freds ranking is bugging you that much??? HAHAHA worry about LBP and not these rankings. Starting this Friday all these rankigns are out the door. In the La Times we finally cracked the top 25.

      • jcaz

        How very true…on both points

        • AMAT 73

          Come om Jcaz , does it really matter ?????? Fred should really re-rack’em and it’s all about the teams that are in the playoffs . Some are evenly matched. some over matched on both sides of the fence as in over and under but it’s the playoffs and you’ve made your own bed so to speak . It’s about who moves on from here out and the teams out of the hunt are done for the season in the rankings .Rank them accordingly with a season ending rankings for all teams . So if this is a pre CIF playoff ranking seeing as we are there this Friday then yes CO is rightfully # 1 as they are the #4 seed in the Inland which tops any other team . But as a continuing ranking how does beating a 3-6 Damien # 18 (and that’s a stretch and ranked above a 7-3 and 6-4 team ) as opposed to losing to the Serra league co champs ND out weigh a head to head win , go figure ??????? Explain that one Fred . That’s why it really shoudn’t bother you one bit Jcaz .Like SGV FOOTBALL said we got LBP Friday and it’s payback time !!!!!! GO AMAT

          • jcaz

            Did you know that the LA Times has Crespi (a team which is out of the playoff hunt BTW) ranked number 24 out of 25 teams this week ?
            Bet you’ll never guess who’s ranked 25th.

          • SGV_FOOTBALL

            Just like CO I feel that Amat has the best shot to win their first round game. LBP has about 60 kids on their roster. How does a school with almost 5000 kids only have 60 somethings players??? LBP has been on the down swing and Amat has caught them at the right time. I see Amat and CO posting W’s on Friday.

  • Colt74

    Just don’t understand why CIF doesn’t just change it’s name to COCBUTBF(California Orange County Brings Us The Bucks Federation) and get it over with. And think of all the laughs being called COC BUT BF ers….

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      LOL. Pretty much.

      • Keep In It Real

        I’ve been stating this on other posts…but how is it biased when every year the Orange County teams dominate the PAC-5? Last years semi-finals featured all Orange County teams. 3 of those teams came out of the South Coast League (Tesoro, Mission Viejo, San Clemente). For that reason alone, the South Coast league should get an automatic 3 berths and not 2. Amat deserves to be in as a wild-card and there’s no way you can take another Serra team over a South Coast team.

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Giving them their credit, but the Pac 5 isn’t the only conference. Second, as much as I appreciate Fox broadcasting high school football games and acknowledge them starting to spread their coverage around, Fox has routinely deferred to showing Oaks Christian and Pac 5 teams. .

  • 12th man


    Every year the rankings will be the same!!! You will start off by saying Amat is the #1 team there’s no one in the SGV who can beat them & until someone does they’re the areas best!! Halfway through the season you will mix it up a little just to generate hits & when it’s all said & done Charter Oak will be #1!! Here’s the catch 22!! Amat always plays a tougher non-league schedule so they will always start off as #1 & then they get to league where it’s tougher than the “SIERRA” League lose a couple & drop!! It’s going to be the same formula for years!!! Amat & Charter Oak from beginning to end~ Rankings mean nothing in the SGV until you win it all!!

    • It’s how rankings work. Not everything is head-to-head, you have to defend the top spot week to week. I didn’t drop Amat after the Alemany loss, but after the Notre Dame blowout it was time. The real catch 22 is predicting and being right that Amat would beat Charter Oak head to head as they’ve defeated every area team head-to-head since I’ve been in charge. I’ve never picked against Amat in head-to-head with an area team because I’ve always thought they were better and have never been proven wrong. In that regard, I’m undefeated (except for the tie with Chino Hills). But rankings are rankings, this is how you do it. There are many instances whether this poll or in college football where teams are ranked ahead of teams they previously lost too. How you finish a season, overall record and how you do in your own corner of the world matters when you rank teams. Use Gladstone as an example, they’re ranked 10th for finishing 9-1 and having a great season pound-for-pound. But do I think they would beat Damien, ranked much lower. Not a chance. I also have Diamond Ranch ranked ahead of West Covina by a spot because of Diamond Ranch’s overall record and how they finished the season, beating Bonita and Diamond Bar. Even though West Covina beat Diamond Ranch, the Panthers deserve to be where they’re.

      • Grantland Rice

        Happy Rock, in their corner of the world, hypothetically speaking goes 14-0..are they the new number one based on your criteria?

        • That would depend on how other teams fared. If Charter Oak and Amat went out in the first round, if the Southeast and Mid-Valley were gone by the second round then yeah, pound-for-pound you would have to give it to a 14-0 Gladstone

      • Grantland Rice

        bottom line, your new number 1 team got beat by Amat,on there home field in a game that was not close at all and if they played again you’d pick Amat again, but ….CO is number one gotcha, lmao

  • Grantland Rice

    Charter Oaks signature win? over a 6-4 Los Alamitos team….cmon now, not that the Tribs rankings are something to brag about, but getting whupped at home by your number 2 team and they leap over Amat for beating up the likes of Claremont,Damien et al…why play the games?

  • BenDoverIE

    ChOak drops a HUGE deuce to Amat and the leapfrog them?

    The cred is going WAY down.

    • Not Since 1995

      The CO game is the highlight of Bishop NoMAS’s season…?

      Really? And you’re proud of that? From everything I read, CO looks to have recovered very well! While AmNOT is still celebrating a win in September…!

      Bottom line is that you’re team is an “AT LARGE” team in the playoffs! Also,
      – You’re in the “Next to Last” Serra league from the PAC 5
      – Chino Hills kicked your A$$ and you know it
      – AmNOT beat the teams that didn’t get into the playoffs
      – Now you’re going to all the way down to Long Beach to get your A$$ handed to you

      And that’s your street cred…?

      “C’mon Man…! We play to win the game” Herm Edwards

      Bishop AmNOT blowhards should feel lucky Fred hasn’t dropped them out of the top 10…!

  • 12th man

    PAC 5 Football Southern Section Championships 2012

    Presale tickets available on campus this week

    1st Round
    Friday November 9, 2012 Bishop Amat (7-2-1) @ Long Beach Poly (7-3), Veterans Stadium, Game time 7:00pm

    Ticket Prices General $8, Student/Child $5, (Students must show current High School I.D. to be admitted with a student ticket)
    Parking is $5 @ Veterans Stadium

    Presale tickets will be sold on campus from the following locations:

    Main Office 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

    Student Store 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Athletic Office 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (closed from 12:00 – 1:00)

    Fox Sports West Prep Zone will have a live streaming broadcast:

  • Amat will always have the head to head win over CO. This ranking means nothing to them. The game wasn’t even close. CO would have finished last in the Serra. And the Sierra as a league is very

  • weak…good luck to all the teams who made the playoffs. It would be great if CO or Amat won in the first round.

  • Valley Athletics

    Who cares about the Fred’s rankings . Only 20 bloggers will see them anyways . 6000 people saw amat beat charter oak . So which one would you prefer . 20 or 6000 . The way rankings are done it can go either way . Does not mean its correct . Amat will finish with one more loss than CO . But in my opinion they would have to beat chaparral and rancho to give them enough good wins to be considered number 1. Chino hills and Los al are the only good wins . Amat has at least 5

    • Lol, we get more than 6,000 views a day

      • Valley Athletics

        6000 views a day . For reals . Seems high for for the amount of bloggers posting .

  • warrior fan

    I have one question? not bashing or anything but i would like to know is what was Amat biggest Victory this year? Servite finished 3-7 Crespi finished 8-2 without making the playoffs other than those two wins Amat has only beaten lower tier teams or teams that did not make the playoffs. Again not bashing i just wanna know who has they beaten that wasnt on a lower level that is a pac5 playoff contender?

    • Valley Athletics

      This is not a PAC 5 ranking . So compared to the wins that charter oak has . Servite is a good win(beat rancho ) , crespi ( beat alemany ) , loyola ( still a better team than most teams in Sierra , charter oak ( number 19 on state and team battling amat for top spot , la mirada ( very good team this year) . There losses are against good teams that would destroy any valley team .

    • BA Blues

      Servite might be 3-7 but they managed to beat Rancho Cucamonga. RC was only down 13-7 to Upland with 10 mins left in the 4th quarter…and Upland is awesome this year.

      Ya gotta look at who Servite has lost to also…Bishop Gorman (who is ranked #1 in the state of Nevada), Edison (who still belongs in the Pac-5 and whose only loss is to Mater Dei by a score of 6-0), and everyone in the Trinity except JSerra..but hey…it’s the TRINITY. lol

      Crespi just finished beating Alemany. Despite getting upset by Crespi, Alemeny is still ranked #12 in California by Calpreps. I believe they were #8 before the loss but I’m open to correction.

      If you know anything about the Pac-5 you know that you just can’t look at a Pac-5 team’s win/loss record and then judge that team’s worth solely on record. It’s all about who these teams play and the level these teams compete at.

      • Not Since 1995

        “At Large”?

        What’s an “At Large” team anyway? Is that when enough committee members feel sorry for your sorry a$$ and give you a consolation prize…? Or is it when you go to your tia concha’s house for dinner on Saturday nights? Which is it?

        I mean really! Last year AmNot got in by a “Coin Flip”…! This year you’re an “At Large”…?

        What the hell? How bout just winning and earning a playoff spot? Hell even Crespi deserved it more than you do! 8 – 2 record is mathematically better than 7 – 2 – 1 on any record book! At least Crespi would put up a fight against LB Poly,,,!

        JackRabbits gonna take you down hard…! Can you say Notre Dame…?

        Not In 2012 either…

      • warrior fan

        so basically they have no real big wins when looking at it there’s not one team they have beaten on the pac5 level is in the playoffs Servite finished 3 -7 Crespi 8-2 good win but didnt make playoffs, Edison entire division was dropped so they are irrelevent in this case. But your arguement for Servite is voided JSerra only loses came to trinity opponents with a blow out win over OLU who beat Servite. Basically Amat has 1 win over an opponent that is on there level and thats against Crespi. Hopefully you win this friday which i think you are LBpoly is weak this year IMO, but if not well its nothing new to Amat going home in the first round anyway itll just be like every year.

        • What’s worse? Not winning a game against anyone in the Pac5 playoffs…or losing to a Pac5 team who isn’t?

          • warrior fan

            im an Alemany fan Joe we have wins over pac5 opponents. But to answer your question depends on the team your referring to which would be Corona Centennial, and in all fairness im guessing thats worst because they are on a lower level. But lets not forget the same team that beat you guys is the same team that lost to a lower tier team. So i must ask you did me answering that question did any justice for the sake of Amat? Because you know we destroyed Amat right.

    • WCDan

      Warrior Fan,
      What was Amats biggest victory?
      You can ask the same question about LBP, Tesoro, El Toro, Lakewood, Westlake, Moorepark,and Long Beach Cabrillo. Who are all in the Pac 5 playoffs. I think Amat has a more impressive resume than almost all of them except maybe El Toro, and even that comparison is close.

      • warrior fan

        for moorepark sake they do have a win over a pac5 playoff contender, El toro also has a win over a pac5 playoff contender but that wasnt the point i was trying to make i was saying that Amat really only have 1 impressive victory on their level and it came to a team that is not a playoff contender

        • WCDan

          I realize they have no victories over a Pac 5 playoff team but the
          victory over Crespi I believe is more impressive than any victory of the other teams I mentioned, the victories over CO and La Mirada could turn out to be pretty solid wins too, although niether are Pac 5 teams.

  • Not Since 1995

    Bishop NoMas…You want cred and bragging rights…!

    Lets see…the Lanceritos beat Loyola and Crespi…! Yes, the very same two Serra teams that didn’t make the playoffs…!

    The Lanceritos play in the “Next to Last” ranked Serra league in the PAC 5. Yeah…can you believe it! Serra “Next to Last”…! Member 2011? Sounds very familiar…!

    On the other hand, South Hills, Chino Hills (who beat Bishop NoMas), and Charter Oak all going to the playoffs as seeded (not At Large) teams in the Inland Division…!

    Bottom line…”The Lanceritos” haven’t deserved the #1 spot for the last 4 weeks. Maxpreps, Calpreps, and CIF all have had Amnot much lower in their rankings and it was just a matter of time before the testicular fortitude of Aram and Fred would show up. It took them a long time, but here we are…! Now we can enjoy the “One and Done Show”…! Lets go Lancers…prove me right, again…!

    Not in 2012 either…!

    • Valley Athletics

      you mean south hills the team west co beat easy . West co got beat badly by loyola. Wouldn’t you consider amats win against charter oak good .

      • Not Since 1995

        Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh! That is fact! So is everything else about Bishop NoMAS!

        – The CO game is the highlight of Bishop NoMAS’s season…? Really? And you’re proud of that? From everything I read, CO looks to have recovered very well! While AmNOT is still celebrating a win in September…!

        Bottom line is that you’re team is an “AT LARGE” team in the playoffs! Also,
        – You’re in the “Next to Last” Serra league from the PAC 5
        – Chino Hills kicked your A$$ and you know it
        – AmNOT beat the teams that didn’t get into the playoffs- Now you’re going to all the way down to Long Beach to get your A$$ handed to you

        And that’s your street cred…?

        “C’mon Man…! We play to win the game” Herm Edwards

        Bishop AmNOT blowhards should feel lucky Fred hasn’t dropped them out of the top 10…!

        • Valley Athletics

          look at the topic . Beating charter oak is a highlight when your talking about the rankings . Charter oak is ranked 19th in the state so it is a big deal here in the valley .

  • Lance R

    not since, Geeze what a H.O. you have for Bishop Amat. Lots of bitterness over a H.S. Football team? What did they do to disturb you so much that you go to great length to hate and bash them? Again “H.S. Football”? You must have been the guy that got cut or got no playing time or did not ever strap up a pair of cleats of ever put on a helmet. Your bitter and need some help. Then your choice of words tells me your white socks are riding high to your crotch as you ride your beach cruiser bike with your flip flops on going down to the fish wrap rack with your four quarters just to read about Bishop Amat Football. You are obsessed with the Lancers and again “High School Football”. We all like a good game under the Friday night lights and H.S. Football is fun to watch but man you take it to a whole new level of gangbanger / Raider fan mentallity. Fred Arum how can you allow this guy the time of day the way he runs his cholo vocabulary infested mouth. Dude needs to grow up. Amat 36 Poly 31

    • Not Since 1995

      Lancer R.

      I speak the TRUTH and you don’t like it….? Tuff Sh*t little man! Not everybody on this blog begs loves Bishop AmNOT you do! By the way, my hate is not towards your football team. It really isn’t those kids fault that their arrogant parents brought them up as they did…! I simply hate the arrogance and ignorance that is the Amat Blowards…! And you know you’re one of them…! That’s why the TRUTH hurts you…!

      Why is this Lance R moron allowed to insult the Mexican community, Fred? Why do you let him/her type such insulting words like “Cholo”,
      “Gangbanger” and “Raider” to describe my ethnicity? I think you should BAN this moron! There is not place for that on this blog…! At the very least you need to delete his postings…! Am I right SGV…?

      Not in 2012 either….

      • Lance R

        not since or Nonsense: I guess I hit a little to close to home for your comfort and yes we guessed it, we know what you are now. I never said anything insulting about the Mexican community (read my post) you just exposed yourself as one of the undesirables that I describe and quite frankly you sound like it using your slang of Laceritos, Concha and foul language you are the one pulling the Mexican card. How old are you? I am sure hoping you are under 21 and I will cut you some slack for your behavior but if you are over that age and are in your 30’s or 40’s dude you have some serious issues. This is a football blog where we have banter back and fourth as all good stuff. You are the one with all the slang and name calling of a Private School you are so bitter towards for whatever reason but you need some professional help if H.S. Football winds you up so much you go on the attack on parents of Bishop Amat. Sorry if you could not afford it or could not pass the entrance exam but damn dude behave in a adult manner. I wont hit below the belt anymore but can you just tone it down. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Now go get your 40, adjust your ghetto blaster that’s attached by silver duct tape to the handle bars of your beach cruiser, blast your old skool jams and hit the dispensery for a brownie. Am I right SGV.??grow up it’s just HS Football. You member!

  • Grantland Rice

    this just in, the NCAA has decided that Dlll Mt. Union of Ohio is pound for pound the runaway best team in their corner of the world, thus 2012 National Champs, no other games will be played this year,next up Happy Rock to win the Tribs number one slot. The NCAA came to the conclusion that pound for pound and “their corner of the world” are the ultimate criteria for selecting the champs, leveling the playing field,so to speak.Will Fred now include the powerhouse 8-man programs and of course, Arams favorite the passing/flag football big boys in determining the coveted Trib endorsement?

  • Grantland Rice

    hey “not since” ese! Amat beat la Mirada, the top seed in their division and they opened up a huge can of whoop azz CO on their home field and as far as Crespi Carmelite being more deserving, Amat beat them head to head, you really do play the games to WIN…evidently those 3 wins were impressive enough for the people in power to select them as an at large team


      I am still waiting to hear how BA whooped CO? BA only scored one more touchdown than CO did in that game. Please Grantland let me know how you would consider that a whooping?

      • Grantland Rice


        • SGV_FOOTBALL

          Cruised my arse, go back and look at the film, CO scored with with 8 or 9 minutes left on the clock in the third qtr. BA had no weapons after Darren left the game. Do you think BA would cruise with a two TD lead? Hell no, especially with all the buzz around that game. That was the last thing that Hags needed a loss to CO.

          • AMAT 73

            Come on SGV , remember you get another chance next year .Either version ,the end result is still the same .But as you say about Andrews , imagine if he had stayed in the game ????? Good luck this Friday

      • Valley Athletics

        Amat was in the redzone 3 times and pushed back not by the defense , by penalty flags . Other wise those 3 field goals would of been tds . Second half they had no Andrews and played it safe. .

  • 12th man

    Football: Still debating Tesoro’s selection over Crespi

    November 6, 2012 | 7:54



    Perhaps Rob Wigod, the commissioner of the Southern Section, might
    want to have a discussion with the people who helped select the at-large
    teams for the Pac-5 playoffs, because I still haven’t heard anyone say
    that Tesoro deserved the nod over Encino Crespi.

    The big tiebreaker was the decision of a football advisory panel
    deciding that the South Coast League ranked No. 2 behind the Trinity
    League in strength this season. The Serra League was picked fourth best.

    If anyone knows Orange County sports, it’s Steve Fryer of the Register, and he wrote this:

    “Part of the formula that awarded a Pac-5 Division at-large berth to
    Tesoro was the CIF Southern Section Football Coaches Advisory
    Committee’s assessment that the South Coast League, to which Tesoro
    belongs, is a better league than the Serra League.
    The Serra League has three of its five teams in the Pac-5 Division top

    “Two of the six South Coast teams are in that top 10.
    The Serra League’s last-place team, Loyola of Los Angeles, was 5-1 in
    nonleague games (the loss was to St. John Bosco of Bellflower, which
    later turned into a forfeiture victory for Loyola). So the 44 coaches
    of the panel are wrong.”

    And Cal Preps determined that the Serra League was the strongest in the state. Take a look here.

    — Eric Sondheimer

    • tommy gun

      If the Serra League wants more respect then they are going to have to start winning more games in the playoffs. Year after year the Serra continues to fall short of being one of the better leagues in the Pac-5 playtoffs. Many of you people say that there is an Orange County bias but the truth is that the Pac-5 Championship game features Orange County teams year after year.

  • Not Since 1995

    The last time Bishop NoMAS played at Veterans Stadium it was not pretty…!
    Member, Amat Blowhard…! You memeber, don’t you…!
    Not In 2012 Either…

    • The last time Amat played Poly was in Veterans stadium and the #1 team in the nation needed a 4th and 22 conversion in the final minute to pull off a come-from-behind 4 pt win over Bishop Amat. I’m sure the Jackrabbits didn’t think that was pretty either. This year they are not the #1 team in the country, so we will see