While Aram argues Bishop Amat doesn’t deserve to be in the Pac-5 if it bows out in the first round again, Long Beach PT columnist Bob Keisser writes the Moore League should go

“I won’t know how good a team we are until we get into the playoffs. I believe we’ve improved, but until I see us compete against a playoff team, I really won’t know. We haven’t been able to get a read on where we are based on league play for a long time.” — Long Beach Poly coach Raul Lara

By Bob Keisser Columnist
Not even the clock, which we just flipped back an hour Saturday night out of some nocturnal habit, is as consistent as other things in life, like the arrival of the seasons, acrimonious presidential campaigns and USC and Notre Dame football alums keening or preening about their teams. Add to that the de rigueur appearance of Long Beach Poly atop the Moore League.

Even in a year that began flat, as in the Jackrabbits getting flattened by Narbonne 56-0 and dropping two other nonleague games, Raul Lara’s team won the Moore League, one of the few CIF-Southern Section leagues named after a person, former LBUSD superintendent Harry J. Moore, with a shrug and a slight nod of thanks.

Six wins, no losses. Poly outscored its neighbors, 268 to 37.

Closest margin was 22 points. The Jackrabbits didn’t allow a single point in the first half in all six games. Twenty-three of those 37 points were allowed in the fourth quarter by reserves. Poly has won or shared the Moore every year save two since 1980. Channing Tatum doesn’t do that well at a bachelorette party.

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  • 12th man

    Sorry! I must have missed where it says the Moore League must go!!!


    Click the link that Fred posted and read what Lara has to say about CIF making public’s and Privates separate in the long run, interesting…
    Lara said Poly doesnt get the athletes that it used to get because of the # of private choices the parents have now. I would have never thought LBP would be in this situation with the type of enrollment they have.
    I also like the idea of LBP going solo with no league affiliation, if there was a team that could do it would be them and De La Salle. I can totally see LBP traveling all over the US to play the best teams, that would attract the players again. Raising the money, thats the kicker.

  • Valley Athletics

    I don’t think cif was ever thinking about dropping amat or the Serra . That is only aram thinking that they should drop . If long beach poly wants relief and cif won’t give it to them . Why would they even think of dropping amat or the Serra . Now that the marmonte is in the division they need to drop some of the weaker teams from the marmonte and make it a 6-7 team league so they can get only 3 bids instead of 4 .maybe they can add a team to Serra to make it a 6 team league with 3 bids to playoffs .Just my thoughts

  • warrior fan

    not bashing or anything but i would like to know is what was Amat biggest Victory this year? Servite finished 3-7 Crespi finished 8-2 without making the playoffs other than those two wins Amat has only beaten lower tier teams or teams that did not make the playoffs. Again not bashing i just wanna know who has they beaten that wasnt on a lower level that is a pac5 playoff contender?

    • Valley Athletics

      Crespi at the time had only one overtime loss . As alemany already knows . Crespi is a good team or else they would not of beat a top team like alemany .

      • warrior fan

        I agree with you on the crespi is a good team but what team has Amat beaten that is a playoff contender on the pac5 level.

        • Valley Athletics

          if amat would of beat alemany would you consider it a good win ?

          • warrior fan

            If we went off of “if” when talking sports every conversation would be pointless and not true. Think about it “if” Amat had beaten Alemany, Amat would had shared the Serra league title something that hasnt happen in a while for them see how things get all twisted and confused when using the word “if” while talking sports its pointless.

          • Valley Athletics

            U can’t answer a simPle question.

          • warrior fan

            thats fantasy land i like to live in truth and not in what if. Sorry buddy just cant do that.

          • What IF Alemany had not lost to a team that didn’t make the Pac5 playoffs? Then they wouldn’t have “shared” the Serra League title. Is that a “fantasy”?

            So now answer my question instead of dancing around it. What’s worse: not beating a Pac5 playoff team…or losing to a Pac5 team that did NOT make the playoffs?

          • warrior fan

            thats a different question then your last one but to answer that their both bad because your losing, but if you have the wins over a pac5 playoff team and a lost like us then you still handled your business. does that answer your question Mr. joe

          • Valley Athletics

            The point I am trying to make is all the teams in the Serra are good teams and any win is a good win . If amat would of beat alemany or notre dame they would probably be in crespis shoes . And according to you those wins would not be good wins .

  • Not Since 1995

    The fact of the matter is that Bishop AmNot does not deserve to be in the PAC 5…! And they haven’t for the last 10 to 15 years! That is a fact.

    I mean really! Last year AmNot got in by a “Coin Flip”…! This year you’re an “At Large”…? Those 2 things “Flip” the other way and the Lanceritos are washing their pads and cleaning out their lockers…!

    What’s an “At Large” team anyway? Is that when enough committee members feel sorry for your sorry a$$ and give you a consolation prize…? Or is it when you go to your tia concha’s house for dinner on Saturday nights? Which is it?

    What the hell…? How bout winning and earning a playoff spot? AmNOT beat Loyola and Crespi in the “Next to Last” Serra league in the PAC 5 and Serra had a better record than them!

    Amat Blowhards…Can you say Western Division…? 2014 sweetheart!

    Not In 2012 either…

  • Grantland Rice

    SGV football….just who will LBP play once league games start for the CIF-SS if/when they went independant? there fans do not travel well at all even in the local playoffs,let alone making out of town trips, facts are that SJB and Serra amont others offer better coaching and a better high school experience……