Inland Division Predictions: Charter Oak poised to make a semifinal run, but that’s where the dream ends

For those who believe the Sierra League doesn’t belong in the Inland Division, what will you say if Charter Oak gets to the semifinals and Chino Hills the second round? It’s very possible and that’s what I’ve got penciled in. Even though Charter Oak has a tough road for a fourth seed, I like their chances against Chaparral and Rancho Cucamonga, however Vista is where it stops. Same for Chino Hills, a first-round win over Redlands is reasonable, but they don’t get pas Upland. I like Vista Murrieta to meet Upland in the finals, and as great as Upland is, I still think it will be a lopsided decision for Vista, arguably the best in California.

First Round
Top Half
South Hills at No. 1 Vista Murrieta – Vista
Norco at Redlands East Valley — REV
Corona Santiago at Rancho Cucamonga — Rancho Cucamonga
Chaparral at No. 4 Charter Oak – Charter Oak
Bottom Half
Great Oak at No. 3 Upland — Upland
Redlands at Chino Hills — Chino Hills
Eisenhower at Murrieta Valley — Murrieta Valley
Los Osos at No. 4 Corona Centennnial — Corona Centennial

Second Round
Vista Murrieta vs. Redlands Easy Valley – Vista
Rancho Cucamonga vs. Charter Oak — Charter Oak
Upland vs. Chino Hills — Upland
Murrieta Valley vs. Corona Centennial – Corona Centennial

Vista Murrieta vs. Charter Oak — Vista Murrieta
Upland vs. Corona Centennial — Upland

Vista Murrieta vs. Upland — Vista Murrieta

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  • jcaz

    There are times when I come in here and go to town on the Chargers, but frankly, a lot of that is simply banter. The fact is that I have many great friends on the “other side of the aisle” and while we do go back and forth quite a bit, the simple truth is, that Chargers have a damn good football team.
    Honestly, it would not surprise me in the least to see Charter Oak go much further in the playoffs than some of the other local teams in this valley, and yes, that even means some of the teams I personally root for.

    Fact is that Charter Oak, has won championships and you can never take that away from them, no matter what level they play at.
    Good luck in the playoffs, and I really mean that.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Fred, not so fast my friend, for the first round, I’m all thumbs up with you. The second round however, we’re going to have to split the bill. Will VM blow past, REV? Yes sir. Will RC lose to Charter Oak? That’s not as easy as it looks on paper. I’ll give the edge to RC, by an elbow. Upland vs. CH? Now I’ll take the firepower of CH over Upland. That, my friend, is going to be a very good game. Lots of little subplots and history between coaching staff, players, and so on. If there is a game to watch for that bracket, in the second round, that would be it.

    Of course I’m biased, I haven’t hid that fact. I would love to see my Centennial Huskies battle Chino Hills Huskies. Our high tempo offense vs Matt Simko, our DBs against Chino Hills WRs. Our run game and Oline against Chino Hills Dline and LBs. Big dog bites down on little dog. Even if it is another huskie. I’d pay twice to see that game.

    First, everyone has to get past the first round.

  • Go Deep

    This division comes down to Vista Murrieta and Corona Centennial. No one else has the tools those teams do. By the Way, How did Chino Hills get a better first round draw than Charter Oak? CO has to play against a stacked deck. Something is bogus there! I give CH the best chance to sneak into the Semis before losing to CC. Upland better not take CH lightly.

    • Joe Kelly

      GD I agree with half of what you say “This Division comes down to Vista Murrieta and Corona Centennial” except for the Centennial part. Vista just doesn’t have a weakness. Centennial will make the finals, but this division is Vista Murrieta and everyone else. As for the other games, while I think that Centennial is a lock in their game, even Jacob Certeza and the Big Acorns of Great Oak may give Upland a challange. At this level every team is beatable, except Vista! The Bronco’s are and should be the favorite to win the State Open Championship (although I think that Vista’s recruiting is not in the best interest of high school football). Having said that, I still enjoy the match ups and will attend the Charter Oak / Chaparral game which I expect to be very entertaining.

      • WCDan

        Disagree Joe K., not sold on VM being a lock in their division. I think CC is always a real threat in the Inland. CC has only lost to St. Bonnies by a TD, don’t see how that puts them out of VM’s level of play. I saw VM against Cathedral Catholic and thought Cathedral controlled most of that game, and looked like they were going to win that one until VM pulled it out in the end.
        I’m also not sold on how VM is ranked as the top contender for the open division in state when you have such a loaded Pac 5 divison.
        I’m not convinced that VM would win the Pac 5, not even sure they would make the Pac 5 finals.

        • Joe Kelly

          Fair enough WCDan….I didn’t see the Cathedral game, though I believe that Vista was trailing 10-7 at the half? Anyhow, my belief is that Centennial has the usual rock star offense but their defense is the reason why I don’t think they’re in Vista’s league. Perhaps I’m wrong, it has happened several times over the past 50+ years! Enjoy the games.

          • WCDan

            Great points, you can always find an unimpressive game on just about any teams record including the monsters in the Pac 5.
            I think your right about the three teams you have fighting for the open game, The only other resume that could be considered
            would be St. John Bosco who would have a very impressive resume on the field if they win it all, but they have the forfeits issue, and we know that the precedent was set last season when VM was denied because of their forfeits.

          • Joe Kelly

            Thanks Dan, looks like we’re pals in spite of our slight differences. Maybe you can tell me, because I really don’t understand, why there’s not some serious outrage coming from the Charter Oak fans. I can’t understand why Charter Oak is playing a better team, by almost all accounts, than the 2nd place finisher in the Sierra league, Chino Hills? If C.O. was playing Redlands, that would make sense. If the CIF says, no we don’t want the 3 Southwestern teams in the same bracket, then fine, have Upland play Redlands and C.O. play Great Oak, with Chaparral playing Chino Hills…..I am coming up to Covina as I am a Chaparral fan. The way we finished the season we don’t deserve much when it comes to pairings, but this is a bit incredulous, more so for the team and the fans of Charter Oak. Perhaps the C.I.F. officials have been hanging out in Colorado getting after some icky sticky?

          • WCDan

            Good question on the CO draw, not so much a CO fan as I am an SGV fan.
            My guess is that CIF wanted to save Great Oak for higher seeded Upland, but like you said I think Redlands would have made more sense for CO than Chapparal. Making that switch still would have kept the rule of not having any top two teams
            on the same side of the bracket.

          • Joe Kelly

            Perhaps it is because the C.O. fans are confident in beating Chaparral? I know that if it were our team and the 2nd place finishers in our league were paired with a lower ranked opponent I would feel some injustice. The computer models have Chino hills 41-21 and Charter Oak 27-17. By my estimation that is a serious mistake by the C.I.F. selection commitee. And like I have already allowed, much more unfavorable when you’ve had a year like C.O. has had and a beat down on the team that finished 2nd, like the one they put on C.H. Enjoy the night!

          • Valley Athletics

            look at the bright side . Charter oak will have the easiest 2 nd round game . Rancho is beatable by CO . UPland , vista or CC a lot tougher . Chaparral is a 3 rd place team that runs the ball . Non

          • Joe Kelly

            V.A. Since I am a Chaparral fan “the bright side” is slightly different for me. I get what you’re saying though. When we finished up our regular season it became apparent that we would have a tougher draw and the likelihood of playing a top seed increased. I know as a parent and an older parent at that (56) how precious each and every game are. Yes, the ultimate prize is the division championship. But the actual value is in each moment through each game. So one game is important. “Chaparral is a 3rd place team that runs the ball. No problem for CO”. The truth in that statement can’t be known until the game is played. I have always thought that it is better to hold an opponent in high esteem than it is otherwise. While the teeth of the C.O. defense is very impressive, if not down right scary, there are many contributing factors to the outcome of a football game. Do I expect to beat C.O.? I can only say that if we play to our ability and C.O. plays to theirs tonights game should be fantastic. Best of luck to you and yours.

          • Valley Athletics

            that’s going to be tough picking the open division championship. I think they would give it to the PAC 5 winner if it’s one of the top seeds because of the strength of division this year and strength of schedule . Vista did not schedule any PAC 5 teams this year and has not played anybody . It might hurt there case . Same as Narbonne . Narbonne only only played 2 good teams and that might hurt them . I wonder how they vote .

          • Joe Kelly

            I agree, it is going to be a very tough job picking the participants for the play in game if; Mission Viejo wins the Pac 5, Narbonne sweeps through the City Division, and Vista wins the Inland II. Another team winning any of these divisions (save for the Inland II, as Upland is still unbeaten), the winning team will have been beaten. But if it comes down to M.V., Narbonne and Vista Murrieta, it will be extremely difficult. I just can’t see them denying V.M. for a 2nd consecutive year of being unbeaten on the field. However, if their playoff pairings are any indication, who knows what they might do?

  • 12th man

    When two teams meet after
    the first round of the playoffs, the team with the fewest number of
    playoff home games at that point of the playoffs is the home team. If
    the teams have had the same number of playoff home games, a coin flip
    determines the home team.

    Coin flips have been completed for potential second-round matchups that would require coin flips to determine home teams.


    Vista Murrieta vs. *Redlands East Valley Redlands East Valley Coin Flip
    Vista Murrieta vs. *Norco Norco Automatic
    *South Hills vs. Redlands East Valley South Hills Automatic
    South Hills vs. *Norco Norco Coin Flip
    *Rancho Cucamonga vs. Charter Oak Rancho Cucamonga Coin Flip
    Rancho Cucamonga vs. *Chaparral Chaparral Automatic
    *Santiago/Corona vs. Charter Oak Santiago/Corona Automatic
    *Santiago/Corona vs. Chaparral Santiago/Corona Coin Flip
    Upland vs. *Chino Hills Chino Hills Coin Flip
    Upland vs. *Redlands Redlands Automatic
    *Great Oak vs. Chino Hills Great Oak Automatic
    Great Oak vs. *Redlands Redlands Coin Flip
    *Murrieta Valley vs. Centennial/Corona Murrieta Valley Coin Flip
    Murrieta Valley vs. *Los Osos Los Osos Automatic
    *Eisenhower vs. Centennial/Corona Eisenhower Automatic
    *Eisenhower vs. Los Osos Eisenhower Coin Flip

  • Valley Athletics

    Is bobo playing .? Charter oak should be able to beat chaparral .