CIF Quarterfinal Football Schedule and Brandon Martinez’s pursuit of the San Gabriel Valley’s all-time records


Inland Division
Norco at Vista Murrieta
Charter Oak vs. Rancho Cucamonga at Los Osos
Upland at Redlands
Corona Centennial at Murrieta Valley
Mid-Valley Division
El Monte at Paraclete
San Marino at San Dimas
Sierra Canyon at Arroyo
South El Monte at Monrovia
Northwest Division
Bishop Diego at Village Christian
North Torrance at Gladstone
Compton Centennial at El Segundo
Whittier Christian at Nordoff
Southeast Division
La Mirada at Santa Fe
Downey at Norwalk
Muir at West Covina
La Serna at Compton Dominguez

SEMIFINAL COIN FLIP WINNERS (Teams who would be home in Semfinals)
Inland: Vista Murrieta at CHARTER oAK
Mid-Valley: Paraclete at SAN MARINO, San Dimas at PARACLETE; Sierra Canyon at SOUTH EL MONTE, Monrovia at SIERRA CANYON; Arroyo at SOUTH EL MONTE; Monrovia at ARROYO; San Marino at EL MONTE, San Dimas at EL MONTE.
Southeast: West Covina at LA SERNA and COMPTON DOMINGUEZ

Brandon Martinez Watch
Last week: 392 yards and 6 touchdowns.
Season Passing yards: 3,940 yards
Season Touchdowns: 42 touchdowns
Record Chaser: Martinez passed Los Altos’ Mike Smith last week to become the East San Gabriel Valley’s all-time single-season passing leader and Friday tied legendary Bishop Amat QB Pat Haden (1970) and Los Altos’ Felipe Aguilar’s (2000) record of 42 touchdown passes in a season. When El Monte travels to Paraclete for Friday’s second-round playoff game, Martinez needs 122 yards to break Richard Irvin’s (Muir) all-time San Gabriel Valley single-season passing record of 4,061 yards set in 2002, and a TD pass to become the all-time TD passing leader.

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  • New York

    I like Charter Oak in this one. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure Rancho is loaded with talent. The question is, do they have the coaching and heart that Charter Oak has? Remember how far Charter Oak has climbed in divisions. On the other hand, Rancho has been a tweener for several years now. Can they be a great Inland team or are they stuck in the semis?

  • 12th man

    With those numbers & the fact he’s setting new records! Hands down POY!! We may never see another QB with those stats again or not for a while anyways?


      Thats what we said last year with Rivera and look what happened someone else in the Mission Valley surpasses him with ease. Anything is possible in the Mission Valley League.

  • Not Since 1995





    And where are the Covina Colts? Heh…heh!

    Here are my picks:

    Inland Division
    Vista Murrieta
    Charter Oak
    Corona Centennial
    Mid-Valley Division
    San Dimas
    Northwest Division
    Village Christian
    El Segundo
    Whittier Christian
    Southeast Division
    La Mirada
    La Serna

    • Colt74

      “And where are the Covina Colts? Heh…heh!”

      Last I heard they were all lined up to pay their 25 cents for a turn with your mom in the dug out at Del Norte Park. Again, this is just what I saw tweeted so take it for what it’s worth. I remember something in the tweets where they said she was using the money to have a time machine built to go back to the day before you were conceived, something about Tijuana and a donkey?????? I don’t will have to read the tweets yourself.

      • Not Since 1995

        Well…Fred! It looks like you’re not really reading these posts! Otherwise, I’m sure you would have deleted this insulting post, wouldn’t you Fred…? So…with all due to respect to the rest of the SGV I will now respond to this pendejo from South Central Covina! Heh…Heh!

        Last I heard George (COLT 74!) Michaels was lining them up in a dirty Santa Monica bathroom for a 25 cent oral turn with his tonsels…! Again, TMZ has confirmed that they saw COLT 74 on his knees in the 2 stall for what it’s worth. The article goes on to say that she is using the money to have anus reconstructed, something about South Central Covina and a donkey?????? I don’t will have to read TMZ yourself.

        Thanks FRED…!

        Not In 2012 Either Covina Donkey Lover…!

        • Colt74

          You can’t even come up with your own original material? You have to do a play on words with what I post? HAHAHA…You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have
          been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat me?

          • Not Since 1995

            Turn Out The Lights…The Party’s done…! Heh…heh!

            No Playoffs and NO CIF champioship for the South Central Covina Colts, AGAIN…! NOT SINCE 1995…!

            George “Colt 74” Michaels did you help wash football pads today? I drove by South Central Covina High School and saw your chingada madre carrying junior’s pads back to your coach! You still WAMMing in that dirty Santa Monica bathroom? You still giving 25 cent oral turns with your tonsels…?
            Get off your knees…! You’re embarrassing your ghetto at South Central Covina High School…!


          • Colt74

            LOL.Just found out these are the words to your favorite Frank Sinatra song!

            “I’ve got you under my skin.

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            3 years and counting DORK that I have OWNED you on these blogs!
            Can I get 2 orange snow cones now?

          • SaintsR4real


          • Not Since 1995

            South Central Covina High owns nothing…homey! You don’t even own your football pads…! Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh!

            Every summer, you’re chunti gang banger kids have to sell chiclets at the corner of Azusa and Rowland just to buy their jerseys…! Who else in the valley does that…! Heh…Heh! Really?

            3 years…? That ain’t nothing! I have owned you since your mama bent over for me at that puta joint in Tijuana…! What’s it called…Chicago…? Adelitas…? I forget cuz she worked at so many of them. Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh!

            The reason you have mantequilla in your culo is because of your alternative gender lifestyle! BTW, we heard your “Boy George” singing impersonation to Amat 73 last night:

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            TMZ hasn’t confirmed if Amat 73 did or did not tumble with you!

            Now get off your knees…! You’re embarrassing your ghetto at South Central Covina High School…!

            No Playoffs and NO CIF champioship for the South Central Covina Colts, AGAIN…!
            NOT SINCE 1995…!
            Heh…heh! Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh!

          • Colt74

            See…not an original thought in your head. Look it’s not my fault that when you played pop warner and they told you that you needed to buy pads your mom went out and bought you super absorbent. It’s not my fault that when you needed a jock your mom had to buy the size for a newborn. It’s not my fault that when you had your lobotomy and the hospital did a BLOOD drive for you your family went to Compton and brought back gang members.( I’ll wait while you scratch your head )….And to think that somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology.

          • Colt74

            Holmes…maybe if you unbuttoned that top button it would give more blood to your brain? Just a thought. I don’t know why you want to try and disrespect Covina High so much when they pick you up in front of Home Depot every morning to clean our toilets? Come on dude! They even let you keep one of the brushes for a toothbrush! Show some respect pinga.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I like Rancho

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    just for clarification. the SEMHS vs. MHS is at Monrovia? cause it looks like Maxpreps says otherwise.

    • SEMHS FAN 3481

      I stand corrected, finally found the right document, coin flip on playoff pairings for first round were announced same day, so yeah it is at Monrovia. If SEM gets past Monrovia, they have the coin flip (home game) against Arroyo or Sierra Canyon, like I said that is IF. I know my team, but I am not being over-realistic either.

      • GrimReaper

        A post on another blog said your QB is out for the Monrovia game, is that true?

        • SEMHS FAN 3481

          Possibly, he was limping pretty badly at the end of the Covina game.

      • Greenie

        There is no if…Starting QB or 3rd String…Monrovia wins big at home vs SEM… 40’s or 50’s and I am not talking about the weather…

        • SEMHS FAN 3481

          Greenie, thing is this, the same sentiment was said about IF SEM would beat Arroyo, El Monte, and Covina (“There is no if”) – ALL those games were expected as losing games for SEM, and what happened?

          It’s very apparent who is EXPECTED to win and who is EXPECTED to lose, but as a fan of SEM, I am not counting them out either. I know Monrovia is the heavy favorite to win it all again for the 3rd straight year, I just think someone (maybe SEMHS?) will knock them off, it may not happen, but hey, don’t be surprised if it does.

  • GrimReaper

    Hey Fred

    Got a question in regards to the San Dimas San Marino Game.

    Looking at the San Dimas cal preps records and opponents, I saw
    Bonita, which I think you have commented upon in the past, played San
    Dimas and beat them in the early season.

    The point I bring that up is that Bonita has a 18 Cal Preps rating,
    which is more or less in the same neighborhood as San Marino. I am not
    sure if you have gone to a SM game, but I would like your comments on
    the comparison of Bontia to SM … as a lead up to SM SD. As both SM and
    SD played to similar outcome against Monrovia.. I was looking to see
    what Bonita might offer, as they beat SD and have a similar cal prep
    rate as SM’s 23 rating..

    Would you think Bonita would still beat SD, or was it a fluke of the
    early season. or is it a bunch of apples and oranges based on the Bonita
    team attributes.

    • SaintsR4real

      Get you’re facts straight foo!!

      • GrimReaper

        Ok SD beat bonita by one point, 37-36 and yes Bonita has a lower Cal Preps rating than SM ..

        But I can see from your reaction you are one of those LCD guys.
        Is your name Fred?

  • SGV Athlete

    Bishop Diego is on sanctions from CIF and cannot play any home games in the playoffs. So hypothetically it would be Bishop Diego at Gladstone or Gladstone at Village Christian

  • Greenie

    Well, as season rolls on, Monrovia is still here. With a shot to win the mid valley and play in a regional Bowl game. Most have put away the pads, turn off the lights on the Field for another year. I know, I know, it’s just mid valley football…. But it’s great to be playing right now. Some will say if we were down there …. and you are not up here… type statements, which are true… but what is more true…is should you be up there, and should we be down here. That is something to think about. Maybe Fred and Aram should do a thread or show on that topic Alone. Who should go up and who should get some relief. Remember If your playoff game was not competitive…then you can place a X over you schools name, and put any school’s name in place of your. Any one can be dominated. it’s not what you do in September, it’s what you do in November. If your team can’t compete..not win it all or go to semi’s, but just compete in a 1st round game…and it’s been that way for years…maybe it’s time to say uncle. Running into a brick wall does not make you tough…you just get hurt and people look at you funny….

  • Greenie

    Inland Division

    Norco 17 at Vista Murrieta 31- Vista

    Charter Oak 17 vs. Rancho Cucamonga 21 at Los Osos- Rancho Cuc

    Upland 35 at Redlands 21 – Upland

    Corona Centennial 24 at Murrieta Valley 17 Corona Cent

    Mid-Valley Division

    El Monte 21 at Paraclete 28- Paraclete

    San Marino 21 at San Dimas 20- San Marino

    Sierra Canyon 21 at Arroyo 14- Sierra Canyon

    South El Monte 14 at Monrovia 42 -The Thunder Cats

    Northwest Division

    Bishop Diego 28 at Village Christian 17 – Bishop Diego

    North Torrance 21 at Gladstone 20 -North Torrance

    Compton Centennial 14 at El Segundo 28- El Segundo

    Whittier Christian 10 at Nordoff 31 – Nordoff

    Southeast Division

    La Mirada 35 at Santa Fe 7 La Mirada

    Downey 17 at Norwalk 14 – Downey

    Muir 20 at West Covina 21- West Covina

    La Serna 20 at Compton Dominguez 28- Compton Dominguez

    Key notes-