Two-Minute Drill: San Marino and San Dimas is your Game of the Week

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  • Observatcat

    Hey Fred & Steve, I think that Aram has gotten this one right, San Marino has the edge on the mental toughness against San Dimas, If San Marino comes out strong and stays consistant with their running game it will take everything San Dimas has to control this game and win. I’ve seen both teams play and I give the edge to SM based on the mental toughness alone. Both are faily equal in terms of talent and coaching but whats left on the field is pure grit from the guys playing and from what I saw SM does hold that edge. Who ever gets the third quarter score first Wins…….. A simple momentum shift can favor either squad. Close game, but SM pulls out the win.

    • Steve_Ramirez

      I’ve seen them both too, ‘cat. San Marino though will have the edge since I will be your game, South El Monte at San Dimas. I’ve never covered a Coach Z San Dimas game in which San Dimas lost. πŸ™‚

      • SaintsR4real

        Thanks Steve Pal, you freakn Leprechaun!!

        • SaintsR4real

          I meant that in a nice way, we love you Steve!

    • GrimReaper

      Not that it is etched in stone but Cal Preps rates SM higher than Bonita that Fred was pimping 21 sm 18 bonita. If the calpreps rating system holds water, then SM has a real shot. .

      My prediction, the team with the most lost turnovers will lose. A positive turnover ratio will tell all. Short of an injury to a key player, hopefully not.

      Based on last year’s game, SM is not afraid to go toe to toe with the vaunted and storied SD program, The coaches are both first rate, the teams are disciplined and are not likely to make stupid errors and give the game away.

      This is a game you would bet on getting the points, so based on that I would bet SM as cal preps and other prognosticating web sites have it SD by 7. That would be a good bet to take SM on. Take the points and then parlay SM to win, Might be a Merry Christmas for you.

      Note any discussion of betting on High School Football is for entertainment purposes only, Reaper does not recommend wagering your house or even $1 on what he says, no one should ever rely on anything the Reaper says at any time.

  • SaintsR4real

    WING Z BABY!!!!!!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Sorry SD your season comes to an end Friday. Coach Hobbie and the Titans will be the Victor 33-21 bank on it

    • SaintsR4real

      Really, bank on it, really!!??
      I know you have no insight on exact outcome of This game.
      Who does that??

      • Kennedy Bryant

        I’ve seen both teams up close and SD isn’t a team I think can be SM. If Monrovia doesn’t have 5 TDs called back Monrovia beats SD by 40
        Kennedy Bryant

        • SaintsR4real

          Oh now we’re playing the if game, that gets old. Funny, first it was 3 TDs called back, now it’s gone up to 5! BTW, we can beat that up every game/week…..WEAK!

      • Greenie

        The insight is
        SD- Can Run but can’t Throw
        SM-Can Run and Throw


        SM Wafford

        SD-hasn’t played a tough game since Bonita
        SM-Just battled with Monrovia

        SD-Coach Z makes bad calls in the playoffs-Proof 2nd half of San Gabriel game last year. A game they should have won.

        SM-Coach Hobbie, calls a great games from start to finish.

        There you go Saints!

        • SaintsR4real

          C’mon Greenie, your losing your color.
          SD can throw just fine, but they don’t till they need to. BTW, how many total yards does SM have this year (insight?)

          SD has plenty RBs, Bet Payton has more combined yards than both SM RBs.

          Thought you had insight? Who’s SD QB and how many total yds does each QB have?


          • Greenie

            Avila has 1053 yrds passing… 14 tds to 4 picks. However, against real comp… We know SD can’t pass…

            Wafford is the better QB, who are you kidding…Like I said Peyton is the only back that would concern me in this one.

            I am a A+ blogger buddy…and I among top pickers on prep football pick ’em

          • SaintsR4real

            Payton did not play at all last week and the Saints running attack (Espinoza , Mitchell , Martinez , and co.) still put up 386 yards.

  • 3-rings

    SainsR4Real(“Not”) here you go again, just like the Monrovia game you were taking trash about how SD was going to beat Monrovia. After that game you went MIA!! The funny thing is, your a damn end zone camera man for the SD so what do you know about football? Coaching flag football doesn’t count, your one level up from a water boy…

    • SaintsR4real

      Refrain from getting personal now Junior, I’m just keeping this blog alive with a little Q&A, facts and opinions.

      • 3-Rings

        Easy camera boy! The truth hurts.. SD has given up a lot of points on defense the last two years in playoffs. 72 points in 2010 and 90 points in 2011. Both of those two SD teams were much better then this years team.2012 teams O-line is smaller to go up against teams like Monrovia and Paraclete. The DC looks good durning the regular season but no answer in the playoffs!! If it does rain tomorrow, than I feel that SD will win. If I was SM, I would load the box and make SD beat me with the pass. Final score SM 42 SD 21

        • Steve_Ramirez

          It’s not as simple as loading the box to stop the Wing-T, which stretches the field horizontally as opposed to vertically in a conventional offense. The sweeps, in the Wing-T. Is like a pass. If SM can take away the dive and traps up the middle, it will win

        • SaintsR4real

          Camera Boy? C’mon Junior, I don’t even own a camera. You have no idea what your talking about, this years team is breaking up to a dozen team records and stronger than ever. Loads the box on WING Z, really??!! Go away Junior.

        • Saint4Life

          Hey there twinkle-toes (3-Rings) πŸ˜‰ I must say, behind every great man is a long list of haters. I’m sure the camera-wielding flag football coach appreciates you being at the top of his list. I happen to know him and he is a top-notched guy that knows his stuff. But hey, it’s so much easier to try to knock people down on your way up to try to pass them on the food chain, huh twinkie? Keep up the great work, and be sure to not go MIA tonight after 9:30. Camera boy is going to need someone to hold hold lense cover next Friday night!