One way or another, Charter Oak has to go through Rancho Cucamonga again; Gladstone doesn’t want the party to end

By Fred Robledo, SGVN

After four consecutive years of taking on Rancho Cucamonga and four years of coming up empty, with the exception of a tie in 2008, Charter Oak had enough of Rancho Cucamonga and left the Cougars off the 2012 schedule.

The CIF-SS playoffs just changed that.

The schools will meet for a fifth consecutive time when Charter Oak (10-1) takes on Rancho Cucamonga (9-1) on Friday at Los Osos High for the right to advance to the CIF-Southern Section Inland Division semifinals, and perhaps a date against top-seeded Vista Murrieta, arguably the best team in the state.

Charter Oak was 26-1-1 and won back-to-back Southeast Division titles in 2008 and ’09, but there still was a sour taste left from Rancho Cucamonga, which tied Charter Oak 14-14 in 2008 and won 35-25 the next season, ruining the Chargers’ chance for perfection in both seasons.

Charter Oak continued its series with Rancho Cucamonga after moving to the Sierra League, but the results are similar, losing 40-28 in 2010 and 21-13 last year.

This time could be different.

Charter Oak is the division’s fourth seed and ranked No. 20 in the state by Calpreps.

In years past these were dubbed step-up games for Charter Oak, but the Chargers have shown all season and again last week with a 24-14 win over Chaparral these are no step-ups.

Winning is expected now.

That confidence comes after back-to-back undefeated seasons in the Sierra and two years in a row of postseason experience in the division, arguably one of the toughest in the Southland.

“We’ve come a long way as a football team and have accepted the challenges of competing at this level,” Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar said. “I don’t know if anyone is picking us to win, but we know we belong and we know at this point, any one of the teams (in the quarterfinals) can get hot and win it.

“All the teams are that good, you just have to be better in each round.”

Charter Oak’s defense in 2009 was spectacular in allowing an average of only 10 points and shutting out the entire Miramonte League.

This year’s edition also is allowing just 10 points a game but is doing it against much tougher competition.

Will it hold up against the Cougars?

Rancho Cucamonga quarterback Adam Friederichsen has thrown for 1,754 yards and 14 touchdowns and the Cougars average 167 yards on the ground behind Khalil Muhammad and Kiraun Mayo.

“In the films we’ve seen, they run back kickoffs, they got some extra kids at the skilled positions, they’ve got team speed and all the usual big uglies up front,” Farrar said. “It’s a test for our defense, there’s no doubt. This is one of the best teams in the best league’s in the division and certainly we know from having played them enough times that we have to play great football to win.”

Gladstone not done yet

After winning its first playoff game since 1977, the Gladiators don’t want to wait another 25 years to win the next one.

Gladstone (10-1) routed Mary Star of the Sea 54-17 in the first round of the Northwest Division playoffs and will face North Torrance (9-2) in the second round on Friday at Citrus College.

It was a gratifying win for coach Albert Sanchez, who after announcing earlier in the week he was stepping down after 13 years in charge got his first playoff victory.

“It was kind of nice the way we did it, we did whatever we wanted to do with them,” Sanchez said. “After some of the losses we’ve taken in the playoffs over the years it was nice to be on the other side of a blowout.

“But that’s over and done with. We know we’re not playing Mary Star of the Sea this week.”

North is a 22-point favorite on Calpreps and is the champion from the tough Pioneer League that boasted five teams in the playoffs with three advancing to the second round.

It’s a league in which fourth-place Compton Centennial knocked off undefeated La Salle 12-10 and second-place El Segundo routed

La Puente, 31-7.

North enters on back-to-back shutouts after routing Oak Park, 27-0, in the first round.

“Without a doubt we know this could be one of the top two teams in our division,” Sanchez said. “They pass the ball, they run the ball and they play defense.

“It’s vitally important that we compete from the get-go. We’ve played from behind in a lot of games this year, but we don’t want to play from behind against them.”

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  • Grantland Rice

    the facts are CO has yet to beat Rancho in 4 attempts,they’ve yet to defeat a league champion from the Inland division( which,on paper would appear to be their equal) nor have they come close to beating Amat, yet,somehow,someway this is not a step-up game, if this isn’t what would be a step-up game? you’re delusional homer

    • I absolutely expect Charter Oak to win it, look at what Charter Oak did to Los Osos and what Rancho Cucamonga did with Los Osos and explain why Charter Oak is an underdog in your mind?

      • Greenie

        League games are different from Preseason. Playoffs are different from League games. Wouldn’t you consider the Rancho/ Los Osos Game a Rivalry league Game…if so then one would expect that game to be tighter than a preseason game. Historically, CO has been terrible in the inland 2nd round when the pressure is at it’s peak.

        • Charter Oak is also a favorite on Calpreps, and of all five matchups, this is without a doubt the Chagers’ best chance of beating them.

          • Greenie

            Charter Oak is good when they are ahead…but when it’s close they tend to struggle. Especially against baseline teams like Glendora…They blew them out this year, but when it was closer and confidence was not so high..They could have lost, and did lose before. They also Struggled with Los Al which lost to La Habra. I saw La Habra play La Mirada and they are not as strong as they have been in the past. I don’t know Fred. This kind of thinking burned you last week in the BA-Poly game. If you lined up all of the players from both teams head to head…Rancho is better at every position, QB is a push…

          • Man, that whole “we should stay in the Pac-5” argument that Los Alamitos laid on CIF last year went out the window hard last week when they lost to LH.

          • Grantland Rice

            Los Alamitos?they were a 3rd place team this year, losing to a league champion, not an upset in any fashion, you don’t see LH or CO clamoring to be moved up do you ? CO whimpered and cried for years, hell they’re not done crying yet, wait to they play a league champion, if they get that far….then you’ll hear the wailing and shouts of pass the kleenex,again

          • WCDan

            I think it was Edison who wanted to stay in the Pac 5, rightly so for them, they are still Pac 5 caliber.

        • New York

          Historically? They’ve only been once…

      • Grantland Rice

        Los Osos was without their quarterback! you’ll go broke basing your predictions on comparative scores. the facts are still the facts, this is a step-up game, until you beat Rancho or an Inland league champion or Amat, you’ve yet to prove on the field that you deserve considered an equal in big boy HS football!

        • New York

          That’s exactly my point with you guys and the Riverside schools.

  • Greenie

    Question…Fred do actually think CO will win this game…or are you wishing them to a victory? CO is considerably smaller up front. They Match ups between the CO DB/WR’s and RC DB/WR’s Favor Rancho. Would you say that the RC performance in the loss vs Upland was better than the CO performance vs BA? I would consider Upland a stronger team than BA. I understand CO’s defense is the best defense in the SGV, but is it better than the big 3 VM, Upland, and Rancho, which are loaded with D1 prospects? I just didn’t hear enough reasoning on the 2min drill…I felt like There was a lot of hoping, and wishing etc… I am just curious…on how you broke these teams down…and made your pick? You can’t just say you think this is the year…The SGV did the same thing with BA vs Poly. I took Poly in that for the same reason, I am taking Rancho in this one. BA-CO hardly produces Numerous D1 players When you step outside sgv vs teams that are as good as you with More D1 prospects especially in the in the Front 7, the SGV always falls short. I think When CO or BA can produce big time lineman, they will have a shot at these guys…Right now they have one for sure prospect in BOBO. I am not sure about the rest. I think this the same scenario in play tomorrow, were we know the SGV team is the underdog even though they are the Higher seed. I’ve seen them both, I still have it…
    Rancho 21 Charter Oak 17.

    • D-Mo

      Seen them both play Glendora. I would have to say CO is the better team this season. I like their chances.
      I can see you aren’t sold on an RC win with a 21-17 score. I’ll say 24-14 CO, just like last week.

      • Greenie

        I did too, but once again Preseason is not league, and league is playoffs..I never said that Rancho would blow out CO. I think Rancho is 1-7 pts better. I am basing it on the Size of the lines, and I think the Rancho Skill players are better. I think their line is better too. I don’t pick with my heart, I pick with my head.

        • 5for5

          I’ve seen CO against several teams, and Rancho vs Upland. The toughest game for each team is the indicator…CO vs BA, and Rancho vs Upland. I agree with Greenie on this one, except I think CO is more like a 7-10 point dog.

          If Rancho’s o-line does it’s job, it will be a good ole 24-14 beating…”the score may look close, but there’s no question about who’s the better team”…type of games. Although I’d love to see the Chargers finally beat those guys.

        • SGV_FOOTBALL

          Greenie if you were that good at picking games, than you would be first in the rankings and not in 12th place in the prep pick em, give it a rest already. “I dont pick with my heart, I pick with my head” LOL that head hasn’t helped you much….

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I would be if i was not a Monrovia homer…I lost two there, and few on other teams I like. That’s why I now pick with my head and not with my heart. 12 is not bad…I could wayyyyy down there lol…

    • Memory Refresher

      Ummmm…If I remember correctly, Bishop Amat destroyed Servite 40-23 and BA was leading 40-17 with a minute left in that game. Servite would beat Rancho Cucamonga the following week. Now I don’t know about Charter Oak being ready for Rancho but Bishop Amat would have definitely beat the pants out of Rancho this year.

      • Memory Refresher

        Bishop Amat did not need any “big time lineman” to beat Servite. Servite’s lines were smaller than Rancho Cucamonga’s but Servite still managed to beat them.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yea, but that does not mean Charter oak would beat Servite…Tonight is all that matters

      • Not Since 1995

        Except you’re sitting at HOME pealing off the A sticker off of your helmet and making plans for your BANQUET…! Heh..heh! Heh…heh!

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      I think Greenie touches on a valid point.

      In the game with Rancho and CO, it comes down to match ups, across the board. Both teams are athletic so that’s an even.

      QB’s – both QBs are decent and efficient at what they do. I’d probably lean more towards CO’s QB because I think he’s a better game manager, of course, that’s my opinion. Edge CO

      RB’s – I’d give the edge clearly to CO’s RB Aaren Vaughn. RC’s tailback by committee has been good, but not terribly impressive. Edge CO.

      WR’s – Both WR’s core are athletic, but Bobo gives CO the edge in that catagory. Chalk that up to RC’s QB play or whatever. Bobo is a +5 on that line. Which brings me to an interesting point in a few, but edge is CO

      OLine – Size wise, you could say RC. However, size isn’t everything, as evidenced with Amat smacking Servite around and RC promptly losing to them. RC hasn’t averaged that many yards this season, vs. what CO has. However, you have to look at the level of competition each team has faced. Makes a difference. Edge CO

      DLine – see above.

      LB’s – I will be the first to admit, I wasn’t an Andrew Hauser fan. I’m probably still not. However, you can’t ignore his existence on the field and how CO uses him. He “is” their LB’s by himself. Again, RC’s LB’s are tough, but Hauser makes CO’s defense tougher. Edge CO.

      DB’s – Here’s the wildcard. RC has a recruiter’s wet dream of a prized duo of DBs. They’ll have their hands full defending CO’s WR’s, especially Bobo. Are they up to challenge? Well if getting over 100 letters and I’ve lost count over how many scholarship offers between the two they have, they better be. A DB whose confident, lives for these moments. If RC is smart they shadow a double on Bobo and jam him off the line. Be physical and disrupt his routes and timing. If I were a DC, that’s what I would do. However, you let Bobo get behind you and go vertical, his 6’3 frame is problematic. You let him post up in front of you, reaching around him is even more dire. CO’s DB’s are good (with Bobo hanging around) as I saw them against Chino Hills. However, Chino Hills OLine couldn’t block and Simko got tunnel vision looking for Austin repeatedly, despite having other WRs that were repeatedly open. Nevertheless, it’s a hard call, but I’ll give the edge to RC.

      The problem RC has is you stop or rather contain CO’s pass game and Bobo, you’ve got to worry about Vaughn. You stop Vaughn, you’ve got to worry about Bobo and company.

      In this review, CO gets the edge. But it seriously comes to down to whose more ready and whose more physical. Now I did say a few posts ago that I didn’t think CO would get past RC. That was based on overcoming that psychological barrier of losing to RC before. But if any team Coach Farrar has had that can get them past RC, this would be it. It would be a big accomplishment. But there’s no resting afterwards cause waiting for them will be Vista Murrieta.

      So I’ll take CO by a touchdown and maybe a field goal.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        I don’t know Rancho has a USC Bound CB. If he can’t stick Bobo, then why would SC want him?

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          I don’t think it’s going to cost him his scholi, lol but he’ll definitely want to play well against him. They both should be looking forward to the challenge.

  • warrior fan

    I gotta agree with greenie. IMO i just dont see CO getting by Rancho. CO hasnt beat rancho since they started meeting each other, not even CO best team was able to beat them. Now im not saying CO doesnt have a chance because they do but if we are looking at facts and history it clearly says Rancho will win the game. IMO

  • LISTEN TO FRED and has spoken! Let’s Go Charter Oak and get the W!

  • statsguy

    Who will get D-1
    football scholarships this coming Feb???

    Here is a list of current SGV HS players who are at a D-1 or D1A university as
    listed on those 2012 univ. football rosters: (I’m sure I missed some, but these
    are listed on official univ sites)

    Cal Poly SLO

    Nick Enriquez, OL 6-5 270 Fr (HS) (Chino Hills HS)

    UC Davis

    Austin Heyworth, QB 6-3 205 Sr (4V) (St. Francis HS)

    Luke Williams, WR 6-3 185 Fr (HS) (Monrovia HS)

    Logan Tracey, TE 6-2 210 Fr (HS) (Damien HS)

    Jacob Waas DL 6-4 230 SO (Webb HS)


    JR Nelson, CB 6-2 175 Fr (HS) (Wilson HS)

    Nate Harris, CB 5-10 180 Fr (1V) (Chino Hills HS)

    Montana St

    Steven Bethley, DB 5-11 219 Jr (2V) (Don Lugo HS)

    East Washington

    Jalen Moore RB 5-10 200 Fr (HS) (Bishop Amat)


    Ify Umodu, WR 6-3 215 Jr (2V) (South Hills HS)

    Brian Drulias, K 5-10 185 Fr (HS) (D Bar HS)

    Chima Ike DL Jr.-TR 5-10 255 (Walnut HS)

    N Colorado

    Matt Baca QB 6-0 208 Sr (3V) (Ayala HS)

    Portland St

    AJ Powell, WR 5-8 165 Jr (2V) (Charter Oaks HS)

    Sac St

    Ryan McMahon, DB 6-0 190 Sr (4V) (Damien HS)

    Utah St

    Greg Reid, OL 6-6 285 Jr (3V) (Chino Hills HS)

    Weber St

    Antwain Stutson, CB 6-1 200 Sr (4V) (Montclair HS)

    San Diego

    Kristion Grbavac, OL 6-1 264 Fr (HS) (St Francis HS)

    Lawrence Larivee, DB 6-0 230 Jr (3V) (Ayala HS)

    Tarez Lemmons, OL 6-2 292 Fr (1V) (Bonita HS)

    Cody Tescher, OL 6-3 290 Jr (3V) (Glendora HS)


    Keith Hawk, CB 6-0 170 Fr(HS) (Wilson HS)


    Andrew Fischer, WR 5-9 175 Fr (HS) (D Ranch HS)

    Chase Sipple, OL 6-1 255 Sr (3V) (Damien HS)


    Jacod Ardron, LB 6-1 230 Fr (HS) (D Ranch HS)

    Utah St

    Matt Austin, WR 6-2 202 Sr (4V) (Charter Oak HS)

    Oscar Molina-Sanchez, OL 6-5 299 Sr (4V) (Baldwin Park HS)

    San Jose St

    Keith Smith, LB 6-1 229 Jr (2V) (Charter Oak HS)

    Ray Rodriguez, RB 6-1 267 Sr (4V) (Los Altos HS)

    Ryan McAleenan, LB 6-1 210 Fr (HS) (St Francis HS)

    New Mexico St

    Bryan Bonilla, LB 6-1 220 Jr (2V) (Diamond Ranch HS)

    Jake Capraro, P 6-1 210 Jr (2V) (Damien HS)

    Davis Cazares, S 5-11 190 Jr (2V) (Bishop Amat HS)

    Darien Johnson, CB 5-9 180 Jr (2V) (Bishop Amat HS)

    Maxwell Johnson, K 5-10 185 Jr (2V) (Astoria HS)

    David Quiroga, DB 6-1 220 Sr (3V) (Ayala HS)

    Kevan Walker, WR 6-0 195 Sr (3V) (Arcadia HS)


    Kyle Salm, OL 6-6 292 So (2V) (San Dimas HS)


    Brandon Madueno, 6-0 240 (Damien HS)


    Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB 5-10 190 So (1V) (Chino Hills HS)

    J.R. Maffie, DB 5-11 193 Jr (3V) (Bishop Amat HS)

    Oregon st

    Gwacham, Obum WR 6-5 224 So (1V) (Ayala HS)

    Chris Miller, S 6-0 188 Fr (HS) (D Ranch HS)

    Jordan Poyer, CB 6-0 190 Sr (3V) (Astoria HS)


    Brent Seals, S 6-1 189 Jr (3V) (Bishop Amat HS)

    Washington st

    Brandon Golden, CB 5-11 194 So (2V) (Charter Oak HS)

    Dominique Williams, WR 6-2 187 Fr (1V) (Garey HS)


    Dominique Austin, DL 6-5 285 Sr (4V) (Bishop Amat HS)

    Addison Bachman, OL 6-4 297 Sr (3V) (Glendora HS)

    Arizona st

    Agwuenu,Alonzo WR 6-4 210 Jr(3V) (Chino Hills HS)

    Pickens, A.J. WR 5-10 171 Sr (4V) (Don Lugo HS)


    Isaiah Bowens, LB 6-1 211 Jr(3V) (Bishop Amat HS)

    Alberto Cid, L 6-3 310 Jr (3V) (West Covina HS)

    Todd Golper, LB 6-1 235 Jr(3V) (Arcadia HS)

    Taylor Lagace, S 6-1 200 Fr (HS) ( Arcadia HS)

    Ellis McCarthy, DT 6-5 330 Fr(HS) (Monrovia HS)

    Sheldon Price, CB 6-2 180 Sr (3V) (Bishop Amat HS)

    Brandon Sermons, CB 6-0 185 Jr (3V) (Diamond Ranch HS)

    Brandon Tuliaupupu, DT 6-1 315 Fr (1V) (Claremont HS)

    Dietrich Riley S 6-1 190 JR (2V) (St Francis HS)


    George Katrib, WR 6-1 180 Fr (DBar HS)

    George Uko, DT 6-3 285 So (2V) (Don Lugo HS)

    Kevon Seymour DB 6’0″ 180 FR (HS) (Muir HS)


    Siaosi Aiono, OL 6-2 305 Fr(1V) (S Hills HS)

    Patrick Greene, 6-2 231 Sr (4V) (Monrovia HS)

    Quinton Pedroza, WR 6-2 216 So (1V) (Chino HS)


    Wardell Crutchfield, LB 5-10 230 So (1V) (B Park HS)

    Boise st

    Hart, Jamel RB 5-9 211 Fr (HS) (S Hills HS)

    Fresno st

    Brown, Allen OL 6-3 277 Fr (1V) (San Dimas HS)

    Carr, Myles QB 6-2 213 Fr (HS) (Arcadia HS)

    Dennis, Terrance S 5-11 188 r (4V) (Diamond Ranch HS)

    Harris, Michael RB 5-11 217 Sr (4V) (Chino Hills HS)


    Chinedu Amadi, WR 5-9 185 So (1V) (Chino HS)


    Arthur Forrest, DB 6-2 210 Jr (2V) (Ayala HS)

    Chris Solomon, RB 6-0 185 Fr (HS) (West Covina HS)

    Josh Wiley, LB 6-1 235 Jr (2V) (S Hills HS)

    San Diego st

    Wes Feer, K 5-11 205 Jr (2V) (Chino Hills HS)

    Chad Jeffries, QB 6-2 200 Fr (1V) (Glendora HS)

    Colin Lockett, WR 6-0 180 Jr (3V) (Diamond Bar HS)

    Adam Muema, RB 5-10 205 So (2V) (Charter Oak HS)

    Chase Price, RB 5-8 200 Fr (1V) (D Ranch HS)

    Chad Young, DB 5-10 230 Jr (3V) (Glendora HS)


    Blake Benjamin, 6-3 250 Fr (HS) (D Ranch HS)

    Graham Vickers, C 6-1 280 Jr (2V) (D Ranch HS)


    Michael Edwards, WR 5-11 190 Sr (3V) (Glendora HS)

    Ian Hamilton, WR 6-5 220 So (1V) (St Francis HS)

    Nick Lamaison, QB 6-1 210 Sr (3V) (S Hills HS)

    Ian Campbell P 5-11 170 Sr (2V) (Maranatha HS)

    James Martin, OL 6-6 280 Sr (3V) (Ayala HS)


    Ajee Montes, DB 5-11 180 Fr (HS) (B Amat HS)

    Florida Atlantic

    Chris Gilchrist, WR 6-5 190 Fr (HS) (Charter Oak HS)

    • GP AKA Green Machine


      • 5for5

        Is that Andy Kaufman postings…?

        • statsguy

          nope sorry just a sgv dad who’s son is on one of the teams listed, thought it would be good to see where they all are

          • fb101

            Mr. Nelson posting…..

          • D-Mo

            Muema seems to be doing a great job this season. I only saw a few highlight runs, but his stats look great.

  • AMAT 73

    Well damn I have been trying to post since last Saturday and this new system for some reason would not let me .As far as the loss , we simply lost to thebetter team on Friday . The loss of Velasquez and a couple of others on D was just too much to over come , but no excuses LBP played great and no shame in losing to a team of their caliber .Congratulations to our SGV teams that moved on and also congratulations to the teams that didn’t . I’d like to thank The Men in Blue for a fine season and all your hard efforts . It may have not turned out as we wanted but still a solid season with plenty to look forward to for next year . On the CO vs RC game , I like CO ‘s chances in this one for the simple reason that they are due to get over the RC hump . The defense will be up to the task and if they keep RC at bay the offense should provide enough to get the win . Also the coaching nod goes to CO in my opinion as Big Lou will have some new for RC that they have not seen out of CO in the past . I have CO 24 RC 14

    • Not Since 1995




      Do you ever stop with the EXCUSES, old man…? If you weren’t so old, you would know how to use a computer just like the rest of us younger men!

      “NO Shame in LOSING” you say…? That’s because you have come to expect losing in the 1st round of the playoffs! You don’t even care that your Coach Hags fails you every year…!

      I have to say it…but…I TOLD YOU SO…! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

      That meaningless game in September against CO became the highlight of your season…!

      NOW you’re sitting at HOME pealing off the A sticker off of your helmet, washing you pads, and making plans for your BANQUET…! Heh..heh! Heh…heh! AND its not even Thanksgiving yet…!
      Not In 2012 Either…BLOWHARD!

      • AMAT 73

        Hey Quasi , who’s peeling stickers off helmets tonight boy ????? You know that biatch you always refer to , well she just smacked you up side your face tonight chump .

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          lol peeling off stickers. lol Now that’s funny. Good one!

  • New York

    Who has Rancho beaten since week #1 and who has Upland beaten besides Rancho? I think both these teams are more talented across the board than anyone in the SGV, but their schedules have not pushed them. That is why they don’t beat the upper Riverside schools.

  • Valley Athletics

    This is a tough one . Rancho has the best defensive backfield In nation according to fox sports . They also have the latu,s at linebacker , both d 1 prospects at 6-2 220 and 6-2 230 . They also have. 2 d 1 prospects on d line . The question is how charter offense will respond to the pressure . They have not seen anything like this the whole year . Rancho is not the greatest on offense but they can score enough to win because of defense . They have many running backs to share the duties . Either way it will be close . This is charter oaks best chance but I still give it to rancho based on talent .

    • New York

      Rancho undoubtedly has the talent edge.

    • Memory Refresher

      Again…all that talent and Rancho Cucamonga STILL lost to SERVITE.

      • Valley Athletics

        I was at that game . Ranchos defense was great but the offense could not do much on second half . Rancho had 2 turnovers which led to tds in fourth quarter . On fourth down Hawkins intercepted a pass at the 4 yd line instead of just dropping it . Rancho then fumbles and servite picks it up and scores . After a couple of big stops on defense in 4th quarter . Rancho again fumbled and servite picks it up and ran it back 50 yds to 3 yd line . That led to deciding game winner . Offense cost rancho that game . I am sure they have improved since servite .like I said the offense is not that great but decent enough to put up enough .

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Rancho is not discipline. However, Neither is CO. That’s why Rancho couldn’t beat Servite, but BA could. That’s why CO couldn’t beat BA. These teams are mirrors of each other, Rancho just has a few more big uglies, bigger LB’s and that’s why the edge CO every time.

  • Trust Me

    The CO defense will look very average Friday compared to RC. RC has 2 US Army All Americans and 2 stud LB. CO has a solid front seven and an average secondary. The have been blown up by the trib only to be setup for failure. RC will win easily.

    • 12th man

      Sounds about right!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Rancho has 2 top tier DB’s one is head to USC and the other has numerous offers..

    • Not Since 1995

      RC is always overhyped! Every year for the last 6 years they were suppose to be the IT team…! What have you done? Get your collective a$$es handed to you by teams like Los Osos, Upland, REV, VM! Everybody has gotten their turn…!
      RC is the MAID, but never the Bride…!
      That is FACT…!
      Not In 2012 Either RC…!

      • AMAT 73

        IS THAT A FACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Now that’s what I am talking about… I like to see the Thread hot!

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Co was not ready…

    • BenDoverIE

      The Sierra League can’t hang in the Inland Division. It’s that simple.

    • Not So Fast My Friend


      Pretty much. If this was the team to get over the hump, this was it.


      I disagree. I think they can. The potentials were Charter Oak and Chino Hills. Only problem with Chino Hills was their defense scheming let them down.

  • The U

    Well Fred I hate to tell you I told you so but I was spot on with my prediction. Hopefully after 2 years of the same results, you guys (mainly Charter Oak and Monrovia supporters) in the SGV will learn to keep your mouths shut and win the big games on the field instead of on the message boards. Big difference when you step on the field with the big boys

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      LOL your just made because, your season Will be over this week.

    • New York

      What big games has Upland won lately? We will find out if you guys are relevant beyond Division 5/Central this week. Go beat a school with the same enrollment before you pound your chest too hard.

  • The U

    Green Machine and New York, thanks for proving my point. You guys would rather talk on message boards then win football games. You won’t see anyone from The “U” on any message board saying how we will do this or that against our opponent unless we are playing CO. I would say back to back years in the semi’s of the Inland Division makes you kinda relevant (clown.) SInce your pads are already turned in why don’t you come watch for yourselves since you obviously know nothing about football outside of the SGV

    • New York

      Mr. Upland, I watched Upland beat Arroyo in the 1995 second round and beat Rancho in the 1995 Finals at Citrus college, I watched Upland lose to Rancho in the 1997 first round, I watched Upland beat up Los Osos in the Division 5/Central final in 2009 at Citrus. I think Upland has a very impressive program, but there is a BIG difference between semi-final participation and being relevant in the Inland Division. Upland typically has a monster lineup but they do not play to their full potential. I think your pre-season is to blame. Good luck this week. I hope you guys win the next two/three games! One of my all-time favorite coaches sent his son to Upland HS.

      My playing days are long gone…so I blog…as you do as well…lol. Your “point” is not really a point in saying that we would rather blog than win…ummmm bloggers don’t really win anything. We are not out on the field! Nice “point.”

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Yeah, but that still is not going to make you feel better about hanging up next week. There will be no huge order to Jostens this year… Again. dayumm!!! Really how different is Upland from any lower division team? Any one can go down to Vista/Cor Cent and lose by 30 pts….Explain what separates Upland from anyone Else. Actually The inland Division Finals has been and will forever be a lock between Vista and Cent. Cif is going to have to find some teams from other Divisions to beef up the Inland. I could have told you Dec 15th, 2011, that the Inland finals would be Vista vs Cent…So then again why do you come on here…to belittle SGV teams…you know your going to lose next lol…Make sure you come back on here and tell us the nasty details why…You know the world could care less about, 10 Semi finals appearances in a row? Who brags about Semi appearances? I guess that’s what they do at the “U” know your not going to win place.